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					Career Counseling (DVD)                                          assessment of these sessions. Dede’s final
101961                                                           summary remarks are also included.
2006       100 min       color
American Psychological Assoc.(APA)                             THE MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES SERIES
This video demonstrates the therapist’s method                 1995       89 min       color     Guide Available
of helping clients to fit work into their lives, rather         ASCD
than fit themselves to jobs. Dr. Mark L. Savickas               This three-part series examines Howard Gardner’s
demonstrates his narrative counseling method.                  theory of multiple intelligences and illustrates a
                                                               variety of ways that the theory can be applied in
A FORCE MORE POWERFUL                                          school settings.
2000       174 min        color     Closed Captioned
Films for the Humanities        WETA                             Multiple Intelligences, Vol. 3: Creating the
This six-part series tells one of the century’s most             School of the Future
important and least-known stories - how nonviolent               100277
power overcame oppression and authoritarian rule.                1995       20 min       color     Guide Available
Reviewing a century often called the most violent in             ASCD
human history, this series tells the story of millions           Examines how the concepts outlined in the theory
who chose to battle the forces of opression through              of multiple intelligences can be used as guiding
nonviolent methods and won. The series looks at                  principles in creating the school of the future.
examples of non-violent conflict in the U.S., India,
South Africa, Denmark, Poland and Chile.

   A Force More Powerful Pt. 1, Nashville: We
   Were Warriors
   2000       32 min        color    Closed Captioned
   Films for the Humanities        WETA
   In Fall 1959, Rev. James Lawson offered free
   evening classes on nonviolent action to university
   students in Nashville with the goal of training
   and preparing them to desegregate the city’s
   business district. The Reverend had spent three
   years in India learning about Gandhi and guided
   his students in a study of both the history and
   practice of nonviolent methods. His guidance
   prepared the students to lead a boycott and sit-
   ins and to endure beatings and arrests as their
   struggle for civil rights was brought to the steps of
   Nashville City Hall and ultimately to the forefront
   of national attention.

1993       color
Cambridge Documentary Films
This program is designed to show the differing
counseling styles of four career counselors.
The client has four one-hour sessions with the
counselors, following which she evaluates their
services and describes her reactions to the
process. This video should help both beginning and
experienced counselors to broaden their awareness
of career counseling techniques. The client is Diedre
Pierce and the counselors are: Barbara Sher, Acy
Jackson, Priscilla Claman, and Howard Figler. The
library also has this program on VHS tape.

  LIfe’s Work (DVD) Pt 2: Four Approaches to
  Career Counseling
  1993      115 min      color
  Cambridge Documentary Films
  Part 2 features counseling sessions with
  Acy Jackson and Barbara Sher and Dede’s