Part I Wireless Networking Basics by tas62516


 Introduction                                                       xi

Part I: Wireless Networking Basics                                  1
 Chapter 1: Before You Buy                                          3

     Why Go Wireless?                                               4
          Advantages of Wireless Networks                           4

          Disadvantages of Wireless Networks                        8
     How Wireless Works                                             8

     Got Wireless?                                                 10
                Look Inside Windows                                10
                Look at Your Hardware                              11
          The Lowdown on Wi-Fi                                     13
                Ensure Compatibility                               14
                Increase the Lifespan of Your Wireless Equipment   14
     The Equipment You’ll Need for a Network                       15
          Untangle the Terminology                                 15

     Wireless Router                                               15

     Wireless Card                                                 16
          Determine the Number of Cards You Need                   18
          Add Bells and Whistles                                   19

                MIMO                                               19
                SpeedBooster                                       19
                Upgrade the Antenna                                19
          Hardware and Software Requirements                       20

     Estimate Your Network’s Cost                                  20
          Which Manufacturer Is Best?                              20

     The Effects of Bad Weather                                    21
     How Many Computers Does a Network Support?                    21

Part II: Installing Your Router and
Wireless Cards                                                     23
 Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Physical Network                       25
     Find the Best Place to Install Your Router                    25
     Types of Wireless Networks                                    26
     Wireless Router Connected to High-Speed Internet              26
                Connect the Router to a Broadband Modem            27
     An Ad Hoc Network                                             28
                Use the Manufacturer’s Configuration Utility        29
                Use Windows XP’s Configuration Utility              30
viii                              Contents

           A Partially Wired Network                                    31
                       Set Up a Partially Wired Network                 32
                       Connect a Wireless Router to an Existing Wired
                           Network                                      33
           High-Tech Fun in the Sun                                     34
           Install a Wireless Router Outdoors                           35

       Chapter 3: Installing a Wireless Card                            37
           Consult the User Guide                                       38
           Install a Wireless Card in a Desktop Computer                39
           Install a Wireless Card in a Laptop                          40
                 Update the Drivers for Your Wireless Card              42
                       Determine the Current Version                    42
                       Check for New Drivers                            43
                       Update the Drivers                               43
           Windows XP’s Wireless Auto Configuration                      44

   Part III: Configuring Your Router and
   Wireless Cards                                                       47
       Chapter 4: Configuring Your Router                                49
           Configure Your Router for the First Time                      50
                 Understand IP Addresses                                50
                 Find Your Router’s IP Address                          50
                        Try a Common Address                            50
                        Consult Your Manual                             50
                        Look in Windows                                 51
           Set a Static IP for Your Router If Necessary                 51
           Enable DHCP                                                  52
           Set the SSID for Your Router                                 53
           Disable SSID Broadcasting                                    54
           Change the Default Password                                  55
           Configure Advanced Settings                                   57

       Chapter 5: Configuring Your Wireless Card                         59
           Enable Your Wireless Card                                    59
           Disable Your Wireless Card                                   60
           Change Your Wireless Card’s Settings                         61
           Access the Configuration Utility                              61
                        Manufacturer’s Configuration Utility             61
                        Windows XP’s Configuration Utility               63
           Enable or Disable DHCP                                       63
           Find the IP Address for Your Wireless Card                   64
           Set a Static IP Address for Your Wireless Card               65
           Set Computer Network Identification                           66
           Turn On Power-Save Mode                                      67
                        Use the Manufacturer’s Configuration Utility     67
                        Use Windows XP Home Edition and XP
                           Professional Edition                         68
                           Contents                              ix
 Chapter 6: Security Settings                                  71
     Protect Your Wireless Computers and Network                72
     Protect Credit Cards over a Wireless Connection            73
     Stay Safe When Using Public Networks                       74
     Disable Windows’ Search for Any Available Network          76
     Wireless Encryption                                        76
     Turn on WPA-PSK Encryption                                 77
     Turn on WEP Encryption                                     78

Part IV: Using and Maintaining Your Network 81
 Chapter 7: Using Your Network                                 83
     Test Your Network                                          83
     Common Networking Tasks                                    83
     Automatically Connect to Your Wireless Network             84
                 Use Windows XP Home Edition and XP
                    Professional Edition                        84
                 Use the Manufacturer’s Configuration Utility    85
     Manually Connect to a Wireless Network                     86
     Connect to a Public Wireless Network                       88
     Renew Your IP Address                                      89
     Share Files in Windows XP                                  90
                 Share Individual Files                         91
                 Share an Entire Folder                         91
     Access Shared Folders                                      93
     Share Files in Older Versions of Windows                   94
     Filter Content on Your Network                             95

 Chapter 8: Adding Peripherals to Your Network                  97
     Connect Printers to Your Network                           97
     Make a Direct Connection                                   97
     Install a Wired Print Server                               98
     Install a Wireless Print Server                           100
     Enable Print Sharing                                      101
     Add a Shared Printer                                      103
     Connect Other Peripherals to Your Network                 105
           Wireless Video Game Adapters                        105
           Wireless Webcams                                    106
           Wireless Media Players                              106
           Internet Telephones                                 106

 Chapter 9: Maintaining Your Network                           109
     Increase the Performance of Your Network                  110
     Change the Data Rate                                      110
     Change the Router’s Channel                               112
     Upgrade to 802.11g                                        113
     Extend the Range of Your Network                          114
     Change Your Router’s Transmit Power                       114
x                             Contents

         Upgrade Your Network                              115
         Upgrade Windows XP to Support WPA                 116
         Upgrade Your Router’s Firmware                    117
         Upgrade Your Wireless Card                        120
                   Determine the Current Version           120
                   Check for New Drivers                   121
                   Update the Drivers                      121

    Part V: Troubleshooting                               125
     Chapter 10: Troubleshooting                          127
         Network Connection Problems                       127
         Reboot Your Router                                127
         Improve a Poor Connection                         128
         When Wireless Computers Won’t Communicate         128
         Use Wireless Network Analyzers                    129
         Internet Connection Problems                      131
         Enable RTS/CTS                                    131
         Enable Fragmentation                              132
         Enable Protection Mechanisms                      133
         Enable 802.11g Mode Only                          134
         Antenna Problems                                  136
         Find a Lost or Forgotten Encryption Key           137
         Access the Router through another Computer        137
         Reset the Router’s Default Settings               137
         Find a Lost or Forgotten User Name or Password    139

     Glossary                                             141

     Index                                                145

     Don’t Stop Now... Check Out the Gems You’ll Find     153
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