Colonel David L. Lemmon Superintendent West Virginia State Police by tas62516


									October 26, 2005

Colonel David L. Lemmon
West Virginia State Police
725 Jefferson Road
South Charleston, WV 25309

Dear Colonel Lemmon:

Synar compliance inspections for >2005 have been completed. Statistical reports show that
we have met federal regulations by having a >buy rate= of under 20%. Therefore, this years=
effort has been quite successful with preliminary results in at 13.5%. Because of our
success, state treatment and prevention funds/services will stay intact for another year.

Again, the main reason that the ‘2005 Synar inspections were successful is because of the
pro-active involvement of the State Police troopers and various detachment/headquarters
personnel. Troopers assisted Community Development Specialists and me by serving as law
enforcement officers during the Synar inspection process. All troopers did an exemplary job.
Other staff made arrangements or set schedules so that troopers were available for
inspections. My thanks go to those staff members as well although I may have no way of
knowing who they might be.

The following troopers have been identified for recognition in the implementation of the
’2005 Synar compliance inspections:

    $       Sgt. R. T. Dyroff, Moorefield/Petersburg Detachments
    $       Sgt. M. Lafauci, Hamlin Detachment
    $       Sgt. J. C. Miller, Hinton Detachment
    $       Sgt. G. P. Doyle, Bridgeport Detachment
    $       Cpl. J. E. Skidmore, Glenville Detachment
    $       Cpl. K. E. Tawes, Gauley Bridge Detachment
    $       Cpl. M. L. Bailey, Clay Detachment
    $       Cpl. J. D. Rogers, Morgantown Detachment
    $       Cpl. M. H. Bauso, St.Marys Detachment
    $       Cpl. J. C. Lee, Wayne Detachment
$   Cpl. G. W. McCullough, Elizabeth Detachment
$   Cpl. W. K. Marshall, Parkersburg Detachment
$   Tfc. R. G. Flippin, Jr., Williamson Detachment
$   Tfc. D. C. Haun, Huntington Detachment
$   Tfc. J. B. Hunt, Grantsville Detachment
$   Tfc. H. C. Myers, Keyser Detachment
$   Tfc. C. R. Sutphin, Madison Detachment
$   Tfc. M. R. Yost, Sutton Detachment
$   Tfc. M. E. Waggamon, West Union Detachment
$   Tfc. D. E. Hill, Oak Hill Detachment
$   Tfc. E. S. Kennedy, Fairmont Detachment
$   Tfc. D. M. McMillian, Marlinton Detachment
$   Tfc. J. P. Murphy, Jr., Winfield Detachment
$   Tfc. R. J. Gibson, Jr., Wellsburg Detachment
$   Tfc. G. K. Walsh, Spencer Detachment
$   Tfc. J. A. Simmons, Grafton Detachment
$   Tfc. M. D. Anderson, Buckhannon Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. D. A. Evans, Lewisburg Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. S. S. Keaton, Union Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. A. H. Young, Princeton Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. B. L. Reed, Summersville Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. J. W. Smith, Weston Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. P. D. Wright, Bridgeport Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. L. M. Roberts, New Cumberland Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. M. P. Denison, Philippi Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. M. M. Link, South Charleston Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. C. F. Kane, Welch Detachment
$   Sr. Tpr. A. D. Teter, Franklin Detachment
$   Tpr. D. P. Herdman, Ripley Detachment
$   Tpr. D. S. See, Martinsburg Detachment
$   Tpr. B. A. Chandler, Charles Town Detachment
$   Tpr. K. L. Layne, South Charleston Detachment
$   Tpr. L. D. Hensley, Jr., Logan Detachment
$   Tpr. R. J. Busick, Moundsville Detachment
$   Tpr. J. M. Finnicum, West Columbia Detachment
$   Tpr. W. M. Pyle, Bridgeport Detachment
$   Tpr. J. G. Daugherty, Kingwood Detachment
$   Tpr. C. H. Mitchell, Beckley Detachment
$   Tpr. M. W. Friend, Elkins Detachment
$   Tpr. P. S. Fisher, Spencer Detachment
$   Tpr. D. W. Burge, Jr., Parsons Detachment
$   Tpr. S. R. Curran, Paden City Detachment
$   Tpr. B. K. Hammontree, Jesse Detachment
I would appreciate your seeing that a copy of this letter is placed in the file of each and every
one of these troopers. I want them to realize how much we appreciate the work that they do
every day as well as for implementing the specific compliance work that they have done for
us. Commendation notification for troopers involved in the implementation of ‘targeted’
inspections will be sent separately once ‘targeted’ inspections have been completed.

I also appreciate all the assistance that Lt. Col. Sloan, Ms. Kay Bragg, Mr. Ron Twohig,
troop/district/detachment commanders and support staff have provided (both at Headquarters
and in the detachment offices). They have been wonderful in providing the information and
assistance that I and Community Development Specialists need in order to effectively do our

I continue to look forward to working with you and the professionals in your system.


Biddy Bostic
Synar Compliance Specialist
WV Prevention Resource Center
206-7816 (cell phone)

   cc:       Lt. Col. B. A. Sloan, WVSP
             Steve Mason, Director, WVDADA
             Dr. Wayne Coombs, Director, WVPRC
Col. David Lemmon
West Virginia State Police
725 Jefferson Road
South Charleston, WV 25309

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