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					                           Martha Cook Building
                            Alumnae Newsletter
                           h tt p: / / w w w .u mi ch .e du /~ m caa /                       S pr ing 200 6

                                                                 proxies (in case a Rep has to be absent) attend the
    MCB Voted Residence Hall of the Year!                        meetings regularly even though they're not required,
                                                                 and none of the other proxies do for other halls.
Announcement from incoming House Board President
Christina Talamonti to current residents:                        What‘s the impact of this award?
                                                                 I think it has increased the pride in MCB. I know a lot of
Dear Cookies,                                                    people have said to me how happy and proud they are.
I have the greatest news ever. Tonight at the RHA                It boosts their spirit about living in the building, I think.
[Residence Halls Association] Banquet, they announced            I've heard a few people say, "Well Martha Cook should
the winner and I am so proud to say that MARTHA                  be ResHall of the Year every year!" because that's how
COOK IS THE RESIDENCE HALL OF THE YEAR! If you                   much we love this building.
see Heidi Ziegenmeyer, Nimmy George, Kelsey McBride,
or Bhavika Megchiani, please THANK them for all of their
hard work. I have entire confidence that Kelsey and                   We Need Your Help to “Raise the Roof!”
YaoYao will continue that wonderful work next year. We
now have a trophy and a banner to be placed over MCB!            Please keep in mind that your gifts to the MCB Capital
Also. . . I am ecstatic to announce that Heidi was               Fund will help keep a roof over our residents‘ heads!
surpassing over 40 other reps from different dorms.

Residence Hall Rep of the Year Heidi Ziegenmeyer
answers questions about MCB‘s awards for Residence
Hall and RHA Rep of the Year:

                            What are the criteria for the
                            The criteria for ResHall of
                            the Year are quantity/
                            quality of events in the                                  (It really is this bad.)
                            building, RHA Rep partici-
                            pation in RHA, hall unity/
                            spirit, any new initiatives
                            the hall had, and the
                            appearance of the bid for                         2006 Dates to Remember
                            ResHall of the Year. The
                            criteria for RHA Rep of the                 May 20, noon: Spring Potluck at MCB
Year RHA meeting attendance, participation at the                       June 4, 2 pm: Fundraising Committee, MCB
meetings, committee participation, and general                          June 24, 2 pm: LSA 50th Reunion Tea
helpfulness.                                                            October: MCB Alumnae Newsletter mailed
                                                                        December 9: Holiday Brunch at the Detroit
Why do you think MCB won this award?                                     Yacht Club.
I know that one contributing factor to ResHall of the                   December: MCB Annual Report mailed
Year was our International Tea. That got us a lot of
bonus points because of its cultural theme and that it            MCAA Board Meetings, 1 pm in the Red Room
brought together a LOT of different students/student               May 7 & June 11; for rest of schedule, see
groups on campus. Another factor is that our RHA Rep              website or contact mjsmart2@juno.com.
                                                               Sheila Davis, Kathy Emmolo, Marti Morris Keefe, Kelsey
     Spring Tea 2006: “Women Leading                           McBride, Kathy Moberg, Marion Scher, Debbie Slaven,
     Women, a Martha Cook Tradition”                           Jodie Woznica, and Lynn Zwinck.
     Nancy E. Short ‗03, Chair

With warm sunshine streaming in and Wendy Rollin ‘69
playing beautiful music on our beloved Steinway, we
truly felt we had ―Come Home to Tea‖ on Saturday April
8, our 7th Annual. One hundred three alumnae and
guests shared the afternoon.

Current Cookies offered ever-popular room tours and
sold memorabilia at the MCBoutique in the Red Room.
Honorary tea pourers took turns in the Gold Room, while
guests mingled and enjoyed favorite Martha Cook
delicacies, including two special cakes (one 3-tiered and
one a teapot) created by MCB staff.

Mary Beth Hicks Nicholson ‗90 played the bagpipes to
call Cookies to the Gold Room to hear keynote speaker              Wendy Rollin ‘69 ―The Piano Lady‖, Dr. Susan K. Smith ‗57
and MCB friend, Vice President for Student Affairs E.
Royster Harper. Her talk, ―Women Leading Women, a
                                                                     What Do You Think about a “Women
                                                                     Leading Women” Pilot Project?

                                                               Inspired by E. Royster Harper‘s talk at the Spring Tea,
                                                               we would like to start a mentoring program to include
                                                               both current residents and alums. We would find a way
                                                               electronically to connect you to each other, to share
                                                               information on relocating, careers, being a new mom—
                                                               all to be defined with your needs in mind.

                                                                    Do you think this is a good idea?
                                                                    Would you like to help us get started? (You don‘t
                                                                     need to live in the area—we can conference you in
                                                                     by phone and include you in email distributions.)
    VP for Student Affairs and MCB friend, E. Royster Harper
                                                                    Do you have ideas about what this should look like?
                                                                    Do you think you might consider participating as a
Martha Cook Tradition‖ painted a picture of the current
                                                                     mentor and/or mentee?
status of women at the university, and in the state and
nation. She called on us all to renew college bonds of
                                                               Please send your comments to Cindy Rose, cynthiarose1
friendship and mentor younger generations.                     @gmail.com, 248-661-5057, or via the response sheet
                                                               on page 12 of this newsletter.
On to the MCAA Annual Meeting, where Martha Esch
Smart ‗67 was elected President for a one-year term,
and Anne Schallhorn-Parker '71 and Rhonda DeMason                    LSA (and Others) 50th Reunion Tea
'77 were elected to the MCAA Board for three-year
terms. Anyone who would like to serve on the board             In conjunction with the LSA 50th Reunion Weekend, the
should contact Phyllis Taylor at phtaylor@umich.edu for        Martha Cook Building invites members of the 1955 and
more information.                                              1956 classes for tea and cookies on Saturday, June 24
                                                               at 2 pm. Cookies who attended schools other than LSA
Catherine Walsh Davis ‘70, who is stepping down from           are also welcome. Honorary hosts of the event are Judy
the Board of Governors, was recognized for her many            Arnold Angood '57 and Art Angood '56. Both Judy‘s and
years of service and presented with a framed vintage           Art's mothers are Martha Cook alumnae.
MCB postcard from the ‗20s by Kathy Moberg ‘79.
                                                               If you plan to attend the LSA 50th reunion, please RSVP
Many thanks to all those who made the 7th Annual               for the tea by noting it on the registration form or call
Spring Tea so successful: all the Cookies, current and         734-998-7258. If you‘d like to come for tea but are not
alumnae, who participated; our wonderful dining and            registering for the weekend, please respond directly to
facility staffs; and the 2006 Spring Tea Committee:            Marion Scher at mscher@umich.edu or 734-763-2084.

    Something to Believe In
      Phyllis Taylor ‘91, MCAA President
A blank screen stares back at me as I begin to write my
last president's article for the MCAA newsletter. I
remember typing my first back in September of 2004!
Then I wondered if I would be a good president, and I
challenged each of you "to show, in whatever way you
can, that Martha Cook is something you believe in."
Well, I think we all rose to the occasion!

Our "candle-bearing procession caroled its way through
the halls" and we "gathered together the choicest spirits
of the University" at two holiday brunches. Cookies
continued "coming home" to spring teas, hearing                     Cookies and their moms at Holiday Brunch 2005
enlightening and inspiring talks by U-M Law Library Dir-
ector Margaret Leary ("Discovering Mr. Cook") and U-M       mingled while enjoying the flute stylings of current
VP for Student Affairs, E. Royster Harper ("Women           resident Lisa Lenz ‘07. Brunch began with the
Leading Women"). And some-
                                                            traditional roll call of classes and candle lighting
where along the way we had                                  ceremony. After a heartfelt rendition of ―Grace,‖
the time (and energy!) to
                                                            Cookies enjoyed a delicious meal and then gathered to
successfully pull off a wonder-
                                                            sing holiday carols. Elisabeth Johnston ‘03 remarked ―I
ful 90th Anniversary, which                                 love this annual event – after such a successful 90th
included installing our newest
                                                            Celebration, it was great to reconvene with old and new
"resident," Edwina. Created
                                                            friends and enjoy the traditions of Martha Cook.‖
by alumna Edwina Jaques ‗70,
the life-size sculpture stands
                                                            2006 Holiday Brunch--Mark your calendars now!
in the foyer welcoming wom-                                 The 2006 Holiday Brunch will be on December 9th at the
en from around the world to
                                                            Detroit Yacht Club. Details will be on the website. For
the sisterhood of Martha
                                                            information contact Nancy Short at shortn@umich.edu
Cook.                                                       or 202-390-5766. Invitations are sent to alumnae in
                                                            southeastern Michigan, but if you live outside this area
As my presidency comes to an end, I want to thank that
                                                            and would like to receive one, please contact Nancy.
sisterhood—the dedicated cookies who planned,
volunteered at, supported, and attended these events.
Even if you weren't able to join us, I know from your            Kathy Emmolo's Retirement Tea
calls, cards, and emails that you appreciate our efforts          Kathy Graneggen Moberg '79
and are thrilled to know that the building and her
alumnae are thriving. It has been my pleasure to serve      Family, friends, staff and residents gathered in the Gold
you as your president. It is my hope that I have indeed     Room on April 12 for an elegant afternoon tea to honor
inspired you to show, in whatever way you can, that         retiring Dining Services Manager, Kathy Emmolo. Tables
Martha Cook is something you believe in.                    were laden with sweet and savory delicacies and the
                      ~~~                                   silver urn was filled with tea. As a gift from Director
Phyllis has served on the MCAA Board for 6 years (2 as
president). She was scholarship chair for several years
and will continue to serve on the Scholarship Advisory
Committee, where she has worked to standardize
policies and improve the application process. On behalf
of Cookies here and everywhere, thank you, Phyllis, for
your leadership and dedicated service to MCAA!

    2005 Holiday Brunch
     Angie Bur Debelak ‘02 and Nancy E. Short ‘03
                                                            Marion Scher, the barbershop quartet, Sharp Attack,
Sixty alumnae and guests gathered at the Fox and
                                                            (pictured above) serenaded Kathy and her husband
Hounds restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, MI for the annual
                                                            Tom, well-known at MCB for his carving skills at special
Holiday Brunch on Saturday, December 10. Alums
                                                            Sunday brunches.

Kathy first came to MCB in 1990 as dining services              Working for Rolls Royce (manufacturing luxury cars
supervisor. She left in1992 to work in Markley Hall, and         comes second to making aircraft engines)
returned in 1995 as manager. She has done an                    L'Oreal U.S.A. in New York with a position in
exemplary job, managing with a gentle and skilled hand,          marketing
and always keeping our residents her number one                 Teaching in an inner-city New York high school
priority.                                                       Non-profit fundraiser in Washington D.C.
                                                                Two women go on to medical school
                                                                One woman plans on veterinary research and vet
                                                                 school. Her goals include curing a major disease
                                                                 such as Avian Flu or Alzheimer's.
                                                                A Cookie has a job as an actuarial consultant and
                                                                 plans to marry the man of her dreams in June 2006
                                                                On to the Ross Business School for a Masters of
                                                                A crocheting cookie continues on to a Ph.D. program
                                                                 in Geography at U.C. Davis
                                                                Graduate program in Arts Administration
                                                                And for other graduating women the future holds
                                                                 yet-to-be-decided graduate school or employment.
           Kathy, Tom, and Tina Emmolo
                                                            Great pride and earnest Martha Cook good wishes follow
                                                            each graduating woman. We have known them well for
While containing costs in our small and aging facilities,
                                                            a spell and look forward to keeping au fait with the rest
Kathy has added a hot bar to the pantry and a salad bar,
                                                            of their lives.
deli bar, and smaller appliances such as waffle maker
and panini iron to the dining room. Her staff of 9
produces nearly 300 meals and 14 Friday teas per term,           Welcome, New Cookie Alumnae!
including numerous special occasions like the dinners for
new and graduating women, Turnover Dinner, faculty
                                                            We welcome you to the sisterhood of Cookie Alumnae
and friends dinners, Thanksgiving Brunch, the formal
                                                            everywhere (and as full members of the MCAA), and
Messiah Dinner and the annual alumnae Spring Tea.
                                                            look forward to many long and continuing friendships!
This is all done with grace, caring and style. Filling
Kathy's shoes will be challenging.
                                                            Spring 2006 graduates: Eunice Ahn, Karen Barr,
                                                            Bonnie Grow, Londisa Halili, Jessica Hambey, Christine
Kathy quietly made known that her heart's desire as a
                                                            Hayes, Andrea Holowecky, SunHee Kim, Alexis Olive,
retirement gift was to have a heart on Edwina, MCB's
                                                            Carolyn Senger, Michele Tobias, Vanessa Tobias, Jodie
new statue. How generous to say that the best gift we
                                                            Woznica, Lynn Zwinck.
could give her was a gift to the Martha Cook Building!
Friends heeded her request, and a large gold heart now
                                                            December 2005 graduates: Saharay Cosio, Megan
hangs in her honor. In addition, our residents,
                                                            McCall, Ann Reister.
represented by House Board President, Christina
Talamonti, surprised Kathy with an ivory heart.

The ceremonies closed with a special proclamation from          MCAA Dues Are Voluntary, but Needed
the Board of Governors declaring that Kathy has earned           Jennifer Shaw ‘00, ‘01, MCAA Treasurer
the title "Cookie" and is an honorary Martha Cook
alumna. We will not say good-bye, but rather "see you       Many Cookies may remember when MCAA charged
soon!"                                                      mandatory membership dues each year. About a year
                                                            ago, however, MCAA decided to eliminate mandatory
                                                            dues. We now welcome all Cookies as official members
    “Oh, Happy Home of Golden Memories”                     upon graduation.
     Marion Scher, MCB Director
                                                            Still, we rely on your voluntary dues and donations to
As I write, the 2006-2007 school year is rapidly drawing    help support the Holiday Brunch, Spring Tea, and other
to a close. "Oh, happy home of golden memories"             MCAA events. MCAA also offers a gift to the building
expresses the experience of, I would dare to say, all of    each year and provides an award to the Most Valuable
our Cookie residents. Our fourteen women who                Resident. Your financial support makes all these things
graduate this term will move on to another chapter in       possible! If you are able, please help MCAA continue
their lives. What will they be doing? Where will they be    these rich traditions by offering your voluntary dues this
going? The answers are varied:                              year!

                                                            Spring Tea was a great success and I am honored to
     An Abundance of Gifts                                  have been a part of it. It was wonderful to surprise
     Jodie Woznica, ‗05-‗06 House Board President
                                                            Kathy Emmolo with a second heart on Edwina, but it is
                                                            difficult to say good-bye to such a great manager. I am
                         It is my pleasure to proclaim      extremely excited about the biggest high point of my
                         the 2005-2006 school year a
                                                            term—Martha Cook winning the Resi-dence Hall of the
                         success! In addition to the tra-   Year award at the Residence Hall Association on April
                         ditional social events we've
                                                            13. In addition, our own Heidi Ziegenmeyer was named
                         always enjoyed, the Martha
                                                            RHA Representative of the Year. Thanks to the efforts of
                         Cook community enjoyed
                                                            our reps Heidi, Nimmy
                         Saturday dinners out, movie        George, Kelsey McBride,
                         nights, and RHA-inspired events
                                                            and Bhavika Megchiani, we
                         such as a scavenger hunt and
                                                            will have a trophy to add to
                         ―eating in the dark‖—an
                                                            our collection and a banner
                         evening dedicated to under-
                                                            to be hung over Martha
standing the obstacles overcome by the blind.
What gives me the greatest pleasure, however, is to
                                                            With all of this happening
report on the abundant selflessness displayed by our
                                                            less than a month into my
Cookies throughout the year. As a contribution to the
                                                            term, I can only expect
University-affiliated Community Action Network's
                                                            more great things to come
―Sponsor-a-Family,‖ we bought $170 worth of Christmas
                                                            from such dedicated residents and an amazing House
gifts by buying gold ornaments for our front lobby
                                                            Board. I look forward to what 2006-2007 will bring us.
Christmas tree. Our Katrina relief efforts involved a
collection jar and the hugely inspired idea of crocheting
blankets for Katrina victims. Thank you to Michele,              Crochet for Katrina: Our Effort to Help
Vanessa, and all Cookies who donated their time for this          the Gulf Coast, Michele Tobias ‗06
cause! And thank you to Karen Barr for running the
Martha Cook chapter of Operation Rice Bowl, a church-       Upon learning of the tragedy of last fall's hurricanes,
run fundraiser that helps to better the lives of a huge     many of the current residents of Martha Cook wanted to
variety of people in need.                                  help, but having a students' budget, couldn't donate
                                                            money. My sister Vanessa and I thought we might be
Having served the last two years on House Board and         able to use our knowledge of needlework to gather girls
three years as a dining services employee, I have had       together to make blankets to help the victims. I
ample opportunity to witness the countless selfless acts    contacted the state of Michigan and put the building on
performed by Dining Services Manager Kathy Emmolo.          the aid list, but a need was never identified through the
Few people realize how much she's actually done for us.     state. Vanessa contacted the Dearborn chapter of
Let me tell you, it's A LOT! Kathy always came through      Project Linus, a group that makes blankets for children
for us, even with short notice events. She is such a        in need. Project Linus had a deal with the Red Cross to
caring person that she would actually come back to the      deliver many blankets to the Gulf, and was in need of
building after a full day of work to help us set up for     many more than they had ready-made.
dances or other evening social events. Without
hesitation, she put Cookies before herself. Thank you,
Kathy, for always working with us to produce the best
events possible. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement!

The 2006-2007 House Board Elections consisted of
terrific candidates, and I know that the new House
Board will far exceed expectations. My experience as
House Board President has been priceless, and I fully
intend on continuing my involvement through the MCAA.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to shaping my
Martha Cook memories; farewell!

     And More Great Things to Come!                                Some members of the Crochet for Katrina Team
      Christina Talamonti, ‗06-‗07 House Board Pres.
                                                            A group of residents came together to knit, crochet,
I am very excited to be the new House Board President,      learn, and chat. By the end of this school year, we
and my term so far has been extremely busy. The             estimate that 20 girls (and one alumna) donated time,

funds, and supplies and so many others offered                        The walk-in refrigerator/freezer was replaced as
support. As the school year ends, we have finished four                was the convection oven. The 37-year-old deep fat
blankets and have at least one hundred squares that we                 fryer will be replaced this summer.
just ran out of time to join. The blankets and the                 Facility improvements continue. Plumbing
remaining squares will be sent to Dearborn and then to                 upgrades are made on an as-needed basis and
the Red Cross, and from there they will make their way                 rooms are painted and mattresses replaced each
to those in need on the Gulf Coast.                                    spring on a rotating basis. The hot water
                                                                       circulating pump was replaced in December and
All of our Crochet for Katrina group would like to thank               two steam valves will be replaced this summer.
House Board, Catherine Davis, Karen Barr, and Mrs.                     Also scheduled for this summer is the final phase
Whipkey for donations of funds and supplies and Marion                 of emergency lighting—replacing the lights in the
for her moral support. We had a lot of help with the                   basement hall.
needlework, but some particularly involved Cookies                 We engaged in long-range planning and resource
include: Jessica Hambey, Theresa Martin, Suzanne                       requirements.
Ogawa, Gita Subramaniam, Christina Talamonti, Rachel               Kathy Emmolo, our Dining Services Manager, will
Thompson, Michele Tobias, Vanessa Tobias, Liesel                       retire on June 30. Kathy worked at MCB as a
Unger, Lucille Vaughan, Tian Wang, Tara Whipkey, and                   supervisor from 1990-1992 and as the department
Heidi Ziegenmeyer.                                                     since 1995. Kathy's first priority has always been
                                                                       our residents, providing them with healthy, tasty
                                                                       meals and helping to ensure their emotional well-
        Governors Report                                               being in times of stress. We will miss her.
        Catherine Davis '70 (Chair), Maurita Holland '65,       Governor Catherine Davis's term of office expires on
        Beth Johnston '90, Kathy Moberg '79; Governors-         June 30. On July 1, Sheila Davis and Anne Greashaber
        elect Sheila Davis '00, Anne Greashaber '70             will join Maurita Holland, Beth Johnston, and Kathy
                                                                Moberg to be the first 5-woman Board of Governors
    OUR YEAR IN REVIEW                                          since that number was approved by President Bollinger
     On the afternoon of "Move-in Day," August 31, the         in 2000.
       Governors, Marion, and E. Royster Harper, U-M VP
       for Student Affairs, scooped ice cream, providing a
       welcome break for residents and weary parents.                Thank you, Catherine Walsh Davis
     Along with more than 200 others, we celebrated                  Kathy Graneggen Moberg ‗79
       MCB's 90th with a glorious birthday bash, Septem-
       ber 23-25. We dedicated our new statue and               Martha Cook volunteer extraordinaire, Catherine Walsh
       named her "Edwina" because that name means               Davis, steps down from the Board of Governors this June
       "rich and valuable friend," an apt description for       upon completion of two consecutive 3-year terms, having
       many relationships begun at Martha Cook.                                               served the last 4 years as
     Beginning with the fall semester, we modified                                           the Board's chairwoman.
       MCB's meal plan to better meet the class and life                                      Her expertise, insights,
       schedules of our residents. While sit-down dinner                                      energy, and abilities will
       meal times remained the same, lunch, "late                                             be sorely missed, and I
       dinner," and Monday evening buffet hours were                                          predict that she will be
       extended. To cover the labor costs of the                                              contacted frequently by
       extended hours, and because only approximately                                         the governors requesting
       30 women "eat in" on Saturdays, we eliminated                                          her advice!
       Saturday dinner and changed lunch from a hot
       meal to a soup, salad, and sandwich buffet. This                                         Catherine is an exemplary
       spring's resident satisfaction survey, with a scale of                                   role model for volunteers.
       1 to 5, rated length of meal hours at 3.23, just         An active resident, she was Messiah Dinner Chair her
       above average, so we will continue to work to find       senior year. Later she was an MCAA Board member and
       ways to better accommodate our residents while           president from 1984-1986. Catherine had a previous tour
       maintaining or reducing costs.                           of duty on the Board of Governors from 1986 to 1992.
     In all other areas—housekeeping, dining services,         She joined the fundraising committee in 1999, was
       computer room, and MCB experience—our                    chairwoman several years, and continues to be one of its
       residents ranked MCB at 3.5 or better, telling us        most active members. Catherine co-chaired the 2003
       that the majority were either satisfied or extremely     Holiday Brunch at the Detroit Yacht Club. She has been a
       satisfied. Courtesy of staff rated 4.69, building        major contributor to the Alumnae Newsletter, Annual
       cleanliness 4.53, gracious living environment 4.46,      Report and other MMCB mailings. In fact, she has at
       and unique Martha Cook traditions 4.37.                  times edited the newsletter and Annual Report, and co-
                                                                developed our first color fundraising brochure. Catherine

always makes time to assist others with their Martha
Cook projects and regularly attends Martha Cook
                                                                  Cookie Crumbs
                                                                  Edited by Kathy Graneggen Moberg ‗79
activities. Did you know that she lives in Romeo, MI and
has a 2-hour one-way drive to Ann Arbor? She is a loyal
and gracious friend to Martha Cook and her fellow             We‟d love to hear from you!!
Cookies.                                                      Share news of your family, job, achievements, vacations,
                                                              milestones, or send along special greetings. Please
                                                              include your maiden name and year of graduation. Email
      Fundraising Committee Notes                             your Crumbs to Kathy Moberg at kgmoberg@umich.edu
      Anne Mills Greashaber ‘70, Chair                        or use the space on the newsletter‘s back page and mail
                                                              to Kathy c/o the Martha Cook Building.
The fundraising committee has been busy since you
heard from us in the fall. 2005 was a good year, but we                               1920's
have so much more to accomplish. The new roof is
looming and we have not raised enough money for the           Helen Lightfoot Panchuk '29 of Ann Arbor, MI
project. We need your help. The next meeting of the           passed away January 1, 2006. An accomplished pianist
fundraising committee, open to all alumnae, is on             and violinist, she attended the first summer of
Sunday, June 4 at 2:00 p.m. in the Red Room. This will        Interlochen National Musical Camp after her U-M
be my last meeting as the fundraising chair, as I will be     graduation. She taught orchestra in the Detroit Public
moving on to join the Board of Governors. I will remain       Schools for ten years. In 1931, Helen married John
on the committee, but we are also looking for a new           Panchuk and they raised two daughters and a son. A
chair. I want to thank all of my colleagues on the            member of the AAUW, Alpha Xi Delta, Friends of the
Fundraising Committee for their hard work during my           Michigan League and the Friends of Four-Hand piano
tenure. I hope the Martha Cook fundraising effort             duet group, she was the MCB alumna whose generous
continues to strengthen as we work to preserve the            donation initiated the fund drive for the Martha Cook art
"Martha Cook Experience" for future generations of            case Steinway piano restoration.

     MCAA Chapter News                                        Irene Chandler '35 reports she is doing fine after
                                                              evacuating from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
Ann Arbor Chapter                                             She spent the fall in Dallas with her daughter and
   Betty Bishop '72, President                                returned to her condo after the first of the year. After
The Ann Arbor chapter has formally dissolved and              graduating U-M, she practiced architecture for 3 years
completed all procedures with the State of Michigan. The      before marrying and starting a family. At 90 years old
archives of the group will be                                 she doesn't travel much, but enjoys life in New Orleans.
deposited at the Bentley
Library on the U of M campus
this summer. The Ann Arbor                                                            1940's
group plans to continue to
meet each spring for a pot-                                   Francie Carpenter McPherson '49 lived in Howell, MI
luck lunch. This year our                                     for 50 years and now resides in Davis, CA, which she
lunch will be held on Satur-                                  says is a nice university town. She is involved in
day, May 20th at noon at                                      numerous activities, including serving as chairwoman of
MCB. All alumnae are                                          "Inquiring Minds."
welcome. This is a salad
potluck so please bring a                                     Barb Osborne Osborn 46, MA '71 of Macatawa, MI
salad to share. If you have any questions, please contact     became a great-grandmother in April, and had photos of
Susan Smith at 734-434-2411.                                  Eli ready to pass around at the Spring Tea!
Betty is a clinical psychologist living in Ann Arbor. Thank   Maxine Good Pineau '42 of Washington D. C. passed
you, Betty, for your leadership of the Ann Arbor Chapter,     away at age 82 in April 2003 after a courageous struggle
and thanks to its members for their steadfast support of      with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Her daughter,
Martha Cook residents and alumnae.                            Julienne Pineau Hubbard, shared that, among the many
                                                              things Maxine was proud of in her life, her association
Grand Rapids Chapter                                          with Martha Cook was at the top of the list.
   Martha Smart ‘67, Coordinator
Please contact Martha Smart at 616-364-1596 or                Margaret Groefsema Schaeffer '43, '45 JD of
mjsmart2@juno.com for information on this new group.          Farmington Hills, MI shares news that "In March 2005,

my portrait was hung in the 47th District Courthouse for      buffet in Tustin. All agreed that too much food was
the State of Michigan, honoring me for 18 years as a          consumed while not nearly enough conversation took
judge of that court (from 1975 –1992). A Michigan             place. A follow-up was planned, and Anita Fox
artist, Robert Manuscalco, painted the portrait. I was the    Waldeck '58 of Canton, MI, reports that she joined the
first woman to be elected a judge of that court. I lived in   group for lunch in Orange County, CA in mid-February,
Martha Cook from 1940-1945, and completed both my             while visiting her sister, Enola. The diners on that
undergraduate and law school studies while residing           occasion also included Bobi Brown Llewellyn '63 of
there. Women were not permitted to live in the Law            Irvine, CA.
Quad in those years."
                                                              Sally Taylor Ryan '62 of Ann Arbor, MI is now
                         1950's                               teaching art at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti.

Joan Slater Coogan '56 of Newport Beach, CA writes,
"This year's travels included both South and North
Poles. We walked among penguin colonies in Antarctica
in January, and sighted a polar bear in the Arctic in
August. I work with my husband, John, in our real
estate investment business. Being self-employed has
allowed us to schedule a lot of travel time. Currently, I'm
writing my life story."

Janet Ruffner Evans '58, '59 of Northville, MI states
that it was wonderful to visit the Republic of China for
two weeks last July. "My favorite manmade place was
the Great Wall in Beijing, and favorite natural wonder
                                                                      Cookies ―old and new‖ chat at Spring Tea 2006
was the Yangtze River. The new Three Gorges Project
(a huge dam) was impressive. In August, I spent 2
weeks in AZ and NV visiting my son. This will be my final
year of music teaching. It's been a very long career! The
90th Reunion was lots of fun. Thanks to each woman
                                                              Cindy Fadool Rose ‟70, MBA ‟79 of Farmington Hills,
who planned and executed the event!"                          MI writes that the 10-volume set she edited for the Gale
                                                              Group, American Decades: Primary Sources , was on the
Adele Huebner '54 of Grosse Pointe Farms, MI passed           American Library Association‘s Editors‘ Choice list of the
away on December 14, 2005. Adele was a former MCAA            20 best reference works in the English language in 2004.
Board President and served as Chairwoman for MCB's            ―My daughter, Lynn Zwinck ‟06 [first on left in above
50th Anniversary in 1965. An attorney and a loyal             picture] graduates in April with many fond memories of
Cookie, she was a generous supporter of Martha Cook.          her 3 ½ years as a Cookie. She is looking for a job in
                                                              arts administration. My son, John Zwinck ‘03 is a
Justine Bessman Rowden '51 writes, "My new book,              software developer for Bloomberg Financial in Manhat-
Paint Me A Poem, Poems Inspired by Masterpieces of            tan. I love having such a good reason to visit NYC!‖
Art, was released in October 2005. The book, for both
children and adults, pairs my original poems with             Vera Bergermann '76 reports, "I married Shawn
paintings from the National Gallery of Art. I was recently    Seliger on December 22, 2005 in Fort Myers, FL. We
notified that my book is included on the Children's Book      honeymooned in Hawaii and are now practicing family
Council's list, 'Children's Choice for 2006.' I feel very     law/criminal defense as Bergermann & Seliger Law Firm
fortunate. We've been living in the Washington D. C.          in Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, and Naples, FL. My oldest
area (with the exception of several years overseas), and      son, Will, (age 21), is in law school at University of
I love returning to Ann Arbor to visit -- not only for the    Florida, daughter Elise (my maid of honor) is a junior at
memories, but also because my daughter and her                Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg, FL and
husband both teach at Michigan. How is that for a Go          youngest son, Trevor (age 7), served as a fine ring
                                                              bearer for us. Shawn was my guest at the 90th in
                                                              Lorna Ashley Greening '72 writes, "I am now living in
Ellie Rubin Baldwin '62 of Irvine, CA, Nola Fox               Los Alamos, NM with my husband Doran, a
Sleeper '63 of Tustin, CA, Muriel Levis Asch '61 of           mathematician/material scientist. Since leaving Martha
San Clemente, CA and Emmagene Reisig Coffey '61               Cook, I have had a career as a petroleum geologist (13
of Palos Verdes Estates, CA enjoyed a mini-reunion in
                                                              years), and am now an energy economist (PhD from the
December 2005 when they met for lunch at a Chinese            Colorado School of Mines). I'm currently doing

consulting and academic research on energy and              graduated from U-M with BAs in English and elementary
environmental issues, writing for publication,              education and an MA in literacy K-12. She is a second
sporadically teaching, and doing volunteer work such as     grade teacher in Goodrich, MI and lives in Howell.
Associate Editor of Energy Economics . If you have not
seen this part of the country, New Mexico is truly the      Wendy Yap '84 sends greetings from Baltimore, MD.
'Land of Enchantment' and has the greatest green chili      This summer she, husband Seth Blackshaw, and children
in the world!"                                              Christine and Julian greatly enjoyed visiting Alison
                                                            Riley Collicott '85, her husband Duane, and boys
Kathy Graneggen Moberg '79 of Saline, MI and her            William and Benjamin, in Ann Arbor. It was fun to visit
husband, Bert '76, celebrated their 25th wedding            old campus haunts, including of course, the Martha Cook
anniversary on June 22, 2005 in Sweden with all three       garden. Wendy is also in touch with her old MCB
of their children. The two-week trip, which included a      roommate Eva Scherer Sanborn '84. Eva and hus-
layover in London for a Globe Theater production of The     band John live in Arlington, VA and welcomed Abigail
Winter's Tale, was the stuff dreams are made of! Kathy      Faith (6 lb 4 oz) into their family on October 5, 2005.
met up with Deb Magolan Holt '79 of West Bloom-
field, MI and Debra Ball McMillan '80, '82 of
Plymouth, MI for lunch at Good Time Charley's on South                              1990's
U. before the MCB Spring Tea. They discussed the
former Debra's recent adventure to Costa Rica, and the      Mary Beth Hicks Nicholson '90 of Grosse Pointe
latter's December birthday escapade to Paris, France,       Woods, MI writes that in February, "I attended a
where she touched base with Mary Lisa Tanner                women's outdoor weekend in Roscommon, MI and took
Durban '79, AMLS '80 and her family, and with the           classes in archery, winter survival skills and GPS
original Venus de Milo.                                     tracking. Being at camp and eating in the dining hall
                                                            reminded me of Martha Cook sit down dinners, and was
                        1980's                              almost as good! No singing for grace, but they did have
                                                            silly awards given during meals for people who tried
Abbe Lee Smith Boring '81 of Cartersville, GA writes,       their best. I got one for archery. Who knows, maybe
"July 1, 2005 I became the Superintendent of Schools        I'll become a markswoman! The best part was cross-
for the Bartow County School District and have since        country skiing and snowshoeing at night with our
relocated from Birmingham. It is great to hear Martha       headlamps on in the quiet, snowy woods. It was great
Cook news through the Alumnae Newsletter. Thanks!"          to have 48 hours off from my kids, knowing that they
                                                            were having as much fun as I was! Woo-hoo...!"
Carol Cachey '80 reports that her pals used MCB's
90th as an excuse to get together in Ann Arbor, some        Dayna Robison Meyer '96 and her husband David
returning to campus for the first time since graduation!    ('92) of northern VA are pleased to announce the birth
The far-flung group included Carmelina Guerriero            of their son, Benjamin Lukas Meyer, on February 24,
Stoklosa '79 and Caron Gegenheimer '80 from the             2006. Benjamin weighed 8 lb 3 oz and measured 19 1/4
Chicago area, Debra Marcon Guerriero '79 from               in. Benjamin, big brother William Henry, and mom and
Northville, MI, Farnouche Kamran '78 from Los               dad currently live in Vienna, Austria where Dayna is
Angeles, CA, Nancy Ring '79 from Charlotte, NC, Sue         posted as a foreign service officer at the U.S. Embassy.
Shlanger '78 from Englewood, NJ, and Anna
Paraskevolopulos Stergiou '80, '82 from Athens,
Greece. All enjoyed touring the building and campus,                                2000's
and ―were especially grateful for the opportunity to
apologize to Miss Olive Chernow '47, MA '53 for our           Jessica and Sophia
past behavior!‖ The challenges and successes of the                                 A special shout-out from the
past 25 years were shared, along with much wine! Carol                              MCAA Board to Board member
is an attorney concentrating in employee benefits and                               and '05 Holiday Brunch
executive compensation, practicing with Bell, Boyd &                                contributor Jessica Boria
Lloyd, LLC in Chicago. She is the single mother of four:                            Brakora '02 of Ann Arbor and
two boys, 14 and 7 and two girls, 10 and 12. Carol's life                           her husband Karl on the birth
is an ever-changing adventure especially now that                                   of Sophia May on January 4,
hormones have entered her home! She is active with                                  2006. Sophia was 7 lbs. 11 oz.
the U-M Club of Chicago and welcomes email:                                         and 21 in. long. Sophia was all
carolcachey@comcast.net                                                             smiles and charm when she
                                                                                    attended her very first MCB
Amy Tomblinson Moceri '84, '96, MA '02 was                                          event, Kathy Emmolo's
married in March 2005 to Mark Moceri, an account                                    retirement tea this April!
manager for Contractor's Register of New York. Amy

Elise Friemuth '04 has been working for Cherry Road
Films, an independent production company in Santa
                                                                     Informal MCAA Activities in Your Area?
Monica, CA since graduation. She's currently in
                                                                MCAA would like to encourage Cookies to organize
post-production on Southland Tales (starring The Rock,
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Seann William Scott), where           informal activities for alumnae across the country. If
                                                                you would be interested in organizing an event, such as
she assisted 2 producers on set. This past winter, she
was promoted to Creative Executive and attended the             a picnic at the zoo, a lunch for Cookies or Cookies and
                                                                their families, a theatre and dessert outing, or . . .
Sundance Film Festival. Elise also co-founded Next Gen
                                                                please let us know. MCAA will provide you with contact
Femmes, a networking/socializing group for young
                                                                information for alumnae in your area and publicize your
women in the entertainment industry. You can read
about her adventures in Hollywood as a "D-girl" (old            event in the newsletter and on the website. For more
                                                                information, please email mcaa@umich.edu.
Tinsel-town term for a girls working development) on
                                                                Anyone interested in a family picnic at the Detroit Zoo in
                                                                summer or fall 2006, or with another idea for a get-
Janet Grudzien '03 of Arlington, VA vacationed in
                                                                together in the area, please contact Cindy Rose at
Hawaii in March '06 with Abby Short '04 of Redmond,
WA. Highlights of the trip included hiking up Diamond           cynthiarose1@gmail.com or 248-661-5057.
Head, touring a military base where they met a three-
star general, winning tickets to a champagne brunch,
riding an aqua scooter, and attending a luau. Sandy
beaches, big waves, the North Shore and seeing whales
were also fabulous.                                                               Contact Information

Meredith Palen '04 of Atlanta, GA works as a                       Martha Cook Building: 906 South University, Ann
Performance Engineer for Atlantic Southeast Airlines               Arbor, MI 48109-1195. Front desk phone: 734-763-
(ASA). Some of her tasks so far include payload                    2083; fax: 734-764-9918.
analysis, writing aircraft manuals and new city
development. Working for the airline has helped                    Martha Cook Alumnae Association website:
Meredith attain her goal of seeing the world as she visits         http://www.umich.edu/~mcaa/index.htm
a new city or country whenever possible. Meredith is
taking flight lessons to finish her instrument pilot license,      Building Director: Marion Scher, 734-763-2084;
and keeps in touch with Wolverines in the Atlanta area.            mscher@umich.edu

Nancy E. Short '03 of Lansing, MI earned her MA in                 Board of Governors: Catherine Davis, Chair,
Political Management from The Graduate School of                   586-752-7580; cjdavis@umich.edu
Political Management at George Washington University.
While in DC she worked for the Democratic senatorial               BOG Fundraising Committee Chair: Anne
campaign committee and was named deputy director of                Greashaber, agreasha@wccnet.edu; 734-663-5351
events for the 2004 Democratic National Convention.
She is currently a fellow of the Michigan Political                MCAA President: Martha Esch Smart, 616-364-
Leadership Program. Nancy is excited to be serving on              1596; mjsmart2@juno.com
the MCAA Board and living in Michigan again, just a few
miles from Angie Bur Debelak '02 of Holt.                          Newsletter Editor: Cindy Rose, 248-661-5057;
Marianne Smith '03 says, "I am happy to announce
my engagement to Daniel Corrigan Grano '04, a great                Cookie Crumbs Editor: Kathy Moberg, 734-429-
Wolverine and frequent Martha Cook visitor. Dan is in              2547; kgmoberg@umich.edu
his second year of law school at Wayne State University,
and I am in my third year at McCormick Theological                 Webmaster/Cookie Email List Maven: Marie
Seminary in Chicago. I feel very blessed by the sense of           Fox Skrobola, mffox@umich.edu
community Martha Cook brought me and the joy of my
time there. I think of all you wonderful women often."             Permission Requests for the Martha Cook Building
                                                                   Alumnae Newsletter, copyrighted by the Regents of
                                                                   the University of Michigan, may be sent to the MCB
      h ttp ://w ww . u m ich . ed u /~m ca a /                    Board of Governors, 906 South University, Ann Arbor,
                                                                   MI 48109-1195 or MCBGovs@umich.edu.
Visit our website for more MCB coverage, including
additional Spring Tea photos!

     MCB Gift Opportunities                                     MCAA Voluntary Dues Needed

                                                           All MCB alumnae are automatically members of the
$ [Your gift here] Door Plaques or Other Major Gifts       Martha Cook Alumnae Association. Voluntary dues are an
                                                           easy and much-appreciated way for you to support
                                                           MCAA‘s operating expenses, such as postage and
For information about Door Plaques or other major gift
                                                           printing. Thank you!
opportunities, please contact Building Director Marion
Scher at 734-763-2084 or mscher@umich.edu.
                                                           Please make checks in any amount payable to U of M:
                                                           Martha Cook Alumnae Association and mail to MCB.
$ ________“I Love Martha Cook” Hearts

Hearts to adorn MCB‘s new statue may be inscribed with
the donor‘s name or a brief message. Checks should be           MCB Memorabilia
made out to U of M: MCB Capital Fund #822068 (may
be tax-deductible).                                        MCB Piano Key Commemoratives
      Ivory: $200 (sm), $350 (md), $650 (lg)               Own a piece of the original Martha Cook Steinway and
                                                           donate to the MCB Capital Fund at the same time. The
  Gold Leaf: $400 (sm), $700 (md), $1000 (lg)
                                                           keys are well-worn, reflecting their years of use. They‘re
                                                           approximately 6 inches long and include the entire ivory
Color: ______ Size: _____ Qty: ____ @ $_______
Color: ______ Size: _____ Qty: ____ @ $_______             or ebony front. An attached brass label indicates their
                                                           origin in the unique Martha Cook 1913 Artcase Steinway.
Color: ______ Size: _____ Qty: ____ @ $_______
                               Total = $_______
                                                                     White-only key: $125
                                                             White/black key combo: $150
Inscription: ____________________________________
                                                             Quantity, white-only _____ @ $125 = $ ______
$ ________ U of M: MCB Capital Fund                          Quantity, white/black_____ @ $150 = $ ______
            #822068                                                                         Total = $ ______
      MCB‘s #1 priority fund. Provides expendable
                                                           Checks should be made payable to U of M: MCB Capital
      funds for critical building needs, including a new
      roof.                                                Fund #822068 (may be tax-deductible).

$ ________ U of M: MCB Historic                            MCB Charms
            Preservation Fund # 714007                     1‖ by 7/16‖ charms with ―Martha Cook
       Endowment fund for long-term needs.                 Building‖ on the back.
                                                                $35, sterling silver or gold plate
$ ________ U of M: MCB Alumnae                                  $115 for 14KT gold
             Memorial Fund #300453                              + 6% tax + UPS shipping and
      Provides expendable funds in honor of an                     handling
      alumna, governor, or house director, to be used      Order from Fred Schneider at Lewis
      for building and resident needs.                     Jewelers, 2000 West Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI 48103; by
                                                           phone: 734-994-5111; or at info@lewisjewelers.com

 For your gift, please:
     1. Write a separate check for each fund                    Annuals Anyone?
     2. Make checks payable as shown, including the
         fund number.                                      Several years are missing from our collection of MCB
     3. Write the amount in the space provided and         annuals. If you have an annual from any year and
         enclose this page with your check(s).             would not mind donating it to the Building, please send
     4. Enclose employer matching fund form, if any        it to MCB c/o Marion Scher, 906 South University, Ann
     5. Mail to Martha Cook Building, 906 South            Arbor, MI 48109. Thank you!
         University, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1195
 Your gift may qualify as a federal income tax                     [see over for additional response items]
 deduction and/or a state income tax credit.

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              Alumnae A ssociation                                           U S POSTAGE
              9 0 6 S o u t h U n i v e r si t y                            PERMIT # 942
              A n n A rb o r M I 4 8 1 0 9 -1 1 9 5                        MONROE MI 48161

     Yes, I‟ d lik e t o h e lp ou t w ith :             U se t h e sp a c e b e l ow t o w r it e y ou r
                                                         “ C ook ie C r u m b s” [ in c lu d e m a id e n
□   “ W om e n M e n t o r i n g W om e n ”               n a m e a n d y e a r of g r a d u a t ion ]
□   O rg an iz in g a n inf o r ma l ac t iv it y
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