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                                                                     November 15, 2009

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                               In this Bulletin:      W/C Rate Class 3629; New Gem Automation product;
                               Epic merges with Newmark; Wind Energy; Kevin McKernan joins staff; Getting the most
                               from your membership; Gaining & Retaining Customers; Health Insurance Costs; Manufac-
                               turing PMI up again; HR Newsletter; Ambassador Program; Newmark/Epic Advertisement

                               Do you qualify for the Illinois Workers’ Compensation rate
                               for Precision Machined Parts Mfg. (3629)?
                               A member recently called TMA to ask how they can get their Workers’ Comp. classifi-
                               cation code reviewed and possibly changed. Their insurance carrier would not change
                               the member’s machining classification from 3632 to 3629, reducing the W/C rate.
                               Following is a copy of the e-mail TMA sent the member:
                               Prior to 11/1/81, machining operations were generally given Workers’ Compensation
                               Classification Code 3632 - Machine Shop, NOC (Not Otherwise Classified). Precision
                               Machined Parts Mfg., NOC, 3629 was assigned only to manufacturers of parts for arms,
                               aircraft, or similar apparatus. Effective 11/1/81, W/C Code 3629 was redefined to in-
                               clude additional precision machining operations. Here is the definition of Code 3629
                               after a 7/1/97 revision:
                               “Applies only to risks where the plans or specifications require that 50% or more of the
                               parts produced require a machined tolerance of .001 or closer. Shall not be assigned to
                               a risk engaged in operations described by another classification unless the operations
                               subject to 3629 are conducted as a separate and distinct business.”
                               Illinois companies qualifying for the 3629 code may contact the National Council on
                               Compensation Insurance at (800) 622-4123 to request information on inspection and
                               reclassification. Companies may also call their W/C carriers.
                               You can request an inspection online by going to Inspections by NCCI
                               cost $115 an hour and take from 3 to 5 hours. Inspection report is usually delivered in
                               45 days.
                               National Council on Compensation Insurance site is a little hard to get around so here is
                               some direction for you to follow:
                               1. Go to
                               2. Select “Service and Tools” at the upper left of the home page.
      Carol Klingler Ebel
                               3. It’s a drop down. Select “Online Catalogue” from the drop down.
       Janler Corporation      4. On the left pillar select “Alphabetical Directory.”
           Vice Chairman       5. Select “C.”
           Tim Merrigan
Chucking Machine Products      6. Scroll down to “Classification Inspection Service.”
                               7. Select “Login.”
        Paul Ziegenhorn        8. Select “Submit Request without Signing in.”
       Matrix Tooling, Inc.
                               9. Complete the “Inspection Order Form.”
            Bruce Braker       For further information on this e-mail contact Bruce Braker at TMA.
Classified advertisements:                                          Gem Automation awarded energy
Surplus Equipment for Sale: 2006 Chevalier FCL 1840                 saving product line
CNC /Tool Room Lathe, 8” ck, 8 pos ATC, 18”sw, 40”cc,
Teach Control, $23,000. 2005 Olympic Seiki High Speed               GEM Automation Co., Inc. was awarded the right to sell
                                                                    the energy saving KVAR Energy Controller by Core En-
VMC with APC, 25.6” x 12.6” x 15.7” 2,834 IPM, 12,000
                                                                    ergy Group on September 1, 2009, and will market the
RPM, HSK 64 ,Fanuc Cntl, $24,000. 2003 Virtek Laser
                                                                    KVAR Energy Controller in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and
QC 1200, 48”x 48” Scan Area, 500 data points per second
scanning, $35,000 O.B.O. Contact Jeff Foster at Laser
Technologies, (630) 761-1200.                                       The KVAR Energy Controller is an energy saving device
                                                                    that optimizes electric motors and electrical systems for
Industrial Distribution Business For Sale: This profit-
                                                                    industries, homes, and offices. It reduces monthly electric
able business specializes in cutting tools, coated abrasives,
                                                                    bills by at least 10-15% for industrial applications and im-
bonded abrasives, band saw blades, and related products.            proves motor efficiency to between 95 and 99%. The
Established accounts are primarily in the Chicago area.             KVAR energy Controller qualifies for the IRS Section 179
Serious inquires only. Send inquires to Sara Pardys at              Business Equipment Deduction.
TMA, (847) 825-1120, ext. 1337 or
TMA will forward your inquires to the seller.                       The patented KVAR sizing technology instantly sizes indi-
                                                                    vidual motors up to 700 hp and accurately determines cost
                                                                    savings. In addition, the KVAR Energy Controller acts as a
Personnel Available                                                 surge suppressor for all loads and panels where it is in-
Ask TMA’s receptionist for resumes. To post a job or                stalled. Made in the USA, the KVAR Energy Controller is
view other available personnel go to                                UL listed, NASA approved, and RoHS compliant.                                               GEM Automation will support product sales in conjunction
                                                                    with Core Energy Group by providing local installation,
Director of Operations: Candidate seeks position in op-             service, and application assistance. For more information,
erations and supply chain and materials management. Has             contact Tom Gemkow at (708) 267-7051. To see an actual
strong project management skills and has served in variety          sizing application demonstration at the Hoffman Estates
of manufacturing environments as Operations VP and as               Village Hall, visit, click on the Statement
Supply Chain Director. Certified in Production & Inven-             & FAQ’s link, scroll down, and click on the demonstration
tory Management (CPIM) and is active with American                  link.
Production & Inventory Control Society. Request resume
PRES110209.                                                         Epic Realty Partners is now
Sales Manager/Account Executive: Candidate seeks                    Newmark Knight Frank Epic
position in sales management or as an account executive.
Extensive knowledge of many industries including hy-                TMA Affiliate Member Epic Realty Partners has joined
draulic, pneumatic, electronic, medical, aerospace, mili-           with Newmark Knight Frank. Newmark Knight Frank is
tary, telecommunications, commercial and automotive.                one of the largest independent real estate service firms in
Record of success in the sale of engineered products and            the world. Headquartered in New York, Newmark Knight
services, with significant expertise in the sale of Swiss           Frank operates from more than 200 offices in established
                                                                    and emerging property markets on six continents. Last
type machining services. BS in Industrial Technology.
                                                                    year, transactions were valued at over $32 billion, with
Request resume PRES110309.
                                                                    revenues exceeding $811 million. With a staff of over
Member news                                                         6,300 employees, this major force in real estate is meeting
                                                                    the local and global needs of owners, tenants, investors
In Memoriam: Roy F. Scholz of Niles, Illinois passed                and developers worldwide.
away on August 21, 2009. Roy was the former President of
Meinhardt Diamond Tool Company, and had been with the               Epic Realty Partners is a dominant player in the Chicago-
company since shortly after World War II. Though he was             land industrial brokerage community. Joined together as
semi-retired, Roy was still active with the company at the          Newmark Knight Frank Epic, they can now offer clients a
time of his passing at the age of 90. Meinhardt Diamond             broader range of services to meet their real estate and op-
Tool Company, located in Chicago, joined TMA in July of             erational needs. For more information on Newmark
1945. He was a long time member of the “Cubs” bowling               Knight Frank Epic and the services they provide, please
team in the Tool & Die Bowling League. Roy was preceded             visit or call Ed Brandt (Former
in death by his wife LaVergne in May of 2008. He will be            TMA President) at (847)588-5649.
dearly missed at Meinhardt. To his friends and associates,
we extend our deepest sympathies.

Wind Energy Market 2009                                           TMA welcomes Kevin McKernan
available for purchase                                                            TMA welcomes Kevin McKernan to the
                          Every year, the German Wind                             team. Kevin will work alongside Ben Pyz-
                          Energy Association (BWE)                                drowski as a TMA Membership Manager.
                          publishes its market survey                             Kevin’s 20-plus years of sales experience
                          Wind Energy Market. It is a                             will benefit TMA as it strives to build and
                          comprehensive overview of the                           maintain its membership base. Prior to his
                          international wind energy indus-                        arrival at TMA, he worked as an executive
                          try. They are proud to announce                         sales representative for Euclid Managers. He
                          that they offer the newest edi-                         also worked in insurance sales for Trustmark.
                          tion of this survey now for                             An active member of the Wauconda commu-
                          North America.                                          nity, Kevin volunteers at the Wauconda Le-
                          Over the past years, this BWE           gion and Wauconda Moose Lodge. He is very excited to
                          Market Survey has established           bring his energy and experience to TMA.
                          its position as both an extremely
valuable and highly appreciated tool for keeping track of
the steadily growing wind energy market.                          Manufacturing wages up 2.8% hourly
                                                                  & up 0.5% weekly in September 2009
On more than 200 pages, this work of reference includes:
                                                                  BLS data for the U.S. comparing September 2009 with Sep-
•   40 wind turbines;                                             tember 2008 shows hourly manufacturing wages up from
•   Trends & innovations, German wind energy market;              $17.84 to $18.34, a 2.8% increase. Weekly earnings were up
                                                                  from $729.66 to $733.60 a 0.5% increase. CPI-W increased
•   The novelty of world wind maps giving an overview             0.2% over the same period. (To read the latest Bureau of
    of wind potential, for instance in Canada, the Middle         Labor Statistics U.S. Department of Labor Economic Press
    East, Central America, East Asia, etc.;                       Releases go to
•   A guest article by Lord Nicholas Stern about princi-
    ples for limiting the risks from climate change;              Woman in TMA Committee holds
•   Articles about the political conditions of the Spanish        Annual Luncheon
    and German wind energy market;                                The TMA Women in TMA committee held their Annual
•   An overview of the development in the global market;          Ladies Luncheon October 15 at Yanni’s in Arlington
                                                                  Heights. Dr. Robert Noone, executive director of the Family
•   Information about the use of small wind turbines;             Services Center of Wilmette, Glenview and Northbrook, and
•   The power supply 2020 with a focus on wind energy.            a family therapist, talked on the effect of birth order on per-
                                                                  sonality, parenting and marriage.
This publication can be purchased for $75.00 plus ship-
ping and handling.                                                Dr. Noone’s presentation addressed the ways in which peo-
                                                                  ple of particular birth orders relate to each other and commu-
To order, please visit                  nicate with each other. He spoke about the dominant traits of
publications/wind-energy-market-2009/index.html.                  each order, and addressed the common roles younger/older/
                                                                  middle siblings play in relationships.
German American Chamber of Commerce of the Mid-
west, Inc. - GACCoM                                               TMA Chair Carol Ebel of Janler Corporation was warmly
401 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 3330                                welcomed by those attending. Carol, who is the first woman
 Chicago, Illinois 60611-4212                                     to chair TMA, has been a long time participant on the com-
Tel.: (312) 644-2662 | Fax: (312) 644-0738                        mittee and a regular attendee of its events. Carol was joined
URL: | |                 at her table by Julie Okmin of Universal Scrap Metals,
                                                                  Inc., who was at her first TMA event. After the friendly
For more information on GACCoM's green initiatives and            reception she received, she can be counted on to be a regular
programs, please visit their Green Corner.                        at future meetings and events.

Flaming enthusiasm, backed by horse sense and persis-             The Women in TMA committee hosts a variety of events to
tence, is the quality that most frequently makes for suc-         promote and advance the important role women play in the
cess.—Dale Carnegie                                               manufacturing industry. If you or someone in your company
                                                                  is interested in participating in this fun and active group of
If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in          professionals, please contact Nancy Luedtke at (847) 825-
                                                                  1120, ext. 1335 or by e-mail at
it.—Margaret Fuller

2009 Manufacturing Summit held in                                                      Getting the most ROI out of
Washington DC October 27                                                               your TMA membership
An all day workforce conference was held by the Embassy                                By Clark Neuhoff
of Switzerland in partnership with the National Institute                              A few months back I had the privilege of
for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) on October 27. Location                                 spending the afternoon with our TMA
was the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade                                 Board of Directors to take a close, hard
Center in Washington DC. Theme of the conference was                                   look at our Association, and give the staff
educating and training our manufacturing workforce with                                strategic guidance as they develop the
a focus on apprenticeships.                                          2010 operating plan. In these volatile times, a key focus
Some of the presenters included:                                     was to identify the most important benefits that the TMA
                                                                     offers to its members – why do people join? As we all
   Swiss Ambassador Urs Ziswiler                                     know, the TMA provides a wide range of important services
   NIMS Executive Director Stephen Mandes                            to mid-market companies, like workforce benefits, training,
                                                                     marketing support, and government advocacy. Taking ad-
   NIMS Chairman of the Board, Greg Chambers of                      vantage of these services can free up the business owner to
   Oberg Industries                                                  concentrate on their primary task of generating sales, pro-
   NIMS Director Harry Moser,                                        ducing products, and building their team.
   Chairman of AgieCharmilles                                        While this certainly has significant value, there is an even
   Assistant Secretary Jane Oates, Employment and                    greater resource here at the TMA that we often overlook.
   Training , US Department of Labor                                 That is the deep knowledge base of the membership. For
                                                                     any business problem or challenge that a manufacturer
   Numerous others presented and served on panels.                   could face, I am confident that someone of the 1,000 plus
The day prior to the conference the NIMS Board of Direc-             member companies and their 8,000 to 10,000 employees
tors met. TMA is a founding association partner of NIMS.             have already dealt with it and know the answer. And what
                                                                     is even move valuable is that this community is willing to
TMA President Bruce Braker serves on the NIMS Execu-
                                                                     share and help each other, simply for the asking.
tive Committee as Treasurer.
                                                                     In this tough economy we are all looking closely at every
NIMS recently
                                                                     expense and investment we make. Investments are not only
won a $625,000
                                                                     dollars but also time, and as a business owner myself, I am
grant to develop                                                     even more cautious with my investments of time. You can
structured, on-                                                      always get more dollars, but today is only lived once.
the-job training                                                     Uniquely regarding TMA, when you invest even an hour
programs for                                                         you are investing that time directly in yourself and in your
seven precision                                                      business, and often the return is a multiple.
related occupa-                                                      But it is only through spending time with other members
tions. TMA will                                                      that you can access our deep collective knowledge base.
be participating                                                     There are many ways to do this. The simplest is to attend
in the process to The evening before the conference Swiss            one of the many business networking events, like Marketing
develop OJT pro- Ambassador Urs Ziswiler hosted a reception          Day or the Annual Business Conference that just drew over
grams for Tool    at the Swiss Embassy for conference partici-       300 people. Go on regional lunch and plant tours, or have
                  pants. Pictured above are Ambassador Zis-          breakfast with an elected official at a member’s plant. You
and Die Maker     wiler, Kathleen Braker, and TMA President
and Mold Maker. Bruce Braker.                                        can volunteer on one of the dozen active TMA committees
                                                                     or attend seminars or training courses. And for those will-
This involves a
                                                                     ing to commit to a small group of other owners, you can
two-day workshop followed a month later by a one-day
                                                                     join one of a number of peer groups to learn best practices,
workshop, followed a month later by another two-day
                                                                     help solve problems and build a tight network of trusted
workshop. Questions or want to participate in the work-
shops? Contact Bruce Braker or Dan Kiraly at TMA.
                                                                     So like many things in life, what you get out of TMA is only
When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but                limited but how much of yourself you put into it. We are
often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see          the best part of TMA so don’t keep it to yourself!
the one which has opened for us. — Helen Keller                      Clark Neuhoff, President of The Sextant Company is an ac-
                                                                     tive TMA member and works with businesses to define and
If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by              execute their growth strategies.
spectacular error.—John Kenneth Gailbraith                 , (847) 680-6550
How to Gain and Retain Customers                                       2. If your product is American made, state that.

By Steven I. Seidenberg, CPA, CITP of TMA Affiliate                    3. If you manufacture your product in a “green” method
Member Porte Brown LLC                                                     or your product is “green star” certified, let people
In the good old days, a manufacturer had to provide either
fast delivery at a cheap price or high quality product with            4. If you do not have a web site, you should.
reasonable delivery times. Today, for manufacturers to                 Offer on-line ordering if it makes sense. Have unique log-
compete, they must be able to provide high quality prod-               ins for each customer so they can follow the progress of
ucts to their customers on a timely basis at low prices.               their orders.
Part of the job of your marketing and sales departments is
to provide obvious reasons why your company offers                     For more information, please contact Steven Seidenberg
unique advantages that are meaningful to your customers                by phone at (847) 956-1040 or by email at
and prospects – advantages that help them stay competi-      
tive. For example, if you state, “all orders received by
1:00 pm are shipped that day with an average of 95%                    TMA Addresses local AMBA Members
shipped complete.” This only works if you keep your                    TMA Marketing Director, Kent Gladish, addressed members
shipping promise and deliver item(s) with low defective                of the American Mold Builders Association, Chicago Chap-
rates.                                                                 ter on marketing strategies Wednesday, Oct. 7 at the Medinah
When developing sales and marketing programs, accord-                  Shrine Center in Addison.
ing to Mike Collins, author of “Saving American Manu-                  Kent gave attendees advice for maximizing their businesses’
facturing,” it is critical to keep track of orders lost, as well       online presence. Topics included search engine optimization,
as orders won. Only when you understand why you are                    monitoring online ratings and social networking. Kent spoke
losing orders can you can do something to stem the order               of the importance of cornering a niche in order to get website
loss. The only way to get this information is to contact the           visits from people looking for specific services. For exam-
customers who gave an order to your competitor, and ask                ple, he pointed out that B A Die Mold, Inc.’s website is very
them why. Armed with this information, you should have                 successful because of the specific phrasing of their services.
an easier time:                                                        See BA’s site at

1. Retaining customers.                                                TMA members who are looking for help in developing a
                                                                       marketing plan, looking to expand or change markets and
2. Identifying who your most valuable customers are—                   those looking to increase their lead generation ability can
    those making up 80% of your sales.                                 contact Kent at (847) 825-1120, ext. 1339. He is also reach-
                                                                       able by e-mail at Call him today and
3. Lost order analysis by sales representatives could pro-             find out how TMA’s Commercial and Marketing Service can
    vide information that helps you identify your top and              benefit you and your company today.
    poor performing representatives.
4. If certain product lines are the source of the lost or-             Business leader briefing: Maintaining
    ders, consider redesigning them to stay competitive in             a Sales Culture during change
    the market place.
                                                                       Looking forward, how are you guiding the sales culture in
5. If you consistently lose to two or three competitors,               your organization as customer needs, the economy, and the
    study what they do so you can compete more effec-                  global market shift? You've seen the impact of change in
    tively.                                                            your company:
If price is the answer, dig a little deeper, because people            • The impact of a bad sales forecast on production sched-
are willing to pay more if they perceive they are getting a                uling and profitability
better value. This includes delivery time, support services,           • More demands and requirements from customers
low defective rates, and higher grades of materials.                   • Margins squeezed in global market
Q: As a manufacturer, what can you do to separate your                 Added to outside forces of change, running the sales end of
company from the competition?                                          the business is fraught with more challenges than other de-
                                                                       partments. Have you built, and how are you maintaining, a
A: Come up with ideas that make your services unique by                healthy sales culture throughout your organization? Business
focusing on your customers’ needs.                                     leaders will find immediate value in this complimentary
1. Change the design of your product that will make it                 briefing on sales culture and producing sales results through
    easier for your customers to use your product instead              others. Briefing is Thursday, 12/3/09, from 7:30am -
                                                                       9:30am. Register online at Con-
    of the competitors.
                                                                       tinental breakfast will be served.

Survey reports on health insurance                                   ing premiums to get ahead of any legislative changes that
                                                                     might reduce their profits.
cost increases
                                                                     The increases come at a politically fraught time for the insur-
Towers Perrin, a Connecticut-based consulting firm, sur-             ers, as they try to fight off the creation of a government-run
veyed 300 large employers about health benefits. The sur-            competitor and as they push their case that they have a cen-
vey indicated an increase in health benefit costs for both           tral role to play in controlling the nation’s health care costs.
employers and employees.
Employers said they expect to pay about $7,920 of $10,212            Does your money market/stable value
per employee next year. This is a 10 percent increase in             option generate a negative return?
cost, up from 8 percent in 2009. As wages decline, the in-
crease in cost of health benefits will widen the affordability       Merrill Lynch is the exclusive investment provider of the
gap.                                                                 TMA Retirement Trust, a fully-bundled 401(k) Plan avail-
                                                                     able to TMA member companies. TMA advises members
The survey did, however, report an increase in incentive
                                                                     to review the performance of the money market/stable
programs through 2012. This includes health risk assess-
                                                                     value investment options in your company’s retirement
ments, which 51 percent of respondents report they cur-
                                                                     plan. During a recent 401k review for a member company,
rently offer, and health promotion programs, which 37 per-
                                                                     it was discovered that some providers’ money market funds
cent currently offer.
                                                                     actually have a negative rate of return year to date and
According to the report, there is a trend among employers            trailing 12 months. This is important, because employees
to move more toward personal approaches to influence em-             should always have an investment option that at the very
ployee behavior and decision making. 71 percent of high-             least breaks even. By contrast, the stable value/money mar-
performing respondents said they plan to have health advo-           ket option available in the TMA Retirement Trust has re-
cates to monitor employees’ chronic conditions and serious           turned 1.02% YTD and 1.91% for the 12 months ended
illnesses, and 64 percent plan to offer lifestyle coaching.          9/30/2009.
For more information about the survey, visit                         Feel free to contact Ben Pyzdrowski, TMA Membership                                        Manager, at (847) 825-1120 or
TPHCCS2010srvycharts.pdf.                                            or Mike Ribich at Merrill Lynch at (312) 696-7518 or Mi-
                                                            for a complimentary, confidential
To learn of methods for health insurance cost control con-           review of your plan.
tact Bob Kahler, President of TMA Benefit Services, Inc.
at (847) 993-2110 or e-mail .
                                                                     October 2009 Manufacturing ISM Re-
Small Business Faces Sharp Rise in                                   port On Business® PMI at 55.7%
Costs of Health Care                                                 New Orders, Production and Employment Growing;
                                                                     Inventories Contracting; Supplier Deliveries Slower
The following is an excerpt from the October 25 New York
Times. This is the beginning of a longer article. To read the        Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded
whole article go the Times’ website. Writer is Reed Abelson.         in October for the third consecutive month, and the overall
                                                                     economy grew for the sixth consecutive month, say the na-
As Congress nears votes on legislation that would overhaul
                                                                     tion's supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM
the health care system, many small businesses say they are
                                                                     Report On Business®.
facing the steepest rise in insurance premiums they have
seen in recent years.                                                According to Norbert J. Ore, CPSM, C.P.M., chair of the
                                                                     Institute for Supply Management™ Manufacturing Business
Insurance brokers and benefits consultants say their small           Survey Committee, “The manufacturing sector grew for the
business clients are seeing premiums go up an average of             third consecutive month in October, and the rate of growth is
about 15 percent for the coming year — double the rate of            the highest since April 2006 when the PMI registered 56 per-
last year’s increases. That would mean an annual premium             cent. The jump in the index was driven by production and
that was $4,500 per employee in 2008 and $4,800 this year            employment, with both registering significant gains. Produc-
would rise to $5,500 in 2010.                                        tion appears to be benefiting from the continuing strength in
The higher premiums at least partly reflect the inexorable           new orders, while the improvement in employment is due to
rise of medical costs, which is forcing Medicare to raise            some callbacks and opportunities for temporary workers.
premiums, too. Health insurance bills are also rising for big        Overall, it appears that inventories are balanced and that
employers, but because they have more negotiating clout,             manufacturing is in a sustainable recovery mode.”
their increases are generally not as steep.                          For more information go to:
Higher medical costs aside, some experts say they think the          MfgROB.cfm?navItemNumber=12942.
insurance industry, under pressure from Wall Street, is rais-

Vol. V November 2009                                                             EMPLOYER IINFORMATIION
                                                                                 EMPLOYER NFORMAT ON
                                                                                   EMPLOYMENT IISSUES
                                                                                   EMPLOYMENT SSUES
                           ...An HR Newsletter from Human Resource Techniques, Inc.
                           Human Resource Techniques is an Endorsed Service Of The

         Staffing Up? Consider the Following Options                                     Little Known Illinois Law

  Getting busy but don’t have enough staff? Before staffing            A year ago, an amendment to The Abused and Neglected
  up, take a step back and decide what will work best for you.         Child Reporting Act in Illinois created additional
                                                                       responsibilities for Illinois employers. Among other things,
   1. Recalling workers – This option is great because you             this amendment requires IT workers report to their employer
      won’t need to take time training or with orientation.            any child pornography found on the company system. The
      Be careful though, if the employee coming back is                company in turn, must report the discovery to local law
      angry, he or she might look for ways to ‘get even’.              enforcement or the National Center for Missing & Exploited
   2. Call your local temp service – with so many out of               Children.
      work, a temp service has a list of people with diverse           To comply with this little known provision, employers must
      skill sets to fit your specific need. You will be able to        take steps including the following:
      ‘try out’ a new employee before hiring on.
                                                                           •    Include reporting of child pornography in the job
   3. Instead of calling back a laid off worker, consider asking                description of the employee maintaining your
      your temp service to provide payroll services for                         computer system.
      him/her.      That way, you avoid taxes, additional
      unemployment and workers’ comp but get the benefit                   •    Develop a procedure for immediately reporting
      of someone who knows your company. When the                               child pornography and distribute to ALL employees.
      assignment ends, you won’t need to ‘fire’ the person                      It should designate the company representative to
      again because you are not the employer!                                   whom the finding should be reported and an
                                                                                alternate should the report concern the primary
   4. Look for new talent – If before the slowdown your                         company rep.
      company was lacking a certain skill set, look for it now
      when staffing up.      There are so many qualified                   •    Distribute a policy to all employees and vendors
      candidates available right now it truly is a ‘buyers’                     (such as temp services and IT specialists) regarding
      market. You will be able to find skills to compliment                     your responsibility to report any and all instances of
      your workforce if you take some time to analyze what                      child pornography.
      you need.
                                                                       Companies who do not report are subject to fines of up to
   5. Don’t forget your suppliers and customers – these folks          $1,001.00 per instance.
      are a wonderful source for referrals. They may provide
      a referral for you from their own ranks which can                           NEW EEO POSTER NOW AVAILABLE
      strengthen your relationship with the customer or
      vendor in the long term. It is quite possible that a             The EEOC has issued a new poster which adds Genetic
      candidate referred from a customer will have valuable            Information as a protected Category. GINA, the Genetic
      information to share helping you to become a preferred           Information Nondisclosure Act of 2008 protects employees
      provider as well!                                                and applicants from an employer or prospective employer
  Take time to staff up right. If you do, you might find the           from use of their genetic information in making hiring or
  best solutions to your immediate and long term needs!                employment decisions.      A free poster is available at
                                                              – click on Posters Forms & Links!

             Fitness for Duty Policy to Combat Flu
                                                                       Hope you have enjoyed this edition of               If you
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TMA’s Ambassador Program
Strength in Numbers
Support your industry and your association by becoming a
TMA Ambassador and referring non-member manufactur-
ing companies to TMA.
With each new manufacturing company member, the
strength of TMA grows. Growth helps insure our indus-
try’s voice is heard by the government, future employees,
and potential customers. It also keeps TMA services to
member companies strong and viable. Here’s what you
can do to help:
Check if your suppliers, customers, or neighbors are TMA
members. If not, please open the door for TMA to contact
them and help them explore the benefits of being a TMA
member. Provide a lead or bring a non-member manufac-
turing company to a TMA event.
Recognition is given to those members who become TMA
Ambassadors. Learn about the Ambassador Program by
contacting Brian McGuire at 847-825-1120 or TMA appreciates new leads .

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do a
job, wait until you hire an amateur.— Red Adair