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 5E LTD NEWSLETTER                                                           January-February 2010

        5E LIFE & TIMES
                                                                                                    5E LTD NEWSLETTER

                               The great dividing
                              line between success
                               and failure can be
Raj Doshi, Director, 5E Ltd     expressed in five
          5E    had an
excellent year in
2009 even with the
                              "I did not have
economic slowdown
affecting most busi-
nesses and making
jobs difficult to come
by. But our team of
highly efficient advi-             TOP T E N T I P S F O R J O B S E A RC H
sors and trainers are
                                                                     so you know exactly where you
yet successfully man-         1.     First Impressions               are going and how long it will
aging to find new job         Looking, speaking and acting           take to get there.
                                                                                                            7. Say Thank You
avenues and open-             professional helps to make a                                                  Try to send your thank-you note
ings for our clients.         terrific first impression.                                                    within 24-48 hours of your inter-
         A majority of                                               4. Job Fairs                           view or meeting. The note may be
                                                                     Periodically attend these events       handwritten on a small, profes-
our clients have left         2. Follow-Up                                                                  sional, thank-you note card (if you
                                                                     even when you are not necessarily
5E either with a                                                                                            have extremely neat handwriting),
                              Don't be afraid to follow-up. I        looking for a job to see what
qualification or a job        hired a Customer Manager over a        opportunities are out there, and to    word-processed, or emailed.
or both.                      year after he first sent me his        gain a perspective on where you
This year we hope to          resume. I didn't even need to          fit in the job marketplace.
                                                                                                            8. Stay On Top of the
add many more pro-            advertise when the position
jects      and     new        became available. In addition to       5. Keep Track                          News
                              sending me his resume, John had                                               Be aware of the latest business
successes to our                                                     I have found that one of the most
                              called me every month or so to         useful things I started doing was      news in your community or the
portfolio and I would
                              touch base, and even stopped in        to keep track of everything I am       city where you want to work.
like to thank all my                                                                                        Read local business journals to
                              my office (through the back door       doing. I use a simple spreadsheet,
staff for their incredi-      not through the receptionist!) just                                           find out who's on top in your
                                                                     like Excel. And I do mean every-
ble support and wish          to say hello. Needless to say I                                               industry. Review the Business
                                                                     thing. I have one file where I enter
them very best in all         remembered him when a position         all the information from any job       section of your local newspaper,
their endeavours in           opened up. And he was extremely        sites that I join. Information such    as well. These resources will give
2010.                         qualified for the position, which is   as the username and password,          you a sense of which employers
                              why I remembered him.                                                         are "hot" as well as often contact
         I’m sure, this                                              what type of job site it is, etc.
                                                                                                            information to send your CV.
year too will be an
exciting and success-         3. Interviewing                        6. Meaningful Work
ful year for 5E.              Be on time for the interview.          Explore your passion, identify a
                                                                                                            9. Your CV
                              On time means five to ten minutes      new direction, and take action to      Write it until it's right. Think,
                              early. If need be, take some time      create a career that leaves you        write, think some more, rewrite,
                              to drive to the office ahead of time   energized and excited.                 proofread, get feedback and

                       ESF visits 5E: Pg 2          Talent show at               Fun                        10. Don't Give Up
                                                   Merit House: Pg 3            Zone:                       Last, but not least, don't give up.
   INSIDE                                                                        Pg 4                       Job searching is never easy and it's
    THIS                                                                                                    even harder when the job market
   ISSUE:                                                                                                   is difficult. Find a way in even if it
                                                                                                            means taking a low paid job in
                                                                                                            order to get the job you desire.
                5E LIFE & TIMES                                                                                                      2

       Ken Lambert, Head of England and Gibraltar, European Social Fund (ESF) Managing Authority (second from left) & George
       Kintzele, Head of the European Commission unit (right) and their ESF team in the UK get a guided tour of 5E facilities from
       Sailesh Solanki (left), Training Manager , 5E Ltd and Salim Ahmed (third from left), Operations Manager, 5E Ltd.

                                                                                             I am right now- ALL SMILES!
  ‘I was fortunate to have been
                                                                                             - Lou Thomas
          referred to 5E’
                                                                                             Being     unem-
                                                                                             ployed and in
                 “Your unmatched dedication, hard driven perseverance,                       a very difficult
                    immense kindness, selfless attitude and unabated                         situation in the past few months, I
                                                                                             never thought I would be able to get
                encouragement have been without the shadow of a doubt,                       through it all. But the staff at 5E Ltd
                  instrumental in helping me secure paid employment.”                        were always there with a supportive
                                                                                             word, a smile, knowing I could do it
                           - Malawatee Pyndiah (Customer Service Assistant, Primark)         and offering encouragement.
                                                                                             I am here right now all smiles!
                                                                                             I have worked very hard all my life and
                                                                                             without a single break in employment
                                  secure paid   employ- ing hopes, I was fortu-
I would like to seize             ment.                  nate to have been re-
                                                                                             for over twenty years up (until June-
                                                                                             Dec 2009). Having lived abroad for a
this opportunity to                                                                          few years and having decided I could
                                          As    a    job ferred to 5E. The ses-              no longer work in management. I found
thank you all from                seeker, the path I had sions I attended pro-               re-orientation very difficult.
the bottom of my                  to tread along my job vided me with the ap-                5E taught me I shouldn’t stand still, I
heart for all the kind                                                                       should strive to improve and it taught
                                  searching journey has propriate support and                me to follow my heart. At the end of
help and support of-              all too often been assistance, which over a                the day, your working life is a long one
fered to me during                scattered with obsta- couple of months stead-              and you may as well enjoy it. I now
                                                                                             view a break in employment as a
the time I spent at 5E            cles    that   seemed ily         restored my              positive thing that enables you to re-
Watkins House.                    many times insur-      dwindling motivation                assess and learn new skills.
        Y o u r                   mountable. The sense and confidence. It has                5E helped me identify some key prob-
                                                                                             lems with my CV, provided me with
unmatched       dedica-           of desolation, bleak- been a unique experi-                much needed confidence by allowing
tion, hard driven                 ness and loneliness ence along my job                      me to help tutor one of their programs
                                                                                             through work placement and by allow-
perseverance,                     that sets in and hunting journey. I                        ing me to observe various lessons to
immense       kindness,           gradually starts to w o u l d       always                 aid in my quest to become a Tutor. I
selfless attitude and             weigh on one’s shoul- treasure.                            thoroughly enjoyed helping others
                                                                                             through teaching/guiding.
unabated encourage-               ders is so unbearable          I would forever             I have today completed my CELTA
ment     have     been            that it is indescrib- be grateful to you for               teacher training and I can look forward
without the shadow                able.                   having given me that               to a new career in teaching in Central
of a doubt, instru-                       H o w e v e r , helping hand when I so             At 5E, I’ve met some fantastic individu-
mental in helping me              after a period of dash- needed it.                         als who I can call on for assistance in
                                                                                             the future. The programme allows for
                                                                                             help after employment is achieved and
                                                                                             this is a great comfort moving forward.
3                                                                                                         5E LIFE & TIMES

                                                                           To felicitate the involvement & achievement of learners &
                                                                           tutors in the Personal Best Program (PBP) an informal
                                                                           event was organised in Colindale on 17th of December to
                                                                           culminate the celebration of graduation, end of New Year
                                                                           and Christmas. PBP is funded by ESF/LDA.
                                                                           All graduated students were invited to receive the certifi-
                                                                           cate from the JCP Advisors and our Management staff.
                                                                           The event started by introductory music by Piotr followed
                                                                           by a carol signing by Joe, tutors and learners. After the
                                                                           introductory speech learners exhibited their talents in
                                                                           music, signing and dancing.
                                                                           Angela Morton rendered her poem dedicated to 5E and
                                                                           its staff.
                                                                                    - Krishna Shetty, Manager, Merit House, Colindale

    Felicitation ceremony for clients at 5E, Merit House, Colindale in     Mirror! Mirror!

                                                                             - Angela Morton
                                                                           Personal Best Client
                                                                           Merit House, 5E Ltd

                                                                           Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me what others see.
                                                                           Is that really my tired face staring back at me?

                                                                           Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me what others see.
                                                                           My advisor at the Job Centre has sent me to 5E.

                                                                           Mirror, mirror on the wall show me what others see.
                                                                           I’m accepted here, without a qualm, to be the best that I can be.

5E tutor Ila giving the introductory speech and singing Hey Ram and        Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me what others see.
     Piotr Piskorz, a Personal Best Client, playing the keyboard           I’m learning new things all the time and find it quite easy.

                                                                           Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me what others see.
                                                                           They’re saying I have aptitude, surely they don’t mean me.

                                                                           Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me what others see.
                                                                           Are they discussing some one else? No they are discussing me.

                                                                           Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me what others see.
                                                                           I’m helping now to teach a class, doing it confidently.

                                                                           Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me what others see.
                                                                           I love it here at Merit House and can see what others see.

                                                                           Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me what others see.
                                                                           Is that really my bright face, staring back at me?

                                                                           Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me what others see.
                                                                           This is the last time I will ask, as I’m now, a brand new me.
     Darren Paul, a Personal Best Client, enthrals the audience with his
                             R&B love songs                                Mirror, mirror on the wall, to see what others see
                                                                           As a new chapter of my life begins thanks to members of 5E.
                                                                                                   5E LIFE & TIMES

                                               ACROSS:                                 WINTER CROSSWORD
                                               1. What do you wear around your neck?
                                               4. What do you wear on your head?
      In Pictures:                             6. What hangs from your roof?
      5E College of                            9. Where do icicles hang?
         LONDON                                10. What do you eat in winter?
                                               11. What do you wear on your hands?
     spot admission
      tour in India
                                               1. What do you do in winter?
                                               2. What do you drink in winter?
                                               Hot ____.
                                               3. What animal sleeps through winter?
                                               5. I like _____ drink hot chocolate?
                                               7. It snows _____ winter?
                                               8.I ______ skate.
                                               10. How’s the weather in winter?
                                               11. _____ to bed!

                                                          SUDOKU                         CRACK A RIDDLE

                                                                                                                Answer: A Sponge

                                                                                                   5E LIFE & TIMES

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  will make you a                       WWW.FIVEE.CO.UK
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 self-education will      SELBY CENTRE       WATKINS HOUSE           CYPRESS HOUSE
     make you a           LONDON N17 8JL PEGAMOID ROAD               UNIT A 2ND FLOOR
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       fortune.”          FAX: 020 8808 9977 TEL: 020 8345 5458      WOODGREEN N22 6UJ
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