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									What’s Your

You & College:
Is It a Match?
Education after high school is a must-do,
but is the university the place for you?

Making Money
Learn where to look to make the
money you want. Learn to find
the career that matches all
your desires.

Plan It, Do It
We have the questions,
you have the answers.

A tool to help you explore
your interests, target career
areas and plan your future.
    Making Money &

  Living Your Dreams

    Whether you have known since the first
grade that you want to be a doctor or you have
no idea what work you might do when you
grow up, taking a closer look at the careers in
your community can be a great benefit.
    How much do people with that career make
a year? Are people hiring in this field now, and
do they expect to be hiring in the future? How
many openings are expected in the area? What
                                                                              What’s a Week Worth?
are the best paying, most available jobs in the      $
state and in your region?
    The Missouri Economic Research and               $
                                                      1000                                                                              €‚
                                                                                                                                     $716 €
Information Center offers wonderful                                                                                                  Meeting the Needs
information about all manner of jobs in our                                                                                          of a Family of Four
                                                                                                                                     A family of four needs
state. You can find the answers to these and
other questions at the Missouri Connections                                                                                          at least $716 a week to
                                                         $                                           $670                            pay for basic needs in an
website, www.missouriconnections.org or the                                           $583                                           average Missouri county.
MERIC website, www.missourieconomy.org                                                                                               This covers minimal
    At the same time, it is very important to            400
                                                                                                                                     expenses for housing,
                                                                                                                                     childcare, food, transpor­
consider the kind of life you would like to live.                                                                                    tation, health care, taxes
What do you expect to have, and what do you              200
                                                                                                                                     and telephone.
expect to do when you are an adult? There are
many resources available on the Internet and                 0
through your local library to help you estimate                     High school    High school       Some         Bachelor’s            Average
                                                                     dropout        graduate,      college or       Degree
expenses, plan a budget and figure out whether
                                                                                   no college      Associate’s    and higher             Weekly
the job you expect to have matches the lifestyle                                                    Degree                              Earnings
you want. One such website is available
through the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas at:           PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE. You need to think about what you expect your life
http://www.dallasfed.org/ca/wealth/index.cfm             to be like in 10 to 15 years. Does your chosen career path and potential job prospects
    While you are exploring career options,              match those expectations? Many young people expect to get married and raise their
remember to go beyond the virtual. Nothing               own family. When you think about your future career, think about the life that you want
compares with the first-hand information                 to go along with it and whether your career plans will match your expected financial
you can get by talking with someone in your              needs and desires. Dig into the data. What do you expect as a starting job when you
Career Cluster of interest. Participate in job           finish your education, and where do you hope to wind up in your career?
shadowing or an internship, complete a project           Sources: U.S. Department of Labor (2006) and Missouri Department of Economic Development (2007)
                                                         The data for the needs of a family of four comes from MERIC’s Self-Sufficiency data for Moniteau County,
at school that simulates work in your chosen             a median county for the state of Missouri in 2007.
field, or take a hands-on career education
course related to your career interests.

           my       Occupation / Career             Salary Range                   Job Availability and Outlook

                    _______________________         ________________               ________________________________________________
                    _______________________         ________________               ________________________________________________
                    _______________________         ________________               ________________________________________________
                    _______________________         ________________               ________________________________________________
                    _______________________         ________________               ________________________________________________
        Start with the 

         End in Mind

      W H AT A R E Y O U R O P T I O N S A F T E R H I G H S C H O O L ?
  Life, it’s all about you: Your                                                      The Thinning Crowd
personality, your needs, your
abilities, your relationships
and your interests. So how do
                                                     €€€€                                                           For every 100 high school
                                                                                                                    freshmen in Missouri ...

you land the dream job that
                                                          %                                                         73 will earn their
                                                      LOSS                                                          high school diploma.
matches you?
    Before you can connect the dots, you have
to know what the dots are. The first one is you.
Take the time for an interest survey. What do
                                                          %                                                         40 will enter college.

you like? What are you good at? Write down
                                                          %                                                         27 will still be enrolled
your feelings about different jobs. You might be      LOSS                                                          their sophomore year.
surprised what you learn about yourself.
    The next dot is education and training.
                                                          %                                                         20 will earn a college
The fact is, the number of jobs that require
only a high school diploma and pay a family-          LOSS                                                          degree by their early 20s.
supporting wage shrinks every year. An
increasing number of jobs require a four-year                   €
                                                               €€                        €€€€€
degree, but there are also good opportunities in           Associate’s Degree (5)                Bachelor’s Degree (15)
most of the Career Clusters for those who learn
technical skills through community college and      DECREASING PYRAMID OF EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT.
apprenticeships. Area career centers across         Currently in Missouri, only 2 in 10 ninth-grade students will go on to complete a
Missouri offer many programs to establish an        college degree by their early 20s (within 150% time for their degree). Income
outstanding foundation in your Career Cluster       trends show that education beyond high school is needed to earn a family-
of interest, regardless of your educational plans   supporting wage. For you and your families, this highlights the great importance
after high school. Regardless of how much           of the student, family and teachers working as a team.
education and training you want after high          You should plan to take advantage of opportunities such as Missouri’s A+ High
school, many entry-level jobs require about the     Schools Program, which offers free tuition to a one- or two-year postsecondary
same skill levels in English, math and science as   program for qualified graduates of participating schools.
four-year colleges.                                 The Missouri Department of Higher Education offers a wide range of resources
    Within any Career Cluster, there are several    on its website, dhe.mo.gov These resources aren’t just for students going on to
options after high school, including a four-year    college, though; the website offers advice and financial aid information, and also
                                                    catalogs many one- and two-year programs, apprenticeships and other programs.
college, community college, apprenticeships, the
                                                    Sources: National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education (2004)
military and on-the-job training. Follow this
                                                             Missouri Department of Higher Education (2006)
model for your career: explore, plan, prepare.
    By making plans now; exploring your career
options through after-school activities, job            my          School or College, and Program

shadowing and the Internet; and connecting                          ____________________________________________________
your high school education with a career and                        ____________________________________________________
further training, you get on a path to success.
Sources: U.S. Department of Labor (2006)
         American Diploma Project (2004)                            ____________________________________________________
Planned, Prepared, Paid     DO YOU HAVE PLANS AFTER                  100%                                                        Bachelor’s
                            HIGH SCHOOL? If so, do your                               15%           36%             63%
                            plans after high school aim toward
                                                                                                                                 Degree                  Health Science
                            the high-skill, high-wage jobs that
                                                                       80%            25%                                        Some                          Biotechnology Research
                            can provide a comfortable lifestyle?                                                                 college                         and Development
                            National and state job data show
                                                                       60%            60%
                                                                                                    28%                          High school                   Therapeutic Services
                                                                                                                                 or less                       Diagnostics Services
                            that for most people, more                                                                                                         Health Informatics
                            training or education means                40%
                                                                                                    36%             24%                                        Support Services
                            more income and opportunities.
                            In today’s fast-paced world, this          20  %
                            is becoming more and more                                                               13%
                            important. But just planning to go           0%
                            to college isn’t enough. You must                      Missouri        New jobs       High-skill,
                            link your educational plans                           educational       in U.S.,      high-wage
                                                                                  completion       2004-14       jobs in U.S.,
                            to your career goals.
                                                                                  by early 20s                     2004-14

                                                                                                                                           Health Serv
                                                                                                                                                   Health Path
                          Sources: National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education (2004)
                                   Missouri Department of Higher Education (2006)
                                   U.S. Department of Labor (2006)

                Arts, A/V Technology and
                                                                                                         Arts &                                                                            Techn
                Communications                                                                                  tion
                            Audio and Video Technology and Film                                       Communica                                    Foundation ls
                            Printing Technology
                                                                                                               Creative Path                                  & Skil                        Fixi
                            Visual Arts                                                                                                        Knowledge
                            Performing Arts                                                                                                                   nical Skills
                            Journalism and Broadcasting                                                                                        Academic & Tech           ent
                            Telecommunications                                                                                                             • Career D
                                                                                                                                               Teamwork               gy Applicat
                                                                                                                                                         n Technolo
                                                                                                                                              Informatio              ritica l Thinking
                                                                                                                                                         olving • C
                                                                                                                                              Problem S                    • Systems
                                                                                                                                                             ty • Ethics
                                                                                                                                                E mployabili                onment
                                                                                                                                                                lth & Envir
                                                                                                                                                   Safety, Hea
                                                                                                                                                       Legal Resp
                Information Technology
                                                                                                               Managemeny                                                                    He
                            Network Systems
                            Information Support and Services

                                                                                                                 Business Path
                            Interactive Media
                            Programming and Software Development

                Marketing, Sales and Service                                                                                                       Natural Res ure
                            Management and Entrepreneurship                                                                                           Agricult
                            Professional Sales and Marketing                                                                                                                                  Ca
                            Buying and Merchandising
                            Marketing Communications and Promotion
                                                                                                                                                             Nature Path                       P
                            Marketing Information Management and Research
                            Distribution and Logistics

                Business, Management                                            Finance
                and Administration                                                    Financial and                                                      Agriculture, Food and Natural R
                            Management                                                  Investment Planning                                                    Agribusiness Systems
                            Business Financial                                        Business Financial                                                       Animal Systems
                             Management and Accounting                                  Management                                                             Food Products and Processing S
                            Human Resources                                           Banking and Related                                                      Natural Resources and
                            Business Analysis                                           Services                                                                 Environmental Service System
                            Marketing and Communications                              Insurance Services                                                       Power, Structural and Technical
                            Administrative and                                                                                                                 Plant Systems
                             Information Support
                                       Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
                                           Transportation Operations
                                                                                          Career Paths
                                           Logistics, Planning and                        Missouri has identified six Career
        Manufacturing                        Management Services                       Paths as a way to help you become
                                           Warehousing and Distribution Center
           Production                                                                  aware of and explore careers in a
           Manufacturing Production                                                    logical and meaningful way. Career
                                           Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance
             Process Development                                                       Paths are a good starting point for
                                           Transportation Systems and
           Maintenance, Installation                                                   your career exploration.
                                             Infrastructure Planning, 

             and Repair
                                             Management and Regulation
           Quality Assurance
                                           Health, Safety and Environmental 

           Logistics and Inventory
	                                 Career Clusters
                                           Sales and Services
           Health, Safety and                                                              Within the six Career Paths are
             Environmental Assurance                                                   16 Career Clusters to further help
                                       Science, Technology,                            with career exploration and career
                                       Engineering and Mathematics                     planning. It is recommended that
                                           Engineering and Technology
	                you select a Career Cluster of interest
                                           Science and Math
	                          before or during high school to

strial &
                                                                                       shape your plans for coursework.
                                                                                       Remember, because the Career
neering                                Architecture and Construction                   Clusters framework recommends
 nology                                    Design and Pre-Construction
                                                                                       rigorous academic coursework for all
                                                                                       students, changing your mind won’t
                                           Maintenance and Operations
ilding &                                                                               put you behind. As a high school
                                                                                       student, choosing a Career Cluster
ing Path                                                                               is about selecting an area for deeper
                                                                                       exploration, not locking in a life-long
                                                                                       career plan.

                                  Human Services
                                       Early Childhood Development and Services
                                                                                          Career Pathways
                                       Counseling and Mental Health Services               When you are ready to narrow
                                       Family and Community Services                   things even further, there are two to
Human                                  Personal Care Services                          seven Career Pathways within each
                                       Consumer Services
                                                                                       Career Cluster. The Career Pathways
                                                                                       can help you in two ways. First, if
                                  Hospitality and Tourism
elping Path                            Restaurants and Food and Beverage Services
                                                                                       you’re sure about your Career Cluster
                                                                                       of interest, you could select a Career
                                       Recreation, Amusement and Attractions
                                       Travel and Tourism                              Pathway of interest and hone your
                                       Lodging                                         plans that much more. Second,
                                                                                       exploring the skills and occupations
                                  Government and Public Administration                 represented in each pathway can give
                                       Public Management and Administration            you a better understanding of the
                                       Governance                                      cluster and whether it is a good match
                                       National Security                               for you. Many educational programs
areer                                  Foreign Service                                 after high school target Career
Path                                   Planning                                        Pathways or are even more specific for
                                       Revenue and Taxation                            career specialties.

                                  Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security            Check It Out!
                                       Correction Services
                                       Emergency and Fire Management Services
Resources                              Security and Protective Services                www.careerclusters.org
                Career                 Law Enforcement Services                        www.missourieconomy.org
                Cluster                Legal Services
                                   Education and Training                              www.acrnetwork.org
ms                                     Administration and                              www.going2college.org
 Systems                                 Administrative Support
              Career                   Professional Support Services
             Pathway                   Teaching and Training
      Prep Your Personal Plan of Study

           This form is intended to be used before you create or revise your Personal Plan of Study. It does not replace your local school’s Personal Plan of Study documents.

 Career Clusters or Career Path of Interest
Contact your school counselor for a Career Clusters Interest Survey or the                          Missouri Connections Website
Career Path Interest Survey if you have not already completed one. Career                          User ID:    ____________________________________
interest surveys are also available at www.missouriconnections.org
                                                                                                   Batch Code: ____________________________________
                                                                                                High School Graduation Requirements
 My Dream Job!
What would be your personal dream job? What kind of preparation (college,                     4 units         Communication Arts
community college, apprenticeship, professional organization, certification,                  3 units         Social Studies
workshop, etc.) would you need to land the job? If you were to look in your                   3 units         Mathematics
community for a similar job, what company could you contact for information                   3 units         Science
or to job shadow?                                                                             1 unit ea.      Fine Arts, Practical Arts, Physical Education
                                                                                              1/2 unit        Health Education
The job:               _______________________________________                                1/2 unit        Personal Finance
Preparation:           _______________________________________                                Local requirements: 	____________________________________
Job outlook:           _______________________________________                                                           ____________________________________
Average salary:        _______________________________________                                 Career Path or Career Cluster Related Electives
Job shadow sites: _______________________________________                                     ____________________________________________________
                  _______________________________________                                     ____________________________________________________
                  _______________________________________                                     ____________________________________________________
 My Hobbies, Interests and Activities                                                           College or Training Program of Interest
What are your personal hobbies and interests? What do you like to do at school                Identify at least one college or training program that connects with your
or away from school? What clubs or activities do you participate in at school?                personal career interests and goals. Indicate where the college or program is
What kinds of activities appeal to you?                                                       located and list the entrance requirements for this college or program.
____________________________________________________                                          ____________________________________________________
____________________________________________________                                          ____________________________________________________
____________________________________________________                                          ____________________________________________________
                                                                                                Work Experiences and Community Service
 My Most Valuable Skills                                                                      List your work experiences and community activities. Also, list community
____________________________________________________                                          activities or jobs in your community that really interest you. What needs do you
                                                                                              see in your community? How could you help meet these needs?
 My Life and Career Goals                                                                     ____________________________________________________
____________________________________________________                                          ____________________________________________________
                                                                                                Getting Ready ...
                                                                                              c Portfolio of career-related school work
                                                                                              c List of references with contact information
 My Responsibilities (home, chores, work and school)                                          c Entrance exams ____________________________________
____________________________________________________                                          c Job shadowing experiences
____________________________________________________                                          c Internships or work related to your career of interest
____________________________________________________                                          c Student organizations and clubs related to your career interest
 The School Project I’m Most Proud of Is ...                                                  c Letters of recommendation
____________________________________________________                                          c Transcript and record of GPA and attendance
____________________________________________________                                          c Certifications (career readiness, etc.)
____________________________________________________                                          c Resumé

                                                                                                                                                                      DESE 3010-18 1/08

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