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									ALL TYPES OF NOVELTY!                                             I may NEVER have such a great selection again!
The proportion of stuff that I‘ve NEVER OFFERED BEFORE is extremely high in this section – at least 50%!!!
―GENERIC CATEGORY‖: ITEMS NOT OTHERWISE CATEGORIZED (there‘s a few ―category‖ ones I chose to put here)
JERRY ABBOTT: dallas star 51081—half as good as HANK/ m- 3.50 Williams tribute
THE ACCIDENT: no threes 001—KILL THE BEE GEES/true detective m- BID/MIN: 10 FAST PUNK-HARDCORE 1979
PAPPY ADAMS: ropes 7111—johnny‘s job/guitar king m- m- 4 (I‘m sure I could take Johnny Carson‘s job and do OK)
THE AGAJANIANS: century 98—gentlemen, start your engines/honey… m- 7 Indy 500 storysong talker, very cool
THE ALIIS: [ENGLAND, M- PS] emi 5081—call for kremmen/Q‘s theme m- 4.50 some sort of space-related, re: movie
GREG ALLEN: wow 1000—gearjammers helper/the good life m- 4
ALLEN & BLEWITT: [ENGLAND] pye 175—chip shop wrapping/chip shop m- 4 fast good dance novelty 1980
GEORGE ALLISON: kimshell 31181--a song HANK WILLIAMS would have liked/ m- 4
THE MURRAY ALTER GROUP…BUNDYS: [M- PS] trillium prod. 13135 [CANADA]-metro zoo song/fun at the zoo m- 4
THE AMES BROTHERS: coral 60333—the thing/ vg+ 7 VERY rare version of the Phil Harris, 1951 cover!
RUSS ―BIG DADDY‖ ANDERS, FABULOUS FOUR: anbee 3500—dear God bring our boys back home/ vg+ wol 4 V.Nam
MEL ANDERSON: woodpecker 301—woodpecker/ m- 3.50 another version of the risque classic
ANDONI & HIS COUSINS (AT THE PIZZERIA): baro 1956—you‘re a square if you don‘t care for pizza pie/ vg 6 GREAT
MIKE ANGELO…IDOLS: [M- PS] hottrax 15006-the world may not like me/ m- 4.50 solo punk ―fuck everybody‖
ARNEE AND THE TERMINATORS: [NETH‘DS, M- PS] epic 657417—I‘ll be back/environment news m- 5 Schwarzen. nov
JERRI ARNOLD…GANG: stars & guitars 101—clean up america/same m- 3.50 mf countryish, get rid of drug dealers!
JERRY ARNOLD: m.o.c. 659dj—general washington, sir/ m- 6 novelty talker, Coasters type
TONY ARNOLD: inshallah 01—everybody wants to loose weight/ we‘re getting married in june vg+ 3.50
WM HOWARD ARPAIA…: vandalia 208026—I‘m a catastrophe/the Christmas march m- 5 silly novelty great, flip is Inst.
BILL ARTHUR…GUYS: rum productions 10658—talkin‘ white/sex without love m- {+business card] 4 [YELLOW WAX]
THE ATAVISTICS: palindrome 104—isn‘t this just like empty vee?/same m- 6 fast new wave girls novelty
AUGUST AND THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT BAND: pantera 001—the I-95 asshole song/ m- 3.50
THE AVENGERS: [M- PS] sierra wave 4501—beat the cat/howl at the moon m- a5 mf (novelty)/mid rocks, ‘83 Calif.
HOYT AXTON: briar 100—georgia hoss soldier/drinking gourd vg+ xol 4.50 RARE EARLY, civil war songs
STANLEY BABBIT: a bell 562—job interview, parts i/ii vg much label damage 3 rare COMEDY SKETCH late Fifties
BILLY JIM BAKER: bozo row 777—tattooed tillie/honk if you‘re horny m- wol 5.50
JOBY BAKER: pacific 355—bugs!/be my… m- 8 rare late 50s novelty vocal
BAMBI: little gem 1050—hookers don‘t wear rainbows (and…)/alice this ain‘t wonderland m- 3.50
THE BANDITS: bright orange 1703—attawatta elephant/ vg+ wol 5 mid rock novelty ‘71, semi-political
BANJO MANIACS: decca 29623dj—―pick-it-you-peasant‖/ m- xol 7 fast banjo, SPIKE JONES INFLUENCE
JACK BARRY: decca 88204 [VG+ PS]—the make-lika song/mister bungle vg+ 4.50
TOMMY BARTLETT: the american music…5050—remember way back when/ vg+ 4 nostalgia narration from ‘70 era?
BASHFUL BOB: sure 6262—please pass the biscuits/ vg+ 4 mid. 50s novelty country, rare version
THE BILL BEAU TRIO: gee kay 1001—the giggle wiggle/ m- 4.50 midtempo laughing instr. (Instr. = vibes)
JOHNNY BEEMAN: doll 5—the laffing beatnik, part like 1-1 /2 (flip part like 2 – 3/10) m- 12 RARE Detroit novelty Inst.
BEER CITY BRASS: blue eagle 169—UFO polka/ vg+ 3.50
BENZENE JAG: [M- PS, CANADA] star 002—fuck off 1984/love…m- 8 punk naysayer, early 80s (or 1984?)
GEOFF BERAN: [M- PS] night of the spinning records 013—liz phair is my sister/#1 with a bullet m- 4.50
THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE: rat 1013dj—leroy, the friendly shark (who wouldn‘t kill)/same m- [EDGE CHIP PLAYS OK] 3
―SATCH‖ BIANCHI: rendezvous 1071 [RED WAX]—the squaws…yukon/…ice worms…vg+ autographed 10 AK 50s rare
BIG KELLY AND CONRAD: trash 425—ain‘t hit a shame/beep-beep song vg+ 3.50 risque, flip great substitution song
BIG TOM: little cowboy 3004—an open letter/ m- 4 JFK death, though late 60s
JAN BIRD: omni 76 3dj—mule skinner blues/ m- 4 another version of the novelty song
BLACK BART: one 45 #1—one-forty five/ vg+ 7 creative novelty (time 1:45, one 7-inch record, one pistol…) CRIME
MEL BLANC: capitol F32012—daffy duck meets yosemite sam, parts i/ii vg 3.50
STEVE BLEDSOE: witch 102—(the moon is made of) green cheese/dumb…vg+ 8 chicago label, very early #
BLOWFLY: weird world 900—blowfly‘s rapp, parts i/ii vg 3.50 filthy-risqué rap, labeled as ―instrumental‖ (yeah, right)
ARKEY BLUE: grande 6—george, please don‘t check out (like hank and lefty did)/ m- 4
PAT BOHN & THE STINGERS: [M- PS] killer bees 85225—killer bees gone mad/ m- 5
BOOGIE BRASS BAND: fraternity 3449—the naggin‘ song/song for the lady m- [with Frat. company sleeve, & insert] 4
STAN BORESON—DOUG SETTERBERG: golden crest 531 [photo lbl]—swedish rock and roll/ballin‘ the jack m- wol 5
DON BOWMAN: rca 8588dj—wrong house/…day m- xol 3.50             8670dj—dear harlan howard/freddy four toes m- 4.50
JIMMY BOYD: columbia 4-160 (children‘s series, also # 90182, M- PS)—my bunny and my…/two easter bunny…vg+ 3
TOMMY BOYLES: spark 550—what it was, was football/ m- 8 outrageously rare cover version 1954
MIKE BRADY AND THE CUBETTES: [AUSTRALIA] full moon 2112—the cube/the headless horseman vg+ 4 Rubik‘s…/
VLADIMIR BRAINZOFF…UNDERTAKERS: solid gold 1336—russian roulette/ m- 18 RARE, great mid. r&r novelty Inst.
PATTI BRANDON: chancellor 1002—calypso parakeet/ vg+ 3.50 cute kid song ‗58
BILL BREWER: C L W 7018—C. B. holic/ vg+ 3
JOE BRIGNONE: wien 1001—when DESERT STORM is over/same m- 3.50
MARA LYNN BROWN: [TITLE SLEEVE M-, great!] phonograph 1—super dooper pooper scooper/ m- 4 dog-shit novelty!
THE BROWNING KINDS: velcille 604—rubberhead jones (took his mouse to school)/ vg+ 8 wacky &horrid as it appears!
BUBBA AND THE ROUNDHEADS: S S II #101—herpes/herpes m- 5 novelty sex rocker, 1982
THE BUDDIES: decca 31920—duckman, parts i/ii m- 9 Batman-inspired novelty, Gary Usher production ‘66!
BUDDY AND THE BON-BONS: corsican 652—super dooper man/ vg 6 mid r&r about comic hero/mf TEENER +girls
SASCHA BURLAND…CHOIR: rca 8277 [VG+ PS, MUCH writing]—the chickens are in the chimes!/ vg+ 5 GREAT Xmas
―HAPPY‖ HAL BURNS: gold arrow 100—the stamp song/ g+ 3 rare novelty about trading stamps…
JOHN BUTERWORTH: universal 12—where have the gas pumps gone to?/ m- 4.50 first gas crisis ‗73
JAMES CAAN & ELLIOT GOULD: shady brook 028dj—I‘m harry, I‘m walter/nobody‘s…m- 5 ―UK type‖ nov. from movie
CAESAR SALAD: rich 2495—the yuppie song/same m- 5.50 scarce early 80s
SUSIE CAIN…DALE: denter 1004—hound dog (stop knocking…)/ vg 7 mf ―blackface vaudeville‖ talker novelty
LEVI CALLAHAN: double talk 111—big irene (massage parlor queen)/ vg+ 4.50
MIKE AND JUDY CALLAHAN: decca 31984—I‘m gonna tell ‗em at the a.s.p.c.a. (you treat me like a D-O-G)/ m- 4
CAMPBELL & HOULIHAN: [M- PS, LYRICS] dun raven 405019—winnebacome, winnebago m- 4 Rhode I. tourism nov.
CAPTAIN KANGAROO: golden 553 [78RPM yellow record, VG PS]—johnny one-note/waltzing mathilda vg+ 3
CAPT‘N CARL: nautilus no #--I ain‘t gonna smoke salmon anymore/ m- 4.50 goofy! c&w 70s Wisconsin
CARLEEN AND BRIAN: atrium 12989--it‘s not easy being white/ m- 4
THE CARLYLES: audio fidelity 143—the great society/ vg+ wol 6 political POP novelty (communism etc) MUCH satire
ART CARNEY: columbia 40714dj—silly signs song/oh, boy! (ain‘t it great to be crazy) vg+ 5
TONI CARROLL: [M- PS] audio fidelity 1776—happy birthday america/america the beautiful m- 3.50
KEN CARSON: media 1011—daniel boone/ vg 2.50 midfast, history pop 50s
CARSON AND GAILE: congress 265dj—how much is that doggie in the window?/ m- 7 mid r&rollish redo P. Page
CARSON BROTHERS: gun no #--break the news to mother/low bridge m- 5 HORRID, RARE, viet nam/truck wreck nov.
BOB CHANCE: [RED WAX] torchlite 004—the bomb/ m- 4 World War II, etc.
LYN CHILDRESS: step one 359—dallas don‘t send no more cowboys to odessa/ m- 4
CHIP SILICON: [M- TITLE HALF SLEEVE] nu-note 001—vidiot/prime rate m- 4.50 arcade novelty
GUY CHOOKOORIAN: lightning 2337-skinny myrt in the mini skirt/ vg+ 5
THE CITY KICKERS: snake creek 45001—redneck duck/[BACKWARDS FLIP] vg+ 4
BILL CLEATON AND ROBIN: mecca 001—regan-omic blues/ m- 3.50 Reagan protest novelty
LARRY CLINTON AND FRIEND: jubilee 5309—you‘re getting‘ warm/ vg 4 mid. novelty talking Instr./
PINTO COLVIG: [GATEFOLD PAPER SLEEVE VG+, 2 RECORDS] capitol CBSF 3002—bozo‘s song/filbert…+2 vg 10
THE COMMUNICATIVES: [CANADA] london 797—je t‘aime…moi non plus/ vg+ tol 3 cover with passion sighs, etc.
COUNT VON BLITZSTEIN: dot 15789—practices the piano/perfidia m- 5 off-notes, wrong notes, etc. novelty ‗58
CHARLIE CREDITCARD: raz 10051—tell two friends/road apple blues m- 5.50 protest/horse dung novelty
―CREMONA RECORDS INC.‖ [M- PS] 212469—―teach your parakeet to talk‖ parts i/ii m- 4
HOWARD CROCKETT: stop 238dj—the story of bango/ m- 4 monkey story-song, mid-sixties
JIMMIE CROSS: tollie 9044dj—the ballad of james bong/play the other side AGAIN m- 6 crazy singing comedy sketch
THE CRUNCH BUNCH: rockbill 1000—where‘s the cap‘n?/[dance mix] flip vg+ 4 midfast space rock novelty +girls
CUZZIN SIPE: [M- PS] johnny dollar 131—the double barreled ceremony/ m- 5 great! 70s c&w novelty shotgun wedding
DANIEL (AGED 7): [ENGLAND] gowed 1—dearest charles/same m- 3.50 the royal wedding ‗81
DAP ―SUGAR‖ WILLIE: LinDoc 102—the fighter/the hotel vg sol 4 RARE Phila. 50s comedy, hotel/boxing novelties
DAVID & EVA: greenberger 12866 [EP NO PS, small center]—obedience test +4 m- 4 only this one cut is novelty, ‗83
BISCUIT DAVIS: amsterdam 85030dj—playing on the moon/ m- [with very rare COMPANY SLEEVE] 4
JIMMY DAVIS: decca 29965—dear son/ vg 2 prays for enlisted son
RANDY DAVIS: CMI 307--dear mr. president/words of a child vg+ 5 VIETNAM/child custody case
REBEL DAVIS: dixie-aire 1962—ol‘ ross, ole miss and JFK/free ride vg 3.50 de-segregation 60s, flip bluesy instru.
RUFE DAVIS: dot 16204—the sow song/the chicken song vg+ 4
JOHN LEE DENNIS: platypus 41516—gas line blues/same m- 4 second gas crisis ‗79
DAVE DENNY: golden crest 550—the naughty fly/ vg+ (1960) #ol 4.50 novelty about the house pest
DANNY DENVER: deville 104—long hairy arms/ m- 5.50 scarce early 60s
DENVER, BOISE & JOHNSON: reprise 0695dj—the ‘68 nixon (this year‘s model)/ vg+ 4 fast novelty
DERRICK WITH THE SHAKES: breezeway 5253—cooler near the lake/let‘s get crazy m- 3 light novelty 1985 Wisc.
THE DEPUTY DAWG BAND: dawg-gone 002—S. O. L./ m- 3 about being shit-out-of-luck…
RON De SALVO: elite of beverly hills 1001 dj—[M- PS] no! no! cleo/ m- 8 rare Anthony & Cleopatra early 60s
THE DIALTONES: sureshot 1007—surfin in outer space/ m- 5.50 novelty punk 1981 era
DICK & ED: dick & ed no #--dog walk/the hollow log vg+ 7 RARE, minimalist r&r Instr. +dog barking!
―LITTLE‖ JIMMY DICKENS: columbia 20786—bessie the heifer/cold feet vg wol 4 extremely early
       43804dj—butter beans/where the buffalo trud m- 3.50 both novelties
[WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS]: PAPER RECORD--―happy birthday‖ rare ‘64 cartoon label, Goofy etc. m- 3.50
PERCY DIXON: sue 100—bloodshot eyes/ vg #ol 4 midfast calypso novelty, flip ―balimbo‖ is fast limbo vocal
DOCTOR & PATIENT///THE INFORMERS: dore 562dj—sure it hurts (a broken leg can be painful)///dora he told me to
       tell you he love you don‘t cry m- 13 slow novelty instr. talker///dialogue novelty
DR. GONZO & THE RENT-A-CARS: gonzo 001—do, re, mi (dough ray me)/ m- 4.50 mid rock novelty ‘81?+sound effects
Dr zinGRR: huggaboom 451—sinister lunchmeat/twilight gallery 2176 m- 22 GREAT AND RARE over-the-top nov‘s,
       A-side like Thorndike Pickledish (―stoney baloney‖), flip futuristic fantasy of preserved heads Ringo Starr etc
JOHNNY DORSETT: accent 1248—the ballad of martin luther king jr./ vg+ 4 scarce, 1968 I assume
THE DOWN EAST BOYS: sonlite 1105—potato bug story/ vg 3.50 rare 70s comedy monologue, Maine
CHARLIE DRAKE: [ENGLAND] famous charisma 270—you never knew/I‘m big…m- 8 A-side TINY TIM type voiced
JOHNNY DRAKE & KITTEN: era 3016—why daddy/ vg+ 4.50 narration, peacetime dad off to military/
PHIL DRISCOLL: benson 5712 [with M- picture slick]—just say no/same m- 3 about drugs, late 80s
DROLL YANKEES: #DY-M 1 [with vg+ Pic Cover]—―spring morning‖ 31 different bird calls m- 3
       #DY-M 2 [m- Pic Cover]—―The Brook‖ 26 different animal calls, mostly birds m- 3
ED DUMMARD, DICK KENT: stop 260dj—the podunk 500/dog-gone vg 5 GREAT, comedy interview from hick race
JIM EANES: [M- PS] folly 003—old gus gases them up/ m- 5 gas crisis #1, 1973
BILLY EARLE AND…JUG BAND: gold coast int. 1109dj—the moody mobile/use a telephone pole m- 4 gas prices A-side
THE ECHOES: swan 4013—scratch my back/the little green man vg 4 GROUP 1958, ms/mid r&roll novelties
TOMMY ECKOLS: east end 723—chee chee the private eye/ vg+ 4 r&rollish novelty early 60s?
BOB EUBANKS: goliath 1354dj—smoke smoke smoke that cigarette/ m- 6.50 a rarer version…
STEVE EVANS: coral 62161dj-the laughing song/ vg+, with Coral sleeve 4
FATHER RALPH: jo-dan 1002—zim boom ba/ vg- 2.50 RARE! from Sixties, Island of Guadaloupe pride song!
JOSE FERRE [artist not named on these]: laff 1001—rosie don‘t bang on the piano/favorite…vg+ 3
       1002—joe‘s joint/uncle harry‘s little peacock vg+ 3 1003-a cocky cowboy/fifi‘s got the biggest…vg+ 3
       1004—hawaiian talk/ain‘t it a beauty m- 5 1005—the pirate‘s poop/that no good vg+ 3 |||ANY FOUR FOR $10
       1006—the greatest broad-jumper/house…light vg+ 3.50 1007—my pussy belongs…daddy/ vg+ 3 |||except 1004
KARL FINGER: discus 1202—shirley w. blues (the watergate blues)/ m- 7.50 rare Nixon novelty
THE FIRESIGN THEATRE: columbia 45042dj [VG- PS]—station break/forward, into the past vg 3.50 RARE!!
FORD MOTOR COMPANY: [M- PS, LYRICS] ford no #--(have you driven a ford) lately/time to mustang m- 13 rare ADS
THE 4 CLOSURES: specialty 643dj—maybe/rock-a my soul m- wol 6.50 rare, 1960 era
REDD FOXX: dooto 453—the dear john letter/honesty is the best policy m- 4
STAN FREBERG: capitol F2029—try/pass the udder udder vg+ 6 F1356—john and marsha/ m- 12 now-RARE debut!
        f3687dj [PHOTO LABEL]—banana boat (day-o)/tele-vee-shun m-xol 6
FRED N‘ JENNIE: B happy 5340—her new apartment/hillbilly bullfighter vg 4.50 risque, florida 60s
DR. JOE FRESNO: dore 935—the psychiatrist, parts i/ii m- 5.50 comedy sketch: a visit with Dean Martin‘s shrink!
FULL HOUSE: [M- PS, RED WAX] aqua-pillow no #--davis song/I wish I was a T.V. m- 5 Calif. pride/novelty
THE FUNDAMENTAL RAPTISTS: Christian airways 007—THE P T L RAP/same m- 10 a VERY rare ―Pearlygate‖ one
RUDY GADDIS: [M- PS] g. m. 183—bass fisherman/same m- 4 Tyler, TX label 70s
BORIS GARDINER HAPPENING: jaguar 641 [JAMAICAN market]—happiness is a warm pussin/ vg+ 7 *PUSSY*
THE GAS: P. W. K. R. 301—evacuate/special… m- 4 rare novelty about 1979 Missasauga, Ont. train derailment & leak
GATOR: [M- PS] whirl wind 700 [BLUE WAX]—pit bull/ m- 5.50 about pit bull attacks in 80s; personal letter included!
JIMMY GAVIN: epic 9189dj—the ballad of jesse james/ vg+ sol 5 scarce 50s novelty
GENE AND AL…‖SPACEMONKS‖: ace 568-able and baker/ m- 6.50 space novelty with ―chipmunks‖ incredible!
SONNY GIANOTTA///PHIL CAMMARATA: abc 10308—the last blast of the blasted bugler///pain set to music m- 10
       both incredible novelties, A-side bugler & army gets shot full of holes; flip goofy narration about music &cuts
       [RED LABEL, COMPANY NOT STATED, #6022]—last blast… [FLIP IS BLANK] vg+ 15 original, later, or what??
JOE GLAZER: leon loeb assoc. no #--unemployment compensation blues/chins up vg 3.50 midtempo, early, hard times
―GOLDEN RECORDS‖: #RD7 (yellow 6-inch 78rpm, vg+ PS)—mickey‘s new car/mr. mickey mouse vg+ 2.50
       493 [YELLOW 6 INCH 78, WITH M- PS]—the woody woodpecker song/woodpecker dance vg+ 4
       600 [78RPM, ALSO – M- PS]-high hopes/eatin‘ goober peas vg 3.50
SHANE GOULD: [CANADA] able 1808—spiderman/ m- 4.50 70s disco tribute
GLEN GOZA: wand 1199dj—incredible shrinking man/the box m- 5 two very strange novelty 60s
DEBBIE DEE GRAHAM: [VG+ TITLE SLEEVE] jarvis 303—doodleburger blues/T. V. football widow m- 4 fast food/sports
THE GRAMPA BAND: [CANADA, M- PS] doughnut 1001—the encore song [uncensored/bleeped] RISQUE! m- 7.50 rare
GRANNY: nash wood 100—granny‘s mini-skirt/bring on the show m- 15 rare BEVERLY HILLBILLIES novelty 60s
THE GREAT PRETENDER: reprise 0555dj—really big country go-go shew/what‘s…m- 4 great mid/mf nov
SHECKY GREEN: ronel 105—the ―if‖ song/the oom-pah-pah merry go round m- sol 6 rare 50s pop novelties
WES GREEN: dee jay 208—don‘t drink and drive/ m- 3
BILL GRIER: hart-van 0130—hollywood in school, parts i/ii vg+ sol 10 RARE! celebrity impressions
SHERRY GROOMS: abc 10812—the girl‘s song/ vg sol 6 GREAT mid. ―cutesy‖ late 60s girls novelty
BUDDY HACKETT: laurel 1014—itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot…/too many heads vg+ 7 goofy/space alien!
GARY HAINES…SEQUINS: kapp 383dj—tse tse fly/ m- 6 mid. r&roll novelty, duet talker/
DENNY HALL: capitol 3090—the last meal/ vg+ 5 ―Framed‖-type bluesy novelty about prisoner‘s last meal, goofy!
HAP-E-TONES: ampol 532—derbytown polka/ding a ling m- 6 SCARCE double-entendre, A-side substitution song
THE HAPPY JESTERS: abbott 3025—heart of my heart – that old gang of mine [medley]/just because vg+ 4 pop spoof
MANNY HARMON: [M- CARDBOARD COVER] --romanjo 101—I love you, california/ vg+ 4.50
JOHN HARTFORD: rca 8987dj—jack‘s in the sack/the tall tall grass m- 2.50 he‘s got ―the grippe‖ (archaic: the flu)
RON HELLARD & THE PARTY ANIMALS: garpax 4541—(the) coffee freak/same m- 5 great Shad O‘Shea type!
HERSH AND CHIPKIN: flush 1980—disco toilet/ m- 10 the ultimate parody of disco!! In my top 10 all time novelty
BENNIE HESS: show land 251973—novelty yodel #1 (little mama big mama blues)/ m- sol 4
TON HICKS: melbourne II 340—bed bug blues/same m- 4 the jail is infested with them!
HIGH BOYS BAND: kim-pat 1751—gums (the answer to Jaws)/ m- 4
GREG HILL: [VG PS] pooka 002—me tarzan you jane/ vg (due to some heat swish) 3.50
TINY HILL: mercury 5830—just lookin‘/the wild side of life vg+ 4 a-side light novelty
TRAVIS L. HOBBS: music 602—november twenty second in nineteen sixty three/ m- 8 rare, minimal slow tribute
THE HOBO RADIO COMPANY: [ENGLAND] red bus 63—oh oh oh oh oh oh oh what a drag/it‘s always rubbish…m- 4.50
STAN HOFFMAN: brave new world no #--the frozen bard, parts i/ii m- 4 shakespeare-related comedy sketch
CLETUS HOGG: USA 003—big black bug boogie/same DJ m- 3.50
JOE HOGG: hogg tide 8719—disco hoggs, parts i/ii m- 4.50 Ark. football disco NOVELTY midfast
HIOLIDAY AND McCOY: reaction no #--tricky dicky/same vg+ 4 scarce ‘74? Nixon
―HOLLERIN‘‖: rounder EP 4508 [vg+ PS]—five different cuts, five different ―hollerers‖ in Spivey‘s Corner NC m- 4
THE HOMBRES: verve forecast 5093dj—take my overwhelming love (and cram…heart)/ m- 5 mid. funkish novelty/
THE HONEY DREAMERS: rca WBY 98 dj—sandy, the soundman [parts i/ii] vg 2.50 goofy & good 50s, odd for them!
PETE HOST: host 9486—I‘m a happy C Ber/ vg+ wol 4 midtempo novelty about CB radio
HOTSHOTS: mercury 73409dj—snoopy versus the red baron/ m- 5 rare SKA veersion!
LEAN DEAN HOVLAND: lodestar 89 62—cy, the weather guy/lester, the toy tester vg+ 10 rare, goofy narration 50s
HOWDY DOODY: [with GATEFOLD PS, G condition]-rca WY 414 [YELLOW WAX, 2 records]—―laughing circus‖ vg 5
BOBBY HUGHES: locket 1010—the berlin bounce (i/ii) vg #ol 3 RARE! 1961, mid. r&roll kiddie-oriented novelty
JERRY INMAN: elektra 45414dj—J. C.‘s country band/same m- 3 ―serious novelty‖ mention many passed c&w greats
INNERVISION: power house 1011—the night the lights go out/ vg+ wol 8 FUNK, hypothetical energy apocalypse
INNOCENCE: [M- PS] go 4 it 011484—I love my cabbage patch doll/cabbage patch strut m- 5
ISH AND LENNY: [VG+ PS, CANADA] orange bus 9169—I‘ve got a hole in my umbrella/ m- 5
THE IVY THREE: shell 720—yogi/was judy there m- 4.50 scarce multicolor press, gold bottom
ANDREW JACKSON…: andrew jackson 101—I am pee paw‘s helper tee taw, nee naw/ vg, dusty 7 WHAT??? rare!
GREG JACKSON AND KATHLEEN HUGHES: edgehill 001—I‘m broke too, eddie/ m- 4 Texas oil bust in late 70s
JOYCE JAMESON: dot 15803dj—you‘re getting‘ warm/imagination m- 5 sensuous novelty instr. talker/
       15895—the ho-ney song/at the diner m- 6 ms narration novelties, song/talker
BOBBY JENKINS: [RED WAX] zone 7 #22086dj—happy birthday texas/same m- 3
THE J-J‘S: st. clair 79113—the king and us/ m- 7 King Richard (ANTI-Nixon) ―Old MacDonald…Farm‖ parody, wow!
JIMMIE JOHN: dot 15717—trouble on the party line/my feet ‗er dirty vg wol 5.50 RARE 1958
JOHN, DAN AND THE CHICKEN WING BAND: MC 20287—the chicken wing song/udder nonsense (i/m a cow) m- 5.50
JOHN T. AND DEJA‘VU: meridian 5409—keep the mask on the lone ranger/skylab (what goes up…down) m- 5.50
JOLLY JORGE: m 50 556—red ridin‘ hood/yer cool! vg+ 5 novelty r&roll, 1963 era
ROCKY JONES WITH SUPPORTING CAST: columbia J 2058—adventures in outer space, parts i/ii m- 5
SPIKE JONES: rca 47 3741—chinese mule train/riders in the sky vg+ 5
       5067—I saw mommy kissing santa claus/winter m- 5
       47 0193 [YELLOW WAX]—how the circus learned to smile, parts i/ii vg- 3.50
       EP [VG+ COVER] rca epa 456—down south/I‘ve turned a gadabout +2 vg 6
SPIKE JONES, JR.: chinchilla 22—demolition disco [parts i/ii] m- 7 also rare, but a tad later…great
CLEDUS T. JUDD: razor & tie (can‘t find number??)—everybody‘s free (to get sunburned)/same m- 3.50
SHUNKA WA KAON:sounds of wisconsin 1526[CUCA subsid.]—battle of sittin‘ bull/…white buffalo vg+4 narrated/song
DANNY KAYE: decca 88120—the ugly duckling/the king‘s new clothes vg+ 4
       88058 [VG+ PS]—the tubby the tuba song/popp the puppet vg+ 5.50
THE KAYMEN‘S: rene 3747—layoff with the layoff‘s/my dog sam vg+ 3.50 Reagan-omics/dog song
JOHN KELSO…BUBBATONES: rude 102 [M- PS]—electric bubbaland/ m- 6 goofy, about hillbilly shopping
THE KIDS FROM CELL BLOCK ―7‖: dusspri 2004—oh let me be your spiderman, baby/ m- 5
JESSE LEE KINCAID: elma estro 9001—cattlegate/ m- 5 PCB‘s in Michigan cows, versus Watergate
KING BAROU: [JAMAICA] port-o-jam no #--shame and scandal/ vg+ 8 rare cover of the INCEST & CHEATING song!
KING HOUDINI: lloyds EP 712 [no cover, never had one?]—bobby-sox idol +3 vg+ 7 listed cut RARE Sinatra tribute 50s
KING TIP TOE: metromedia 252dj—(love me like a) dinosaur/same m- 4.50
KIRK & BLAKE: country publ. no # [small center]—emphysema blues/panama hotel m- 6 great mid/Tiny Tim type flip!
JIMMIE KNIGHT: kangaroo 27—crankshaft sid/teenage… m- 7 rocker, about racing!
RICHARD KNIGHT (THE COUNTRY KNIGHT): skyway 2013—america‘s gonna stand (hussein is gonna fall)/ m- 4.50
KROSS KOUNTRY: country roads 7716—the colorful dog/ m- 3.50 dog novelty
SUZANNE LAKE AND JACQUES KAYAL: ambassador 234—je t‘aime moi non plus/ vg+ 5 another rare risque I. redo
THELAKESIDERS: laker 001—the ballad or rudy and bill/ vg+ sol 3.50 ―dueling governors‖ Minnesota and S. Dakota
CHRIS LAMARR: crash 1015dj—1985/ m- 4.50 great and catchy futuristic synth new wave, midfast/
RON LANE: national american 101—let‘s elect willie nelson/ m- 4
RONNY LANE: palm tree no #--I‘m just an asshole/the weed song m- 4 asshole novelty/POT smoking!
TOM LANE: U 16793—KINDERGARTEN SONG/doughnut song m- 5 have NOT seen ―kindergarten‖ in many years…
JOEL LANGRAM: rori 714—I really wanted to be a ―singar‖/ vg+ 2.50 good JFK parody
LAUREL & HARDY: broken 1001—the elopement [parts i/ii] m- 4
THE LAWMEN: cartay 5337 [vg+ nice Title Sleeve]—the ballad of billy guest/the silent majority m- 4 history/rightwing
SHERRY LAWSON: great john ―L‖ 1001-the ballad of the great john ―L‖ world‘s greatest wrestler/ vg+ 4.50
CLAYTON LEE AND THE PIRATES: underground 384 [CANADA]—my wife can‘t cook/ m- 4 rare late redo of 50s hit
ROBERTA LEE AND THURL RAVENSCROFT: X 0185—you wanna talk about texas/ m- 4.50 nice light novelty/
THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY: mercury 72862—paralyzed/who‘s knocking…m- coh 6 greatly HORRID r&roll
LEGIONAIRES: bay 576—little web-foot man/bubble gum boogie vg+ 9 A-side mid. r&r novelty, VERY goofy
LESS THAN JAKE: capitol 5878100all of my best friends are metalheads/ m- 3 novelty-ish hard rock
THE LETTERMEN: liberty 55141dj—hey, big brain/ m- 6.50 great ‘58 r&roll novelty, asking a ―big brain‖ some stuff…
LIEUTENANT PIGEON: london 1045dj—desperate dan/opus 300 m- 8 flip blends avant rock, Napoleon XIV, laughs etc
GEORGE LINDSEY: mca 1777dj—fire truck/uncompromising position +10 more comedy shorts m- 3.50
THE ROY LINDSEY SINGERS: [RED WAX] classic 1001 dj—the koo joo song/ vg+ 8 very weird, Asian themed, 50s/
LITTLE ROGER…GOOSEBUMPS: splash 901 [darker blue, first orig. press]—gilligan‘s island (stairway) RARE m- 17
LITTLE SUSIE WITH…: roulette 4466dj—(why does…) my daddy/ m- wol 8 JFK novelty, RARE first press spokes logo
GEORGE LLOYD: rca 9121dj—does your mother know/somebody had to put you down m- wol 5.50 great!
LONZO & OSCAR: nugget 1017—waltz me around again willie/peelin taters…m- 6 very goofy limericks – great!
       201—―uh – what‘s her name‖/hand holdin‘ vg+ 4
BRUCE LOONEY: prien [1393/1394][with m- PS]—last valium in the bottle blues/ m- 4
LOOSE: nocturne 1909—freaky billy the wheelie king/it‘s happenin‘ vg+ 6 mf funk NOVELTY/midtempo
LORD DIDD: me. peacock 108—gunga didn‘t/ vg+ 5 CRAZINESS, like Last Blast of the Blasted Bugler! [see: Gianotta]
JIM LOWE: dot 15381—close the door/ vg+ 3 great mid novelty r&roll…invasion of SOMETHING…uh, tribbles?? LOL
DAVID LUCAS: arwin 1010—bula vinaka/ m- wol 4 cool goofy nonsense song, 1962 era
DON LUCAS: lode 110—chokey the bear/at the track vg 4 very goofy DRUNK COMEDY
LUIE LUIE: manton 103—gobbledygook song, parts i/ii m 3.50 fast disco novelty
LUCIFER: invictus 9113 [dj?]—bloodshot eyes/same vg+ 4 strange falsetto-type voiced redo of Fifties
FRANK LUTHER: [VG+ PS] decca 88041—little johnny chickadee/the three trees vg+ 4
MACK & JAMIE: [M- PS] rhubarb 102—mack & jamie (live)/condom nation m- 7.50 yes, about wearing condoms!!
MACLEAN & MACLEAN: [ENGLAND, M- PS] singing dog 1—dolly parton‘s tits/diary of a jealous boyfriend m- 6
JERRY MADISON…SPACE MEN: tops 307—von hutch the mad martian pinstriper/(Inst.) vg+ 13 mid beatnik narr. UFO‘s
DON MAHONEY TRIO: enterprise 1230—hot summer nights/ vg- 5 ms Western song dissolves into utter chaos! WOW
FRANK MAILLET: art-ways 200850—the tragedy of J F K/ vg+ 4.50 scarce, first time I‘ve had an extra
MAN MOUNTAIN…SLIME BOYS: armadillo 1—the ballad of the lagrange chicken ranch/ vg+ 8.50 rare texas 70s
JOSEF MARAIS AND MIRANDA: decca 88031—THE BANGALOREY MAN follow my bangalorey man/…ugly cow m- 7
        88032—THE BANGALOREY MAN our house is upside down [no, NOT mortgages, LOL]/cripple creek vg+ 5
B. MARKAY: hot box no #--it‘s all rite to FUCK all nite/it‘s all rite to truck all nite m- 10
GEORGE McCURN: star-brite 2048dj—satchmo/old LA m- 4 tributes to Louis Armstrong, and Los Angeles
DORSEY McMILLAN: fellowship 1148—one solitary life/zilch m 6 Jesus [serious]/GOOFY outer space novelty!
THE MECHANICS: norman 501—the fastest thing on wheels/ vg+ 4.50 mid. death racing storysong early 60s/
MEN OF HARLECH: [AUSTRALIA] mushroom 8312—charlie‘s getting married at last/tribute m- 4 the royal wedding
EDDIE MERY: melco 12075—fifty-five miles a gallon/ vg+ 4 light boogie novelty, ‘73 gas crisis the first
PAT MILLER, HALL…NATURALS: harmad 113—dance of the goony bird/ vg 4.50 noveltyish pop, nonsense lyrics 50s
THEMILLION DOLLAR CHORUS: nutty for you new york no #--mad about you manhattan/same m- 3.50 song & talker
DAVID MISCH: fretless no #--somerville/ vg+ 3.50 cute & funny ballad ―putdown satire‖ of Boston suburb
MISS JENNIE ―B‖: dore 1015—jams & jellies/fat peoples dance m- 6 NEVER SAW THIS IN MY LIFE TILL September…
MONTIE MONTANA JR.: albers 103—credit card blues/wait till the cows come home vg tol 3 early cards protest…
MOORE-CAMPBELL GROUP: fish prod.—I still think of you (everytime I do the dishes!)/ m- 4 good c&w novelty!
BILL MORRISSEY: [M- PS] shoot the cat 001—live free or die/the trailer park m- 4 New Hampshire!!/novelty
EDWARD R. MURROW: [VG+ COVER, EP] columbia A 1767—―I CAN HEAR IT NOW!‖ 1932-1939, parts i/ii vg+ 3.50
MYRIAM: [CANADA, M- CARDBOARD COVER] dakma 7031—thank you mister trudeau/ SEALED 5 nice tribute P.M.
NAVASTRAU: [M- PS] disturbing 106028—american fitness/201 portuguese verbs +1 m- 6 scarce Chicago ‗81
JOE NAYLOR: [CANADA, M- PS] friends/hot wax 005—I‘m canadian beer/I hate fluorescent lights m- 7
JIMMY NELSON: [VG+ PS] peter pan 582—―joke along with jimmy nelson and his friends‖ parts i/ii vg+ 4 *FROM TV*
ANTHONY NEWLEY: acappella 778—lament for a hero/tribute vg+ 4 tributes for Vietnam dead, and JFK
NIKITA THE K: w.b. 7005--go go radio moscow/the spoiler m- 7 GREAT radio novelty Murray The K
THE NOMADS: balboa 003—the girl with the purple feet/ vg+ 7 grape-mashing novelty 50s (uh…Lucille Ball…hehehe)
OBOE: savoy 1619—tradin‘ stamps/mother-in-law trouble m- 8 mid. r&b novelty/midslow r&b (flip not novelty)
―OKEH LAUGHING RECORD‖: TEST PRESS no #--(label says ―stop laughing at me! love Beverly‖) vg 5 c&w flip, huh?
OKIEXTEREMIST MOON DOG: radical 1003—reefer flues/disco sucks vg+ 8 paraquat, etc. slow rock/DISCO SUCKS
SMILEY JOE OMOHUNDRO: omo the hobo 109—a skunk should not get drunk…/…she‘s a cold piece of ice vg 7.50
        110///150—I‘m selling my nuts today and giving my nuts away///im a cotton pickin‘ chicken plucker vg 8
        110///152—I‘m selling…///my girl has short hair and bangs m- 17
OMO THE HOBO: [TEST PRESS] omo the hobo 116—omo the hobo/son of a gun they call me m- 14
        [TEST PRESS] 128—golf (I can‘t play golf any more, I‘ve lost my balls)/race trak (I bet on a horse…) m- 12
OMO THE LOBO: omo the lobo 120—hold on to my heart/pretty girl vg+ 8
        126—I‘m a truck driving fool/you love my motorcycle, but you gave me the air vg+ 10
        130—I‘d sure like to see my old girl come again/I went to helen got turned down vg+ 10
        133—shut up, you talk too much/me and my wife love and fight vg 10
        231—I love you mother/daddy I love you vg 8
        [ARTISTS AS JOE & JUANITA BOTH SIDES] omo the hobo 228—the pool game/the golf game vg+ 7
I‘M LOOKING FOR HIS STUFF, though I have about 90 singles now. What‘s the deal with two-diff.-numbered issues??
SHAD O‘SHEA & LARRY BODEN: [M- PS] AMG 4113—you may speak now!/is this a church? m- 23 one of his rarest!!
OSHUN: mercury 72685dj—ridin‘…/rattle of life m- 16 this is ULTRA-CRAZY over the top novelty!! and RARE
THEOTHER FOUR: ivanhoe 50002dj—I got a wife/ m- 6.50 redo 1959 niovelty, in late Sixties
OUR LADY‘S KNIGHTS: star of the sea 101 [m- PS]—mother of america/ vg+ 2.50 Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in Mexico
RAMONA PARRISH: verve folkways 5052dj—little black pussy cat/ vg+ 7 mid. novelty r&roll, 60s/
L. J. PATRICK: dore 695—the lone survivor/better get… m- (later pressing) 4 post-apocalypse or nuke, ‘62 era
THE PAYMENTS: landa 686dj—brand new automobile/cantina vg 5 A-side mid. group r&roll
RICKIE JOE PAYNE: planet earth 8401—twelve pound perch/fortypound channel cat m- 7 rare fishing novelties! TX
BRIAN PEARCH: [CANADA] the android factory—floyd freud the paranoid android/ m- 8
THE PEARLY MINSTRELE SHOW BAND: [VG+ PS, ENGLAND] bbc 94—the queen‘s wedding speech in cockney…/ m- 5
PERFECTLY CLEAR: [VG+ PS] ode 66044dj—the nixorcist/same m- m- 5.50 great Nixon satire 70s
AL PERRY: tower 186—plea for reason/doctor happy m- 7 nuclear nightmare scenario and seven deadly sins…
PETER PAN RECORDS: [M- PS] #478—wyatt earp, parts i/ii vg- 2.50
LARRY LEE PHILLIPSON: phillipson 1011—the interstate is coming through my outhouse/the racing king m- sol 4.50
GEORGE PICKARD JIMMY JAMES: hey ho 1994—humphrey‘s tale/ m- 5 whale story with TONS of impersonations!
BOBBY ―BORIS‖ PICKETT: rca 8312—smoke! smoke! smoke! (that cigarette)/gotta leave this town vg+ 7 scarce
PIERRE AND THE CHOPPERS: dore 518dj—the guillotine song (heads & tails)/ vg+ 9 top notch mid r&r novelty
MICHAEL PIETZSCH WITH…: red river 0001—ballad of stoney burns/ vg 5 60s c&w with a PRO-hippie stance!! Wow
THE POLLYWOGS: cub 9043dj—happy little frog/ m- 4 scarce ‘59 chipmunks rip
DOREE & BILL POST: liberty 55129dj—homing pigeon/haw jack, gee jules m- 4.50 flip CUTE FARM NOVELTY midfast
POPE PAUL POT: [M- PS] no fidelity 002—plastic tv land on acid—acid tv land on plastic/ m- 6 heavy Avant-garde nov!
POWER SALAD: [WITH LYRIC SHEET] marianth 9801—co-dependency/…american mall family m- 12 Demento classic
BILL PRAY…BAND: bonnie 1606—the loggin‘ hog/same [FLIP MISLABELED] m- 6 logging novelty ―character study‖
SHEL PRICE: jox 020—last day for JFK/ vg+ (1% label rip) 4.50 Texas country 60s rare
LOUIS PRIMA & HIS ORCH.: columbia 40015—paul revere/it‘s good…m- 4.50 midfast jump history pop
BUCK PUCKETT: folknany 1000—the best of the ―bear‖ tales/ m- 7 ultra-goofy c&w Bear Bryant novelty, COOL
QUIDNUNES: quidnune 1-ballad of chappaquiddick/the richter scale m- 7 rareTed Kennedy of course/60s earthquake
CHARLIE QUINTAL: ga barge 15846—garbage man song/ m- 4 mf boogierock novelty (suggestive) +personal letter
MICHAEL QUIRK: phoenix 14—lonely men in blue/…freedom lately m- 3 late 60s, cops tribute/patriotic
TONY RANDALL: mercury 72671dj—byrd (you‘re…)/annie doesn‘t live here anymore m- 4 mid. novelty ―1920‘s‖ flip
BUDDY RANDELL: minuette 159—bucky beetle/ vg+ 6 CHIPMUNKS concept 1962-3 era
DON RANDI: reprise 0560dj—he said, she said/ vg+ 5 novelty with scatting lyrics!!
BILL RASE: brandt 12—if I could sing like bing/ vg+ 7.50 RARE tribute, label looks 1952 or 1953, Sacramento
BOBBY REED: dot 16113—the monkey‘s wedding/ vg sol 4 mf novelty (flip ―johnny on the spot‖ is fast TEENER)
JOHNNY REED…WOODPECKERS: J. R. S. 1001—woodpecker song/ vg+ 4 rare version of the R-rated novelty
THE REEFERS: mega 1231dj—my mama smoked marijuana/same m- 3.50
REVELL [MODELS/KITS] [M- PIC COVER] #6684—the night raiders, parts i/ii vg+ 4.50
JOEY REYNOLDS: pyramid 8008dj—ma bell you got me by the calls – memphis/ m- 8 outrageous novelty vs. C. Berry
EARL RICH: scope [WITH LYRICS SHEET] 574—spokane motel blues/ m- 4 mf square dance NOVELTY
RATSO RIZZO & THE PHILLY HILL: scrimshaw 1331dj—sorry no more gasoline/same m- 5.50 second gas crisis
THE RIVERMAN: ‗lectrode 700—redneck plumber/ vg 4 DOUBLE ENTENDRE! Joe the Plumber? No, this is 70s Mich.
RONNIE & JOEY: little star 106—frozen dinners/I want vg+ wol 7 r&roll novelty, dieting! ―now I‘m so skinny…‖
RONNIE ROOT: sundial 140—ode to hank/ m- 4 WILLIAMS tribute, mentions song titles, etc.
JAY MICHAEL ROSS: blue frog no #--the great oil company con/same m- 4.50 good c&w novelty, about, yes…
THE ROTO ROOTER…Christmas BAND: vanguard 35178--martian march/swamp lake m- wol 6 rare with flip!!
ROTUNDA: rude 101—she‘s got colonel sanders thighs/ m- 10 Austin TX parody Bette Davis Eyes, great mid. novelty
GARY RUSSELL: shoehorn 77146—farrah fawcett I love you/ vg+ 7 RARE, tribute from the popular poster days
SOUPY SALES: golden 00188—bingity bangity bus, parts i/ii NARRATION vg- 4 rare!
SATURDAY NIGHT BATH: TEST PRESS NO #--(do) the olympic limp/coast highway m- handwritten label 6.50
JIM SEAGRAVE: suzanne 2—the swayback nag/the artist vg+ 5 mid/slow spoken with Instr., rare, Paul Revere horse
SESAME STREET: [M- PS] #99037—the sound of the letter A/Oscar‘s B bandwagon(and C, D songs) vg+ 3.50
LITTLE RONNIE SESSION: pike 5904—bunny rabbit (without any tail)/ vg+ wol 4.50 late Fifties novelty
DAVID SEVILLE AND THE CHIPMUNKS: [ENGLAND] london 8916—ragtime cowboy joe/flip side vg+ 4
FREDDIE SHAKA: poki 7406—deck of cards/mother pidgin rhymes m- sol 5 lyrics the same but Hawaiian-ized!!
TERRY SHARMAN: country echo 1—wheat farmer blues/ m- 4.50 pricing protest, using song titles!
ELMO SHROPSHIRE: kim-pat 121—gospel snake/love bug m- 6 evangelistic novelty/get rid of the insect pest…
LEE SILVERTON: country beat 5564—gone bananas/ m- 4.50
JOAN SIMS: [ENGLAND] parlophone 5021—hurry up gran/oh not again ken vg+ 5 1963
THE SINGING PRINCESS: columbia J 4 721—the wedding of the knife and fork/ vg 3
6 CYLINDER: [M- PS] goldrush 106—ain‘t nobody here but us chickens!/ m- [CANADA] 7 scarce 1979 novelty
JOEY SKIDMORE: [M- PS] mop top 181—stop the nukes!/first offense +2 m- 6 only one novelty, 1981 rock-punk
SLICK CHIC & THE TAR BABIES: island sound waves—mexican oil slick blues/ m- 4.50 slow…oil spill
BILL SMALLWOOD: BS no #--rocky mountain oysters/ vg 3 novelty about eating cow testicles…I‘VE DONE THIS!
SMILEY SMITH: SPS 368—stand up for america/let the people speak m- 10 both sides VOTE FOR GEO. WALLACE
THE SOLE PROPRIETOR: [no #, with m- title sheet]—garbage/don‘t throw… m- 10 Eco-novelty Holy Modal R. type!!!
SOLID GOLD BUBBLE: dot 17289dj—cholly chan/ vg+ 5 charlie chan novelty—tribute
LITTLE LENZIE SOLOMON: red river 104—alligator, alligator/polly anna m- 10 BREATHTAKINGLY HORRID!!
       This is a 4-year-old girl singing a novelty song! Must be heard to be believed…and extremely RARE
BRUCE SPENCER: a bell 284—―the best of crazy ads‖ [parts i/ii] vg+ 5 novelty, reading classified ads, spoken word
JIM STAFFORD///JANIS IAN ―at seventeen‖: what‘s it all about? 277/278—[5-minute radio shows, interview/music]m- 7
STEVE STAJICH: colorado sound 10011—dirty movie/ m- 5 c&w novelty about pornography!!
JOHNNY STANDLEY: capitol EP [VG+ COVER] 1-697—it‘s in the book/proud new father/clap your hands m- 4.50
ARNOLD STANG: mgm 12693—lotsa luck charlie/Navajo m- 5 pop novelty A-side 1958
LUTHER STANTON: in sound 001—jimmy carter for your president/same m- 5
STARVIN‘ MARVIN: app 1101—cutter king/when she…m- 4.50 novelty about a stud horse
STEPTONES: gilbil 2—tom (zot!) dooley/ vg 6 great and very goofy version/
STEVEDORE STEVE: [CANADA] boot 040—lester the lobster/saint john loyalist days m- 4
RAY STEVENS: mercury ―EP 85‖ dj [NO COVER]—saturday night at the movies/further more/julius…+1 vg+, dusty 7
STEVENS & GRDNIC: dore 976—commercials on 45 (medley)/cubic refugee m- 8 mid. disco cover versions medley!/
CHARLIE STEWART: nabor 126—haunted house no. 2/santa claus won‘t… m- 4 (ANSWER gene simmons)
STEWART & CLARK: [CANADA] ampex 1311—will the real p.m…/new re-cycling pioneers vg+ 6 midfast, flip GREAT!!
ALICE STONE: alice stone 1000002 [vg+ PS]—everybody has to have a mother/white…m- 5 great mother novelty!!
JOHN STUCKEY…COWBOY BAND: good ole uncle bob 2020—seeds & stems/ VG+ #ol 43 about smoking pot
VIC SUMMERS: big country 836—mush you huskies/hard leather shoes m- 6 fast novelty ―dogs get me out of here!‖
THE SUN VALLEY TRIO: EP [NO COVER] diversion 56—the ulcer song +3 vg 6 the only novelty, but a GREAT one! 50s
THE SWAGMEN: parkway 854dj—by the yonder tree/ m- 6 great folk, one of those ―cumulative memory‖ songs!!
RUSS TAMBLYN: [M- PS, RARE] bosco presents 225—tom thumb‘s tune/ vg+ wol 10 rare 50s vocal novelty
CHARLIE TAYLOR: red stag 7040—o lord what will we drink (since stroh‘s went down the sink)/ m- 5 how true how true
NORMAN TEMPLE: wreckerd 1314-I hear horses (A-SIDE IS BLANK) m- 6.50 delightfully terrible record…
        1315—(be sure he has) plenty of gas (A-SIDE BLANK) m- 6 ONE OF THE MOST HORRID SINGERS EVER!!!
        1316—I hate bugs [A-SIDE BLANK] m- 9 [this listing includes promotional sheet/letter]
        1317—I‘m just a little baby (why do they tweat me tho?) m- 8 [A-SIDE BLANK] yes, he recorded on flip sides!!
        1318—norman temple gives mother goose/on s-e-x and m-o-t-h-e-r m- 12 THESE LATER ONES ARE RARE
        1319—don‘t get married, parts i/ii m- 8     This guy had hella fun making these!!! Torture your friends!
        1320—who‘ll wash my long underwear? [A-SIDE BLANK] the ENTIRE SET of all his 45‘s is here!
CLARK TERRY: mainstream 642—the mumbler strikes again/big spender vg+ coh 5 slow jazztalking novelty
THE THIRD RAIL: epic 10323dj—she ain‘t no choir girl/ m- wol 5 TOTAL CRAZINESS in recording studio!!
BOB THOMPSON: [VG+ PS] rca 7587—angeltown/ vg+ wol 6 RARE pride song for Los Angeles! 1959
ROCKY THOMPSON: bgm 21583—she broke my heart (I broke her jaw)/ m- 3.50
THORNDIKE PICKLEDISH: lo-fi 1—sleepy stonewell/s brotherhood boogie/excerpt: robt. O. smut m- 21 craziness!!
THE…….CHOIR: mta 114—ballad of water wart/it‘s warts on the flip side that counts m- 10 NUTS & hard to describe
        126dj—lonely bull (frog)/what now my love vg+ 5.50 [I‘m offering $200 for their record on ABSURD…help!!]
THORNDIKE PICKLEDISH PACIFIST CHOIR: lo-fi 1—lenny frog/d. j. at the end of the world m- 16 over-the-top crazy
THE 3 STOOGES: [VG+ PS] peter pan 613—the princess and the pea, parts i/ii vg+ 8
TINY TIM: THE RAREST SELECTION YOU‘LL EVER SEE: vo-d0-de-o-do 101—do ya think I‘m sexy?/feelings m- 31
        generic 777—she left me with the herpes/santa claus has got the AIDS this year vg+ 42(I gladly paid $40 in 90s)
        [Buffalo?] 30—zoot zoot zoot here comes santa in his new space suit/I like Christmas m- 33
        clone 111—I‘m just a lonesome clone/I‘m the one m- 40 THESE ARE ALL RIDICULOUSLY RARE!!!
        [ENGLAND] polydor w2058 485—the happy wanderer/my nose always… m- 17
AARON TIPPIN: lyric street 64059—where the stars and stripes and the eagle fly/ m- 3 the token 21st Century item LOL
PETER TOSH: [JAMAICA] intel-diplo no #--legalize it/ vg- 8 rare original issue of classic pot decrim song!
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR WITH CHAS & DAVE: [ENGLAND, M- PS] rainbow 16—hot shot tottenham!/ossie‘s…m- 4.50
THE TRIBESMEN: seminole 1282—seminole/josie billie (the seminole medicine man) m- 6 history songs, houston? 60s
SOPHIE TUCKER: decca collectors classics 11047—some of these days/life begins at forty vg+ 3.50
TULSA CITY TRUCKERS: jive diamond 5577—love you to pieces/jonestown cool aid m- 20 ―I wanna chainsaw you…‖
THE TURNBUCKLES: [m- PS] break‘er 110—super destoyer mark II/rearranged m- 14 wrestler novelty trib. ‗79
JIM TYLER: [VG+ PS] two J‘s 001—the ballad of les de flea/the flea market special m- 6 rare bug novelty
UNCLE DICK: [m- PS] gohja 690—social disease [FLIP IS BLANK] m- 8 about venereal disease
TERRY VAN ZANDT…GOOFBALLS: sllabfoog 007900—I‘m a bad person/BACKWARDS FLIP m- 4 Calif. novelty rock
VOCO [PICTURE RECORD, ORANGE WAX] #26—dinky, the doggie/a tisket a tasket vg 3 (7-inch 78, ‘49 or ‘50)
MAC VOUTY & THE SWINGERS: moxie 1006—robot‘s lullaby/what happened… m- 5 midslow spacy novelty
P.F.C. SKIP WAGNER///SKIP WAGNER: page 2908—too much saltpeter///rindercella m- 6 milwaukee, spoonerism flip
PORTER WAGONER: rca 74 0581—the rubber room/ m- 3.50 midslow dark ballad [not country!] about insanity/
CHARLIE WAITES: badger 2012—I‘ll be coming home/same (not DJ though) m- wol 3 Desert Storm
LITTLE BOBBY WALKER…: mac 0063—grandma‘s cookie jar/walkin‘…vg 8 RARE horrid KID NOVELTY early 60s!!
TROY WALKER: emi golden wing 4625937—marijuana munchies/ m- 6
BILL WALTERS: fraternity 3462—I wanna sing like you know who does/ m- SINATRA TRIBUTE 4
RUTH WALLIS: rendition 5004—he wants to get into my pantry/ m- WARP[PLAYS OK] 5% label rip 5 very rare!
RUTH WALLIS: wallis original 2016—senorita what‘s her name/johnny…yo yo vg+ 4 ABOVE: Rendition FAR rarer!
THE WANDERER: flair-X 5003—the man in the phone booth: hello mama/hello baby vg+ 4 black talker-r&b novelty 50s
THE WANKERS: [CANADA, VG+ PS] anthem 072—wankers away/‖video version‖ m- 5.50 hints at masturbation
THE WANNA BLUES BAND: wanna 456809 [m- PS]—test tube baby blues/boob tube m- 4
KENNY WARD: JWK 3000—streets of bogota/ m- 3.50 Colombia, war on drugs
MIKE WARNKE: myrrh 194dj—waitaminute vines, marching centipedes and slick banana trees/…war m- 5 rare
ALVIS WAYNE: rollin‘ rock 032—I wanna eat your pudding/it‘s your… m 4.50 risque a-side
BEN WEATHERBY: marathon 1077 [CANADA]--giant in my maytag/ vg wol 5 exceptional hilarious c&w novelty!! cool
DENNIS WEAVER: eva 103dj—the chicken mash/the apes vg+ 11 midfast novelty r&r ―Monster Mash‖ inspired?
BILLY WEBB: ad-korp 1213—song for the indians/ryans whip m- 4 abvout how they got screwed/novelty Instr.
ADAM BATMAN WEST: [ENGLAND] target 111—batman and robin/the story of batman vg 7.50 rare, non-US?
JOHNNIE WHITE: M-S 240—two old maids, parts 3 and 4 m- 4.50 FILTH/RISQUE, fake ―release me‖ version, etc.
RICK WHITE: stargem 2038—honky tonk gal/porta potty john m- 6 GREAT novelty flip!
GEORGE WHITTEN: foremost 501—little red chigger/ m- 8 rare mid pop novelty ―I‘d rather have a flea…‖
LEWIE WICKHAM: starday 902dj—hippy love song/how come my dog don‘t bark (when you come round) m- 4
GENE WILDER: posse 5006dj-crazy/crazy m- 4 NOVELTY narration and singing ―1920‘s type‖
WILKS & CORNISH: [M- PS] centaur 596—my car won‘t start/ m- 4.50 Atlanta rock novelty 1980 era
WILLIE AND THE RED RUBBER BAND: rca 47 9735dj—mary jane/chicky-… m- 5 scarce late 60s PRO-POT song!
FAITH WILLOW: bubbie 1003—there in viet nam/ vg 4 rare, 60s
BUN WILSON: antenna 6440—I didn‘t have but one hull/the good old school days m 6 rare hillbilly comedy ‘64 era
RON WILSON: dee-lark 6981—the blond haired bear/ vg 4 he‘s going hunting…er…like hiking the Appalachian Trail?
PAUL WING: [VG+ PS, YELLOW WAX] rca wy 453—little niper riddles/the little nipper march vg+ 10 RCA-related RARE
THE WINOS: rhino 002—all the wrong girls like me/ m- 5.50
WITHERSPOON & FRUMP…RING: laurie 3596—it‘s gotta get better (it…)/ m- 5 novelty song, dialogue, & laughing…
LEON WOMACK: ciffer 111—far left/ m- xol 4.50 ANTI-HIPPIES late sixties
LAWRENCE WOOD: cherokee 27994—the day the gipper waved goodbye/ m- 4 when Bush replaced reagan 1989
WOODY WOODBURY: stereoddities 102dj—champagne flight/live audience gags m- 2/SALE! rare comedy early 60s
SHEB WOOLEY: mgm 12704—monkey jive/the chase vg+ 5 rare 1958, mid/fast novelties, predates Purple… hit
      12817—pygmy love/careless hands A-side novelty m- 5.50
HERMAN WURLITZER: zebra finch…1111—buy me a 6-pack of coondogs at billy carter‘s service station/ vg+ 5.50
―WEIRD AL‖ YANKOVIC: tk 1043DJ—another one rides the bus/same m- 3 scarce on promo
      placebo EP 3626 [M- PIC SLEEVE]—another one rides the bus/gotta boogie/mr. frump…+1 m- 60 his DEBUT!
GEORGIE YOUNG: swan 4059—yogi/by george! vg xol 4 mid. novelty r&roll covers Ivy 3. Flip: voiced sax r&r instr.
THE ZANIES: dore 949—news, weather & sports/I don‘t wanna get involved m- 7 mf/fast 70s novelties, scarce
GAIL ZEILER: [WITH M- nonglossy photo] rowena 98 04—I‘m odd but I‘m empty m- 4.50 scarce, firsc gas crisis ‗73
ZORO AND THE ZIPS: spot 1002—the woodpecker song/frankie & johnny vg+ 6 rare 60s Texas version of risque song

WINI BEATTY: key 1984—dixie/the drop outs song vg+ 13 both novelty; A-side ANSWER ―dixie‖ re potheads etc.
BOBBY BORCHERS: epic 11073dj—when johnny cash comes back to folsom/same m- much wol 3
THE BOTTOMLEY TWINS: raynard 1108—where is this magic town/ vg+ [AUTOGRAPH‘d label] 7 answer Vogues
CAMP RECORDS: #B 1 4 U R [m- PS, sticker]--rough trade {GREENSLEEVES tiny tim type]/a naughty…m- 20
       345 [VG+ PS]—I‘m so wet [ALOUETTE]/the weekend of a hairdresser m- 16 RARE gay records 1968-69 era!!
TOM CANTRELL: OSR 1—big bad earl/same m- xol 4.50 BIG BAD JOHN
THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH: drive 6271—bertha butt encounters vadar/ m- 5 (TROGLODYTE)
CAROLE COBY: epic 9711dj—memphis calling new york city vg+ #ol 8 [chuck berry] great answer ―Memphis‖!!
JOE CODY…BAND: cody 1—60 ways to find your lover/ m- 10 [PAUL SIMON ―50 WAYS…‖]
THE COUNTRY COWBOYS: transplanet 1418—up, up in a spacecraft [OLD SMOKEY]/from this world vg+ wol 10
A COUPLE O‘ JERKS: capital 7243—ron & don [ON & ON]/wake up little floozie [WAKE UP LITTLE SUZY] m- 7.50
COWBOY CHARLIE AND…: bioya 600—deep in the heart of jersey/ m- 13 GREAT parody ―deep…Texas‖ satirical
GINO DANELLI: multi-trac no #--ain‘t no stopping us now (tigers) m- 6 [McFadden and Whitehead parody]
DANGEROUS DIANE…DINETTES…:D.A.M. 70578 [M- PS]—it‘s so easy (to make art) m- 18 Detroit, Ronstadt parody
FLORRAINE DARLIN: epic 9529-long as the rose is red/ vg+ 3 ROSES ARE RED [VINTON]
RRANK DE LIMA & NA KOLOHE: [M- lyric sleeve]—lucille (the hawaiian pidgin version)/same m- 5 goofy! 1981
DING-A-LING: rotten rat 1007—you know what makes me mad?/ m- 10 [THEY‘RE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY]
EDELWEISS: [GERMANY, VG+ PS] wea 247 544—give me edelweiss/ vg+ 4 [ABBA ―S.O.S.‖]
THE EMPEROR: RPR 106dj—I‘m normal/ vg+ 7 exceptional answer to Napoleon XIV!! totally hilarious
FAN CLUB RECORD: [RED WAX, M- PS] #1001—annie kicked the bucket m- 8 later answer to ―annie‖ stuff
AL FERGUSON: new 27914—movin on number two [PARODY snow, etc.]/the mechanics song vg+ 7 flip risque novelty
KENT FINLAY: maverick 37—Christmas time in luckenbach/ m- 4 (willie nelson answer)
GABRIEL AND THE ANGELS: swan 4133—the peanut butter song/all…vg coh 4 mid. r&roll Answer Marathons hit!
GERONIMO: A. B. 953—son of san antone rose/ m- 4.50 self-explained by title
JOHNNY GOLDEN: w.b. 5660dj—hoopie/angel…m- xol 9 A-side LOUIE, LOUIE parody
THE GO LUCKY FOUR: london 102dj—up went nelson m- xol 5 [BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC]
EDDY GORODETSKY, TOM COUCH: 415 no #--wop music m- 5.50 [parody of ―pop music‖ by M]
RONNIE HENSLEY AND CO.: victim 1—hang down your head john hinckley/ vg+ 4 TOM DOOLEY
GUY HERMAN…BOYS: breezeway 2520—I‘m a milwaukeean [KARMA KAMALEON] m- 4.50
JON E. HOLIDAY: atlantic 2091dj—yes I will love you tomorrow/ vg+ xol 7 mid. answer to Shirelles +group, good!
AL HOMBURG: panorama 1008—soldier joe/ vg+ #ol 4.50 [16 tons]
JEFF HUGHES: karen 59—our space man did come back/ vg xol 5.50 [MY BOOMERANG WON‘T COME BACK]
GRANGER HUNT…BELIEVERS: josie 925dj—motor mouth/ vg+ 12 sort of‖ ―Papa Oom Mow Mow‖ meets Roger Miller!!
THE IDOLATORS: [M- PS] atteiram 1123—heart throb [WILD THING]/austin idol for president m-10 tribute flip wrestling
JERRY JAYE: swan 41\216dj—pizza marie/flippin… m- 8 LAZY MARY ―italian‖ parody, slow flip not novelty
RICK JOHNSON: D 1039—reprieve of tom dooley/ m- #ol 14 midslow, sung from Tom Dooley‘s point of view
CLEDUS T. JUDD: razor & tie 93018 07647—livin‘ like john travolta [LIVIN‘ LA VIDA LOCA]/ vg+ 3.50
       82835—wives do it all the time [GUYS DO IT ALL THE TIME]/first redneck on the internet m- 5 flip not parody
KARDAZ: pittsburgh penguins 759 [YELLOW WAX]—the mighty guins m- 8 THE MIGHTY QUINN
MICKEY KATZ: EP [NO COVER] rca PB 3193—take me back t‘zu die prairie [RED RIVER VALLEY] +3 vg 3 pre-capitol!
       [EP, VG+ PIC COVER] capitol album 1-799—sixteen tons/haim afen range [HOME ON…] +2 vg+ 5
IVAN KAVANOVICH: elko 1—dear jimmie/ vg+ 6 rare answer DEAR IVAN jimmy dean hit
BECKY LAMB: w.b. 7158dj—love, tommy/ m- 7 midslow KID answers her own Little Becky‘s Christmas Wish
LORD SIVERS &…: [BARBADOS] tropitone 671—b-a-r-b-a-d-o-s I love you/ G 3.50 RARE!! [RAG MOP ames bros.]
BUDDY MacGREGOR: cub 9055—the RED deck of cards/ vg+ 5
MAK-MUSIC CJ‘S: wmak radio 244—ballard [sic] of copper hill vg- 4 [won‘t you come home bill bailey]
THE AL MARTIN SIX: bell 605dj—the baby beatle walk vg 9 midtempo Instr, answer BABY ELEPHANT WALK
MARTIN MAYTAG: [M- PS] kramer 1002—space creature (I like it!)/ m- 10 [TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS]
MICKEY AND SYLVIA: rca 8517dj—let‘s shake some more/ m- 5.50 answer ―Let the Good time roll‖ (flip ballad duet)
MARY ANN MILES: kick off 201—I‘ll be gone (answer to don‘t answer the door), parts i/ii vg+ 12 rare original label
PICASSO‘S TRIGGER: [M- PS] nude no #--old MacDonald bought an uzi m- 7 ‘91 punk answer …HAD A FARM
ROCKIN‘ SIDNEY: bally hoo 1017—play joli blon for me vg+ sol 5
LARRY ROLLINS: sun rize 120—ain‘t gonna play your cheatin‘ heart again m- 5
ROXANNE WITH UTFO: select 11828—the real roxanne/roxanne, roxanne m- 4 part of the Roxanne rap series
ROYAL TEENS: mighty 111—leotards/ m- 18 RARE Fifties answer to ―Short Shorts‖ their hit a year earlier…
SANDY & LOUIE: dore 817—morris and doris m- sol 13 [HELLO MUDDUH HELLO FADDUH]
MURRAY SCHAFF: king 4977—tombstone number 9 vg+ sol 16 RARE ―16 tons‖ parody
FARON SHADE: aljean 3063—okies from muskogee never die m- 13 rare!!
ALLAN SHERMAN: w.b. 5435—(heart) SKIN/the drop-outs march m- 4 A-side parodies Eddie Fisher 1954 hit
       [ENGLAND] w.b. 115—won‘t you come home disraeli? m- 12 [BILL BAILEY] non-U.S.
SAMMY SHORE: X 0187—seventeen tons/what is a skunk? vg+ 7 ―16 tons‖ parody is totally hilarious as well
SKIP & JOE: CANADA kin-gar 415—the dam song vg 4 [Columbia River near Castlegar BC– WABASH CANNONBALL]
FRED SMALL: [VG- TITLE SLEEVE, WRINKLED!] aquifer no #--walk on the SUPPLY side vg+ 10 Lou Reed, vs. REAGAN
WEE WILLIE SMALL…: miggit 101—tall people m- wol 9 ORIGINAL LABEL – ―short people‖
JEANNE SULLIVAN: flag 811—another great war to end vg+ #ol 4.50 [BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC]
TINY TIM: clouds 17—tip toe to the gas pumps m- 4.,50 [TIP TOE THRU THE TULIPS]
RENE TOUZET: GNP cresc. 135dj—cuban purple people eater vg 8 VERY goofy Sheb Wooley parody, cool!!
TITUS TURNER: glover 201—we told you not to marry/ vg+ 7 midtempo r&roll, ANSWER Lloyd Price big hit
THE WATERDOGS: [CANADA] london 2670—shark shark vg+ sol 8 [BEEP BEEP playmates! 1978, a surprise!]
GORDON WAYNE: [M- PS] kurl 6601—warrior brave m- 6 [answer ―RED WING‖ per sleeve, very nice photo]
KITTY WELLS: decca 28232—it wasn‘t God…tonk angels/I don‘t want your money I want your time vg sol 4 BOTH!!
W H RECORDS: #2632—G. S. parody vg 4 (Great Society) [BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC] from 60s
COLLY WILLIAMS: ry-an 501—you know I‘ll love you tomorrow/ vg 7 Great group, mid. r&r answer shirelles/mf r&r
BOB WILLIAMSON: [ENGLAND] emi 2503—kippers for tea vg+ 3.50 [SAVE YOUR KISSES FOR ME]

THE BEATLES & MURRAY THE ―K‖: FAIRWAY NO #--―as it happened‖ m- 15 now-rare boot releases 1964 interview!
BRAD BERWICK: [RARE, VG- PS] clinton 1012—I‘m better than the beatles m- 32 rare rock & rolls!
BONNIE BROOKS: u.a. 708—bring back my beatles (to me) vg+ 12 ―my bonnie‖ parody as well…
BY THE PEOPLE: zebra 102—come back beatles m- 10 scarce 70s mid. rock tribute
CHUG AND DOUG: charger 101dj—ringo comes to town/ m- 23 RARE mid. Mersey TRIBUTE, flip ―my girl‖ is r&roll
JOE DIFFIE: epic 78202—bigger than the beatles m- 4.50 ―hidden‖ tribute from 1995!
FELTON JARVIS: [METAL ACETATE] music city/ABC—knickle knuckle vg+ 15 stealing hubcaps off Beatles‘ car etc!!
JOHN‘S BIGGEST FAN: dakota 1—(we need) gun control/revolution 2 m- 10
CASEY KASEM: w.b. 5474—letter from elaina vg+ 10 with ―and I love her‖ string music background
THE KID& THE REBEL: [M- PS] totally blank label!!—john lennon is dead m- 15 punk 1980
CARL LERTZMAN…BO-WEEVILS: united states 1934—the beetles will getcha/ vg+ 22 mf r&roll +girls/mid
JOHN LINNELL: [M- PS] maui zone 101—the dream lives on m- 15 from Kahului, Hawaii!
LUXUS APARTMENT: [NETHERLANDS] de 1000 idioten 4444—de neester van de zesde klas heeft BEATLEHAAR m- 6
―SONG HITS‖ EP: 28 [NO COVER]—we love you beatles (and 3 unrelated tracks) vg+ 7

STU ALLEN: rowax 803—jordon blooper/ vg 5 now-scarce 1963 break-in about astronaut
BEN BLUR///AARON PLANE: mark-X 8007dj—the chariot race///the flight vg+ 7 very scarce on DJ
BUCHANAN AND ANCELL: flying saucer 501—the creature (from a science fiction movie)/meet the creature vg+ 7
BUCHANAN AND GOODMAN: novelty 301 [orange label, block print logo]—frankenstein of ‘59, i/ii vg+ wol 5.50
BUCHANAN AND GREENFIELD: novel 711dj—the invasion m- xol 14 about THE BEATLES hitting it big here
JIM CAMILLI: [YELLOW WAX] no label stated—a tribute to the ―king of rock & roll‖ vg+ 7 1977 elvis death
DAN DAYTON: JEMKL 3290—skyblab m- 9 1974
D. J. DAN: star stage 7710—star warn m- 22 RARE 1977 during Star Wars release, Wisconsin
TONY FARRAR: trans-atlas 14001dj—blast from the past/ vg+ xol 22 RARE, early 60s teener uses break-in songs!
BILL FERN: sport 505—the big game vg wol 17 very rarely see this
FRANK AND JACK: bergen 100—‗twas the night before Christmas/jingle bells m- 11 ORIGINAL LABEL, sound effects
DICKIE GOODMAN: red bird 10058—batman & his grandmother/suspense m- wol 5
        ramco 501—speaking of ecology/dayton‘s theme 6.50 RARE, 1970 era Earth Day!!
        goodname 7100—safe sex report/ m- 17 late but RARE
THE GOOD, THE BAD, & SISTER UGLY: sister ugly‘s 2—behind the theatre door & the resurrection… m- 62 RARE! ‗74
HEGGENESS & WEST: [M- PS] clowd 7302—doctor gorrie‘s laboratory m- 26 rare Minnesota 1973
JOHNNY KALLUM: GRT 048dj—patty and friends/same vg+ 4.50 Patricia Hearst kidnapping and conversion
SCOTT KEY: pyramid 8002dj—town cryer m- 7.50 the ride of Paul Revere, 70s release
MAD MARTIANS: satellite 33617—outer space looters, parts i/ii vg+ 12 1957, one of the BEST of genre, Oklahoma!
DAN MARTIN: zot! 69—king kluck m- xol 32 RARE 70s – eagles, david dundas, etc.
MARTY: novelty 101—marty on planet mars [parts i/ii] vg+ 17 RARE Fifties, longer music clips exceed ―Fair Use…‖
BYRON McNAUGHTON & HIS…: jamie 1427—right from the shark‘s jaws (…interview)/ vg+ 6 better than ―Mr. Jaws‖!!
REX MILLER: abnak 107dj—ringo‘s doctor vg coh 21 RARE from 1964
MISTER HIPP: u.s.a 867dj—sloopy and the red moron [FLIP IS BLANK, NEVER ISSUED ON STOCK!] m- 16 Chicago60s
―SKINNY‖ JOHNNY MITCHELL: KCPX—pres. board the jimmy smarter/the first…vg+ 10 RARE! Salt Lake City 70s
HARV MOORE: american arts 20dj—interview of the fab four m- 72 VERY rare, this sometimes lists over $100
M. C. MOR: dearborn 622—will L. B. J. go all the way, parts i/ii vg wol 13 rare Detroit 1968 (before he said no)
RON CAMERON NAZY: trey 3013—interviews Mr. Ickson/interviews Mr. Benady m- 6.50 1960 politics
THE NEWSHOUNDS: [RED WAX] ragun 001—the press conference [FLIP IS BLANK] m- 4.50 released quickly 1981!
THE POI BOYS: collectors 138—gas lines/convention confusion m- 17 HAWAII [KPOI], released 1973 first gas crisis
ROAD HOG AND THE NEON CACTUS: epic 50305dj—the presidential debate/same m- sol 5.50 1976
JAY ROSEN & JIMMY MACK: perfection A—a night at the garden/an interview… m- 27 doowop, etc. 1970 era
RUFF AND REDDY: [RED WAX] cavalier 876—henry goes to the moon, parts i/ii vg wol 12 scarce 1959
LEE SHERWOOD & PAT CASSIDY: WMAQ 670 #7737—blizzard of ‘79/same m- 8 Chicago now scarce
SLOBOS: nebra 113—famous willie‘s birthday party m- 8
SUSAN SMITH: dynamic sound 502—a letter from susan/ vg+ 8 rare BUCHANAN-GREENFIELD production
MANNY SOOTZ AND THE THIEVES: pirate 841—cape canaveral, i/ii vg+ 10 scarce, from 1958
STEVE SOUL: king 6216—james brown a talk with the news vg+ sol 18 rare soul break-in, 60s
SPENCER & SPENCER: gone 5053—stagger lawrence/ vg xol 5 scarce 1959 lloyd-price-meets-lawrence-welk
THE TALKING JUKE BOX: republican 1974dj—the talking juke box, parts i/ii m- 124 haven‘t seen THIS in ages…
BILL TAYLOR: citation 5002--income taxes and you/lullaby to carolyn vg+ 24 two breakins early 60s Milwaukee
LEE TULLY: flair-X 3007—around the world with elwood pretzel, parts i/I [vg 7] [m- 14] rare 50s, ―fake‖ versions
VIK VENUS &…ROCK BAND: buddah 138dj—moonjack m- 10 RARER than Moonflight, songs ―fake Chipmunks‖
WILLIE WACKER: feather 6712—big texas bird m- 11 rare Rio Grande Valley 1976
THE ZANIES: dore 852dj—will the real dr. frankenstein please stand up m- 19 scarce early 70s

THE BEEJAYS: [M- PS] club 86—my boyfriend‘s back m- 10 same lyrics, done explicitly gay in approach, funny!
THE JOAN COLLINS‘ FAN CLUB: [ENGLAND, M- PS] 10 #227—jacques m- 12 GREAT storysong in heavy gay voice
RUTH WALLIS: [M- TITLE SLEEVE] ruth wallis calypso party no #--de gay young lad/salty…[flip not gay] m- 8

JEFF BARRY: rca 7797—the face from outer space vg- 4 humorous about space alien wanting to be host in a human!
CALYPSO CARNIVAL: columbia 40866—zombie jamboree/ m- 5.50 calypso novelty lightly HORROR
CARBON UNIT: [CANADA] duke 71008—the martian hop/the marsh [WARP, PLAY OK} 4 redo; flip Instr. implies UFO‘s
BENAE CAROL: fresh 2105—the werewolf/ m- 13 horror teener!
SONY CHRISTOPHER: sabre 207—texas shines…/little green men m- 4 flip about extraterrestrials
       venus, land of love/venus calling vg 13 mid. guy///mid. female,Gloria is like Yma Sumac! totally out there…rare
JIMMY DORSEY: [m- ps] golden 286 [6 inch yellow 78rpm]—my friend the ghost/ vg+ 5 scarce with the sleeve!
RICKY DURHAM: jubilee 1003dj--mr. were wolf/ m- 10 mid. novelty r&rollish, rare
JOHNNY FEVER: rca 9071dj—zombie/ vg+ 5 mid. r&roll, edge of horror to it
BILLY GHOLSTON: rel 101—monsters ‗a go-go/zombie stomp vg xol 7 mf/ms r&rollish, early 60s horror
HEGGENESS AND WEST: clowd 7403—doctor gorrie‘s press conference/ m- 10 ―comedy intereview‖ horror Minn.
S. HOOPER & R. NEVEL: spiral arms no #--the fly/the monolith from silicon gulch m- 5 light horror flip (computers?)
JOHNN (BORIS) JONES: dore 682dj—surfer smash/ m- wol 20 RARE, mid. novelty r&roll answer song, Dracula voice
JUST WATER: just 2072—king kong/ m- 8 70s rock horror
THE KORDS: laurie 3403dj—boris the spider/ vg wol 4 instr. horror
DON LORG: [M- PS] silver 801—bloody bones/a gory story m- 11 RARE ‘72 horror from Oklahoma
MICHAEL AND THE SWAT TEAM: daywest 708—I am the fly!/things that go bump in the night M- 8 Movie ―The Fly‖
MORTICIA: [M- PS] bat no #--you scare me to death/zombie love m- 11 now scarce 80s horror
JOEL PORTER MUNSEY: grand theft 102—godzilla/crazyman m- 9 scarce 70s rock about the Tokyo movie monster
BOBBY (BORIS) PICKETT: metromedia 0089dj-me and my mummy/same m- 7
       easy street 4513—monster rap/igor‘s holiday m- 10 haven‘t had a copy of this in 7 or 8 years…
THE VIC PLATI QUINTET: brave hearts no #--the chiller/ m- 8 early 60s horror
QUANTUM JUMP: [ENGLAND] the electric 33—the séance (too spooky) m- 5.50 occult, 1977
THE RAGING PEASANTS: don‘t 6 [M- PS]—ballad of the headless skateboarder/ m- 5.50 Milwaukee ―horror‖ 1992
THE REVILLOS: [UK] superville 1001 [with m- PS]—she‘s fallen in love with a monster man/ vg+ 10 GREAT horror!!!
       pasha 03553—graveyard groove/ m- 4.50
DAVE RODDY: warner-seven 7187—the last goodbye/ m- coh 5.50 midslow narration, ghost story!! (didn‘t expect this)
MICKEY ROONEY: SSR int. 001—the pumpkin man/drac countula vg+,dusty 17 song/narration, both horror, very RARE
TERRY TEENE: iowa no #--curse of the hearse/ m- 125 one of the more out-there and better ones!!
COKE WILLIS: daco 101—the gleep! vg+ 15 great r&roll novelty ‘61 era? ―it came out of the ocean deep…‖

JACK ARMSTRONG: white dove 006 [CANADA]—the king of rock n roll/ m- 7 from 1978
[WITH LOVE FROM] AUDREY: plus 104—dear elvis, parts i/ii vg+ 23 BREAK-IN, haven‘t had a nice copy in years!!!
BILLY CRAIN: demo 8695—a tribute to ―elvis‖/ m- 5.50
IVAN DAINES: [CANADA] the living room 726—elvis presley‘s song
JOHN DUMMER AND HELEN APRIL: [ENGLAND] red shadow 009—own up (if you‘re over 21)/ m- 15 Elvis,Berry, etc.
BOB HALEY: sly fox 2879—lisa, daddy loves you/the ballad of a king m- 4.50
SKIP JACKSON: [ENGLAND] alaska 2010—the greatest star of all/ m- 13
MO KLEIN AND THE SARGENTS: crystalete 722--alright private/ vg+ xol 7 ‘59 when he went into the Army
RONNIE RORY LANE: major 001—elvis we‘re missing you/same m- 5.50 Milsap type ballad, 1988, rare?
MOJO NIXON & SKID ROPER: enigma 040—elvis is everywhere/ m- 5 GREAT SATIRE/SPOOF on Elvis fandom
JUAN RAMOS: teardrop 3397—elvis presley: el rey del rock n‘ roll/ vg+ 5
PETER SINGH: screamingoutforredrecords no #--elvis, I‘m on the phone! m- 5 mf r&roll tribute, 1982
BRIAN SKLAR: uptown 111 88-‗57/‘57 [CANADIAN] m- 10 nostalgia rock & roll ment. Elvis, Peggy Sue, Susie Q, etc.

FRANK ATKINS: A & A mp #--cincinnati‘s rose/(instr.) m- 6 pete rose tribute
ROGER BAIN: barking gecko 10655—thanks mister banks/ m- 5 ernie banks tribute ‗79
THE BAYNOTES: phoenix of calif. 1 [VG+ TITLE SLEEVE]—the swingin‘ A‘s/A‘s interelude m- 4.50 for Oakland team
JIMMY BEE: u.a. 50843dj—vida blue, parts i/ii m- 4.50
BIG ROY: chisholm 1003—the bears are back/same m- #ol 3.50 mid. c&w, BAYLOR UNIV. team, 70s
GEORGE BLANDA: [vg+ PS] daybreak 1002—it‘s never too late/this old house vg+ 7 Oakland Raiders player early 70s
SAL CARSON: astro 4981—49ers so proud and bold/ m- 3.50 Calif. 70s
WALTER CARTER AND THE MVP‘S: homer 001—great american game/ vg+ 4 sort of protest – it‘s a money game now
TERRY CASHMAN: [VG TITLE SLEEVE] lifesong 45111—talkin‘ baseball (baseball in K.C.)/ m- 4
ALLAN CASWELL: [AUSTRALIA?] emi custom 13515—the Australia‘s cup m- 4 midtempo singer-songwriter, guitar
CLEVELAND INDIANS: [M- PS] #004010—indian fever/same m- 4.50 from Cleveland station WWWE
LEE COLE: [M- TITLE SLEEVE] all pro 102—ballad of the miami dolphins/ m- 4
CONN. TWINS ORCH.: stella 2075—new york yankee‘s polka/brooklyn dodger‘s polka vg sol 4.50 RARE
DODGER RECORD LIBRARY: [M- PS] #3/#9—willie davis/al ferrara m- 12 ALL PS have good drawings of interviewees
      #5/#41 [M- PS]—jim Lefebvre/lou johnson m- 12       #6/#39 [M- PS]—ron fairly/howie reed m- 12
      #8/#15 [M- PS]—jone roseboro/bob miller m- 12        #10/#53 [M- PS]—jeff torberg/DON DRYSDALE m- 24
      #12/#16 [M- PS]—tommy davis/ron perranoski m- 12 #20/#30 [M- PS]—don sutton/MAURY WILLS m- 24
      #19/#222—jim gilliam/buzzie bavasi [vg+ no PS 3.50] [WITH M- PS, record m- also, 12]
      #23/#111 [M- PS]—claude osteen/walter F. O‘malley m- 16 #28/#29 [PS M-] wes parker/nate oliver m- 12
      [M- PS] #24/#27—walt alston/phil regan m- 12 NOTE: ALL ARE INTERVIEWS WITH VIN SCULLY
DANNY GOODMAN CONCESSIONS: EP no #--last inning sandy koufax perfect game [Scully reproduction] vg 4
TOM HORNER: art pro 9001—slid into home/same m- m- 3.50 baseball metaphors, re: cheating on wife
THE HOT STOVERS: [CANADA, M- PS] rca 50347—red, white and win/ m- 5 re: Canadian pro hockey in general
BRUCE INNES MUSIC: [CANADA, M- PS] blue label no #--B. C. lions fever 3:22 and 5:02 m- 4
LARRY JENNINGS: new sun 9—america‘s team/same m- 4 dallas cowboys
DON LEWIS: capa 140—king of football/bamas tiny giants #2 vg+ 4 mid-60s scarce football tribute Ala.
JIMMIE MADDIN: [VG+ TITLE SLEEVE] golden west 1001—big frank/ vg+ 8 ―the paul bunyan of the bat‖
CARMEN MORENO: [M- PS] kelly 101—go fernando (vocal/inst) m- 5.50 Valenzuela
HOWIUE NEWMAN: [M- PS] major league 3302—traded/blasted in the bleachers/astroturf +2 vg+ 6.50
NEW MARINES: [M- TITLE SLEEVE] pro america no #--I like baseball/ m- 4 Calif. 1980
AL PERRY: love 2019—willie (stargell)/ m- 4.50
LOS PINGUINOS DEL NORTE: arhoolie 529—corrido de cesar chavez/ m- 3.50
THE ROYALS BLUES BROTHERS: barbecue 1047—royals victory polka/ m- 4
THE SKETCH: [M- PS & LYRICS, WRITING] loose leaf 103—25th anniversary special/ m- 5 when Brooklyn Dodgers left
RAYNOLA SMITH: cain and able 3118—the legend of ―satchel‖ paige (don‘t look back) m- 7
SON‘S OF ANDREW: [CANADA, VG+ PS] juniper 002—(o canada) we‘ll proudly play for you/ m- 3.50 SOCCER
EDWIN TORRES: viterect 7011—(goodbye adios) roberto clemente/eulogy for roberto m- 7 rare slow soul talker trib.
YORK MILLS TRIO: the detroit sound 233—sockit to ‗em tigers (with/without crowd) m- 6 mf tribute, late Sixties Mich.

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