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 7   Marketing Trends
     for 2010: What You
                                                            15 County’s
     Need to Know to                                                  Tourism
     Stay Ahead of the
     Curve                                                            Industry Works
                                                                      Harder and
27   Q/A with CCPS COO
     Michele LaBute on                                                Smarter to Hold
     School Rezoning                                                  Market Share

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February 11th:              Evening on Fifth
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February 16th:              Mardi Gras on Fifth
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March 26th - 27th           22nd Annual Downtown Naples
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               C OV E R S TO RY
  15           C o l l i e r C o u n t y ’ s To u r i s m
               I n d u s t ry Wo r k s H a r d e r a n d
               Smarter to Hold Market
               Last year, Collier County tourism accounted for more than 31,000 jobs and an
               annual economic impact of more than $1.1 billion to our local economy. With
               the downturn in the real estate and construction sectors, the health of the area’s
               tourism economy has become even more critical.

MArKetInG                                                 InterVIeW
Marketing Trends for 2010: What You                       An Interview with Michele LaBute, COO
Need to Know to Stay Ahead of the                         of the Collier County Public School
Curve                                                     System
It’s a new year - it’s a new decade! Is your              This month, Michele LaBute, COO of the Collier
marketing plan tuned up and ready to go?                  County Public School System took the time
What’s new for 2010? Find out how to                      to sit down with us and talk candidly about
make your strategies tick!..........................7     the Class Size Reducation Amendment, the
                                                          proposed school rezoning boundaries and some
                                                          things every parent should know as the school
CustOMer serVICe                                          district plans school year 2010-2011...............27
The Big Picture: Customer Service
and the Tourism Industry
Have you ever been on vacation and returned tHe CHAMBer sCrAPBOOK
back to your friends and said “everyone Caught in the act at recent events!..................30
there (at that destination) was so friendly” or
“I’ll never go back there again because…?” neW MeMBers
When we think of customer service on a Chamber New Member Business Directory.....32
larger scale, as a destination, we are all in this
                                                          reneWInG MeMBers
                                                          Renewing Member Business Directory............34
Investing for the New Decade?
Avoid These Ten Common Mistakes                           rIBBOn CuttInGs
While New Year’s Resolutions abound and the New businesses in town..................................38
stock market continues its recovery, it is imperative
that investors keep several basic investment BusIness BrIeFs
rules in mind..................................................21 Business Accolades and Achievements
                                                                  What’s happening with local businesses.........40
Loyalty Management: A Better Way                          trAnsItIOns
On February 2, the voters of the City of Naples Who’s who in the local business community....43
will elect 3 city councilmen. We caught up with

                                                                                                                       Business Currents
the four candidates vying for these seats and eVents CALenDAr
asked them a few pertinent questions.............24 Guide to upcoming Chamber Programs and

                                                                                                                 A PUBLICATION OF THE GREATER NAPLES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

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        The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce
            thanks our Legacy Leaders for their
                  support and dedication.
             Together, we are striving to make
                                                                                                Official Publication of
              Collier County the best place in                                        The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                 2390 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 210, Naples, FL 34103
                America to live and work.                                              239-262-6376 Tel ‫ 4738-262-932 ׀‬Fax

                                                                                            PRESIDENT & CEO
                                                                                                  Michael V. Reagen

                                                                                                Marci-Nicole Seamples

                                                                                                  Michele Klinowski
                                                                                                      Pat Port
                                                                                                    Kathy Swank

                                                                                      DESIGN & PRODUCTION
                                                                                                Marci-Nicole Seamples

                                                                                                   Christine Davlin
                                                                                                    Frank Friend
                                                                                                    JoNell Modys
                                                                                                Marci-Nicole Seamples
                                                                                                   Kevin Simpson
                                                                                                  Cyndee Woolley

                                                                                             editorial board
                                                                                                 Michael Wynn, Chair
                                                                                                   Jeffrey Allbritten
                                                                                                 Jonathan Fishbane
                                                                                                   John Fumagalli
                                                                                                  Michelle Gleeson
                                                                                                     Alan Korest
                                                                                                   Nancy Lascheid
                                                                                                 Teresa Morgenstern
                                                                                                   Edward Morton
                                                                                                   Rey Pezeshkan
                                                                                                   Stephanie Spell
                                                                                                    Susan Takacs

                                                                                            LEGACY LEADERS
                                                                                               Barron Collier Companies
                                                                                                  Collier Enterprises
                                                                                                      Iberia Bank
                                                                                             Kraft Construction Company
                                                                                       Lutgert Insurance/The Lutgert Company/
                                                                                                  Premier Properties
                                                                                               NCH Healthcare Systems
                                                                                         Physicians Regional Medical Center
                                                                                                 Titan Custom Homes

                                                                                              Hahn, Loeser & Parks, LLP

                                                                                             CHAMBER STAFF
                                                                                         Michael V. Reagen, President & CEO
                                                                                   Brenda O’Connor, Sr. Vice President, Programs
                                                                                  Martha Bibby, Vice President, Community Relations
                                                                                   Michele Klinowski, Sr. Vice President, Hospitality
                                                                                                Joan Larson, Controller
                                                                                  Marci Seamples, Vice President, Communications

          For more information about the Legacy                                    Alissa Arce, Executive Assistant to the President
                                                                                   Sandra Calad, International Community Manager

                   Leader program, visit:                                              Didem Guler, Public Services Coordinator
                                                                                           Don Neer, New Member Services
                                                                                             Pat Port, Account Executive
                                               Kathy Swank, Sr. Account Executive

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                                                                  Yo sta
                                                             h at to
                                                           W ow he
                                                               kn of t
                                                           to d
A                                                           a
       re you familiar with Twitter
                                                                   e              PR
       and Facebook? What about
                                                            cu               ey
          Chances are, you’re not only                                    W
familiar with them, but you have
actively used one or more of them
                                                               y Cy
to market your business in the past                        b
six months. 2009 was the year that
platforms like Twitter and Facebook,
and social media in general, exploded.
Corporations, small businesses, non-
profits, and individuals jumped on the
bandwagon, and the hype surrounding
social media continued to grow
throughout the year.

        Unfortunately, a good bit of
the ‘hype’ that elevated social media
was the promise of a free advertising
tool. Many small businesses missed the

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                                  An experience
                                                                                        CJ HuestOn, CHAIrWOMAn
                                                                                          Corporate Dimensions, Inc.
                                                                                       KAtIe sPrOuL, CHAIr-eLeCt

                                you won’t forget                                         Barron Collier Companies
                                                                                  JeFF FrIDKIn, IMMeD. PAst CHAIrMAn
                                                                                  Grant, Fridkin, Pearson, Athan & Crown, P.A
                                    In a place                                           tODD GAtes, VICe-CHAIr

                               you can’t imagine….                                     BuD HOrnBeCK, VICe-CHAIr
                                                                                            Lutgert Insurance
                                                                                    JAsOn Hunter KOrn, VICe-CHAIr
                                                                                          Cohen & Grigsby, P.C.
                                                                                      JeAnne seeWALD, VICe-CHAIr

                            Explore our landscape
                                                                                         Hahn Loeser & Parks, LLP
                                                                                        BILL sPIneLLI, VICe-CHAIr
                                                                                            Titan Custom Homes

                            experience our culture                                       LOu VLAsHO, VICe-CHAIr
                                                                                            Rimaco Corporation

                              learn our history
                                                                                     JAMes A. WArnKen, VICe-CHAIr
                                                                                 Markham, Norton, Mosteller, Wright & Co. P.A.
                                                                                       MICHAeL Wynn, VICe-CHAIr
                                                                                          Sunshine Ace Hardware
                                                                                      MICHAeL reAGen, PresIDent
                                                                                    Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                             JeFF ALLBrItten
                                                                                             Edison State College
                                                                                         BruCe AnDersOn, esq.
                                                                                           Roetzel & Andress LPA
                                                                                            MICHeLLe ArnOLD
                                                                                          Collier County Government
                                                                                              tOM BuCKLey
                                                                                             Naples Day Surgery
                                                                                                 DAVID CALL
                                                                                                Fifth Third Bank
                                                                                           r. sCOtt CAMerOn
                                                                                      Cameron Real Estate Services, Inc.
                                                                                              MIKe CArrIGAn
                                                                                                 TIB Bank
                                                                                              PAtrICIA CAse
                                                                                           Case Benefit Consultants
                                                                                           CAtHy CHrIstOPHer
                                                                                                 Inn on fifth
                                                                                               BOB COrInA
                                                                                              Collier Enterprises
                                                                                               CHrIs DOyLe
                                                                                              Naples Daily News
                                                                                             JOHn FuMAGALLI
                                                                                               Northern Trust
                                                                                              DOttIe GerrIty
                                                                                              CeDAr HAMes
                                                                                             Paradise Advertising
                                                                                            MICHeLe HArrIsOn
                                                                                                John R. Wood
                                                                                              rOy HeLLWeGe
                                                                                               Bank of Florida
                                                                                              MurrAy HenDeL
                                                                                      Collier County President’s Council
                                                                                                 CLArK HILL
                                                                                            Hilton Naples & Towers
                                                                                          JAMes HOPPensteADt
                                                                                           Pelican Bay Foundation

                         Big Cypress                                                     JOHn JOsePH IACuOne
                                                                                 The Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida

                 Seminole indian Reservation                                                   DAVID KAKKurI
                                                                                         Florida Gulf Coast University

                       HC-61 Box 21-A                                                         Peter MAnIOn
                                                                                          Ex Officio Liaison with GNL

                     Clewiston, Fl 33440                                                   GeOFFrey MOeBIus
                                                                                     Physicians Regional Medical Center

                         877.902.1113                                                          BOB MuLHere
                                                                                                 RWA, Inc.
                                                                                              eDMunDO MunIz
                                                                                            Tigris Pharmaceuticals
                                                                                            COLLeen MurPHy
                                                                                            Gibraltar Private Bank
              Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum at okalee                                                    BOB MurrAy
                                                                                      Collier County President’s Council
                    5710 Seminole Way                                                         KP PezesHKAn
                                                                                              Kraft Construction

                   Hollywood, FL 33314                                                         KeVIn rAMBOsK
                                                                                         Collier County Sheriff’s Office

                        954.797.5570                                                         MAyeLA rOsALes
                                                                                              Azteca America
                                                                                             JOHn sCHMIeDInG
                                                                                           tHOMAs sCHneIDer
                                                              Ex Officio Liaison with GNL
                                                                                              BrIAn settLe
                                                                                           NCH Healthcare System
                                                                                             MICHAeL stePHen
                                                                                     Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc.
                                                                                               tOM stOrrAr
                                                                                    Florida Department of Law Enforcement
                                                                                                tOM tAyLOr
                                                                                               Hole Montes, Inc.
                                                                                               sAnDy WAIte
                                                                                            Platinum Dry Cleaners

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opportunity for authentic engagement           come. You have to touch your prospects
with their customers. They failed to           an average of seven times before they                     Executive
strategically manage their time and the        react to your message. This is true for
long-term commitment that it takes for         all marketing tools. In an integrated                      Profile
any marketing initiative to succeed. And,      marketing    strategy,  these     seven
the bandwagon left town with hopes and         ‘magic’ touches come in the form of:                                   Ellen Papay
dreams of free income.
                                                  √    Newspaper advertisement                                        Position:
                                                                                                                    Sales Manager
         Looking forward, 2010 will               √    Email
continue to see the digital push with             √    Direct mail piece                                              Company:
internet marketing and social media.              √    Phone call                                                     EZ to Use
However, I see many businesses going              √    E-newsletter                                                   Blue Book
back to the basics and re-evaluating their        √    Facebook Post
overall use of marketing tools.                   √    Tweet                                  years of Industry service: 2.5
                                                  √    In-person visit                        Years of Chamber Affiliation: 14
The name of the game really is                    √    Blog post
                                                                                              How would you best describe what
“engagement”                                      √    Newspaper article                      separates your company from your
          According to The Fundamentals           √    Yellow pages advertisement             competitors?
of Business to Business Sales and Marketing,      √    Website                                We publish Community Directories
68% of long-term customers stop buying                                                        that offer target marketing on a
                                                                                              community basis versus a county
because they just don’t feel ‘loved’.                   While we are moving to a digital      basis. Therefore, we assist in helping
                                               age, culturally, we are not ready to make      keep consumer dollars spent closer
        Customer loyalty is a thing of the     a complete transition. In the Southwest        to home since the advertiser is not
past. There are many companies willing         Florida market, this is demonstrated by        competing with other like businesses
                                                                                              in the entire county but on a community
to step in and take your place with a          multiple successful printed magazines,         basis. Our distribution method is
new product or service that is ‘better’        weekly and bi-weekly papers.                   via the USPS, which means our
than yours. You will have to engage                                                           product gets into more homes, gated
your customers on a regular basis to                     Companies are taking a step back     communities and businesses. These
                                                                                              features assist in providing a higher
demonstrate your appreciation for their        to re-evaluate their customers and existing    return on investment for our clients.
needs and their business.                      capacity to define which marketing tools
                                               best integrate in their business strategy.     What would you say are the major
                                                                                              contributors to your success?
         How can you get them involved?        This will absolutely involve some sort of      We receive an enormous amount of
Ask.                                           ‘social network’ interaction supplemented      support from our corporate office in
                                               with more traditional marketing tools.         Altoona. Our general manager is very
          Surveys used to be expensive and                                                    open to feedback from all employees.
                                                                                              We also market ourselves the same
cumbersome. With products like Survey          Rinse, Repeat… STOP… ROI?                      way we suggest our clients do - via
Monkey, Constant Contact’s survey                       I’ve been told many times             different media outlets. Our stability
feature, or LinkedIn polls, you can create     that “50% of my marketing dollars are          as a company is another major
                                                                                              contribution. Our parent company,
and distribute a quick survey in less than     absolutely ineffective… the problem is that    Ogden Publishing, is a 120 year old,
an hour. If you’ve taken the time to build     I don’t know which 50% it is.”                 fourth generation, privately held,
relationships on Facebook or Twitter, 140                                                     diversified company. We publish over
characters (a quick question) can often                While it is ok to try out a            40 daily newspapers and 74 phone
                                                                                              directories in 8 different states. We
garner plenty of responses to give you         new tool or strategy, it is imperative         have also developed local partnerships
direction.                                     to start with a goal in mind. Ask              with Google, Waterman Broadcasting
                                               yourself the following questions:              as well as all Chambers of Commerce,
         This instant feedback involves                                                       in particular the Greater Naples
                                                                                              Chamber with a live interactive kiosk
your customer in the decision process            √    Will this project bring me new          at the Visitors Center which supports
and gives you real time data to adjust your           customers?                              our online directories.
approach. Feedback can vary from menu            √    Will this project encourage referrals
                                                                                              If I were a competitor entering your
items, to customer service satisfaction,              from existing customers?                marketplace, what advice would
market testing for new products, or              √    Will this project generate good         you give me to thrive in the Naples
collaborating on charitable endeavors.                will – for my customers or stake        market?
You will never get a 100% response rate,              holders?                                The simplest advice is that your
                                                                                              customer comes first. We might all say
but your most vocal customers will come                                                       that, however, we don’t all practice it.
back and they will help spread the word                  If the answer to any of these        We believe in a “Marketing Consulting
about you.                                     questions is YES, the next question is         Approach” and not “Sales”. We never
                                               “How much?” and “How will I measure            oversell a customer as we want our
                                                                                              advertisers to see their return on
Consistency is key for success                 results?”                                      investment, continue to partner with
       If you build it, they will not                                                         us and grow our businesses together.

                                                      Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
         If the answer to those questions     data. Use these professional lists to touch      the way we communicated. The lines
is NO, then you should really ask yourself,   people, when they are more likely to buy.        between public relations, marketing,
“Why am I doing this?”                        The other bonus is that these defined lists      advertising and social media have blurred
                                              generate more effective results on every         to barely discernable lines. This evolution
         During the boom years, it was easy   marketing campaign.                              has elevated the discussion about
to drop thousands of dollars on random                                                         communication strategy and how it fits
mailings and feel good advertisements.        Everyone is not an expert                        into a business’ goals.
Businesses have cut back to bare-bones                Well, perhaps we are experts…
marketing dollars. While the economy is       but we are not committed to regularly                     As false social media gurus
slowly recovering, business owners will       broadcasting that expert knowledge               drop off and true strategists remain, I
be very cautious about their spending.        online.                                          think there will be more collaboration
Marketers are going to have to show a                                                          at the communications table. Public
direct return on investment to justify the             Content marketing is producing          Relations, Marketing and Social Media
expense. This is true in traditional media    valuable information about your product          are unique roles within an organization
as well as social media.                      and industry. If you are able to commit the      that contribute to the overall success of a
                                              time and effort in producing this content        company.
Bigger is not better… Better is               on a regular basis, you are ahead of the
better…                                       curve.                                                     Overall, the above trends
         In 2009, many marketers                                                               are just that: trends. Whenever your
proclaimed that “Direct mail is Dead!”                  In true social media style, 2010       company decides to implement any of the
According to local Direct Mail Man,           will give more room for collaborative            above, and you should, you must always
Blasé Ciabaton, industry statistics shows     marketing initiatives. Non-competing             craft a consistent and strategic plan to
otherwise. Non-profit organizations still     groups of businesses have a unique               successfully implement them. This is
pull a significant amount of donations        opportunity to collaborate on marketing          one piece of marketing advice that has
through direct mail campaigns. As much        initiatives and share in the rewards. This       remained sound throughout the years,
as 50-70% of a campaign’s success depends     could come in the form of shared content,        and will continue to remain a staple of
on the mailing list.                          shared marketing lists and shared leads.         effective marketing in the years to come.

         The overwhelming principle           Who said that?                                                          ›
that transcends marketing tools is the                  At the very core of a marketing
need to know who your customer is and         plan is an understanding the roles and           Cyndee Woolley is an Accredited Public Relations
what buying cycle they are on. Business to    responsibilities for implementing the            professional (APR) with nine years of experience
Business and Business to Consumer Lists       plan. In the past year, social media             in marketing and public relations. For more
can target customer cycles on very specific   ‘gurus’ jumped into the scene, changing          information, visit

                                                                     Chamber members can help other chamber members by
                                                                     sharing ideas, business methods and best practices.

                                                                     Business Currents is always looking for members who would
                                                                     like to share their expertise with their colleagues. If you
                                                                     would like to write about what you know best, give Marci
                                                                     a call at 298-7935 or and let’s

                                                                           businesses helping businesses -
                                                                                  it’s what we do!

                                                                      Articles must only be non-advertorial in nature and of interest to the
                                                                                                                      business community.

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                                                                   CUSTOMER SERVICE

             The Big Picture:
          Customer Service and the
             Tourism Industry
                       by Christine Davlin

   s it just me, or are you hearing the following more and more: colleagues
   and friends commenting about the poor customer service they have
   experienced at a wide variety of businesses? It is puzzling, especially
when we consider the state of the economy, that business owners and
managers are not aware of how their front line employees are performing.

          Not only do I visit businesses for personal reasons, but also for my
job. I frequently wonder how often a manager/owner “evaluates” his or her
own business. That doesn’t mean walking in the front door themselves or
calling on the phone, we all know that employees are on their best behavior
when that happens- and if they aren’t you are really in trouble! I mean asking
someone your employees don’t know to pose as a customer and report back
on the interaction. When I visit a business, I share my feedback with the
owner/manager based on my experience - but rest assured, most of your
customers are not doing that. If they are treated rudely or with indifference
when they come to, or call, your place of business, they simply go elsewhere,
that is what the statistics say for the majority of consumers.

        Last time I looked at news, it reinforced that we are still facing one
of the most challenging economic times we’ve had in quite some time, so
how can we possibly afford to lose even one customer?

         Why does there seem to be an increase in negative comments
about service? Is it because the stress of the economy has affected virtually

                     Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
everyone? Possibly. We often talk about the consumer side of the equation; however,         as noted, all levels are affected. After
from an employee perspective, even if you are still working, your spouse or best friend     all, who is directing our employees?
may not be. You may have watched your co-workers lose their jobs and feel guilty that
you are the one that remained. You may live in constant fear that you are next. You may                Employees       say    successful
have lost your benefits or received a cut in pay. I have received feedback that customers   managers are those who are approachable
are now more demanding, expecting more “bang for their buck.” When they spend their         (89 percent), respectful (89 percent),
hard-earned money, they want the best value possible.                                       encouraging (80 percent) and reasonable
                                                                                            (80 percent). “Interestingly, being
          Additionally, because we are now so technically “connected” through social        intelligent does not rank among the top
networking sites - blogs, tweets, and even sites like You Tube- people quickly learn        five traits of successful managers” (Randstad
what others have to say about a business or experience. Our customers share their           2009 World of Work: Facing the Challenges of a
experiences, which in turn allows new customers to be more “informed” than ever before.     Changing Workplace).
How does that play out with the employees who serve them? These are customers who
know more, ask for more and can be more demanding. They may ask your employees                       How many companies spend a
questions they have never heard before, putting them on the spot. All these reasons can     fortune on marketing in order to gain a
lead to increased employee frustration and stress at work, which can lead to lowered job    larger customer base, yet miss the key
satisfaction, as the new numbers indicated in the January 5 release from The Conference     ingredient to the foundation of their
Board, and ultimately poor customer service.                                                success? Their employees. More and more
                                                                                            businesses are learning that a happy or
          Here’s another thought. Though most everyone in the U.S. is feeling some          engaged employee equals a happy or
effect from the economic downturn, Randstad, a staffing and HR solutions firm, found        satisfied customer. Some of the most
that managers are bearing the brunt more than employees. According to the report,           successful companies have created a
44 percent of managers are feeling significant increases in workload-related stress,        culture that values and focuses on their
39 percent are working more hours, and 37 percent have more responsibility. Yet,            employees. They truly mean it when
                                                                                            they say: “our employees are our greatest
                                                                                            asset.” Think Southwest, Disney, Ritz
                   DAVID LAWRENCE CENTER                                                    Carlton, and Zappos to mention a few.
                nd AnnuAL WIsH LIst HAPPy HOur                                             They created a culture that seems to focus
   WHO: All Leadership Collier Foundation Alumni!                                           more on the employee than the customer,
                                                                                            which in most instances, benefits the
   WHAt: The David Lawrence Center Wish List Happy Hour. All you have to do                 customer and the bottom line, all equally!
   is bring an item(s) on their Wish List (see below) to donate, sit back and enjoy
   FREE appetizers and rock bottom drink specials with your Leadership Collier                       In these tough times, when you
   friends.                                                                                 don’t have an extra dime to spend, how do
                                                                                            you keep your employees happy?
   PLus… The class with the most attendees wins a special gift for each class
   member donated by Tavern on the Bay (and bragging rights of course)! The folks
   to beat are Reigning Champions - the Class 2007!                                                   Money is not always required.
                                                                                            There are many ways to recognize or
   WHen: Thursday, February 11, 2010 | 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.                                     reward without spending a lot of money.
                                                                                            Statistics show that feeling valued, “in on
   WHere: Tavern on the Bay | 489 Bayfront Place |                   things,” challenged to do new tasks, or
                                                                                            just recognized for a job well done, can
   rsVP: Please send an RSVP “yes” to with your name and                 go a long way. If you are at a loss, Google
                                          » Art Supplies (Paper, Markers, Crayons)          something as simple as “happy employees”
         Thank you in advance             Children’s and Adult Board Games                  and look at the number of ideas that pop
          for your donation to            * Relaxation CDs for Children and Adults          up. The key to the success of any employee
         support children and             Children’s Reading Books & Activity Books         program is sincerity and follow through. If
            adults in need of             with a Moral Theme
                                                                                            you implement a program only to see how
           mental health and              » Small Musical Instruments (Bongos, Mara-
                                          cas, Flutes, Finger Cymbals)                      much you can get out of people, chances of
            substance abuse
               treatment.                 » Toiletries (Alcohol Free Mouthwash, Tooth-      failure are high. Additionally, the actions
                                          paste, Shampoo, Soap, Toilet Paper, etc.)         of the management team have to match
                                          * Gift Certificates/Gift Cards                    the philosophy of the program. We have
                                          » School Supplies                                 all heard that employees don’t leave jobs,
                                          * Writing Journals                                they leave managers (or people).
                                          » Towels
                                          » Clothing for Adult Residential Programs                   HR professionals have always
                                          (Sweatshirts, Socks, Boxer Shorts, Men’s          rated factors from “the relationship
                                          Bathing Suits, Female One Piece Bathin            with management” category of job
                                          Suits in Adult Sizes M, L, XL)                    satisfaction aspects among their top five

 FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
  T H E       U N I Q U E              F L A V O R              O F

   A N D    F A B U L O U S          F I F T H      A V E N U E

                    Coffee at a sidewalk cafe
                     Perusing art galleries
        Enjoying fresh air, sunshine and tropical blooms

       Taste sensations from superb original restaurants
             Fabulous finds at one-of-a-kind shops
                        Historic charm
                         Bayfront views
                Pedestrian-friendly promenades

                       A la Carte
                      Evenings on Fifth
                  Concerts in Cambier Park
Award-winning performing arts at the Sugden Community Theatre
                 Outdoor family movie night
                       Art in the Park

                         Desserts for sweet savings and exciting events
          G Follow us on Twitter @downtownflavors H

               Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
contributors to employee job satisfaction.      The larger picture                              visit. For our visitors, it is not just one
Effective communication between senior                    Let’s “zoom out” on this topic.       store or restaurant; it is the sum of all
management and employees is important.          What is the larger picture? Have you            their encounters. Just like a customer that
It will help employees understand the           ever been on vacation and returned back         decides whether to go back to a business
organization’s business goals, policies         to your friends and said “everyone there        based on the service they experienced, the
and vision, and keep employees informed         (at that destination) was so friendly” or       same can be applied to our destination as
about what is going on in the organization.     “I’ll never go back there again because…?”      a whole.
Senior management can keep employees            When we think of customer service on a
well informed through companywide               larger scale, as a destination, we are all in            As Americans, we prove time and
meetings and the use of technology in           this together. We want people to come           time again that when times get tough we
top-to-bottom communications, for               to our area through our beautiful airport       bond together and support one another.
example, CEO blog, intranet mechanisms          and encounter a friendly “ambassador”           This is evident from a number of events
and e-mails).        Organizations should       no matter where they go. From the taxi          we have faced in the first decade of 2000.
also encourage communication from the           driver to the clerk at a 7-11 store, if our
bottom-up through employee feedback,            visitors experience gracious hospitality,                  So, let’s help each other, let a
suggestions, etc.        (Executive Summary:    they are more likely to spend their money       friend know if you frequent his or her
Has the U.S. Recession Affected Employee Job    and, more importantly, return to the area!      business and you were treated poorly.
Satisfaction? 6/28/2009)                                                                        Collaborate your efforts and recommend
                                                          “Zoom out” even further and our       local businesses. Help each other to
Practice tough love                             guests may recommend our location to a          recognize that we are in this together, not
         Now more than ever, owners &           friend, or blog about their great experience    separately. Look at the big picture and get
managers cannot afford to ignore those          in cyberspace for all to see. If they came      involved in ways to promote tourism even
employees with a surly attitude, or whose       here on business, they may bring their          if you are not in the tourism or hospitality
moodiness affects (or rather infects) all       families back. They may recommend our           business. Directly or indirectly, it does
those around them. It is time to put the        area as the site for their next business        affect your business. We are all connected
right people in the right positions. If the     retreat, the place their son should have his    to that original “seed.” It is up to us to
person answering the phone or greeting          destination wedding, or the spot they will      fertilize it and help it grow. ›
your customers does not have a smile and        bring their buddies for the next fishing
kind word for each person they meet,            trip. They may decide to acquire property,      Additional Resource: Employee Satisfaction—
transfer them to a “behind the scenes”          rent a seasonal place to visit, or ultimately   and Anxiety—Are High 9/24/09 – by Rebecca
position or say goodbye. It is not always       purchase a place to call home.                  Hastings, SPHR
easy, but it is your reputation on the
line. Remember, when hiring people for                  Sound far-fetched? How did you          Christine Davlin serves as a Board Member for HR
front line positions, if they cannot smile      end up down here?                               Collier, (Human Resource Association) a local
and demonstrate pleasantness in the                                                             affiliate of SHRM, who assists in the “business
interview, they certainly aren’t going to                 What causes this “evolution of        of managing people.” Visit
do it once they are hired!                      a visitor?” The way they were treated by        for more information. Christine is the Tourism
                                                the people they encountered during their        Education Manager (Trainer) for the Lee County
                                                                                                Visitor & Convention Bureau.

                                                 The U.S. Census Bureau is issuing a call to action for every
                                                                  resident of our nation:

                                                                      BE COUNTED IN 2010
                                               the 00 Census is important. It determines the distribution of more than
                                               $300 billion annually of government funding for critical community services. It
                                               generates thousands of jobs across the country. And it impacts your voice in

                                               With only 10 questions, the 2010 Census questionnaire is one of the shortest
                                               questionnaires in history and takes just ten minutes to complete. Look for it in
                                               your mailbox beginning in February. Fill it out and mail it back. It’s that simple.

                                               Want to get involved? Email and we will let you
                                               know when next community complete count committee meeting will be.

                                                                For more information about the 2010 Census, go to

 FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
                                                                         C VE E S ST RY
                                                                       C OO VRR T OO R Y

Collier County’s
                                          ast year, Collier County tourism accounted for more
                                          than 31,000 jobs and an annual economic impact of

Tourism Industry                          more than $1.1 billion to our local economy. With the
                                  downturn in the real estate and construction sectors, the health

Works Harder and                  of the area’s tourism economy has become even more critical.

Smarter to Hold                             Collier County’s tourism and hospitality industry
                                  rallied against repeated blows to the industry last year resulting

Market Share                      from the global economic downturn, along with perception
                                  pressures impacting the group meetings business nationwide.
                                  Annual visitation was down 5% in 2009 compared with 2008,
by JoNell Modys                   but considering the negative pressures on the industry and the
                                  economy, this may be viewed as a fairly positive result.

                   Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
        Group Meetings Downturn Sparks New            responsible for 1 million jobs. The U.S.      destination marketing campaigns to take
        Leisure Market Initiative                     Travel Association estimates that 200,000     advantage of changes in the marketplace,”
                 Challenges loomed on the             travel jobs were lost in 2008 and another     said Michael Reagan, President & CEO of
        horizon in late 2008 as the economic          247,000 were lost in 2009.                    the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce.
        downturn and public perception about                                                        “An example is the swift change to focus
        lavish corporate spending lead many                     In response to the anticipated      marketing efforts and dollars on capturing
        companies to cancel corporate meetings        drop in the meetings business for winter      more of the leisure market when it became
        and incentive trips to resort destinations    2009, the Naples, Marco Island, Everglades    clear that group bookings were canceling
        across the country. Negative publicity for    Convention and Visitors Bureau (Collier       or simply not booking as they had in
        companies that had accepted TARP funds        County’s official tourism department)         previous years.”
        from the Federal government – and then        initiated the destination’s first-ever peak
        held either corporate or incentive retreats   season paid promotional campaign in                    While there was definitely an
        for top performing associates – created       February and March 2009 to attract more       uptick in meetings business through latter
        a domino effect across the entire group       leisure visitors during peak season, in an    portions of 2009, that business is nowhere
        meetings industry. Companies that had         effort to offset the drop in group meetings   near what it has been traditionally.
        not accepted bailout funds were fearful of    business.                                     Business travel, conferences and meetings
        negative publicity, or of being perceived                                                   represented over 30% of total business in
        to be wasteful in the face of rising                    As a result of the winter           2008 and 19% in 2009.
        unemployment.                                 campaign, total visitation at the end of
                                                      the first quarter in 2009 was down by a       The International Equation
                 Anti-meeting rhetoric reached        total of 4%, even though group meeting        In addition to the impact on the industry
        a fever pitch in Washington in early          business was down by over 30%. At the         from the loss of group meeting business
        2009, until tourism industry leaders          end of Collier County’s Fiscal Year 08/09     domestically, the economic downtown
        and politicians, including Senator Bill       in late September, the total economic         began to hit full force in 2009 in our key
        Nelson (D-FL), called for a stop to what      impact from tourism for calendar year         international feeder markets, the United
        evolved into an over reactive environment     2009 was down 11%, largely due to a drop      Kingdom (U.K.) and Germany.
        against all corporate meetings. A national    in average daily rate on hotel rooms and
        campaign was launched by the U.S. Travel      economic pressures impacting visitor          International visitation for calendar year
        Association called Meetings Mean Business,    choices. Still, these drops were minor        2009 was down slightly over 2008 due
        which pointed out the important business      compared to some other destinations. Las      to expansion of the economic downturn
        reasons for companies to meet and the         Vegas and Orlando were particularly hard      worldwide. “2008 was an extraordinary
        critical importance of the meetings           hit.                                          year for international visitation to
        industry to the American economy                                                            Collier County due to our increased
        and most importantly, jobs. Business                  “We’ve been fortunate in that         marketing efforts there and strong
        travel creates 2.4 million jobs nationally.   our Convention and Visitors Bureau has        demand for Florida sunshine,” said Jack
        Meetings and events are directly              been able to remain flexible and adjust       Wert, tourism executive director. “But

          The reach you need.

NCHAM-09222 Currents Ad.indd 3-4
         FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
starting in the spring of 2009, the U.K.      Visitor Profile                                  What’s on the Horizon for 2010?
followed the U.S. economic downturn                    So what are the characteristics                   Tourism leaders are cautiously
and Germany followed that trend in the        of the typical visitors to our destination?      optimistic about the coming year. Many
fall.” For the year 2009, German visitation   Toward the end of 2009, 74% of visitors          travelers and even some groups are booking
was up 3.1%, but the U.K. declined 5.7%       were on vacation, an increase over               last-minute, making it difficult to project
and the Netherlands declined about 9 %.       previous years that saw more business            too far into the future. It’s clear that both
Visitor spending from Germany increased       and conference travelers. They stay about        vacationers and business travelers are
2% while U.K. visitor spending declined       4 days on average and often travel as a          focused on finding the best values possible.
7.5%.                                         couple. Close to 90% plan to return, with        While sometimes that boils down to hotel
                                              nearly 60% indicating they’ll come back          room rate, it’s not the entire equation.
         The outlook for 2010 for             within one year.                                 “Vacationers and meetings planners are
international visitors is mixed. Tour                                                          seeking added value, whether it be free
operators in the U.K. are reporting a                   This year’s average visitor is a bit   breakfast or discounts on spa or golf; or
slow economic recovery and are seeing         older than the previous year, age 49 vs.         breaks on food and beverage or meeting
slower than usual advanced bookings           age 46. Most have seen information about         space for groups,” said Wert.
for the summer of 2010. German tour           Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades – the
operators are reporting slow advanced         Paradise Coast somewhere on the Internet,                 In response to that quest for
bookings as well, but are optimistic that     and almost all are highly satisfied with the     value, the Convention and Visitors Bureau
last minute bookings will help them stay      destination and their stay, and say they         has launched its second consecutive peak
even with their 2009 pace. “International     would recommend the area to friends and          season paid marketing campaign based
travel consumers, like those in the U.S.,     relatives. Median household income for           around the Paradise Priced Perfectly
are reacting short-term to appealing          visitors is higher, $147,670 in December         concept. Destination advertising and public
marketing messages, so it is important that   2009 vs. $139,519 in December 2008. Top          relations messaging drives customers to
we maintain a presence in these markets       activities enjoyed in the area ranked this       a Web page loaded with attractive hotel
to attract the attention of as many last-     way in late 2009 – Relaxing, the beach,          deals,
minute travel deciders as possible,” said     dining out, the pool and shopping.
Wert.                                                                                                   The winter 2010 campaign
                                                        Visitors come to the Paradise          launched January 18 in the tried and true
         Dutch tour operators are             Coast primarily from within the State of         target markets of Chicago and New York,
reporting higher than expected advanced       Florida, with 524,545 checking out our           as well as Philadelphia, which shows
bookings for summer 2010. Overall             area in 2009. Our next largest feeder            potential as a growing feeder market.
international arrivals for our destination    markets are the Northeast (237,040); the         This     integrated      consumer-focused
are predicted to be about 5% down from        Midwest (205,594); Europe (182,064);             campaign runs through March 14 and
2009.                                         the Southeast (88,851) U.S. markets east         includes market wide spot television,
                                              of the Mississippi (68,896) and Canada           VISIT FLORIDA partner spot and cable
                                              (31,810).                                        television, online advertising on Weather.

  Reach 700,000 of Naples’ business and community leaders each month online. And 10,000 each month here in Business Currents.

  It’s advertising that goes the extra mile. Right where it counts the most. Reach for the phone to learn more 239.298.7920.

                                                                                                                                     7/2/09 4:29:05 PM
                                                   Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
com, Yahoo!.com, and             ment reserve funds, which allowed it to         CVB marketing initiatives are reaping the
Premium Travel Networks, along with zip      move forward with the winter 2010 mar-          benefits of extensive national exposure
code targeted cable.                         keting campaign.                                through the bureau’s advertising and pub-
                                                                                             lic relations messaging.
         The winter campaign will be                   The challenge facing the bureau,
followed by the traditional summer cam-      and the entire Collier County tourism in-                “The more creative and compel-
paign focused primarily on our destina-      dustry, is where to find additional market-     ling the offer, the greater chance it has
tion’s key Florida feeder markets, the       ing funds for Fiscal Year 2010/2011. “We        of being featured in editorial coverage in
largest being Miami-Ft. Lauderdale and       can’t rely on emergency reserve allocations     newspapers, magazine and on top travel
West Palm Beach. The annual VIP – Val-       every year, so it will be imperative that our   Web sites and blogs,” said Jessica Kraft,
ues in Paradise – promotion, which the       Tourist Development Council reach some          director of public relations for the CVB’s
CVB runs in conjunction with the Greater     decisions on allocation of tourist develop-     public relations agency, BCF, Inc.
Naples Chamber of Commerce and other         ment tax funds to recognize the impor-
area chambers, will be one of the key mar-   tance of an enhanced marketing budget                    Hotels, restaurants, attractions
keting messages. Various discounts and       going forward,” said Wert.                      and shopping venues are all encouraged
deals at attractions, shopping and retail                                                    to stay in touch on a regular basis with
locations are featured on the free VIP                 “We’ve shown through research         the CVB’s staff to keep them informed
cards, which visitors may pick up at any     that maintaining a compelling marketing         of the latest deals, offers and values in
of the area chamber visitor information      message in today’s marketplace is essen-        the marketplace, along with news about
center from May 1 through December 15,       tial to maintaining visitation numbers,”        new amenities or enhancements at their
2010.                                        Wert added. “Research Data Services, our        locations. Many travel writers, meetings
                                             tourism research partner, has calculated        planners, tour operators and other key
        The Convention and Visitors Bu-      that for every advertising dollar invested,     tourism influencers go to the CVB first for
reau (CVB), which has traditionally had      there is a return of $17.68.”                   information on what’s new or interesting
one of the lowest marketing budgets of                                                       in the destination.
any Florida coastal destination, received    Partner’s Advantage
additional marketing funds for Fiscal Year             Area hotels and attractions that                 The CVB and a growing number
2009/2010 from emergency reserves and a      provide compelling packages and specials        of area tourism-related businesses have
one-time allocation from beach renourish-    for Paradise Priced Perfectly and other         jumped on the social media bandwagon,
                                                                                             with Facebook and Twitter being the
                                                                                             two primary platforms for dissemination
                                                                                             of travel-related messages and deals.
                                                                                             “Engaging the consumer on their level is
                      CONGRATULATIONS TO:                                                    critical in today’s marketplace,” said Wert.
                                                                                             “Providing compelling and interesting
                                                                                             information, and allowing customers
                  Debbie Harvey and the team at the                                          to provide feedback or ask questions, is
                     Phillips Harvey Group                                                   increasingly important.”
                        801 Laurel Oak Drive, Suite 303
                             Naples Florida 34108                                                     The CVB’s advice to partners
                                 239-566-1600                                                is to stay engaged with the bureau to
                                                                   ensure that the tourism marketing staff
                                                                                             has a clear picture of what is happening
                                                                                             in the destination. And, partners that
            On being the first to spot Chester this month!                                   team together to form compelling package
                                                                                             deals are finding this creates a win-win
   You could be here next month! Simply find the Chamber Cat (this page doesn’t              relationship, making customers happy
              count!) and email Marci at                             and bringing business to all involved. ›
             with the page number.
                                                                                                        The CVB maintains Collier County’s
      (contest open to Greater Naples                                                        official travel information Web site, www.
        Chamber Members Only)                                                      , and is responsible for
                                                                                             ongoing destination marketing efforts, including
                                                                                             the production and distribution of an annual
                                                                                             visitors guide, destination advertising and public
                                                                                             relations, and assistance for travel professionals,
                                                                                             including meeting planners, tour operators, travel
                                                                                             agents and travel journalists. The bureau’s main
                                                                                             telephone number is 239-252-2384

 FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
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                                                                                                    C NANCE
                                                                                                T EF I H N O L O G Y

                  Investing for the New Decade?
                Avoid These Ten Common Mistakes
                                               by Kevin G. Simpson

             hile New Year’s Resolutions abound and the        lasting. A prudent strategy is to keep a rainy day fund with
             stock market continues its recovery, it is        enough money in a separate account to cover living ex-
             imperative that investors keep several basic      penses for up to six months of income. This fund should be
investment rules in mind. As we start, not just a new year     easily accessible in liquid money market instruments and
but, a new decade – it’s a great time to clean the slate and   short-term CDs. Once your emergency plan is in place, you
begin anew. What are some of the common mistakes made          are then ready to set up a regular investment plan for your
by individual investors? Here are ten to keep in mind:         future.

1. Not having enough money on hand for                         2. Delaying the investment process.
                                                                        This can cause real damage to your financial
         No one expects to lose their job or become ill. But   situation, because time is a great ally when investing. It
it can happen and the financial repercussions can be long-     is easy to procrastinate, but don’t! Even relatively small

                                            Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
amounts of money grow rapidly over time. For instance, if you invested $100 per month    rather shaky, but for those that stayed
and earned 8% annually, you’d have $41,965 in 17 years. Sock away $200 at the same       invested - it paid off.
rate and your account would grow to $83,929. Establish a goal and work backwards
to create your plan (using 4 or 5% annually) and stick to it. Continuing your savings    4. Paying too much in taxes.
discipline is paramount to your success, especially during troubling economic times.
                                                                                                   Millions of Americans could
3. Keeping too little in the stock market.                                               cut their tax bill each year if they would
                                                                                         take the time to learn the current codes
          In the wake of the 2008 stock market collapse, many people don’t have enough   or work with a qualified tax professional.
of their money invested in stocks and related investments. That’s unfortunate. While     Here’s good way to cut yours: Contribute
stocks go up and down, history has shown that they perform well over time. Stocks, as    as much as possible to your company
measured by the S&P 500 have generated annual returns of about 9.5% for the past 39      retirement plan. Too many people have
years. There were many occasions during those four decades when the markets looked       reduced or stopped their contributions
                                                                                         because of the declines they witnessed
                                                                                         in 2008. Dollar-cost-averaging into a
                                                                                         weak market is a good way for long-term
                                                                                         investors to accumulate investments at
                                                                                         lower prices. You may also be eligible for
                                                                                         a tax deduction on the contributions and
                                                                                         your earnings will grow tax-deferred. In
                                                                                         2010, it would also be advisable to consider
                                                                                         a conversion to a Roth IRA. For many
                                                                                         people, this move can be advantageous
                                                                                         – check with your financial advisor to see
                                                                                         if it makes sense for you.

                                                                                         5. Buying yesterday’s winners.

                                                                                                  Ever notice how last year’s best
                                                                                         investments rarely turn out to be this year’s
                                                                                         winners? Avoid buying a security just
                                                                                         because it has been rising rapidly in recent
                                                                                         months. Before investing in anything,
                                                                                         evaluate its potential for continuing the
                                                                                         positive trend. It seems obvious – yet so
                                                                                         many folks chase the high flyers and end
                                                                                         up “buying high” instead of “buying low”.

                                                                                         6. Not focusing on fundamentals.

                                                                                                  Sometimes investors get caught
                                                                                         up in the excitement of the market,
                                                                                         buying when things seem hot and selling
                                                                                         when there is panic in the market. This
                                                                                         is called investing on emotion. It is
                                                                                         not a recommended practice because it
                                                                                         leads investors to buy high and sell low.
                                                                                         Another way to avoid this is to own Index
                                                                                         Funds – perhaps instead of trying to pick
                                                                                         a handful of great stocks – you would be
                                                                                         better off in the long run if you owned
                                                                                         every stock.

                                                                                         7. Forgetting to rebalance your

                                                                                                 At the start of 2009, rebalancing
                                                                                         meant adding to your equity positions
                                                                                         after a major decline. This idea goes

 FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
against common sense and is often the         an opportunity to increase your position                 is a conservative strategy that many use
hardest thing to do for the individual        of a quality investment or an index at                   to generate additional cash-flow on their
investor. It was Sir John Templeton who       lower prices. If you’re investing in more                portfolios. There are a handful of firms
advised “buying when there was blood          speculative individual stocks – a good                   throughout the country that specialize in
in the street.” It always seems crazy         practice is to always have a stop loss in                helping clients maximize monthly income
at the time but works more often than         place on every position to help limit your               streams from their existing portfolios.
it doesn’t as long as you are adding to       downside exposure.                                       This is similar to renting your investment
quality investments or the major indices.                                                              real estate for passive income. Do yourself
The recent run-up in the equity markets       9. Failing to get professional                           a favor and learn about this in 2010 – stop
since the March lows may have tilted          guidance.                                                leaving money on the table!
your portfolio the other way. If you find
yourself overweighted in a particular                  If you’re like most individuals,                                        ›
sector or asset class – rebalance and take    you don’t have the time and experience to
some profits off the table. And yes – that    monitor the financial markets and make                   Kevin Simpson can be reached at 239.593.2100 or
may mean moving a little money into           decisions based on intensive research.          Capital
something that does not look very exciting    When you have the guidance of a full-time                Wealth Planning, LLC is a Naples based regis-
like bonds or cash.                           investment professional, you may increase                tered investment advisory firm specializing in
                                              your profit potential and reduce your                    selling covered calls on an ETF portfolio. His
8. Being unprepared.                          portfolio’s risk.                                        website is: and
                                                                                                       his blog is: .
         Many investors make an               10. Not “renting” your stocks or
investment believing it will only go up in    funds.
value. Sadly, sometimes stocks go down
– they don’t always go up. Be prepared                 One technique that you may want
for the opposite to occur – when it does,     to explore in the new decade is the art of
you are more likely to consider the decline   covered call selling. Selling covered calls

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                                                                                oyalty Management uniquely combines “the
                                                                                right thing to do” with “the profitable thing to
                                                                                do”. It is as much a management philosophy as a
                                                                         management technique. Common sense and the Gold-
                                                                         en Rule are much in evidence.

              Loyalty                                                             Loyalty Management also states that a
                                                                         company is more likely to prosper when it forges
                                                                         loyalty based relationships with its investors, suppliers,

                                                                         employees and customers.

                                                                                  The principle applies to all businesses but is

            A Better Way
                                                                         especially valuable for small companies, like many in
                                                                         the tourism industry, because much can be achieved
                                                                         with little expense – how much does it cost to say
                                                                         “Thank you and “Well done?
                      by Frank Friend                                             The impact is greatest for companies like those
                                                                         in the tourism industry where the customer’s response
                                                                         to a bad or good experience can have a profound effect
                                                                         on repeat business and referral rates and therefore on
                                                                         growth and profits.

                                                                                  Most executives claim to believe that loyalty
                                                                         (usually when talking about customers) is important
                                                                         yet few companies do much to earn it; how many
                                                                         companies that you deal with have earned your

                                                                                  Loyalty Management involves a sea-change
                                                                         in the way managers think and operate - eyes need to
                                                                         be opened and blinkers removed. Isn’t it strange that
                                                                         the executive who fumes after receiving bad service
                                                                         in a restaurant does not connect to the fact that his
                                                                         customers react in the same way? What does the
                                                                         executive who receives bad service do? He stops going
                                                                         to that restaurant, exactly what the customer who
                                                                         receives poor service from his company does.

                                                                                  It is important to know that over 90% of
                                                                         people who receive poor service don’t complain – they
                                                                         just walk away, rarely to return.

                                                                                  Traditional accounting practices place a value
                                                                         on things, they do not recognize the value of people; a
                                                                         company with a loyal customer base and a loyal well
                                                                         trained staff is valued in the same way as a company
                                                                         with neither. This hides the company’s true value and
                                                                         future growth potential.

                                                                                  Further, the emphasis on monthly or annual
                                                                         profits encourages traditional managers to base
                                                                         decisions on achieving short term results, especially if
                                                                         their compensation is tied to short term profits – think
                                                                         Wall Street!

                                                                                 Few traditional managers are able, or willing,
                                                                         to see beyond this year’s results. Few question the
                                                                         accounting procedures which classify the purchase

 FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
of physical assets as an investment                       He knows that over 2/3rds of                           ones so they invest in retaining and
while expenditures on staff training and        those who switched suppliers said they                           converting merely satisfied customers
customer service are listed as costs (i.e.      were satisfied or very satisfied with their                      into loyal ones.
they reduce profits)                            previous supplier - satisfied and loyal are
                                                not synonymous terms. This means that                                      Converting them isn’t easy
         Loyalty managers do not sacrifice      traditional customer satisfaction studies                        but a lot can be achieved without major
long term growth for short term profits.        are of limited value and often misleading.                       expenditures. Sensitivity, empathy and
                                                Loyal customers are retained longer, they                        creativity are more important than money.
         When times are good some               buy more, are more forgiving of mistakes                         The first requirement, of course, is for the
companies abuse both their employees            and importantly they act as advocates and                        company to do everything it promised to
and their customers – reliable service and      refer others to the company. Their Lifetime                      do - to deliver the product or service on
keeping promises don’t matter because           Value (the net margins generated over the                        time, at the promised quality and price.
(they believe) there’s always another           lifetime of the relationship) is much higher                     As unusual as this is these days, it will
customer and employee waiting (they             than simply satisfied customers.                                 still only result in a satisfied, not a Loyal,
think) for their product or service. Until                                                                       customer. Companies don’t earn extra
there isn’t! When business declines, and                  Research conducted by Bain &                           points for doing what they promised to
most industries are cyclical to one degree      Co (leaders in Loyalty matters) shows                            do.
or another, or are influenced by economic       the factor that correlates closest with a
downturns, it’s “Good night Vienna” for         company’s future growth is the difference                                 Conversion requires that the
these companies.                                between the percentage of customers who                          customer is touched on an emotional
                                                say they would recommend the company                             level, usually by exceeding his or her
         Let’s take a quick look at how         to friends and associates (Loyal customers)                      expectations. The customer must be
Loyalty managers differ from their more         and those who say they wouldn’t. This                            delighted by an unexpected event or
traditional peers.                              metric is called the Net Promoter Score                          series of experiences – often described
                                                and is now measured by most leading                              as “moments of truth”; these events are
Customers/clients                               companies.                                                       remembered and talked about to friends
         The Loyalty manager knows that                                                                          and associates. The opposite also applies;
loyal customers contribute a majority of                 Loyalty managers know that it                           a bad experience - a negative “moment
the company’s profits and are decisive in       costs at least 5 times as much to acquire                        of truth” invariably results in losing the
securing the company’s future growth.           a new customer as it does to keep existing                       customer who will likely bad mouth the

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                                                       for you?
                                                    When you support the airfield-based businesses at Naples
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company to others.                              either a negative or positive affect on the            The goal, the difficult goal,
                                                customers’ opinion of the company.            is to encourage investors, be they the
Employees                                       The Loyalty manager sees the employees        company’s owners, private individuals,
          Loyalty managers know that loyal      as appreciating assets so selection,          banks or others to buy into the Loyalty
engaged employees beget loyal customers         retention and training are top priorities.    Management philosophy so as to avoid
– it’s unlikely that a company will have        The Loyalty manager gives employees as        them pressuring management to sacrifice
a high Net Promoter Score (a majority of        much information as possible about the        future growth for short term profit. The
loyal customers) if it doesn’t have a loyal     company and listens to them – acting on       process begins by writing a business
staff. The two go hand-in-hand.                 what he or she learns.                        plan that clearly explains what Loyalty
                                                                                              Management is and how it will benefit the
        The objective is to create an                     All of this is fine and necessary   company. Afterwards it is imperative to
engaged workforce which wants the               but employees work for financial as well      maintain close contact with the investors
company to succeed; a workforce which           as non-financial rewards. The Loyalty         and make sure they are aware of how
understands that the company’s success          manager will base wages and benefits on       Loyalty Management is being used in the
depends in large measure on creating and        how much can be afforded, not on how          management of the company.
keeping loyal customers and accepts that        little the company can get away with. He
they, the employees, are influential in         will recognize the contribution employees     And then ….
making this happen.                             make in creating loyal customers and                  Loyalty managers know there
                                                make sure they all share in the increased     will be times when actions have to be
         This is not an easy task.              profits that result.                          taken that are counter to the principles
                                                                                              of Loyalty Management but these will
          The Loyalty manager understands       Suppliers                                     always be last resort decisions.
that there will always be an undercurrent                 Loyalty works both ways. A
of “workers” vs. “management” and that          company’s suppliers will (should) be                     Loyalty managed companies
it is management’s responsibility to            trying to make the company a loyal            will suffer least when the economy, or
act to reduce its effect. The company           customer but it is also in the company’s      their segment of it, is in trouble. Even
must be perceived as being fair to its          interest to make the supplier a loyal         in the worst recession business doesn’t
employees and be seen to respect all of         supplier.                                     disappear altogether, it contracts – the
them regardless of their positions – this                                                     pie is still there, it’s just smaller. In times
isn’t altruism, it is good business practice.            The Loyal manager treats             like these it is the companies that have
The lowliest employee can influence a           suppliers as partners with the company        the most loyal customers that are best
customer’s feelings about the company           making them part of the planning process;     protected.
as easily as more senior personnel: for         invoices are paid on time or early if the
instance, packing a broken part, a botched      cash flow permits. Loyal suppliers will       And finally……
reservation or making an inappropriate          be more likely to assist the company if it    One less obvious benefit of a successful
comment to a customer can damage                needs extra service or a price concession.    conversion to Loyalty Management is
the customer/company relationship.              The loyal supplier will often recommend       a reduction in managements’ collective
Every point of contact with customers,          the company to potential customers.           “blood pressure”. There is less conflict
often called “touch points”, can have           Investors                                     with and between the stakeholders, there
                                                                                              are more positive than negative attitudes
                                                                                              and managing becomes less stressful -
                                                                                              even fun. ›

                                                        Save                                  Frank shares his time between his international

                                                                                              consulting practice and working as a volunteer
                                                                                              for Score Naples. He was vice president of a New
                                                                                              York management consulting firm, president of a

                                                       Dates!                                 global consumer products company and founder
                                                                                              of his own trading and advertising companies in
                                                                                              both the UK and USA

      Annual Golf Tournament: May 7th @ Grey Oaks Country Club                                Frank has an additional report on Loyalty
      Annual Dinner: May 15th @ The Naples Beach Hotel                                        Management entitled “Loyal Customers, Loyal
                                                                                              Employees & Customer Lifetime Value” that
      Annual Trade Show: August 12th @ Edison State College                                   is too large to fit in the Business Currents. It
                         Collier Campus                                                       explains how to achieve results through loyalty
      Distinguished Public Service Awards: October 20th @                                     management. Email him at and
                                          The Naples Hilton                                   he will email you the full document.

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                                                                                       An Interview with
                                                                                        Michele LaBute,
                                                                                    COO of the Collier County
                                                                                      Public School System
                                                                                             by Marci Seamples
                                                                       This month, Michele LaBute, COO of the Collier County Public School
                                                                       System took the time to sit down with us and talk candidly about the
                                                                         Class Size Reducation Amendment, the proposed school rezoning
                                                                        boundaries and some things every parent should know as the school
                                                                                       district plans school year 2010-2011.

MS: To get everyone on the same page as we begin, tell us what the Class Size   higher than 18 as long as you have enough classes lower than 18
Amendment is and how it affects our school district.                            for the average to be 18.

ML: The Class Size Reduction amendment was passed by the                                 The state provided the funds for districts to add those
voters of Florida in 2002. It is an amendment to the Florida                    teachers needed to bring district averages down. In fact, the
constitution.                                                                   amendment clearly specifies that the legislature must provide
                                                                                these funds. They provided the funds and the school districts
          If I could offer a little background – the Class Size                 complied. The next two years, 2005-2007, the legislature and
Reduction amendment was opposed by the school districts                         Department of Education required that school averages come in
because of the complications, implications and costs of                         range of the set limits. Now we went school by school, which
implementing it. School boards across the state opposed it.                     further reduced classes. School by school, the average class sizes
It was adamantly opposed by Jeb Bush who was running for                        were now 18, 22 or 25 depending on grade level. Again, you
governor, while his opponent, McBride, was a proponent of                       would have some classes smaller and some classes larger. A lot
the amendment. As it turned out, Jeb Bush won by a heavy                        depended on how the numbers fell and how many students are
margin and the amendment passed pretty heavily as well, in                      in a given grade level at elementary or in a given course at the
the mid-50% range. A lot of people wondered how you would                       high school level. In addition, we had smaller classes with some
elect a candidate who didn’t support this amendment, but                        of our exceptional student education courses, so those classes
what happened in Florida was we had a lot of constitutional                     sometimes offset a high number in another class, although they
amendments on the ballot that year. There was one about the                     weren’t too far off.
bullet train, there was another that got a lot of notoriety about
pregnant pigs and so on. They all passed.                                                 Again, the legislature provided the funding as required
                                                                                by law for that phase. We hired more teachers and, of course,
         The amendment specifies that for the year 2010-2011,                   we continue employ those teachers, so the state continues to
by the beginning of the school year which is this coming August,                provide that Class Size Reduction funding. The plan was that
the maximum size of any academic class in pre-K to 3rd grade                    in those next 3 years they would start to provide funds so the
would be 18 students. That means you can’t put the 19th child                   districts could begin to take small steps to move into actual,
in a class. The maximum size in grades 4 through 8 would be                     individual class size from the averages. Since 2008, the state was
22, and the maximum size in high school would be 25. These                      supposed to be providing funds to phase in the class size, and
limits are for academic classes, they do not pertain to physical                each year we were to add a portion of the teachers still needed
education, art, music, career/technical courses and so on. But                  to get us to full implementation.
the math, science, social studies, foreign languages – all of these
core classes - it does pertain to.                                                       Well, we know what happened in Florida with the
                                                                                economy. The money wasn’t there. So instead of requiring the
         Since 2002, the Department of Education and the State                  school districts to take those small steps to get from school
legislature had a phase in period. For the first two years, from                average to full implementation, they froze us for two years at
2003-2005, every school district had to meet these size limits                  school average and did not provide any additional funds at that
as a district average. Therefore, the district average in Pre-K                 point.
through 3 had to be 18 or less. That means you could have classes

                                                            Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
          For the last 3 or 4 years, our school board and school districts                 it back to the voters. Even if they but it on the ballot this
across the state have had as a legislative priority that the amendment be                  session, it won’t go to the voters until November, after
amended to not do away with it the amendment, but to stay where we                         the amendment requires implementation.
are at the school average size limits. We and many other districts across
the state feel that this has sufficiently reduced class size. There have been                       While our local legislators seem to be in support
districts, especially the bigger ones on the east coast, with very, very large             of putting it on the ballot, it seems there is still strong
class sizes. Collier wasn’t in that situation. We think school average is a                opposition from some legislators against changing it.
great compromise.                                                                          Because of all the funding issues in Florida, Medicaid
                                                                                           seems to be taking the lead as the major issue. We don’t
          Every year, when the legislative session has begun, we’ve been                   have a lot of confidence it will get back on the ballot. We
assured this issue has always been in a bill and that it has always been                   also hear that the polling of the general public at this
a priority with many of our legislators. Unfortunately, there are other                    time is not positive for it to pass at a 60% vote.
legislators, among those who proposed the bill initially, who are opposed
to a change. And at the 11th hour, it has failed in every legislative session,             MS: How did the school board arrive at rezoning as the solution, as
which has always been a surprise - we were always led to believe there                     opposed to portables or other methods?
was enough support to pass it.
                                                                                           ML: In the fall, we started looking at this year’s data to
         To change it, this is what must happen: Class Size Reduction                      determine how many teachers we would have to add to
is a constitutional manadate by the voters. The legislature can’t simply                   each school. We looked at every grade and every class that
change it. They must agree to put it on an election ballot and then the                    is covered by class size reduction and determined how
voters have to approve it by a 60% majority.                                               many teachers we would have to hire this year per school
                                                                                           to meet class size reduction. The total number came to
MS: At this point, prior to the start of the 2010-2011 school year, is there nothing the   239 teachers. Because our growth patterns have changed
legislature could do to suspend this class size amendment?                                 and people have moved around so much, we have a lot of
                                                                                           schools that don’t have room for the additional teachers
ML: As we understand it and has been explained to us by both our                           - they don’t have the classrooms. We have other schools,
attorneys and the legislature, a constitutional amendment is not simply                    especially in the eastern part of our county, that have
a law, it is part of the constitution. The only thing they can do is to bring              more than enough room. We still have plenty of empty
                                                                                           classrooms district-wide to accommodate these 239 new
                                                                                           spaces that we need. But they are not all in the schools
                                                                                           where we need them.

                                                                                                     We asked the board, in December, do we bring in
                                                                                           portables - which would now have schools overcrowded
                                                                                           because capacity has changed – or do we rezone students
                                                                                           to use those empty classrooms where they are. Bringing
                                                                                           in portables is estimated to cost about 3 million dollars.
                                                                                           That’s moving the portables, leasing them, setting them
                                                                                           up, setting up the plumbing, putting in the sidewalks,
                                                                                           electricity, cleaning and so on. About $600,000 of those
                                                                                           costs are recurring. Meanwhile, we have all these empty
                                                                                           classrooms sitting there. The board felt that in all fiscal
                                                                                           responsibility, especially in this day and age when funds
                                                                                           are so tight on both the capital and operating side, that
                                                                                           we needed to rezone. In addition, when growth starts
                                                                                           again, the schools where we put portables will just need
                                                                                           more portables. The problem will compound itself.

                                                                                                    At some schools, especially at the high school
                                                                                           level, we really have an issue where they need to be
                                                                                           rezoned, because we have a real imbalance at the high
                                                                                           school level.

                                                                                           MS: Who is being affected by this? How many students and in what
                                                                                           grade levels?

                                                                                           ML: At the elementary school level, it is a little over 1,000
                                                                                           students. It is a domino effect. For example, if we have
                                                                                           to move students out of Laurel Oak Elementary, in this

 FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
proposal the students would go to Corkscrew Elementary. student can have the ability to attend one of the career academies.
That puts more students in Corkscrew Elementary, so
we have to move some of the students at Corkscrew to                               School Choice is secondary when we look at priorities. They
adjacent schools, such as Sabal Palm Elementary.                          don’t meet any criteria. We determine how much space is available in a
                                                                          school and how many choice and out of zone students we can accept. Out
            We look for adjacency, how close students are of zone are looked at first and then school choice are done on a lottery
to school. We try to keep neighborhoods together and level if seats are left.
we don’t jump school zones. You wouldn’t jump from the
coast to the estates, you go from adjacent school zone to                          Each year students have to re-apply for those spots. Our past
adjacent school zone to minimize miles. In many cases, practice has been, if they reapply and they are already in a school, we
the rezoned students will have fewer miles to travel. A go ahead and approve them, even if we close that school to any new
few will have more miles, but most will have fewer. There applicants – if the children still meet the criteria and they are already
is a little over 1000 students at the elementary and a little there, they can stay. We asked the board if we should do that this year
over 700 at the high school level that will be rezoned.                   knowing we would be rezoning some students of out the school, even
                                                                          though we had students there on Out of Zone or School Choice. The
MS: If I am a rising senior (i.e. I will be a high school senior in 2010- board discussed it, and it was a tough decision, but they decided to leave
2011r, will I need to change schools?                                     the current practice as we have it.

ML: There is a board policy for rising seniors. In the case MS: If I am a student being rezoned and taking AP courses, will I still have the ability
of rezoning, rising seniors can be grandfathered in their at my new high school to take those same AP courses?
existing schools as long as they can provide their own
transportation.                                                         ML: Courses are driven by student requests. If an adequate number of
                                                                        high school students sign up for a course, then the school will offer it.
MS: You indicate the rezoning might actually decrease travel time. With the number being rezoned, there are going to be a lot of changes to
Lee County has faced a lot of criticism lately due to the time students the schools. The schools primarily gaining students are Lely High School
are spending on school buses. Are there any concerns that the and Golden Gate High School. With all the new kids coming in, there
rezoning may increase bus ride times for our students in Collier?       is probably going to be a lot of curriculum changes. They already offer
                                                                                                                               continued on page 36
ML: It does increase time for some of the students. It’s not
an exorbitant amount of time, it’s usually 5 to 7 minutes
more at the maximum – not an hour ride or anything like
that. Generally, the time change in travel is plus or minus
5 minutes.

         Lee County has a whole different system. Lee
County doesn’t have a neighborhood school zone like we
do. They have, I believe, 3 or 4 school zones, in the whole
county. Students can prioritize within their zone. So, if
a student is in Zone A, parents prioritize their first and
second choices within that zone when they enroll. Then
the students are assigned to a school. They can control,
right from the beginning, what school the children are
going to – but they are busing all over the place. Their
busing costs are enormous compared to ours, but they
get to control the number of students attending a school.
So, you and I could live next door to each other, but it is
possible we would be assigned to two different schools.
They don’t have to rezone because they have an automatic
way to place kids to utilize their classrooms.

MS: How will the rezoning affect School Choice and Out of Zone?

ML: Let me explain the difference between these two
programs first.

         A student can apply for an out of zone assignment
if they meet certain criteria. Reasons could be medical,
childcare needs, a school employee’s child can attend
where the parent works or, at the high school level, so a

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                                                   Chamber Annual Holiday Party
 The Chamber Scrapook                                  @ The Naples Hilton
                                                        December 17, 2009
                                                               photos courtesy of Bob Raymond

                                                                                       Oivind Jansen, Carol Hallenbeck and Peter Montalbano (The
                        Page Simpson, Tammy Mercer (Floral Encores ) and Lisa          Farrell, Prindle & Montalbano Group of Oppenheimer & Co.
                        Wilson (The Capital Grille)                                    Inc.)

                        Barbara Collins (Photography by Barbara Collins),
                                                                                       Carol Crofton, Gale Schwartz (American Momentum Bank),
                        Angelica Torres (Dax Enterprises, Inc.), Kena Yoke (Dax
                                                                                       Tina Galanti (Information Centers International) and John
                        Enterprises, Inc.) and Lisa Gruenloh (Walk the Talk
                                                                                       Galanti (Information Centers International)
                                                                                  RIGHT: Stacey Herring
                                                                                  (Fith Third Bank) and Peter
                                                                                  Jepson (AXA Advisors)

                                                                                  LEFT: Bruce Conner
                                                                                  (Costco) , Rebecca Conner,
                                                                                  Cathy Campion (SkyShades)
                                                                                  and Dale Campion

                         Brian Psota, Holly Varsho and Michael Dunselman                     Scott Cameron (Cameron Real Estate Services), Bob
                         (all of First National Bank of the Gulf Coast)                      Murray, Loretta Murray, Jim Coletta

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                              Naples City Council Candidate Forum
                                 @ Sugden Community Theater
                                        January 19, 2010
                                                 photos courtesy of Bob Raymond

     Maria Botana (Council of Hispanic Business Professionals)
     Michael Wynn (Sunshine Ace Hardware) and Ned Sachs             Kim Price, Marvin Easton, Barbara Easton, Bill Willkomm and Stefan Bothe

                                                                                                            Dick and Pat Nelson
 Sandra Yeyati, Dorothy Hirsch and Emil Hirsch
                                                     Gary Price, Lavigne Kirkpatrick and Sam Saad III

                             Wake Up Naples @ The Naples Hilton
                                     January 20, 2010
                                                 photos courtesy of Bob Raymond

Bob Krupp (AXA Advisors) Fabian Hollander
                                                                                                   Tiffany Homuth (M&I Wealth Management) and
                                                    ABOVE: Randy McNichols (DTOSI                  Carol A.G. DiMento (DiMento Law Office)
                                                    - Xerox), Molly Perez (DTOSI - Xerox)
                                                    and Larry Ray (Collier County Tax

                                                    RIGHT: Leslie Gjesdahl, Dan Wheless,
                                                    Jennifer J. Edwards (Collier County
                                                    Supervisor of Elections)

                                                    LEFT: Tony Marino (The Marino Group,
                                                    Inc), Linda Stewart (PAFSI), Debra

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                                                                                  New Chamber Members
                                                                                  Boulderbrook Productions
                                                                                  Mr. Richard Sullivan
                                                                                  PO Box 990
                                                                                  Naples, FL 34106
                                                                                  (239) 293-9448

                                                                                  Mr. Jim Coleman
                                                                                  65 East Gay Street, Suite 220
                                                                                  Columbus, OH 43215
                                                                                  (888) 918-1872

                                                                                  Capital Wealth Advisors
                                                                                  Mr. William Beynon
                                                                                  787 5th Avenue South
                                                                                  Naples, FL 34102
                                                                                  (239) 434-7434

                                                                                  CaterMasters Inc.
                                                                                  Mr. Jon Phillips
                                                                                  2391 Davis Blvd.
                                                                                  Naples, FL 34104
                                                                                  (239) 775-0040

                                                                                  Coupons-go Inc
                                                                                  Mr. Mike Candreva
                                                                                  6017 Pine Ridge Rd # 224
                                                                                  Naples, FL 34119
                                                                                  (877) 432-9260

                                                                                  Derma Clinic of Naples
                                                                                  Ms. Debra Victor
                                                                                  814 Anchor Rode Dr.
                                                                                  Naples, FL 34103
                                                                                  (239) 262-1155

                                                                                  Florida Athletics Cheer
                                                                                  Ms. Dinna Gilroy
                                                                                  3275 Pine Ridge Rd.
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                                                                                  (239) 494-7560

                                                                                  Gulfing Adventures
                                                                                  Mr. David Spitnale
                                                                                  2032 Davis Blvd.
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                                                                                  (239) 431-1770

                                                                                  Hazelden Foundation
                                                                                  Ms. Heather Burton
                                                                                  950 6th Avenue North
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                                                                                  Mr. John Graham

                                                                                  Mary P. Taylor - Downing-Frye
                                                                                  Realty, Inc.

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(410) 279-7292                      www.photographybybarbaracollins.          SolarAegis LLC
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Mulhere and Associates, LLC                                                   Naples, FL 34119
Mr. Bob Mulhere                     re/Max Luxury Properties                  (239) 297-7347
PO Box 1367                         Mr. Michael Vale                
Marco Island, FL 34146              400 Fifth Avenue South
(239) 825-8373                      Naples, FL 34102                          summit Management Group
                                    (239) 435-9800                            of Florida, LLC
Mulligan’s Sports Grille                                                      Mr. Tom A. MacIvor
Mr. John Anniello                   rembrandt Accounting and tax              3530 Kraft Rd.
2041 Tamiami Trail North            services, Inc.                            Naples, FL 34105
Naples, FL 34102                    Ms. Dawna E. Pipersburg                   (239) 434-6222
(239) 261-1001                      1321 Corso Palermo Ct #4
                                    Naples, FL 34105                          the Design studio by raymond
Naples Council on                   (239) 580-8787                            Ms. Leslie Ann Paris
World Affairs                            3455 Beck Blvd.
Mr. James H. Perkins Jr.                                                      Naples, FL 34114
11983 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 128   sand, sun and sea, LLC                    (239) 278-1334
Naples, FL 34110                    Mr. Ken Schoessel               
(239) 649-3942                      2727 Bayshore Dr., Unit 108                     Naples, FL 34112                          Visitors tV network
                                    (239) 793-4821                            Ms. Cecily Lancit
Party Time Rentals &                            1455 Rail Head Blvd., Suite 2
Special Events                                                                Naples, FL 34110
Mr. Ken Crocker                     sassy Cakes, Inc.                         (239) 594-6860
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 Bonita Springs, FL 34135                   Bonita Springs, FL 34133              1165 8th Street South
 (239) 949-2020                             (239) 687-1046                        Naples, FL 34102
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 Agnoli, Barber &                           Coastal Beverage, Ltd.
 Brundage, Inc.                             4747 Progress Ave                     Fuller Funeral Home -
 7400 Tamiami Trl N, #200                   Naples, FL 34104                      Cremation service
 Naples, FL 34108                           (239) 643-4343                        1625 Pine Ridge Road
 (239) 597-3111                                                                   Naples FL 34109
                                            Collex Collision Experts              (239) 592-1611
 Alliance Financial Group, Inc.             1851 Pine Ridge Rd
 14021 Metropolis Avenue                    Naples, FL 34109                      Gattle’s Fine Quality Linens
 Ft. Myers, FL 33912                        (239) 566-2101                        1250 3rd St S
 (239) 561-2900                                                                   Naples, FL 34102
                                            Collier County                        (239) 262-4791
 American Promotional                       Sheriff’s Office
 Products, Inc.                             3301 Tamiami Tr E Bldg J              Gery P. Benza, D.D.s.
 222 Industrial Blvd. Suite 199             Naples, FL 34112                      9140 Galleria Ct
 Naples, FL 34104                           (239) 793-9203                        Naples,FL,34109
 (239) 353-7731                                                                   (239) 592-5112
                                            Corey Billie’s Airboat Rides, Inc.
 Anders Insurance Agency, Inc.              20610 Tamiami Trail E                 Goetz & Stropes Landscape
 PO Box 628                                 Naples, FL 34114                      Architects, Inc
 Naples,FL, 34106                           (239) 389-7433                        185 10th Street South
 (239) 592-6403                                                                   Naples, FL 34102
                                            Culinary Concepts                     239) 643-0077
 Andrea Deane & Associates                  837 Fifth Avenue S., Suite 201
 800 Seagate Dr Ste 201                     Naples, FL 34102                      Gondolier Apartments & Inn
 Naples, FL 34103                           (239) 435-0990                        407 8th Ave South
 (239) 262-8866                                                                   Naples, FL 34102
                                            D. Garrett Construction, Inc.         (239) 262-4858
 Arabesque of Naples                        4933 Tamiami Trl N., Ste 300
 350 5th Ave South #101                     Naples, FL 34103                      Goodwill Industries of
 Naples,FL 34102                            (239) 643-2900                        S.W. Florida, Inc.
 (239) 403-0043                                                                   4940 Bayline Drive
                                            David L. Fenelon, CPA, P.A.           North Fort Myers, FL 33917
 Ave Maria university                       1415 Panther Lane, Ste 354            (239) 995-2106
 5050 Ave Maria Blvd                        Naples, FL 34109
 Immokalee, FL 34142                        (239) 417-5066                        Greenlinks at Lely Resort
 Phone: (239) 280-2511                                                            7990 Mahogany Run Lane
                                            De Marco Tile, Inc.                   Naples, FL 34113
 Barron Collier Companies                   3527 Domestic Ave                     (888) 992-2099
 2600 Golden Gate Parkway                   Naples, FL 34104
 Naples, FL 34105                           (239) 643-4077                        Gulfshore Insurance, Inc.
 (239) 262-2600                                                                   4100 Goodlette Rd N Ste 100
                                            Devcon                                Naples, FL 34103
 Billie Swamp Safari                        9241 Brookwood Court                  (239) 261-3646
 H.C. 61, Box 46                            Bonita Springs, FL 34135
 Clewiston, FL 33440                        (800) 489-8064                        Hahn Printing, Inc.
 (800) 949-6101                                                                   P.O. Box 1869
                                            DeVoe Cadillac                        Eagle River, WI 54521
 Bob Murray                                 PO Box 1098                           (715) 479-4313
 (239) 417-9915                             Naples, FL 34106
                                            (239) 261-1234                        Hammock Bay Golf & Country Club
 Bowland                                                                          1370 Borguese Lane
 28351 S. Tamiami Trail                     Downing-Frye Realty-                  Naples, FL 34114
 Bonita Springs, FL 34134                   steve schoepfer                       (239) 259-1100
 (239) 947-2111                             3411 Tamiami Trail North
                                            Naples, FL 34103                      Hodges university
 BssW Architects, Inc.                      (239) 564-3877                        2655 North Brooke Drive
 949 Central Ave                                                                  Naples, FL 34119
 Naples, FL 34102                           edgewater Beach resort                (239) 513-1122
 (239) 643-3103                             1901 Gulf Shore Blvd N
                                            Naples, FL 34102                      Houchin Construction, Inc.
 Carrabba’s Italian Grill                   (239) 403-2000                        700 Industrial Blvd.
 4320 Tamiami Trl N                                                               Naples, FL 34104
 Naples, FL,34103                           encore Bank                           (239) 643-1783
 (239) 643-7727                             3003 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 100
                                            Naples FL,34108                       Inn of Naples
 Charlie Chiang’s Modern                    (239) 591-3613                        4055 Tamiami Trl N
 Asian Kitchen                                                                    Naples, FL 34103
 12200 Tamiami Trail North                  Everglades Day Safari                 (239) 649-5500
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699 Fifth Ave S                          377 Citation Point                       475 Bayfront Place
Naples, FL 34102                         Naples, FL 34104                         Naples, FL 34102
(239) 403-8777                           (239) 649-7900                           (239) 261-1416

International Satellite Services, Inc.   Naples Mobile Home Park                  Seminole Tribe of Florida
1004 Collier Center Way #205             465 Bayfront Place                       5282 Golden Gate Parkway, Suite A
Naples, FL 34110                         Naples, FL 34102                         Naples, FL 34116
(239) 598-2241                           (239) 649-7775                           (954) 364-5200

J.P. van Dongen, M.D. P.A.               OFDC/Sunbelt Group                       Sheilah Crowley
599 Ninth Street North, #308             11866 Metro Parkway                      (239) 261-5441
Naples, FL 34102                         Ft. Myers, FL 33966
(239) 643-7888                           (239) 566-2857                           Society of St. Vincent de Paul
                                                                                  2874 Davis Blvd
John R. Wood Inc., Realtors              Office Depot #2355                       Naples, FL 34104
3255 Tamiami Trl N                       10455 Tamiami Trail                      (239) 775-1667
Naples, FL 34103                         Naples, FL 34108
(239) 659-6150                           (239) 514-1722                           Stock Realty
                                                                                  1585 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 4
Kraft Construction                       Office Depot (#188)                      Naples, FL 34109
Company, Inc.                            2175 9th Street North                    (239) 449-3600
3520 Kraft Rd                            Naples, FL 34102
Naples, FL 34105                         (239) 263-0055                           Summit Medical Supplies, Inc.
(239) 643-6000                                                                    990 1st Ave S
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Litchfield, Nelson & Co.                 4089 Tamiami Trl N Ste A-203             (239) 261-7300
3033 Riviera Dr Ste 106                  Naples, FL 34103
Naples FL,34103                          (239) 261-0428                           ted todd Insurance
(239) 261-4800                                                                    15275 Collier Blvd. Suite 207
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Mangrove Outfitters Fly Shop, Inc.       3860 Colonial Blvd. Suite 100            (239) 949-1111
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4111 Tamiami Trl E                       (239) 277-7144                           The ACE Group Classic
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(239) 793-3370                           Philharmonic Center for the Arts         Naples, FL 34109
                                         5833 Pelican Bay Blvd.                   (239) 593-3900
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9114 Strada Place, Suite 12110           (239) 597-1111                           the Bike route
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(239) 591-2299                           Polar Engraving                          Naples, FL 34102
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Medi Weightloss Clinic -                 Naples, FL 34109
Naples, LLC                              (239) 597-8005                           The Boat House Motel on Marco
1715 Heritage Trail, Suite 201                                                    1180 Edington Place
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Michele Harrison -                       (239) 593-2900                           The Carlisle-Accommodations
John R. Woods Realtor                                                             6945 Carlisle Court
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Naples Diagnostic Imaging                                                         strategies
Center Ltd.                              Roetzel & Andress LPA                    5766 Lago Villaggio Way
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Naples, FL 34101                         Naples, FL 34103                         (239) 207-4572
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                                            Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
a number of AP courses at these schools. Even in a given year at        concerned that in 2011-2012 the state won’t be able to replace
a big school like Gulf Coast High School or Barron Collier High         the stimulus money. We will either have to cut back or have the
School, a certain AP course may not make it if even kids don’t sign     reserves to replace it. Unfortunately, if the state doesn’t come up
up. It is all dependent upon the number of students signing up.         with the additional funds next year, we are going to have to hit
We will do our very best to accommodate the students’ requests.         our reserves to the tune of 15M.
If we can’t provide their program at a given school, then they
would be on a priority out of zone list.                                MS: Is there any action that CCPS and/or other school districts may take
                                                                        against the state for not providing the funds?
MS: What is the minimum number of students at the high school level that can
be in a class?                                                                ML: I am sure legally there are some actions that could be taken,
                                                                              I’m not the person to speak to that. But I know there are concerns
ML: There is no minimum number, it is based on what we can all over the state about funding. We are one of the more fortunate
practically afford. Can we afford to teach a class of three students? districts in that we have a superintendent with astounding
Obviously not. We try to do creative things. In some cases we economic and fiscal knowledge and skills. We have built reserves
have students take classes through the Florida Virtual School. In unlike any other district, especially as a percentage of our operating
another case there is an AP Physics class taught at Golden Gate budget. I’m not sure how some of the districts, knowing what I’ve
High School. There is not a teacher for this AP Physics class at read in the paper and following the issue statewide, are going to
Gulf Coast High School f, but we can offer it through satellite be able to afford what they have to do.
TV so the kids at Gulf Coast High School can take it with the
Golden Gate High School class via the satellite link. We have MS: What would happen if it did go to the voters in November, after rezoning
that capability at all of our high schools. We can still provide has been implemented, and they do vote to suspend or repeal the CSA. What
instruction that way, and we can provide resources at Gulf Coast would happen then?
High School to help those kids who need help outside of class.
We do everything we can to accommodate these programs.                        ML: At that point, kids would have made the transition. I
                                                                              can’t speak to what the board would do, but I can say that the
MS: How will Class Size Reduction affect Lorenzo Walker Technical High administration’s recommendation would be to leave it as it is. We
School?                                                                       would, at that point, have leveled enrollment and every school
                                                                              would then have a little room for growth, especially at the high
ML: It affects their academic classes and they will also get a school level.
couple new teachers to accommodate Class Size Reduction in
those academic courses. It doesn’t affect the career and technical                     Let me speak to the high school level for a moment: this
classes.                                                                      was going happen anyway. Gulf Coast High School already has
                                                                              9 portables, it was already overcrowded. Palmetto Ridge High
MS: Switching gears, what will the hard costs of rezoning be to the district? School is at capacity. Gulf Coast High School (with over 2100
                                                                              students) is still growing and Palmetto Ridge High School has
ML: The cost of rezoning is little to none, because we are busing had enrollment at about 1800. We have been looking every year
those students from one school to another – there is really no and contemplating when was the time to rezone the high schools.
cost in the rezoning. But, the cost of the NEW TEACHERS we Lely and Golden Gate have plenty of extra classrooms because
will have to hire is approaching 15M – about 14.7M for those growth stopped and population shifted. We were actually going to
200+ teachers, including benefits and salaries. That’s enormous. build another high school when the county was looking to extend
We’ve gotten no assurance from the state we are going to receive the Vanderbilt extension. We have property there and would
an additional 15M from them. We actually have gotten assurance have opened that high school in 2011. Had growth continued, we
that we’re NOT going to get it. That’s problematic – obviously we would have been rezoning kids for that new high school. With
have to provide the teachers, that’s what the amendment says, but growth stopping/slowing and having the space in two schools,
the amendment also says the state legislature also has to provide class size reduction has forced us to do it at this time, but it was
the funds. How they are going to deal with that, I can’t say – they inevitable.
can always take the money from one pot of ours and transfer
it to another pot and call it Class Size Reduction dollars when MS: Is there anything else a concerned parent should know?
we all know that’s the money we’re subsisting on now. I can’t
speak for the legislature on how they are going to deal with this ML: First of all, I would hope parents would know that nobody
constitutional mandate that says they must provide the funds.                 wants to be doing this, certainly not the superintendent, the
                                                                              administration or the school board. This is a necessity based on a
            Barring no additional funds, we will have to go into mandate from the voters of the state of Florida.
reserves we have worked very hard to build up. We’ve worked
hard to build those reserves because the district received stimulus                    Bringing in portables is not fiscally responsible and is
money. The bulk of the stimulus funding replaced existing funds               only a short term solution. We would still, as we start to grow
– the state lowered its funding and replaced it with stimulus again in the future, have this problem and need to look at changing
money. That’s money that was only available for 2 years – next school zones to balance things out.
year it ends. So we have been building a reserve because we are

 FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
                                                  Party Time Rentals & Special Events                             N
                                                  3483 Domestic Avenue, Unit C
                                                  Naples, FL 34104
                                                  Party Time Rentals is a full service rental
CaterMasters Inc                                  company with all new equipment from

2391 Davis Blvd.                                  tables, chairs, linens, dishes, tents, staging,
Naples, FL 34104                                  catering equipment concession and trade
CaterMasters Inc. is a professional, full         show equipment. We are a local family
service catering company offering a               owned company with more than 25 years in
selection of price points, whatever the final     the party and event industry.
price clients can expect great presentation,
excellent food and refined services. Call Jon

                                                  Sand, Sun and Sea, LLC
to discuss your needs. We are the preferred       2727 Bayshore Dr., Unit 108
caterer to many local vendors.                    Naples, FL 34112

                                                  At Sand, Sun and Sea we’re here to provide
Derma Clinic of Naples                            fun and affordable tours throughout
814 Anchor Rode Dr.                               Southwest Florida’s wilderness areas while
Naples, FL 34103                                  offering excellent customer service and a

Derma Clinic of Naples focuses on healthy         commitment to the natural environment.
skin. We offer permanent cosmetic for             We’re proud to offer helicopter tours,
women who want a fresh youthful look. Men         pontoon boat eco-tours, and sailing charters.

and women both can look their best with           Come join us today for an exciting look at
our customized facials, electrolysis and          Southwest Florida!!!
chemical peels. You really can have flawless
                                                  SolarAegis, LLC
                                                  6017 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 323
Florida Athletics Cheer & Dance                   Naples, FL 34119
3275 Pine Ridge Rd.

                                                  SolarAegis is an all-natural, mineral-based
Naples, FL 34109                                  sunscreen. Our goal is to educate the
Florida Athletics Cheer & Dance is an All         consumer on facts about sun exposure, the
star cheerleading and dance facility. We are      damage it causes and the statistics on skin
not just a gym, we are truly a family! Our        cancer. We believe in providing outside
entire staff is committed to excellence. Our      resources so our customers can increase
vision goes beyond quality cheerleading as        their intelligence, draw their own conclusions

we work to incorporate character building,        and make smart decisions about protecting
positive self-esteem and leadership skills.       themselves against the sun.

Mulhere and Associates, LLC                       The Design Studio by Raymond
PO Box 1367                                       3455 Beck Blvd.
Marco Island, FL 34146                            Naples, FL 33114
A professional consulting company offering

                                                  The Design Studio, a division of Raymond
the full range of consulting services related     Building Supply Company, opened in 2000
to: community planning, land development,         and has become the regions largest supplier
lobbing, marketing and business strategy,         of pine cabinetry and high end appliances.

business development and public policy.           Established in 1957 in Fort Myers, Raymond
                                                  Building Supply is a major supplier of quality
Mulligan’s Sports Grille                          building products including trusses, custom

2041 Tamiami Trail North                          millwork, windows, shutters and lumber.
Naples, FL 34102
Mulligan’s Sports Grille is a fun neighborhood    VISION ONE

family restaurant with great food & great         12707 Tamiami Trail East
service at an affordable price. Full bar, full    Naples, FL 34113
menu from 11 am to 2 am fantastic lunch &         Dr. Slattery, a board certified optometric
dinner specials, daily happy hours and over

                                                  physician, has practiced in southwest Florida
25 TV’s to catch your favorite game. Check        since 1988. Located in Freedom Square at
out our homemade brick oven pizza or our          the corner of Collier Blvd. and US 41 east, our
awesome wings & burgers!

                                                  office offers comprehensive exams, contact
                                                  fittings, emergency medical care, and an
                                                  excellent selection of glasses and sunglasses
                                                  for all ages.

                                        Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 

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                                                                                                NO EXTRA CHARGE.

The Farrell, Prindle & Montalbano Group of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. -
4855 Technology Way, Suite 400, Boca Raton, FL 33431                                                                   Are you there?

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Especially for Women- 1890 SW Health Parkway, Suite 205, Naples 34109                                                                                   7385 Radio Road
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                                                                                                           State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
 Newport Design Group - 8230 Collier Blvd., Naples 34114                                                                   P080259 11/08

                                                       Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
                                                                Ad Reservation                                    BusinessBriefs
    Business Currents                                              Deadline:
                                                                March 5, 2009
                                                                                                                 A look at what’s happening in the business community

                                                                                                                      The Air Conditioning Contractors of
                                                                                                                 America named Conditioned Air Corp. a
            April Feature:                                                                                       finalist for the 2010 Contractor of the Year
                                                                  Please call
         Healthcare                                             (239) 262-6376
                                                                                                                 in the residential category.
                                                                                                                      The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile
                                                                                                                 program announced Arthrex, Inc. as the
                                                                to reserve your                                  Exclusive Tournament Sponsor for the 4th
                                                                 space today!                                    Annual Care Mobile Classic
  Blue Streak Tile & Marble, Inc. - 5780 Taylor Rd #2, Naples 34109                                                   Newly opened at Mercato, Byte
                                                                                                                 Shop/style, LLC is a locally owned IT
                                                                                                                 company and an expanded version of the
                                                                                                                 original The Byte Shop.
                                                                                                                      FGCU’s Resort & Hospitality

                   Traditions Get                                                                                Management Program will hold the 21st
                                                                                                                 annual Wanderlust travel auction and

                  Better With Time                                                                               gourmet dining extravaganza on April 14
                                                                                                                 at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club.
                                                                                                                      The Conservancy of Southwest
                                                                                                                 Florida received $2 million for the
                                                                                                                 “Sugden Gomez Environmental Planning
                                                                                                                      The entire campus of the David
                                                                                                                 Lawrence Center is now tobacco-free.
                                                                                                                      The Edison & Ford Winter Estates
                                                                                                                 will present Brunch with Mrs. Edison:
                                                                                                                 Living with a Genius Feb. 19 and 20.
                                                                                                                      Fifth Third Bancorp donated
                                                                                                                 $100,000 to aid the American Red Cross
                                                                                                                 International Response Fund to assist the
                                                                                                                 Red Cross disaster relief efforts in Haiti.
                                                                                                                      TIB Bank presented Fun Time
                                                                                                                 Early Childhood Academy a gift for the
                                                                                                                 holidays made in the name of their clients
                                                                                                                 in lieu of sending cleints individual
                                                                                                                 Christmas gifts.
                                                                                                                      Sky Angel began carriage of MLB
                                                                                                                      Gulf Coast Venture Forum’s
                                                                                                                 February meetings are set for February 10
                                                                                                                 in Sarasota and February 11 in Naples.
      Naples’ first and only beachfront resort with onsite championship golf, award-winning dining,
                                                                                                                      Gulfshore Life celebrates 40 years
     world-class tennis and a full-service spa is introducing 319 newly renovated rooms and suites
           with enlarged bathrooms, and a private beachside pool complex with two pools,                         of publishing in 2010. Each issue will be
             private cabanas, whirlpools, a full bar and food service exclusively for our guests.                recalling past covers and editorial features
                      Hospitality is our family’s tradition. Originality is our guarantee.                       starting from the year 1970.
                                                                                                                      The 2010 American Red Cross
                         261.2222                                                           “Heroes” Campaign will run from January
                                                                                                                 20 – February 25, 2010.
                                                                                                                      Habitat for Humanity of Collier
                                                                                                                 County was honored as an Affiliate
                                                                                                                 of the Year by Habitat for Humanity
                              Owned and Operated by the Watkins Family for Over 60 years.                             Hodges University is expanding
                                                                                                                 its educational facilities at its Naples
   NBH24738 Currents Ad Feb.indd 1                                                          1/12/10 8:33:54 AM
0 FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
      Jamie Lynn Strowig from Hooters
of Naples, was selected from over 20,000
Hooters Girls to be featured in the 2010
Hooters Calendar.
      Fifth Third Bank established the
“Hope for Haiti – Earthquake Relief
Fund,” in support of Naples-based Hope
for Haiti’s disaster relief efforts.
      Staples launched the Staples stickK
to It! Business Challenge, a unique program
to help small businesses prioritize and
achieve their objectives for the New Year.
      The Best Christian Workplaces
Institute and the Canadian Council of
Christian Charities included Naples
Christian Academy in the 2010 list of
Certified Best Christian Workplaces.
      Naples Zoo presents an evening
on Feb. 8 with Columbus Zoo Director
Emeritus and television personality Jack
      The Edison & Ford Winter Estates
offers a new behind the scenes tour
February 4, 11, 18, 25 at 10:30am.
      The Zonta Club of Naples will hold
their Annual Fashion Show March 26 at
The Club at The Strand to benefit PACE
Center for Girls.
      Seminole Gaming announced the
launch the new Mega Bad Beat Jackpots.
      PBS Construction has completed
the build out of the Parish Office of the
Quasi-Parish of Ave Maria Oratory.
      Nearly 7,000 people were given a
five-day supply of food Monday by The
Salvation Army in Port-au-Prince.
      Recalibrate Today TV Series with
Stephen Bolt began airing on Sky Angel’s
Angel Two and WRXY Jan. 22
      Naples Zoo welcomed 293,971 guests
in 2009.
      Seminole Casino Immokalee
launched two Pprograms to help Haiti’s
Earthquake victims: “Hearts to Haiti” and
“Crank It Up” .
      The David Lawrence Center and
Foundation announced they have been
awarded a $77,500 grant by The Telford
      The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf
Club received the “2009 Planners’ Choice
Award” from MeetingNews magazine.
      JDRF Hope Gala – Aqua Ball will
be held Feb 13 at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples
(239) 992-3840. ›

                                              Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
 FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
    Who’s Who in the Business Community
     HR Collier announced their 2010
Board: President, Michelle Anderson;
President Elect, Amy Garrard; Immediate
Past President, Tammy Read; Secretary,
Holly Haines-Kohl; Treasurer, Alice
     Stanton Chapman was named the
Operations Manager for Naples PGA
TOUR Superstore.
     Hodges University selected Juliet C.
Sproul, Katherine Sproul and Jennifer
Sproul Sullivan its 2010 Humanitarians
of the Year.
     David Aldrich was appointed
president for the CBIA for 2010.
     Cyndee Woolley was elected the
PRSA Sunshine District’s Treasurer.
     The Barron Collier Companies
named Katherine G. Sproul president
of Agriculture/Eastern Lands Divisions,
Blake Gable president of the Real Estate
Development/Mineral Mgmt Divisions,
Brad Boaz CFO/EVP, Doug Baird Sr. VP
and Brian Goguen Sr. VP of Real Estate.
     Andrew J. Krause, Esq. joined the
Board of Directors for Avow Hospice.
     Kimberly Bracher joined The David
Lawrence Center as the Child’s Path
Preschool Program Director.
     BB&T-Oswald Trippe and Company
                                                                       Spinelli Consulting, LLC
named Ed Castner and Stacey Mercado                                    Business Advisory, Bookkeeping, Taxes and More
its 2009 Community Service Award
     Bank      of    Naples appointed
Lindy D’Amico Senior Vice President,
Commercial Lending Officer.
     Terri Moellers, Sharon Kaltenborn
                                                                                              Time is money...
and Richard and Susie Culp have joined                                                 Save time by letting us take
Premier Properties as new agents.                                                      care of your books quickly and
     Leisha Klentzeris, Director of the                                                accurately. Save money with
English as a Second Language program at                                                our affordable rates for small
Hodges University, was named Employee
                                                                                       businesses. Save both with our
of the Year.
     The Island Coast Aids Network
                                                                                       hourly advisory services! Ask
appointed J. Mitchell Haley its new                                                    for details.
Director of Development.
     Kenneth R. Krier of Cummings &
                                                     Business • Accounting             Call or contact now to get a 50%
                                                Financial Operations • Planning        discount on our services, just by
Lockwood LLC will serve on the Board of             Efficiency • Profitability           mentioning this ad.
the Forum Club of Southwest Florida.
     Decorating Den Interiors named
Naples interior designer Claudia Leah its        phone: 239-298-3158   fax: 239-236-0285   email:
Business Owner of the Year.                                  
     Maureen and Michael Joyce and
Milton Collins joined Premier Properties
of Southwest Florida, Inc.›                 Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
Chamber Calendar of Events ..................................................................................                February 2010

                                                                                          Tuesday, February 16th
                                                                                          (Yes, TUESDAY)
             Tuesday, February 9th                                                        Wake Up Naples
             Hot Topic 2010: Oil Drilling                                                 7:30 am
             Co-Sponsored with the                                                        Speaker: Judge Lauren Brody
             Naples Daily News                                                            from Drug Free Collier
             5:30 pm                                                                      Location: The Naples Hilton
             Intro Speaker: Michael Stephens,                                             5111 Tamiami Trail N.
             Coastal Engineering                                                          $20.00 in advance $25.00 at the
             Panelists: David Mica (Florida Petroleum                                     door and Future members (limit two
             Council), Burt Saunders (Former State                                        events for future members) $45.00 non
             Senator) and Susan Glickman (Natural                                         members
             Resources Defense Council)                                                   ..........................................................................
             Moderator: Jeff Lytle, Naples Daily News
             Timekeepers: League of Women Voters                                          Thursday, February 18th
             of Collier County                                                            Business After 5
             Location: The Naples Daily News                                              5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
             Building/Community Room                                                      Hosted by First National Bank of the
             1100 Immokalee Road                                                          Gulf Coast
             Can’t attend? Submit questions                                               Location: 3560 Kraft Road
             for panel no later than 5pm 2/8 to                                           $5.00 in advance, $10.00 at the door
                                              and future members (limit two events)
             Simulcast at                                                  $ 25.00 non members
             Free and open to the public
                                                                                          Tuesday, February 23rd
                                                                                          Advanced Networking - Session I
             Saturday, February 13th                                                      The Philosophy of Networking
             The Nuts and Bolts of Starting a Business                                    8:00 am to 9:30 am
             in Florida                                                                   Presenters: Matthew Klinowski and
             Co-Sponsored with SCORE Naples                                               Jessica Macera
             9:00 am                                                                      Location: The Chamber Bldg.
             Speakers: Peggy Maltarich and Ron                                            LCF Room - 2nd Floor
             Chapuran                                                                     $15
             Location: The Chamber Bldg.                                                  ..........................................................................
             LCF Room - 2nd Floor                                                         Sunday, February 28th
             Free, but please register in advance                                         Deadline to submit applications for
                                                                                          Youth Leadership Collier 2010

 FebrUarY 00 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
March 2010                     .............................................................................................. Chamber Calendar of Events

   Tuesday, March 9th
   Hot Topic 2010: Amendment 4
   Co-Sponsored with the
   Naples Daily News

                                                                                                                                      Calendar of Events
   5:30 pm
   Location: The Naples Daily News Building
   /Community Room
   1100 Immokalee Road
   Moderator: Jeff Lytle, Naples Daily News
   Timekeepers: League of Women Voters of Collier County
   Can’t attend? Submit questions for panel no later than 5pm
   3/8 to
   Simulcast at - Free and open to the public
   Tuesday, March 16th
   Hot Topic 2010: Economic Stability
   Co-Sponsored with the
   Naples Daily News
   5:30 pm
   Location: The Naples Daily News Building/Community Room
   1100 Immokalee Road
   Moderator: Jeff Lytle, Naples Daily News
   Can’t attend? Submit questions for panel no later than 5pm
   3/15 to
   Simulcast at - Free and open to the public
   Wednesday, March 17th
   Wake Up Naples
   7:30 am
   Sponsored by Ave Maria
   Location: The Naples Hilton
   5111 Tamiami Trail N.
   $20.00 in advance $25.00 at the door and Future members
   (limit two events for future members) $45.00 non members
   Thursday, March 18th
   Business After 5
   Hosted by the Inn at Pelican Bay
   5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
   Location: 800 Vanderbilt Beach Road
   $5.00 in advance, $10.00 at the door and future members
   (limit two events)$25.00 non members

                          Register for all events at
                                                            Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I FebrUarY 2010 
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