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					                             COOKIE JAR GROUP
Cookie Jar Group is a leading independent producer of children’s entertainment, consumer products
and educational materials.

Made up of three divisions: Cookie Jar Entertainment, Copyright Promotions Licensing Group (CPLG) and
Cookie Jar Education, Cookie Jar Group is one of the world’s largest independent children’s entertainment,
consumer products and education companies with ownership and licensing rights to some of the most
recognizable character brands.

Cookie Jar brands are valued for their entertainment, engaging content and consumer products breadth. Well-
respected Cookie Jar series like “Caillou,” “Strawberry Shortcake,” “The Doodlebops” and “Arthur” allow kids
to have fun and learn at the same time. From action-adventure to comedy, shows like “Magi-Nation,” “World of
Quest,” “Johnny Test,” “Dino Squad,” and “Metajets” are specially conceived to reach and thrill audiences.

In March 2004, leading children’s entertainment executives Michael Hirsh and Toper Taylor founded Cookie Jar
Group. Together with noted educational publishing executives Steve and Patti Carson, and Scott McCaw, they
forged a unique company focused on enhancing the lives of children at home and at school.

On July 23 2008, Cookie Jar Entertainment acquired DIC Entertainment and CPLG.
The acquisition doubled the company’s exceptional library of family programming
and strengthened its capabilities in global merchandising and licensing.

Headquartered in Toronto, Cookie Jar Group has more than 200 employees
strategically located around the globe. With its broad scope, the company is able
to meet the challenges of a competitive field, with pioneering business models
and innovative brand approaches.

For more information about Cookie Jar Group, please visit:
         THE WORLD
Cookie Jar Entertainment is one of the fastest growing, most dynamic, independent kids companies
in the world. In less than five years, Cookie Jar has become a leader in consumer products and entertainment,
creating successful, innovative, and immensely popular entertainment and educational content for kids around
the world. The company’s extensive list of high-quality television series includes “The Doodlebops,” “Will &
Dewitt,” “Hurray For Huckle!” “Magi-Nation,” “Johnny Test,” “Metajets,” “CAKE” and “Horseland”.

Cookie Jar Entertainment has successfully created, produced and marketed shows to the worldwide
marketplace including placement on successful broadcast destinations like CBS, PBS, Cartoon Network,
Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, ABC, Jetix, France 5, GMTV, Kids’ CBC, TELETOON, Super RTL, CBeebies

Cookie Jar Entertainment boasts a library of more than 6,000 half-hours of the best children’s programming on
television and has created and marketed award-winning shows and brands in over 160 countries. The company
produces 10 series and 260 episodes per year and currently has 13 series on the air in the US alone.
Cookie Jar also has a one-third interest in international children’s television channel, Kidsco.

Cookie Jar has 12 brand websites and an MMOG including,, and These sites deliver as many kids every week as
their series do. Cookie Jar drives kids from the web to the television and from the television
to the web.

Cookie Jar provides unparalleled support for its series and brands – driving audiences to
networks and consumers to retailers. Cookie Jar has some of the strongest character-branded
licensing in the world, representing popular brands such as Strawberry Shortcake, Mommy & Me,
Caillou and Inspector Gadget. Cookie Jar’s consumer products expertise and success has
resulted in Strawberry Shortcake earning nearly $3 billion in retail sales since its 2002 relaunch;
Mommy & Me products for sale at more than 3,000 Wal-Mart stores and Caillou’s unique
direct-to-retail partnership with CVS.
Cookie Jar reaching Consumers
through Television Broadcast
Cookie Jar - Licensing The Best
                   COPYRIGHT PROMOTIONS
                   LICENSING GROUP (CPLG)
CPLG is one of the oldest and most powerful independent European licensing agencies,
offering genuine pan-European coverage with seven European offices.

Headquartered in London, CPLG has been delivering successful licensing programs for over 34 years.
It currently has 1,800 licenses across all territories.

The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of classic entertainment characters, movie-driven
opportunities and 'hot properties'. Entertainment licensing is the cornerstone
of CPLG’s business, serving as an agent or sub-agent for A-list licensees including Dora the Explorer,
Shrek, SpongeBob SquarePants, Spider-Man and numerous studios.

CPLG Sport offers an extended range of specialist services to the sports business world,
targeted at sport governing bodies, events, federations, leagues and teams and their
commercial partners.

For more information about CPLG, please visit:

                         Cookie Jar Education
              Strong international broadcast!
Cookie Jar Education, Inc. – “Educate, Motivate and Decorate”
Cookie Jar Education has evolved its tremendously successful retail and teacher business into
a direct to school initiative to better service the educational marketplace.

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Carson-Dellosa is a top supplier for classroom educational resources. Carson-Dellosa was established in
1976 by Steve & Patti Carson, Ph.D., and Janet Dellosa (retired) when they saw the need for quality
educational materials that “Educate, Motivate and Decorate.” The company has grown to over
250 employees servicing two million teachers and 3,000 retailers. Carson-Dellosa is considered one of
the leading educational publishers in the United States, producing over 3,000 cross-curricular resources
for Classrooms around the world.
More than two million teachers in the United States and Canada rely on Carson-Dellosa
for their classroom decoratives and teacher helpers, supplemental books, educational
puzzles and games, flash cards, and incentives and motivationals designed to aid
teachers, parents and students from preschool through the eighth grade.
Carson-Dellosa School Division
Carson-Dellosa School Division develops and markets supplemental resources for
grades pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The primary focus is currently
centered on products that enhance Math and Literacy instruction with an
emphasis on solutions for Bilingual students.
HighReach Learning®
HighReach Learning® is the creator and direct supplier of early childhood educational materials for children
between three months and seven years old. They currently serve customers in all 50 states in the United
States, as well as international customers in Canada, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, and the Virgin
Islands. The HighReach Learning® customer base includes public and private schools, Head Start
programs, child development centers, family daycare providers, YMCA centers, and church-based preschools.

Through HighReach Learning®, over 225,000
preschoolers participate in a monthly-delivered
continuity program of curriculum and
educational supplement products.
                     COOKIE JAR EXECUTIVES
Michael Hirsh – Chief Executive Officer of Cookie Jar Group
Recognized throughout the children’s entertainment industry as a leading business and brand-builder,
Hirsh's numerous achievements have helped shape today's era of animation production and distribution.

In 2004, Hirsh spearheaded the creation of Cookie Jar Group, along with Toper Taylor. In 2008, Cookie Jar
acquired DIC Entertainment and CPLG, doubling the company’s library and strengthening its capabilities in
global merchandising and licensing. In less than five years, Hirsh has turned Cookie Jar Group into one of the
world’s largest independent children’s entertainment and education companies with ownership and licensing
rights to some of the most recognizable character brands.

                                          Hirsh is also co-creator and executive producer of Cookie Jar
                                          Entertainment’s hit show for preschoolers, “The Doodlebops”.

                                          Hirsh’s distinguished career in children’s entertainment began in
                                          1971, when co-founded Nelvana Limited. He played a pivotal role
                                          in transforming Nelvana into a world-class animation company and
                                          developed and produced many of television's most celebrated
                                          animated programming. He pioneered many of
                                          the worldwide co-production, marketing and
                                          distribution techniques that have become standard
\                                         industry practice.

                                          Hirsh also co-founded Teletoon,
                                          Canada's leading animation
                                          network, and co-authored
                                          “The Great Canadian Comics.”
                      COOKIE JAR EXECUTIVES
Toper Taylor – President and Chief Operating Officer of Cookie Jar Entertainment
Among the most respected executives in children's and family entertainment, Taylor co-founded Cookie Jar with
Michael Hirsh in 2004. Taylor and Hirsh are experts in raising capital, buying and turning around entertainment
companies and building long lasting, successful global businesses.

Cookie Jar’s first acquisition was Cinar Entertainment in 2004. Taylor and Hirsh spearheaded the company’s
acquisition of DIC Entertainment and CPLG in 2008, doubling Cookie Jar’s library and strengthening its
capabilities in global merchandising and licensing. In less than five years, Taylor orchestrated Cookie Jar into
profitability and created a global industry leader.

                                           Prior to founding Cookie Jar, Taylor was President of Nelvana for
                                           more than a decade. He helped create the architecture for growth
                                           that enabled the company to go public in 1994, and the eventual
                                           multi-million-dollar sale to Corus Entertainment in 2000.
                                           Under Taylor’s guidance, Nelvana built a world class library of
                                           content and owned intellectual property, successfully managed
                                           global brands such as “Beyblade,” “Babar,” “Franklin the
                                           Turtle,” Maurice Sendak’s “Little Bear,” “Max and Ruby,”
                                           “Rolie Polie Olie,” and many more. As a direct
                                           result of his stewardship, Nelvana's track record was
                                           unparalleled in the industry, airing over 20 series in the
                                           U.S. alone during one broadcast season, while controlling
                                           both CBS and PBS Saturday morning schedules.

                                           Taylor is a graduate of the University of Southern
                                           California where he is co-chairman of the Board of
                                           Councilors of the Roski School of Fine Arts and one
                                           of the founders of the Television Board of Directors for
                                           the university’s School of Cinematic Arts.
 Scott McCaw –Chief Financial Officer of Cookie Jar Group
 McCaw joined the Cookie Jar Group shortly after its creation to provide financial leadership
 across the organization with an emphasis on strategy development and growth.

 McCaw has 15 years of financial and operational experience in external consulting and senior
 financial positions. He has led numerous acquisitions and divestiture transactions, multiple
 corporate turnarounds, and has established successful strategic partnerships.

 McCaw also served as the Senior Vice-President, Finance for AMEC's Americas business
 (North and South America). He is a well-respected leader in finance, co-authoring
 “The Advanced Business Valuation Course” for the Canadian Institute of Chartered
 Business Valuators.

 Katarina Dietrich – CEO, CPLG
 Dietrich is a leading figure in the licensing industry. She is an expert in negotiating rights, brand
 extension strategies, promotional activities, retail exploitation and working across all media to
 build successful licensing programs throughout Europe. After spending 12 years at CPLG in a
 variety of capacities, Dietrich took over as CEO in January 2008.

 With her vast knowledge of the local European retail markets, she has tailored
 the company’s licensing programs to target the local consumer, creating
 international trends throughout Europe with the brands in the company’s
 portfolio. She also has spoken widely on various issues affecting the industry.

 Dietrich opened CPLG’s office in Germany in 1996. In 2000, she was named
 Managing Director of Entertainment and was responsible for overseeing the
 entertainment business across all of their European offices as well as sourcing
 new business.

 She has spent all of her professional career in the licensing industry. Following
 her graduation with a Masters degree in Communication, she rapidly progressed
 from Marketing Executive to Joint-Managing Director at Merchandise Munchen.
 Jean-Michel Ciszewski – SVP, International TV and Home Entertainment
 Ciszewski joined Cookie Jar with a distinguished career in international sales and
 programming. He has been instrumental in selling Cookie Jar shows to top networks around
 the world.

 Before his tenure with Cookie Jar, Ciszewski served as President of MoviePlus sas, a film and
 television production, packaging and distribution company co-owned by Jean Chalopin.
 Ciszewski held senior-level positions with Alliance Atlantis, beginning his long tenure with the
 company as Director of European Sales and culminating his association as President of
 Alliance Atlantis Television Distribution. He also launched TIMING, a company dedicated
 to the financing and packaging of original, quality entertainment for television.

 Ciszewski earned his degree in business and administration from the University of
 Geneva where he was honored with the Arthur Anderson Award for best Examination
 in Management Control.

 Kirk Bloomgarden – EVP, Worldwide Consumer Products & Marketing
 Bloomgarden has overseen Cookie Jar’s worldwide consumer products and marketing
 divisions, since January 1, 2008.

 A 15-year veteran at CPLG in London, he served as its CEO from 2000
 and worked to build it into a full-service pan-European licensing
 agency, overseeing leading brands, including Shrek,
 Spider-Man, Strawberry Shortcake, The FA and The Simpsons.

 Previously, Bloomgarden was an account manager with Foote,
 Cone & Belding advertising agency and worked on entertainment
 accounts in both New York and Los Angeles.
 Ann Austen – SVP, Development and U.S Television/Video Sales
 Austen joined Cookie Jar with more than 15 years of experience in children’s program
 development. She is responsible for the development of the company’s properties and
 television and video sales for the US.

 Before joining Cookie Jar, Austen served as Director of Programming for Fox Kids Network and
 later went on to co-produce “Power Rangers,” “VR Troopers” and “Masked Rider” for Saban
 Entertainment. Austen has written and produced numerous movies of the week for the Disney
 Channel, including “Johnny Tsunami”, and its sequel “Johnny Kapahala Back On Board,” for
 which she won WGA and Humanitas awards.

 Austen earned a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in critical studies from USC’s School of

 Pam Slavin – VP, Head of Production
 Slavin has been immersed in both the creative and business side of children’s television for
 more than 15 years. She has produced numerous Cookie Jar Entertainment series
 including the hit action-adventure show “Johnny Test”.

 Slavin has worked on such high-quality series as “Little Bear,”
 “Rolie Polie Olie,” “Atomic Betty,” “Tales from the Cryptkeeper”
 and “The NeverEnding Story”. She has written for “Berenstain Bears”
 and “Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs”. Slavin also served as
 a Supervising Producer at Nelvana.

 Slavin graduated from Ryerson’s prestigious Radio and
 Television Arts program in Toronto.
                           COOKIE JAR CONTACTS

                                                Brook Hefner
                                          Director, Public Relations
                                               (818) 955-5454

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