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					                          “Basketball Rob the Cookie Jar”
Grade Level: 6-12

Skills: Hand dribbling; teamwork, spatial awareness.

Objective: The students will practice controlled dribbling while transferring objects from one
place to another.

Equipment: 16 beanbags; 5 hula hoops and one basketball per team; lively music and music
player; gym or multipurpose room.

Organization: Arrange five hoops (cookie jars) as shown in the diagram.

Place the beanbags (cookies) in the center cookie jar. Divide players into four teams and have
each team form a line behind their own cookie jar.

         Each team’s goal is to store a cache of six cookies. On the “go” signal (when the music
starts), the first person on each team dribbles to the cookie jar to steal a cookie. After stealing a
cookie, players put the beanbag in their own cookie jar, then go to the back of their team’s line.
Players keep taking cookies from the jar until it is empty, at which point players can steal cookies
from each other’s cookie jars. Because no team can defend the cookies in its jar, there is always a
place from which to steal a cookie. The player going after a cookie must always dribble the
basketball. If a player loses control of the dribble, he or she must go back to the team without a
cookie. If the player has already stolen a cookie, the cookie must be returned to the cookie jar
from which it was stolen. The first team to have six cookies in its cookie jar sits down on the
floor, yells “STOP!” at which time the game ends (music stops) and the teams return their cookies
to the center cookie jar and get ready to start another game.
         i        Teach the students that strategy is important to winning in this game, because not
                  only should they be working to get six cookies, but they should also try to take the
                  cookies away from teams who are close to winning.
         i        If the game gets too easy, reduce the number of cookies available in the game or
                  increase the number of cookies that a team must get to win.
         i        Make sure that only one player from a team is stealing at one time. It is easy for
                  the players to get excited and grab cookies out of turn.

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