Health and Career Education 9 by ypy11747


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Health and Career Education 9

                                       COURSE OUTLINE

What is Health and Career Education?
  • This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will
      assist them in making informed decisions related to their health, their education, and their future
  • Provides a foundation of learning for Planning 10, the required Graduation Program course.

Topics we will be covering:
   • Education & Careers
   • Healthy Living
   • Healthy Relationships
   • Safety and Injury prevention
   • Substance Misuse Prevention

Student Expectations:
   • You will be expected to attend all presentations and workshops to get full credits.
   • You are responsible for seeing Ms. Wildeman or the Careers Dept. for make up assignments
      when you miss a presentation/workshop.

Marks Outline:
  • Health Symposium Day #1              25%
  • Health Symposium Day #2              25%
  • Health Symposium Day #3              25%
  • TOKTWD                               10%
  • Final In-Class Workshop              15%

                                        Contact Information:
                                            Ms. Wildeman
                                    Career Education Room #106

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