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Volume 3, Issue 37

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   USFK celebrates                                                    Jeju Park displays
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COLA decreases in response Shaggy style
to exchange rate change
By Staff Sgt. Mark Porter               Howard said.
Korea Region Public Affairs                If there is an increase or decrease,
   YONGSAN -- Due to the recent both the exchange rate and COLA
increase in the exchange rate, Korea index are immediately adjusted
received a 2-point decrease in the Cost effective with the next available pay
Of Living Allowance rate. The change period. Exchange rates are reviewed
went into effect July 1.                every two weeks and can be adjusted
   As an example of how the change semi-monthly if necessary.
will be impact Soldiers, Sonni Howard,     While the change will affect military
staff account with 175th Finance COLA, Howard said it will not impact
Command, said for an E6 with two the post allowances -- the civilian
dependents and 10 years of service it equivelant of COLA -- received by
equates to a $35.10 a month decrease. Department of Defense civilian
   Howard said changes based on employees.
exchange rates are not made at the         “The civilian post allowance is not
local level, but come from the Per affected by currency fluctuations,” she
Diem, Travel & Transportation said. “The post allowances will be
Committee in Washington, D.C.           revised based on changes in the                                                                                                    PVT. VICTORIA MOOR
   “Exchange rates are monitored daily classification of the post, payment table,      Reggae artist Shaggy lights up the night at CampStanley during a June 30 concert held as part
by the Per Diem Committee using a employees salary and family size.”                   of Independence Day weekend festivities. In addition to the hundreds who turned out for the
tracking model and algorithm. The          COLA has been authorized for U.S.           Stanley concert, Shaggy also performed at camps Casey, Humphreys and Walker, and Yongsan
tracking model can recommend Forces Korea personnel since June                         Garrison over the holiday weekend. A former Marine, known then as Orville Richard Burrell,
currency adjustments that can generate 2003. The rate last changed in March            Shaggy thanked the servicemembers at his shows for the job they do. “Keep doing what you’re
an increase, decrease, or a ‘no 2005, when the exchange rate led to a                  doing,” he said. “I appreciate the job you guys do.”
change’ to the current COLA index,” 2-point increase.

First U.S. engagement in Korean War remembered
By Susan Barkley                                                                                                                lives in the effort to delay the advance of the enemy.
Area III Public Affairs                                                                                                            “The battle at Chonan, fought largely by Soldiers
   Commemorations marking the 55th                                                                                              of the 34th Regiment, 24th Infantry Division …
anniversary of the first two engagements of                                                                                     was a holding action … Designed to buy time. The
United Nations/U.S. forces with the North                                                                                       cost was high ... Only 175 men of the original unit
Koreans during the Korean War were held July 5                                                                                  of more than 500 survived the battle,” stated Brig.
in Osan and July 8 in Chonan.                                                                                                   Gen. Steven M. Anderson, deputy commanding
   In remarks to the more than 250 people at the                                                                                general, U.S. Forces Korea Advance Element, in
ceremony, Brig. Gen. Joseph E. Martz, 2 UEx                                                                                     remarks to the approximately 200 people in
assistant division commander (Maneuver), called                                                                                 attendance. “Many brave Korean soldiers also stood
Task Force Smith, “one of the opening shots of a                                                                                their ground as long as they could ... And many of
war of ideologies that continues even today.”                                                                  F. NEIL NEELEY
                                                                                                                                them died where they stood rather than yield any
   The first shots from United Nations/U.S.               Brig. Gen. Steven M. Anderson (R) Deputy Commander USFK               more sacred Korean soil to the enemies of freedom.”
forces were fired shortly after 8 a.m. from their         Advance Element examines the monument commemorating                      Four days after the Battle of Chonan, Col. Robert
position at Jukmi Pass Osan. Sustained fighting           the battle of Cheon-An with Chang Soo-kun (L) Director of the         R. Martin was awarded the first Distinguished
began at 2:30 p.m. and raged for seven hours.             National HQ of the Korean Freedom League and Chi Kap-                 Service Cross given for action in the Korean War.
At the end of the day, nearly one-third of the            chong (C) President of the UN Korean War Association. The                According to a January 10, 2000 release through
540 Soldiers of Task Force Smith were killed,             three examined the monument at the conclusion of the ceremony         the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the thirty-
wounded or missing in action. They had faced              held July 8.                                                          seven months of the war would see 36,940
an estimated 20,000 enemy forces.                                                                                               Americans lose their lives during the war, and over
   Martz told the audience that Task Force Smith          Nations/U.S. forces faced the enemy three days                        eight thousand still missing in action. Losses to other
was one of the events that, “set conditions for the       later in Chonan, Korean and American civilians and                    United Nations forces totaled 16,532.
economic and democratic emergence of the                  military currently serving and living here gathered                      The citizens of Korea suffered casualties of
Republic of Korea.”                                       at Martin Memorial Park in Chonan to pay homage                       over 3 million with 415,004 deaths in the
   Just as, more than half a century ago, United          to the 98 American Soldiers who sacrificed their                      Republic of Korea.
2             Commentary
          July 15, 2005                                                                                                                  The Morning Calm Weekly

Coin Check! Don’t get caught without one
By 1st Lt Michelle Estep                                     to teach you what I’ve researched to coin in a leather pouch around his neck.                                          He reached the front lines and
8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs                              be the history and rules of the military Shortly after the distribution of the                                      stumbled into a French outpost. Not
   KUNSAN AIR BASE – There I                                 challenge coin …                          medallions, the pilot was sent into                                       trusting his American accent, the French
was … hanging out one evening in a                           History of the coin                       combat. His aircraft was severely                                         thought him to be another German
squadron lounge minding my own                                  During World War I, American damaged by ground fire, and he was                                                  saboteur and made plans to execute him.
business when the normal sights and                          volunteers from                                                       forced to                                        The pilot had no identification to prove
sounds of the place were suddenly                            all parts of the        “ ... people often take part in land behind                                                 his allegiance, but he did have his leather
interrupted by an overwhelming roar                          country joined the traditions solely because they’re e n e m y                                                      pouch containing the medallion.
of numerous metal objects tapping on                         military in hopes classified as such, but they don’t lines.                                                            He showed the medallion to his
glass.                                                       to become part of                                                        He was                                     captors, and one of the would-be
   I looked around to see what was                           the newly formed really take the time or effort to immediately                                                      executioners recognized the squadron
causing the commotion only to realize                        flying squadrons. understand what they’re doing captured by                                                         insignia. They delayed his execution long
that someone at the bar had initiated a                      Some         were and why they’re doing it.”                          a German                                      enough for him to confirm his identity.
coin check.                                                  wealthy scions                                                        patrol and,                                      Once identified, instead of shooting
   Uh oh.                                                    attending colleges such as Yale and in order to discourage his escape, they                                         him, the French gave the pilot a hot meal
   Frantic, I patted my pockets,                             Harvard who quit in mid-term to join took all of his personal identification                                        and a bottle of wine.
searched my jacket and rummaged                              the war.                                  except for the small leather pouch                                           Back at his squadron, it became
through my purse. My heart was                                  In one squadron, a wealthy lieutenant around his neck.                                                           tradition to ensure that all members
racing, and I began calculating how                          ordered medallions struck in solid bronze   One night, after being taken to a small                                 carried their medallion, or coin, at all
much money I was going to have to                            and presented them to the men in his French town near the front, he took the                                        times. This was accomplished through
spend within the next few minutes if                         unit.                                     opportunity during a bombardment to                                       constantly conducting challenges,
I couldn’t find this darn thing.                                One young pilot decided to carry his don civilian clothes and escape.                                            known today as coin checks.
   With my jacket turned inside out
and the contents of my purse all over
the table, I realized that I was indeed
going to be “that girl”, — the only one
                                                              Independence Day(s) celebrated in style
without her coin.                                                Having just celebrated our                                                                                      celebrations was rooted in the
   As I looked up and saw all eyes on                         nation’s most poignant holiday,                                                                                    enthusiastic and giving attitude of
me, I remembered that for                                     Independence Day, I was struck                                                                                     our employees and countless
emergencies such as this I had stashed                        by the number of employees in our                                                                                  volunteers. The dedication by
a coin in my key chain wallet.                                workforce across the peninsula                                                                                     volunteers from every corner of
    I prayed as I unzipped the hidden                         who sacrificed their holiday(s) so                                                                                 our communities, including our
pocket. Sure enough, there it was —                           others in our communities could                                                                                    sister services, who took time
the shiniest most beautiful military                          enjoy the events of the extended                                                                                   away from their families during
coin I’d ever laid eyes on.                                   holiday weekend.                                                                                                   this holiday to make things happen
   I grabbed it and held it high in the                          It would not be possible to hold                                                                                was absolutely inspiring.
air for all the world to see. I wasn’t                        the hundreds of outstanding                                                                                           These individuals epitomize our
going to have to spend my paycheck                            events, many depicted throughout                                                                                   Army values, especially Selfless
on beer after all.                                            this edition of the newspaper, that                                                                                Service, and their extraordinary
   I assume many of you have found                            took place across the four Area                                                                                    efforts carried the day.
yourself in similar situations,                               Commands were it not for the                                                                                          Sincere thanks to all members
particularly here at “The Kun.” With                          numerous dedicated Soldiers and                                                                                    of the Team who contributed to
the squadron lounges and the Loring                           civilian employees from the Areas’                                                                                 such a great and safe holiday
Club being as popular as they are,                            Morale, Welfare and Recreation                         Pulling off events of this                                  weekend as we celebrated the birth
everyone is bound to get caught in a                          directorates, community relations                    magnitude takes tremendous                                    of our great nation, far from home
coin check at least once while                                offices, fire, medical and law                       coordination, planning, personal                              and on Freedom’s Frontier.
stationed here.                                               enforcement offices, the Army and                    effort and leadership. Even the                                  Well Done … and thanks for
   Sadly, people often take part in                           Air Force Exchange Service,                          weather during early July in Korea                            what you do everyday!
traditions solely because they’re                             numerous volunteer organizations                     can provide significant challenges to                            Hooah!
classified as such, but they don’t really                     such as Better Opportunities for                     outdoor activities, but Peninsula-
take the time or effort to understand                         Single and unaccompanied                             wide the MWR managers and                                                   H. T. Landwermeyer Jr.
what they’re doing and why they’re                            Soldiers, and the many private                       community relations teams led the                                                         BG, USA
doing it.                                                     organizations that support our                       way.                                                                          Director, IMA-KORO
   So, before you partake in your next                        communities.                                           The overall success of our
coin check, I’d like to take a moment

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                                                                                        Support and Defend
                                                                                                                                                                                   July 15, 2005
The Morning Calm Weekly                                 News                    3                                                             

                                                Airmen share culture with Koreans
                                                By Airman 1st Class Juanika Glover
                                                8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
     Community Bank
       Changes Hours                                KUNSAN AIR BASE – Wolf Pack
All branches of Community Bank                  members got the opportunity to see
located on military installations in the        what it’s like on the “other side of the
Republic of Korea will be closed Aug.           fence” recently when they spent the
8 and 20. The bank is normally open             night learning and sharing experiences
Saturdays but will be closed these              with more than 20 Korean families
dates to allow branches to be open              from nearby Jeonju City.
Aug. 1 and 15 -- both military pay days.            Airmen from several base
For information, contact the local              squadrons volunteered for the Korean
branch of Community Bank.                       Red Cross Cultural Awareness
                                                Program to learn about Korean culture
    509th PSB Helpline                          and to help Koreans learn about
The 509th Personnel Services Battalion          American customs.
is now offering a call-in service for                                                                                                                                 A   1 C J G     IRMAN   ST   LASS   UANIKA   LOVER
                                                    “I always wanted to see the world,
personnel questions regarding                                                              Senior Airman Thomas Bookhart, 8th Logistic Readiness Squadron, talks with Kim Kyungsun.
                                                meet new people and have a good time
redeployment orders, promotions,                                                           Bookhart was paired with Kyungsun’s family for the cultural awareness program.
                                                doing it,” said Senior Airman Jennifer
clearing and more. On post, call 550-           Babb, 8th Aircraft Maintenance                Kim Soojin, a program volunteer, haven’t been taught in school. English
4747. Off post or from a cell phone,            Squadron information manager.              also teaches at the elementary school is a very powerful language,” she
call 0505-724-4747.                                 When she learned about the cultural where many of the children who were added. “This program gives the
The line operates from 6 a.m. until 9           awareness program, she was all for paired with the Americans attend.                       children a head start on improving
p.m., Monday through Friday. After              it. “I wanted to get the chance to spend      Kim said the kids were thrilled their language skills.”
hours and on weekends, callers may              time with a Korean family and learn about their upcoming sleep-over                            Jimmy Song, the program
leave a message and will be                     the local customs,” she added.             experience.                                     chairman, came up with the idea for
contacted by PSB staff when the                     Babb said a lot of people may be a bit    “The children were excited about the cultural awareness program more
office reopens.                                 apprehensive about spending the night learning the American culture,” she said. than a year ago when he wanted to
                                                with strangers,                                                             “ K o r e a n give the children of Jeonju the same
   Combined Joint Staff                         but she was
        Seeks Narrator                                                   “I wanted as many children as c h i l d r e n experience the children in Kunsan were
                                                excited about                                                               b e g i n getting.
The Secretary Combined Joint Staff is
                                                the        new       possible to benefit from the l e a r n i n g                              “We’ve already had a similar
seeking a command narrator. The
narrator performs duties for all UNC/
                                                experience.          American military being here.”                         English in program like this for three years in
                                                    Once she                                                                the third Kunsan, but not 45 minutes up the
CFC/USFK Honor Guard and Award                                                               Jimmy Song, program chairman,
                                                completes her                                                               grade, and road in Jeonju,” he said. “I wanted as
Ceremonies. The narrator must possess                                                            Cultural Awareness Program
the ability to speak English                    u p g r a d e                                                               many of many children as possible to benefit
clearly.Bearing, professional image and         training, the airman plans to volunteer them were eager to practice speaking from the American military being
ability to quickly adapt to changing            for even more programs and to get English with the (airmen).                               here.”
situations is a must. The ability to            out and see as much of Korea as she           “The program is a good way for
communicate with foreign dignitaries,           can.                                       the children to learn some things they                            Culture,
                                                                                                                                                         See Culture Page 4
general officers and distinguished
visitors is essential. The narrator
position is open to 0-1 through 0-3 and
E5 through E7. Interested personnel
                                                Army programs combat rising divorce rate
may contact Maj. Floyd, at 723-5227 or          By Monica Barrera                                                               said Lt. Col. David Scheider, director of Family Life Chaplain
Sgt. Maj. Shirley Garrett, at 723-3615 to       Army News Service                                                               Training Center at Fort Hood. “But it is difficult to get time
set up an interview.                               WASHINGTON – An increase of divorces among active-                           off on a duty day, so the requirement makes leaders willing to
                                                duty Soldiers has Army chaplains undertaking a number of                        let them go.”
  Electronic Documents                                                                                                              Also available is Army One Source which is a toll-free
                                                programs to combat the rising trend and help Soldiers cope.
   Available thru myPay                                                                                                         nationwide number as well as a Web site that allows Soldiers
                                                   Divorces among officers tripled from fiscal year 2002 to
    In support of the President’s                                                                                               to contact a consultant regarding life’s issues. Through this
                                                2004, according to statistics compiled by the Defense
Expanded Electronic Government
                                                Manpower Data Center. After Operation Iraqi Freedom began,                      service, Soldiers and their families have access of up to six
Initiative, the Defense Finance and
                                                there was an increase of 3,024 divorces Army-wide.                              in-person counseling sessions at no cost to them.
Accounting Service will provide Wage
                                                   “These statistics are a sign of a loss of a dream. People                        Although deployment is an indicator of the stress on the
and Tax Statements and Leave and
Earning Statements in electronic format         don’t get married to divorce,” said Army Chaplain Col. Glen                     force, both Bloomstrom and Scheider agreed that the problem
for military and civilian personnel who         Bloomstrom, director of the Ministry Initiatives Directorate                    is that many couples do not have the skills needed to make
view their pay data on the myPay Web            for the Office of the Chief of Chaplains.                                       their marriage work. “Anytime there is a lot of stress, there is
site. Eliminating hard copies of these             Several programs now help Soldiers cope with life and                        a higher opportunity for people to stray,” said Scheider.
paper documents and providing                   parenting after divorce. Divorce Care Support groups and                            Marital skills have been studied by researchers at the
electronic copies through myPay will            Divorce Parenting classes are mandatory for Soldiers at Fort                    University of Denver. The study was funded by the National
save several million dollars and decrease       Hood, Texas.                                                                    Institute of Mental Health through the Prevention and Relationship
the risk of identity theft.                        “We recognize [Soldiers] come because they are required,”                    Enhancement Program. PREP is known for thorough empirical
    Therefore, effective Friday, all military                                                                                   research. Through PREP findings, Army chaplains are educating
members and Department of Defense                                                                                               Soldiers and their families with coping skills and the skills needed
non-bargaining unit civilian employees                                                                                          to make a marriage successful. Chaplains have established
with a customized PIN, who access                                                                                               several programs and services in the Army that are designed to
myPay are consenting to receive only an                                                                                         help couples manage stresses associated with the military lifestyle.
electronic W-2 and Leave and Earning                                                                                            Bloomstrom said all of the programs focus on three primary
Statement.                                                                                                                      areas: awareness, attitudes and skills.
                                                                                                                                    The Building Strong and Ready Families program “was
     Morning Calm                                                                                                               the first marriage education program that was systemically
   Weekly Submissions
  Send Letters to the Editor, story                                                                                             and systematically implemented in the Army,” said
submissions and other items to                                                                                                  Bloomstrom, who has been involved with the program since                                                                                               its origin in 1999. BSRF was first established at Hawaii’s
  For information, call 738-3355.                                                                                               25th Infantry Division Artillery.

                                                                                         SOURCE: DEFENSE MANPOWER DATA CENTER                          See Divorce, Page 13
           July 15, 2005
4                                                              The Morning Calm Weekly

Korean employees honored
for half century of service
Sgt. Christopher Selmek                                            June 1969, that office consolidated into the
Area Ii Public Affairs                                             Korean Pay Office in Yongsan. She retired
    YONGSAN – Three Korean civilian                                June 30 after
employees from the 175th Finance                                   35 years in that
Command were recognized for 50 years                               position.
of dedicated service to the U.S. Army in                               Myong
a ceremony recently at Balboni Theatre.                            began service
    Paek Un-hyon, Yun Sok-sun and                                  in June 1955
Myong Pom-sik received certificates and                            as a property
congratulations from Col. Jeffery D. Field,                        and supply
commander, 175th FINCOM.
    “Today we recognize not one, not two,
but three distinguished Korean employees
p a y r o l l

division for 50
                                                                   clerk for the
                                                                   Signal Depot            Yun Sok-sun
                                                                   on Camp Market. In July 1957, he
                                                                   accepted a position as a civilian pay
                                                                   technician in the Korean Pay Office with
                                                                   U.S. Finance and Accounting Command.
years          of                                                      In January 1962, he was promoted to
service,” said                                                     chief of the Korean Pay Division, a position
Field. “We all                                                     he has filled for 43 years.
know that 20                                                           In his time as chief, he has seen
years is a                                                         paydays for Korean National Employees
commitment                                                         transform from a manual process where
of no small               Paek Un-hyon                             employees picked up their paychecks in

measure, and 30 years is an outstanding                            brown paper bags to the current
length of service, but we really have no                           automated system that provides electronic
precedent for 50 years of service.                                 fund transfers directly to the employees’
    “We can only offer our thanks, and                             bank account.
say that I’m proud of you all and I respect                            Myong said he has no immediate plans
what you do.”                                                      to retire, but is
    Paek began his service in 1954 as a                            currently
security guard with the 5th Ordnance                               seeking to
Company at Camp Market, which relocated                            train           a
to Camp Carroll in April of 1964. In May                           replacement.
1978, he was promoted to stock control clerk                       He           has
with the Material Support Command.                                 previously
    In May 1980, Paek received a                                   been offered
promotion to the Korean National Pay                               promotions
                                                                                          Myong Pom-sik

Office on Yongsan, where he worked for                             away from
25 years. Paek and his wife have two                               Yongsan, but chose to stay because he
sons,       three        daughters,        two                     loves his job so much.
granddaughters and two grandsons. He                                   “I feel honored to receive this
retired June 30 to spend more time with                            certificate from the commanding general,”
them.                                                              he said. “This job has allowed me to
    Yun’s service began in April 1955 as a                         support my family and myself for 50
civilian pay technician in the Koreans National                    years, and I feel very lucky that I have
Pay Office, 1st Finance at Camp Market. In                         been able to do that.”

Culture                                                                                             from Page 3
  In his recent conversation with                                  Public Affairs community relations
Rosemary Song, 8th Fighter Wing                                    chief, Mr. Song got the program
                                                                   extended to Jeonju.
                                                                      “I knew the children and their
                                                                   families in Jeonju would benefit
                                                                   from this experience,” Mr. Song
                                                                   added. “So far, I’ve already found
                                                                   a boy who likes soccer and was able
                                                                   to pair him with an American who
                                                                   likes soccer a lot as well. Now the
                                                                   boy will be able to learn things about
                                                                   soccer he may not have known.”
                                                                      “This opportunity gives children
                                                                   an understanding of the world
                                                                   outside the Korean peninsula,” he
                                                                   said. “They learn that the people
                                                                   outside of Korea are just like them
                                                                   in as many ways as they are
                                                                      “This program is all about
                                 AIRMAN 1ST CLASS JUANIKA GLOVER   understanding and I hope if it’s
Senior Airman Jennifer Babb, 8th Aircraft                          possible, we can continue this
Maintenance Squadron, is fitted with a traditional                 learning from each other for many
Korean dress during her stay with the Ko family                    years to come.”
from Jeonju City.
 July 15, 2005                                                                                                                                                                               Page 5

Area I Support Activity welcomes new leader
                                                                                                 By David McNally                              Division’s high-op tempo training efforts
                                                                                                 Area I Public Affairs                         on a daily basis,” Landwermeyer said.
                                                                                                     CAMP RED CLOUD — Area I                      The past two years have been marked
                                                                                                 Support Activity Soldiers and civilians       with great transition, as the 2nd Infantry
                                                                                                 welcomed a new leader June 30 in a            Division redeployed a brigade to Iraq,
                                                                                                 change of command ceremony here.              and the garrisons continue to ready
                                                                                                     Col. Forrest Newton took command          bases in the Western Corridor and
                                                                                                 from Col. Jeff Christiansen.                  camps Page, Falling Water and
                                                                                                     “This will be a time of change,”          LaGuardia for closure and return to the
                                                                                                 Newton said. “It will be a time of seizing    Korean government.
                                                                                                 opportunities to demonstrate how we              Christiansen led the unit’s
                                                                                                 can and will enable the warfighters of        reorganization from under the 19th
                                                                                                 Area I.”                                      Theater Support Command to the
                                                                                                     Area I Support Activity is one of four    Installation Management Agency. He
                                                                                                 regional units in the Installation            served as commander for three years.
                                                                                                 Management Agency in Korea. The                  “During my time in command,”
                                                                                                 agency supports tenant units on all U.S.      Christiansen said, “I came to realize my
                                                                                                 installations in the Republic of Korea.       job was to simply inspire Soldiers and
                                                                                 DAVID MCNALLY
Col. Forrest Newton, Area I commander, speaks during his June 30 change of command                   “You’ve got a great outfit here,” Brig.   civilians. My job was to make life
ceremony at the Camp Red Cloud Village Green.                                                    Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. told the           better.”
                                                                                                 new commander.                                   Christiansen departed Korea to
                                                                                                     Landwermeyer is the IMA, Korea            become the Military District of
                                                                                                 Region director.                              Washington provost marshal.
                                      Area I manages U.S. Army installations near the                “I know you’re going to take them            Newton said he will not dwell on
                                      Korean demilitarized zone through two garrisons:           to the next level,” he said, “and             plans. “Like the great American
                                      ! U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Casey, is in                    continue the great partnership with the       philosopher and former heavyweight
                                      Dongducheon, a community of about 70,000                   Warrior Division.”                            champ Mike Tyson said, ‘Everybody’s
                                      Koreans. The city is located 17 miles south of the             More than 11,000 2nd Infantry             got a plan until they get hit’,” Newton
                                      demilitarized zone.                                        Division Soldiers are stationed on Area       remarked. “What we’re going to do is
                                      !U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud, is in                 I installations.                              discuss plans, but seize opportunities.”
                                      Uijeongbu. The enclave is made up of camps Red                 Landwermeyer praised the work of             Newton comes to Area I from an
                                      Cloud, Stanley, Essayons, Jackson, Sears and               the Area I team.                              assignment as the U.S. Army Inspector
                                      Kyle. Uijeongbu is 20 miles north of Seoul and has             The unit employs more than 1,700          General School commandant at Fort
                                      more the 360,000 residents.                                Koreans and nearly 300 U.S.                   Belvoir, Va.
                   Quick Facts        !Area I Support Activity has more than 1,700               Department of Army civilians.                    He began his military career with the
                                      Korean employees, nearly 300 U.S. Department                   “The Area I team has been fully
                                      of the Army civilians and about 150 Soldiers.              involved in supporting the Warrior                                   I,
                                                                                                                                                             See Area I Page 7

Camp Casey leader arrives as well
By David McNally                                                Murray called out the names of several key staff
Area I Public Affairs                                       members during his departure speech.
   CAMP CASEY — The new Camp Casey                              “Your efforts last fall in the Western Corridor
garrison commander took the reigns of leadership            camp closure campaign were Herculean,” he said.
June 29 at an indoor ceremony at the Carey Physical         “Now your efforts in facilitating camp returns is
Fitness Center.                                             of strategic importance.”
   Lt. Col. Terry Hodges assumed command from Lt.               While this mission is still in progress, Hodges takes
Col. Stephen Murray.                                        charge of the garrison.
   “I’m blessed to once again safely return to the Camp         Hodges recently completed duty with the U.S. Joint
Casey Enclave and Western Corridor,” Hodges said.           Forces Command as chief of the command and control
                                                                                                                                                                               PHOTOS   BY   DAVID MCNALLY
“I once proudly wore the Indianhead patch of the 2nd        section; analyst; researcher and subject matter expert             Lt. Col. Terry Hodges assumes command of the U.S. Army
Infantry Division.”                                         at the Joint Center for Operational Analysis- Lessons              Garrison, Camp Casey June 29 at an indoor ceremony at the
   In 1989, Hodges was assigned to the 2nd Infantry         Learned in Suffolk, Va.                                            Carey Physical Fitness Center.
Division where he served as the division chemical staff         Hodges is a Jackson State University graduate,
officer and executive officer, 4th Chemical Company.        Jackson, Miss., where he earned a Bachelor of Science
   “I look forward to the many tough command                degree in chemistry. Later, he attended Central
challenges; however, please know that I ask all of you      Michigan University and completed a Master of Science
for your continued support,” Hodges told the Soldiers       degree in administration.
and civilians at his change of command ceremony.                “I am further blessed to not only lead some of
   The U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Casey, is responsible       the greatest Soldiers, civilians and Korean
for installation management for camps Casey, Hovey,         personnel,” Hodges said, “but to work hand-in-hand
Mobile, Castle, Nimble, Warrior Base and the Korea          with numerous other great leaders from the U.S.
Training Center at Rodriguez Range. The organization        and Korea.”
is also responsible for preparing the bases in the              Murray departed Korea after two years in command
Western Corridor for return to the Republic of Korea.       to join his family in Wasilla, Alaska. He retires after 20
   During Murray’s command, camps Liberty Bell,             years as an infantry officer.
Greaves, Giant, Garry Owen, Stanton, Howze and                                                                                 Korean Service Corps employees and Camp Casey garrison
Edwards were vacated by U.S. forces.                                      E-mail                     Soldiers stand in formation for the inclement weather ceremony.
6 July 15 , 2005                                   Area I                                                        The Morning Calm Weekly

                                                   Uijeongbu road-widening project continues
    Incheon Shuttle Service
  The Camp Red Cloud Incheon Express
  Shuttle now departs CRC at 7:05 a.m.
  instead of at 6 a.m.

    Financial Advisor Visit
  The University of Maryland University
  College financial advisor will visit the
  Camp Stanley Education Center 1 – 4
  p.m. Tuesday to advise Soldiers about
  eligibility for financial assistance to
  purchase textbooks and other issues.
  Call 732-5915 to make an appointment.

     Customer Service Point
  All Customer Service Points, commonly
  known as Central Issue Facilities, will
  be closed Tuesday – July 22 for
  training. Personnel needing to turn in
  items during this time should contact
  their supply room.

  Special Forces Recruiting
  Army E-4 through E-7 or O-2 through
  O-3 (year group 03), with a GT score of
  100 or higher, U.S. citizenship and an
                                                                                                                                                                                            DAVID MCNALLY
  APFT score of 229 or above, may qualify          Yi Moon-il, a Korean construction worker, helps demolish the former 552nd Signal Company building near the Camp Red Cloud fence line. The
  for the U.S. Army Special Forces.
                                                   Uijeongbu city government recently released nearly $13 million to fund the road-widening project. The plan includes construction of a new CRC
  Weekly briefings are held Tuesdays at
                                                   main gate, the movement of the bus station, taxi stand, gas station and several units. An agreement between Area I and Uijeongbu was
  1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. at the Camp
                                                   originally signed in Dec. 23, 2003; however, the project was on hold until the city provided the necessary funds.
  Casey Education Center.            For
  information, call 738-1818.

  Summer Trips, Activities                       CRC firefighters battle on the soccer field
  The USO, Community Activity Centers
  and Better Opportunities for Single and        Friendly competition                                 “This event enhances our friendships                 explained.
  unaccompanied Soldiers program all                                                              and working relationship,” said Chief                       Around 80 people gathered at the
  host trips to locations throughout             spreads to Uijeongbu,                            John Cook, CRC fire chief. “We already                   soccer field on post for the match. The
  Korea. For information, visit the public                                                                                                                 Camp Red Cloud firefighters beat the
  affairs intranet site, http://8army/sites/
                                                 CRC fire departments                             have a mutual aid agreement, so when
                                                                                                  we get everyone together face-to-face                    Uijeongbu team 6-2 before heading to
  2id/Staff/pao/default.aspx. The Pear           By Spc. Stephanie Pearson                        for some fun, it helps when we have to                   the pavilion to enjoy a barbecue
  Blossom Cottages also offer classes,           Area I Public Affairs                            respond to a call.”                                      friendship dinner.
  events and services.                              CAMP RED CLOUD — Firefighters                     Cook said they chose to hold a soccer                   Last year, the Uijeongbu Fire Service
                                                 from the Uijeongbu Fire Department               tournament because soccer is a popular                   hosted the event at the NBC Studio
         Safety Training                         joined Camp Red Cloud Fire Services              sport in Korea.                                          soccer field in Uijeongbu. The CRC team
  The Safety Certification Class for             here July 6 for an annual friendship                 “All the firefighters are Korean, so                 won that tournament as well.
  additional duty unit safety officers and       soccer match.                                                                                                “Everyone likes to win, but for me,
                                                                                                  it’s a sport they can play and enjoy,” he
  noncommissioned officers will be at
                                                                                                                                                           the friendships built are the most
  Building S-1504, Camp Casey at 1 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                           important part,” Cook said.
  the second and fourth Friday of each
                                                                                                                                                              In addition to the annual soccer
  month. For information, call 730-4234.
                                                                                                                                                           match, officials from both departments
    Commissary Spending                                                                                                                                    meet regularly for friendship lunches.
  All U.S. Forces Korea Members                                                                                                                               “I know all of Uijeongbu Fire
  registered in the Defense Biometrics                                                                                                                     Department’s chiefs and assistant
  Identification System can now view                                                                                                                       chiefs,” Cook said. “It really helps if we
  their commissary spending online at                                                                                                                      ever have to do something beyond Some                                                                                                                       mutual aid. I feel that if I need something,
  DBIDS registration information is also                                                                                                                   they won’t have a problem helping out;
  shown to assist USFK members in                                                                                                                          and if they ever need something, they
  keeping their registration information                                                                                                                   know that we will do all we can.”
  current. If any corrections need to be                                                                                                                      Cook explained the intent of mutual
  made, visit any DBIDS registration                                                                                                                       aid in fire service is to help with an
  center to update information.                                                                                                                            emergency beyond the ability of the
                                                                                                                                                           responding unit.
         Korean Employee                                                                                                                                       “It also helps when [we] need special
               Training                                                                                                                                    equipment,” he said. “For example, if we
  The Area I Civilian Personnel Advisory                                                                                                                   need a ladder truck, or they need a truck
  Center will conduct Introduction to                                                                                                                      with better foam capabilities, we can help
  Supervision of Korean Employees                                                                                                                          each other out. It goes both ways.”
  training in English 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. July                                                                                                                    Cook said they have often been called
  26 in the CPAC classroom on Camp Red                                                                                                                     to help fight large fires in the city, and
  Cloud. Those interested in attending
                                                                                                                                                           the Uijeongbu Fire Department has come
  must submit form DD-1556 and an
                                                                                                                                                           on base to help respond twice since he’s
  Individual Development Plan to Han
                                                                                                                                  SPC. STEPHANIE PEARSON
                                                                                                                                                           been chief.
  Kyu-un by Tuesday. For information,
  call 732-9060.                                 Oh Tong-hwan, Camp Red Cloud firefighter (right), tries to get the ball from a member of the
                                                 Uijeongbu Fire Service team at the annual friendship soccer match July 6.                                  E-mail
The Morning Calm Weekly                                                           Area I                                                                                               July 15, 2005
Area I DOL recovers, reuses millions in furniture
Western Corridor                                 Warrior Country’s closing camps.                          coordinate transfer or disposal with            raining, or it will damage the
furniture project proves                              Area I Logistics director T.J. Welin                 multiple agencies.                              furniture,” he explained. “So if it’s a
                                                 said this means clearing 1,775 rooms                         Unserviceable furniture is separated         rainy day, we’re not going to get much
to be a challenge                                with more than 50,000 pieces of                           by like items, inventoried and disposed         work done, and we’re in monsoon
By Spc. Stephanie Pearson                        furniture from six camps in the                           of. Welin estimates 80 percent of the           season right now.”
Area I Public Affairs                            Western Corridor.                                         furniture they recover will be                     Even so, both men said they are
   CAMP HOWZE — Although all                          “This is the largest furniture                       classified as unserviceable.                    pleased with the work their office has
units have departed the Western                  movement in Korea,” Welin said.                              The remaining, serviceable                   accomplished.
Corridor, there is still work to be done         “ I t ’s c o m p a r a b l e t o t h e b a s e            furniture will be redistributed                    “The Western Corridor has been
before the bases can be returned to the          closures in Europe.”                                      throughout Korea.                               closed for six or seven months now,
Korean government. The Area I                         Welin said they have to inventory all                   “We’ve already returned over $1              but we didn’t get funding to start
Directorate of Logistics has been tasked         furniture, classify it as serviceable or                  million in dining facility equipment to         clearing the furniture until the end of
with recovering all furnishings from             unserviceable, separate it and then                       other facilities in the peninsula,” Welin       April,” Welin said. “Since then, we’ve
                                                                                                           said, “and because of all the furniture         completed Camp Greaves and 90
                                                                                                           from these bases, we won’t have to              percent of camps Edwards and
                                                                                                           buy furniture in Area I for a long time.”       Stanton. We expect those to be
                                                                                                              “We have more than enough                    finished within the next week, and our
                                                                                                           demand for the furniture,” agreed               goal is to be finished with the Western
                                                                                                           James Richardson Jr., deputy director.          Corridor by Aug. 31.
                                                                                                           “All the furniture we redistribute                 “And we accomplish all this as
                                                                                                           throughout the peninsula is a cost              expeditiously as possible while still
                                                                                                           avoidance of over $10 million.”                 continuing our mission of day-to-
                                                                                                              Welin said recovering the furniture          day support to our customers,”
                                                                                                           has been a challenge.                           Welin said.
                                                                                                              “We have people working 10 hours                The DOL is now in the planning
                                                                                                           a day, six days a week to get this              stages of furnishings removal for
                                                                                                           done,” he said. “The sooner we can              camps LaGuardia, Page, Falling
                                                                                                           close bases, the more money we can              Water, Kyle, Sears and Nimble, while
                                                                                                           save. It costs a lot to keep them open.”        the Installation Property Book Office
                                                                                                              The biggest issue has been the               is coordinating redistribution of the
                                                                                                           weather, Richardson said.                       furniture throughout Area I.
                                                                                 SPC. STEPHANIE PEARSON       “The contractors can’t move the
Korean workers remove furniture from a vacant Camp Howze barracks July 6.                                  serviceable furniture when it is                  E-mail

  Headphones are not a uniform option                                                                     Area I                                                                                 from Page 5
  Commentary by                                                                                           U.S. Marines in 1968, where he                       Following the change of
  Command Sgt. Maj. James Lucero                                                                          served as a 1st Marine Division                  command ceremony, the community
  2nd Infantry Division Command Sergeant Major                                                            infantryman in Vietnam.                          welcomed the new commander with
                                                                                                             Newton completed his enlistment               a Mitchell’s Club reception.
     CAMP RED CLOUD — Improper                                                                            in 1971 as a Presidential Security                   L a t e r, N e w t o n g a t h e r e d h i s
  wear of headphones and earphones                                                                        Detachment sergeant at Camp David,               commanders and key staff at the
  poses hazards to our Warriors.                                                                          Md. Following graduation from                    Camp Red Cloud Theater where he
     The Warrior Standard, chapter 3,                                                                                                                      explained his command philoshophy.
                                                                                                          Eastern Michigan University, he was
  page 69, sets the guidelines for wearing                                                                                                                     Newton said he wanted to know
                                                                                                          commissioned in the U.S. Army
  headphones. This section reads in part,
                                                                                                          Reserve. In 1982, he entered active              the issues and problems, and what
  “Headphones/earphones will not be
                                                                                                          duty in the military police corps.               the staff needs to do their job.
  worn at any time while in the uniform.
                                                                                                             Newton previously served in                       “We have a mission to take care
  This includes cell phone earphones.”
                                                                                                          Korea as the 728th Military Police               of our Soldiers,” he said. “We owe
     This rule also applies when riding
                                                   Headphones in uniform are prohibited.                  Battalion commander.                             t h e m o u r l o y a l t y, d i g n i t y a n d
  the bus while in uniform.
                                                                                                             “Time to move out and draw fire               respect.”
     Cell phone earphones are not part
  of the Army uniform. Leaders should            Department of Defense installations is                   b u d d y, ” L a n d w e r m e y e r t o l d
  make the correction when                       prohibited.                                              Newton.                                                E-mail
  encountering Soldiers who are walking              The headphones could also pose a
  with cell phone earbuds in their ears.         safety risk by distracting the wearer
     Headphones can be convenient tools          while the Soldier is operating heavy
  when properly used, but they are not           machinery or other equipment.
  part of the Army uniform. Headphones               “If headphones are on the head but
  can also pose a safety hazard when             not over or in the ears they are still
  improperly used.                               unauthorized.”
     The         Warrior         Standard            Wearing headphones in this manner
  reads,“Regardless of the uniform,              detracts from the image of the
  Warriors will not jog, run, walk, ride         disciplined Warrior and the appearance
  bicycles, or operate machinery while           of the Army uniform.
  wearing or using earphone-style audio              All of our Warriors must guard
  systems.”                                      against head injuries; no one is
     The paragraph outlines the safety           invincible.
  issues       concerning         wearing            Warriors conduct many activities
  headphones during physical activity.           outdoors, from training to recreation.
     Soldiers running, walking or driving        It is incumbent upon leaders to ensure
  with headphones can’t hear vehicular           our Warriors conduct these activities
  traffic, putting them at risk for serious      in a safe environment with the proper                                                                                                              DAVID MCNALLY

  injury. The wearing of headphones and          supervision so that they remain ready                    Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr., Installation Management Agency, Korea Region director,
  earphones while jogging on                     to “Fight Tonight.”                                      (right) passes the Area I Support Activity colors to Col. Forrest Newton June 30 at the Camp Red
                                                                                                          Cloud Village Green.
  July 15, 2005                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 9

Valor 6: Two years                          Area II Support Activity
of teamwork
By Col. Timothy K. McNulty
Area II Support Activity Commander
                                            holds first organization day
    YONGSAN — As I depart Area II for       By Cpl. Seo Ki-chul
my new assignment, I would like to say      Area II Public Affairs
farewell by highlighting some of the            YONGSAN — The Area II Support
accomplishments we have made together       Activity celebrated its first annual
here in Area II                             organization day July 1 as Soldiers,
over the past two                           civilians and family members gathered at
years, largely due                          Collier Field House for a barbecue and
to the “Area II:                            an afternoon of sports, games and prizes.
THE Assignment                                  Activated in October 2003, Area II
of       Choice”                            Support Activity took over the 34th
program and                                 Support Group base support mission in
others like it that                         September 2004 as part of the Installation
invite the sharing                          Management Agency - Korea Region. In
of information                              addition to base operations support, its
                     Col. Timothy McNulty
and action to                               goal is to enhance quality of life and well-
improve the community.                      being initiatives at Yongsan and outlying
    The “Area II: THE Assignment of         Area II installations.
Choice” program empowers the Area II            “It’s good to see your smiling faces
                                                                                                                                                                         PHOTOS   BY   SGT. CHRISTOPHER SELMEK
Support Activity staff to take              this morning. As many of you know, I
suggestions from community members          will be leaving in two weeks. But I hope         Lee An-kwang performs a slow dance as Directorate of Logistics fans cheer at the final soccer
and put them into action quickly. Many      today will be a great opportunity to talk        match of the Area II Organization Day at Collier Field House July 1.
improvements on Yongsan Garrison and        about our successes in the past year. We         Directorate of Public Works edged out            the U.S. Army] Soldiers and all of the
in Area II have been realized because       owe these successes to you, and I applaud        the Directorate of Logistics in volleyball,      civilians.” said John Wright, deputy
community members, including Korean         all of you for your work,” said outgoing         softball and soccer despite energetic            director of the Area II DOL.
National employees, voiced their issues,    Area II Commander, Col. Timothy K.               fanfare from the logistics cheerleading             Area II Support Activity’s top NCO,
interests and concerns during town hall     McNulty, who turned over the Area II             section.                                         Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin N. Witt,
meetings at Yongan Garrison, Hannam         Support Activity colors to Col. Ronald C.           “Organization day gave us a chance            commended the unit before presenting
Village and K-16, as well as during our     Stephens Thursday during a change of             to meet new people and enjoy a great time        trophies and drawing for prizes at the
quarterly radio town hall meetings or by    command ceremony at Yongsan.                     together,” said Sgt. Sandra Sipes, NCO           end of the day. Grand prize raffle winners
using the Commander’s Suggestion                Following a barbecue at Lombardo             in charge of the Property Control Branch         were Pfc. Victor Trujillo, who won an
Program or hotline. Additionally, we        Field, and visits from U.S. Forces               Warehouse for Headquarters and                   adult bicycle, and Staff Sgt. Stancey
instituted a new Interactive Customer       Korea Commander, Gen. Leon J.                    Headquarters Company, Area II Support            Mitchell, who won a child’s bike.
Evaluation, or ICE, system linked to the    LaPorte, Eighth Army Commander, Lt.              Activity. “Our section showed great team            “Everyone worked together to make
Area II Web site that encourages            Gen. Charles C. Campbell and IMA-                spirit and supported each other in the           this day a success,” said Witt. “It was a
customer feedback. We’ve been               KORO Director, Brig. Gen. H.T.                   sports events.”                                  great event because we brought all of
listening, and responding.                  Landwermeyer Jr., Area II Soldiers,                 Overall, participants said the                our Soldiers and civilians together for a
    We have greatly enhanced Area II        Korean and American civilian employees           organization day built a sense of                fun-filled day of activities, teamwork
force protection by improving security      and family members competed for                  fellowship among Area II supporters.             and camaraderie. It was great and it will
at Yongsan and Camp Tango entrance          trophies and bragging rights in several             “It turned out to be a really good            be even better next year.”
and exit gates. We also enhanced the Area   athletic events.                                 team-building experience between
II courtesy patrol program that supports        Competition was fierce as the                American and [Korean Augmentation To                     E-mail
U.S. Forces Korea directives to combat
prostitution and human trafficking.
    Infrastructure improvements over the
past two years include construction of
Burke Towers, the overpass linking
Yongsan Garrison’s Main and South posts
that improves accessibility for vehicles
and pedestrians, the completion of a
modern Multi-Purpose Training Facility
on South Post, groundbreaking for a new
Community Activity Center at K-16 and
renovations which began last month on
the Hannam Village towers. We have
recently brought on line 60 new field
grade officer quarters and 252 new
barracks spaces on Yongsan Garrison,
plus completed more than $1.5 million in
barracks and BEQ renovations and
upgrades in Area II.
    Together, we have created a better
place for middle school students and
                                                                                                                      Cpl. Kim Chan, left, Maintenance Shop clerk, Directorate of Logistics,
teens by opening a new Teen Center on
                                                                                                                      Area II Support Activity faces off with Kim Eun-sung, right, electronic
Yongsan and a new middle school/teen
                                            Randy Ross, Area II Safety, limbos along with the children at the Area II maintenance worker, Directorate of Public Works, at the Collier Field
               See Teamwork Page 11         organization day at Collier Field House July 1.                           House soccer field during the soccer game finals July 1.
   July 15, 2005
                                                                                               Area II                                                                    The Morning Calm Weekly

                                                                                                                                                                          Left: Contestants gobble their slices during the
                                                                                                                                                                          watermelon eating contest, part of the July Fourth
                                                                                                                                                                          celebration at Collier Field House.
                                                                                                                                                                          Above: A martial arts devotee flies through the air during a
                                                                                                                                                                          Hapkido demonstration at Collier Field House July 3.
                                                                                                                                              PHOTOS   BY   STEVE DAVIS

July 4th celebration ends with a bang
 By Steve Davis                                                         like a cowboy to introduce England and his band.                                    with family and friends, but I really appreciate it.”
 Area II Public Affairs                                                    “I’ve got my boots, I’ve got my spurs and I’ve                                      Sgt. Mike Johnson, a medical specialist also at the
    YONGSAN — Monsoon rains could not stop the                          got my six-gun,” said McNulty. “The rain dampened                                   Ty England concert, said “MWR put on a pretty good
 July Fourth celebration this year at Yongsan Garrison.                 the ground today, but it didn’t dampen our spirits.”                                thing for us.” He said he was spending his third July
 Though events had to be moved indoors July 2-3,                           McNulty credited the teamwork of the Area II                                     Fourth weekend overseas.”
 the show went on, ending under clear skies July 4                      Support Activity staff, sponsors and volunteers of                                     U.S. Forces Korea Commander, Gen. Leon J.
 with a grand finale of patriotic music and the colorful                the July Fourth celebration for pulling together to make                            LaPorte, also at the England concert with his wife
 flash of fireworks.                                                    the event happen. Sponsors included the New Seoul                                   Judy, said he has spent as many as 12 Independence
    “We knew rain was moving in and we were                             People to People organization, the Korean-American                                  Day weekends overseas during his career. He visited
 monitoring it closely,” said Mario Farrulla, chief of                  Relations Enterprise, the USO and Better Opportunities                              England before the performance to thank him for
 recreation for the Area II Support Activity. Farrulla                  for Single and unaccompanied Soldiers. Raffles were                                 coming to Korea to entertain.
 and other MWR officials met daily at 7 a.m. throughout                 held to award prizes, including a round-trip airline                                   England said he was surprised and flattered to meet
 the holiday weekend to assess the weather situation.                   ticket to the United States, throughout the weekend.                                Gen. LaPorte. “I didn’t know whether to take my
    As a result, all events July 2-3 – including a                         Their efforts to keep the celebration on track were                              hat off or not,” said England, who throughout his
 community carnival, performances by reggae artist                      appreciated by those spending their Independence Day                                performance expressed his appreciation to those
 Shaggy and country star Ty England – were moved                        weekend overseas.                                                                   serving overseas.
 inside Collier Field House. Shaggy drew an                                “This is my second Fourth of July overseas,” said                                   Rain subsided July 4 and fireworks went off without
 enthusiastic crowd of about 1,000. England attracted                   Sgt. Mark Lopez from U.S. Forces Korea J3, who                                      a hitch, ending the holiday weekend with a bang.
 about 500, including outgoing Area II Support Activity                 was at the Ty England concert. “USO brought a little
 Commander Col. Timothy K. McNulty, who dressed                         bit of home to us. It may not be like being back home                                                      E-mail

                                                                           SGT. CHRISTOPHER SELMEK
 Alexandra Medina, with patriotic ribbons and a flag on her cheek, plays with Ellie the dog
 just before the fireworks show at Collier Field House July 4.

                                                                                                     Above: Reggae artist Shaggy entertains a
                                                                                                     crowd of about 1,000 at Collier Field House
                                                                                                     during the three-day Area II Independence
                                                                                                     Day celebrations.

                                                                                                     Left: Visitors line up for flags and balloons
                                                                                                     before fireworks July 4.                               In cowboy hat, jeans, boots and a six-shooter, Col. Timothy K.
                                                                                                                                                            McNulty teams up with country star Ty England to announce prize
                                                                                                                                                            winners during Area II Independence Day festivities July 3.
The Morning Calm Weekly                                             Area II                                                                              July 15, 2005
Safety campaign ends with fewer citations
By Sgt. Christopher Selmek               the Korean National Police                 his or her driving record and the chain     is too short to warrant proper safety,
Area II Public Affairs                   enforcement and also of people             of command will be notified for             which he said simply is not true.
   YONGSAN — Fewer Area II               understanding the message we’re            further actions.”                              “Statistically, most people get
drivers received citations during the    trying to get across.”                        The MPs also try to educate people       killed within a five to ten minute
2005 National Safety Belt Campaign          Safety belt usage is mandated both      on the need for safety through various      radius of their home,” he said. “A lot
conducted from June 27 to July 11 than   by the Department of Defense and           banners strung up around post, and          of times we get in a rush moving
during the 2004 “Click-it or Ticket”     the Republic of Korea, so Soldiers         also through a presentation at the          around inside our vehicle, and we get
campaign.                                have a requirement to wear their           newcomers brief to highlight traffic        into a relaxed mode.”
   Fifteen drivers received citations    safety belts both on and off post.         laws while in Korea, said Dickerson.           Even though the annual campaign
during this year’s two-week campaign     Random checks at all gates are                Safety, he added, is an even more        has finished, the law remains the same
compared to 42 last year, according to   performed by Military Police               important concern than just getting         and enforcement will continue in the
Sgt. First Class Gregory Dickerson,      throughout the two weeks of the            a ticket.                                   form of traffic checkpoints and
Area II provost sergeant.                campaign to ensure compliance with            “Based upon the statistics we get        friendly reminders from gate guards.
   “The whole point [of the              this standard.                             from all over Area II, we know that         The rules are designed to keep drivers
campaign] is to re-emphasize the            “Most people don’t realize that the     personnel wearing safety belts have a       safe, and the MPs are only trying to
importance of safety,” he said. “I       Korean police will pull you over and       much greater survival rate in the event     keep people alive.
think we’ve done an excellent job,       issue you a ticket for failing to buckle   of an accident,” he said.                      As the saying goes, “Click-it or
and the fact that the number of          your safety belt,” said Dickerson. “If        Dickerson said many people fail to       Ticket.”
citations given out was drastically      a driver is cited for failing to use the   put on the seatbelt because they are in
reduced is a very positive effect of     safety belt, points will be added to       a hurry, or because they think the trip          E-mail

Teamwork                                                                                                                                                               from Page 9
center at Hannam Village. These physical               relationships with schools. As a result, Area II        made great friends here. I am particularly grateful to
improvements work towards raising the quality of       students are high achievers and an overwhelming         the Yongsan-gu and Bupyeong-gu Korean-American
life in Area II.                                       majority of our high school graduates win               Friendship Councils, the Korean-American Relations
    Columbus Day festivals, the MWR Concert Series     scholarships and go on to college.                      Enterprise and the New Seoul People-to-People
and many new sports and recreation programs also          We have sought new and more efficient ways to        International Chapter for their warm send-off as my
improve our quality of life. We have begun new         support Soldiers, Department of Defense and Korean      family returns to the United States.
programs like the Child and Youth Services drama,      National civilian employees, and family members            These are only a few highlights of the many things
dance and video game clubs, as well as computer        through Army Community Services and other Area          we’ve done together. Thanks for all the support. I
classes and a career support group for spouses. We     II Support Activity organizations.                      wish you all the best. Through your participation and
have also worked diligently with local educators and      Literally hundreds of community relation events      support, we have a great community. I know you’ll
earned recognition from the Department of Defense      have strengthened our bond with the Korean              provide the new Area II Commander, Col. Ron
Dependent schools that our programs have set the       community, including a student intern program           Stephens, the same outstanding support you provided
standard for how a military community should build     between Area II and two Korean universities. We have    Kathy and me.

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                      South Post Power Outage
                      A five-hour scheduled power outage is planned 8:30-1:30 July 23 on parts of Yongsan South Post, excluding Dragon Hill Lodge, to replace electrical transformers. A m
                      affected area can be seen on the Commander’s Access Channel (Channel 3).

          July 15, 2005
12                                Area II
                                                 CIF) will be closed Tuesday thru July 22
                                                                                                                                   The Morning Calm Weekly
                                                                                                 servicemembers. You’ll eat lunch           The Yongsan Weight Support Group
                                                 for training. For information, call 753-5807.   together and then go bowling. Please       hosts a 12-week weight management
                                                      Housing Office Hours                       sign up early for an afternoon of          program. All participants can learn
  South Post Power Outage                        Through Aug. 25, the Yongsan Housing            goodwill, “Good Neighbors” and good        how to burn fat, to shrink fat cells and
A five-hour scheduled power outage is            Office (Bldg. 4106) will be open 8 a.m. –       times. For information, call 724-7781 or   to lose weight. For information, call
planned 8:30 a.m. -1:30 p.m. July 23 on parts    4 p.m. Monday – Friday, including lunch         011-351-9014.                              010-8671-7461           or      e-mail
of Yongsan South Post, excluding Dragon          hours. For information, call 738-4069.                                           
Hill Lodge, to replace electrical                                                                        Camp Adventure
transformers. A map of the affected area            Yongsan Lanes Closure                        Yo n g s a n / H a n n a m School-Age       ARC Health and Safety
can be seen on the Commander’s Access            The Yongsan Bowling Center, including           Services and Camp Adventure Youth                        Services
Channel (Channel 3).                             the snack bar and game room area, will          Services will host summer recreation       American Red Cross is offering
                                                 be closed Aug.1 – 12 for scheduled lane         programs for children first through        several courses throughout this
   Yongsan Filling Station                       resurfacing. For information, call 723-         fifth grades through Aug. 19. Program      summer. The classes include:
        Hours Extended                           7830.                                           activities include weekly field trips,     ! First Aid, Adult, Child, Infant CPR
Weekend hours have been extended two                                                             swimming, arts and crafts, songs,          and AED, 6 – 10 p.m., Thursday thru
hours at the Yongsan Filling Station.               Summer Reading Club                          games, and individual age group
                                                                                                                                            July 22;
Hours are now 7 a.m.-7p.m. Mon.-Fri.             All 5 to 12-year-olds are invited to            activities. For information, call 738-
                                                                                                                                            ! ARC New Volunteer Orientation,
and 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Sat.-Sun.                      experience a summer long reading                4707 or 723-4522.
                                                                                                                                            9:30 a.m. – noon, Thursday
                                                 fantasy called “Dragons, Dreams &
                                                                                                                                            ! Babysitting, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., July 23,
 Hannam Village Yard Sale                        Daring Deeds” at the Yongsan and                    American Red Cross
                                                                                                                                            ! ARC New Volunteer Orientation,
Pre-register before Wednesday for the            Hannam Village Libraries at 1 p.m. now                Position Openings
                                                                                                                                            9:30 a.m. – noon, Aug.18
Hannam Village community-wide yard               through Aug. 5. For information, call 723-      The American Red Cross Volunteer           Registration is available in the
sale. Fee is $5 for one table and two            7300.                                           Program has immediate openings for a       American Red Cross office located
chairs. The yard sale takes place from 8                                                         records chairman, chairman of              upstairs in the Moyer Recreation
                                                      The Dating Game in                         volunteers and a medical chairman. For     Center. For information, call 738-3670.
a.m.-noon. For information, call 723-8950
                                                           Bentley’s Pub                         information, call 738-3670.
or 011-9189-0996.
                                                 Bentley’s Pub in Dragon Hill Lodge
                                                 will host the “Dating Game”                           Special Duty as an                            News and Notes
      ACS 40th Birthday                                                                                                                                    Deadlines
                                                 Wednesday. The winning couple will                    Inspector General
             Barbeque                                                                                                                       Deadline for submission to
                                                 win a dinner for two at Sables                  The office of the Inspector General,
Army Community Service will host a 40th                                                                                                     Community Calendar is Friday prior
                                                 restaurant. This is all for fun, so don’t       United States Forces Korea and Eighth
birthday celebration 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. July       be nervous. For information, call 738-                                                     t o t h e n e x t w e e k ’s p u b l i c a t i o n .
                                                                                                 U.S. Arm y is looking for branch
22 at the Community Service Building.            2222, ext. 24.                                  qualified commissioned officers in the     Announcements will be published
There will be a barbeque, prizes and face                                                        grades of captain through major to         on a first-come, first-served basis.
painting for kids. For information, call             Good Neighbor Event                         serve as inspectors. For information,      Submit items for publication to
738-7505.                                        The Camp Kim USO will host a Good               e-mail or call
                                                 Neighbor event 12:15 – 4 p.m. July 28           723-4007.                                  Each announcement should include
          CSP Closure                            and 29. Forty children are coming to             Yongsan Weight Support                    who, what, when, where and a point-
All area Customer Service Points (CSP/           the USO to meet and get to know U.S.                           Group                       of-contact telephone number.

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The Morning Calm Weekly
                                                                                                                                                                       July 15, 2005
Knowing options can ease pain of divorce                                                                                                        Divorce
                                                                                                                                                   BSRF is not marriage counseling,
                                                                                                                                                                                   from Page 3

By ist Lt. Tobias D. Hunziker                  on matters such as child custody and            family law attorney.                             said Bloomstrom. It is marriage
Cleint Services, Area III Legal Center         asset division will normally go much               On the subject of children, it is very        education. As stated in the 2002
                                                                                                                                                Executive Summary interim report of

        t seems like everyone is getting       faster than a proceeding where one party        important to honor whatever child support
        divorced these days; and not just      either refuses to participate or contests       agreements are in place. The Army has            BSRF, “While the Army has developed
        celebrities like Brad Pitt and         the result.                                     specific requirements for child support,         and deployed numerous programs to
Jennifer Aniston.                                 This is where a separation agreement         and if a Soldier is receiving any type of        treat and respond to family and couple
    The stress involved in the separation      can come in handy. A separation                 pay for dependents, they must ensure their       issues, the strengths in the underlying
created by serving in Korea can put a          agreement can assist a couple to                dependents are receiving that pay, or they       design of BSRF lie in a focus on
strain on even the most stable of marriages.   determine the division of their assets and      could face criminal penalties under both         prevention rather than reactive, crisis
Army officials reported 10,477 divorces        the custody and support for their               military and state law.                          management.”
among the active-duty force in fiscal year     children. Practically every state will             In addition, it will serve a person well         Retreats for couples in BSRF are
2004, a number that has climbed steadily       recognize a separation agreement. This          to watch what he or she does and says as         called Strong Bonds retreats. This year,
over the past five years.                      saves both parties considerable time and        they go through the divorce process. Any         there are about 600 retreats scheduled
    Area III is no exception. These days,      money in what can be an extremely               reckless, out-of-control or vulgar               Army-wide, each with 20 to 50
the majority of the clients that come to       expensive and painful process.                  behavior could be used against a person          couples attending. For Army Reserve
the Area III Legal Assistance Office ask          The local legal assistance office can        in court to depict them as an unfit parent.      and National Guard Soldiers, there are
about divorce or separation. Here are          help draft a separation agreement. Keep            If neither party has significant financial    weekend retreats. Active component
some basics on divorce law to help focus       in mind that a separation agreement is not      assets or children, and have only been           Soldiers have one-day events and
your inquiries.                                a license to commit adultery, and a             married for a very short time, perhaps a         overnight retreats.
    The U.S. Army cannot grant a               separation agreement provides no                pro se divorce is best for them. This is            There has been a doubling of total
divorce. It is important to realize that       protection from a criminal action under         where one spouse files for divorce               Army divorces from the 2000 fiscal
divorce law is governed by state law.          the Uniform Code of Military Justice.           without an attorney, and if there are no         year to the 2004 fiscal year – an
If a couple was married in the United             If either member of a divorcing couple       children or complicated financial                increase of nearly 5,000 divorces over
States, their best bet is to get a divorce     has significant assets, debts or real estate,   arrangements, this may be a good way to          this period. A year before September
decree from the state in which they            or if they have children, it is highly          go. Most states provide pro se divorce           11, total active-duty Army divorces
were married. Keep in mind that laws           recommended that they each hire a local         forms and paperwork on their state court         were at 5,658 among 255,353
vary from state to state regarding legal       attorney in the state where they will file      Web sites.                                       marriages. Divorces rose a year later
requirements for filing a divorce, as well     for divorce. Sure, it may be expensive in          This article has been a very simplified       to 7,049 from 248,180 marriages.
as how marital and individual assets will      the short term, but not having an attorney      discussion of divorce issues. Anyone                 Bloomstrom said that the Army
be divided.                                    could cost a person dearly in terms of          contemplating a divorce should contact           needs to focus on family well-being.
    Contrary to a popular myth, it is not      child support, visitation rights and asset      their legal assistance office to discuss            “We recruit a Soldier, and retain a
necessary for both spouses to “sign the        division. If you have concerns about child      specific issues and particular courses           family,” he said. “We need to listen to
papers” or to agree on every detail to         visitation, pay a fair amount for child         of action.                                       the other part of the fighting force
obtain a divorce. However, a divorce           support, or have a fair distribution of debts      For information, contact the local            which is the family that stays home
proceeding where both spouses agree            or assets, it is best to consult a licensed     legal assistance offices.                        and supports the Soldiers.”
          July 15, 2005
14                                                                                                        The Morning Calm Weekly

                                        July 15-21

                           Kingdom of                   Kingdom of                  Herbie: Fully            Herbie: Fully              Unleashed                 Monster-In-            Monster-In-
                            Heaven R                     Heaven R                    Loaded G                 Loaded G                        R                   Law PG-13              Law PG-13
                           Guide to the                Beauty Shop                 XXX: State of               No Show                XXX: State of               Kingdom of             Kingdom of
                            Galaxy PG                      PG-13                    the Union R                                        the Union R                 Heaven R               Heaven R
                           State of the               Batman Begins                Batman Begins              Kingdom of                    No Show                 No Show                No Show
                           Union PG-13                     PG-13                       PG-13                   Heaven R

                          Herbie: Fully                Herbie: Fully                Herbie: Fully              Unleashed               Monster-In-                Kingdom of             Kingdom of
                           Loaded G                     Loaded G                     Loaded G                      R                   Law PG-13                   Heaven R               Heaven R

                          Batman Begins                House of Wax                House of Wax
                                                                                                               No Show                      No Show                 No Show                No Show
                                                              R                           R

                          Monster-In-                   Herbie: Fully              Kingdom of                 Kingdom of               Herbie: Fully               Unleashed            Mindhunters R
                          Law PG-13                      Loaded G                   Heaven R                   Heaven R                 Loaded G                       R
                                                                                      The                                                  The
                           Mr. & Mrs.                   Mr. & Mrs.                                             No Show                                             Unleashed              Unleashed
                                                                                  Honeymooners                                        Honeymooners                     R                      R
                           Smith PG-13                  Smith PG-13                                                                          PG-13

      Kingdom                   of      Unleashed -- Danny                  Batman              Begins      Herbie: Fully Loaded              War of the Worlds              Mr. & Mrs. Smith
      Heaven -- Balian is               has been kept as a near             The origins of the Batman       Maggie, the new owner of          Ray is a working class man     John and Jane Smith are an
      mourning the deaths of his        prisoner by his “Uncle”             legend and the Dark             Number 53 - the free-             living in New Jersey. He’s     ordinary suburban couple
      wife and baby when his            Bart. since boyhood; trained        Knight’s emergence as a         wheelin’ Volkswagen bug           estranged from his family,     with a seemingly ordinary,
      father arrives and asks him       to attack and, if necessary,        force for good in Gotham.       with a mind of its own - puts     his life isn’t in order, and   lifeless suburban marriage.
      to join the Crusades in           kill. Danny knows little of life,   In the wake of his parents’     the car through its paces on      he’s too caught up with        But each of them has a
      Jerusalem. Balian agrees,         except the brutal existence         murder, disillusioned                                             himself. But the unthinkable   secret — they are actually
                                                                                                            the road to becoming a
                                        that Bart has so crudely and        industrial heir Bruce travels                                     and, ultimately, the           both legendary assassins
      and embarks on the                                                                                    NASCAR® competitor.
                                        cruelly fashioned for him. But                                                                        unexpected happens to          working for competing
      perilous journey. Along the                                           the world seeking the           Herbie’s got some new tricks
                                                                                                                                                                             organizations. When the
      way, he reveals his gifts of      when Danny has a chance             means to fight injustice and    under his hood.                   him in an extraordinary
                                                                                                                                                                             truth comes out, John and
      inherent goodness and fair        encounter with a soft-              turn fear against those who                                       sense. His small town life
                                                                                                                                                                             Jane end up in each other’s
      treatment of all human            spoken blind piano tuner            prey on the fearful. He                                           is shaken violently by the
      beings. Upon reaching             Sam, he senses true                 returns to Gotham and                                             arrival of destructive
      Jerusalem, a city where his       kindness and compassion             unveils his alter-ego:                                            intruders: Martians which
      meager beginnings no              for the first time.                 Batman, a masked                                                  have come en masse to
      longer matter, Balian earns                                           crusader who uses his                                             destroy Earth.
      respect.                                                              strength, intellect and an
                                                                            array of high tech
                                                                            deceptions to fight the
                                                                            sinister forces that threaten
                                                                            the city.

                           Amityville                  The Longest                  The Longest               Amityville                    No Show                 No Show                No Show
                            Horror R                    Yard PG-13                   Yard PG-13                Horror R
                           War of the                   War of the                   War of the                No Show                      No Show                 No Show                No Show
                          Worlds PG-13                 Worlds PG-13                 Worlds PG-13
                           Herbie: Fully               Kingdom of                   Kingdom of                Monster-In-              Monster-In-                  No Show               War of the
                            Loaded G                    Heaven R                     Heaven R                 Law PG-13                Law PG-13                                         Worlds PG-13

                            Unleashed                   Kingdom of                   Kingdom of               Monster-In-                   No Show                War of the            Monster-In-
                                R                        Heaven R                     Heaven R                Law PG-13                                           Worlds PG-13           Law PG-13

                           War of the                   War of the                   War of the               Kingdom of               Kingdom of                  Unleashed              Unleashed
                          Worlds PG-13                 Worlds PG-13                 Worlds PG-13               Heaven R                 Heaven R                        R                     R

                           War of the                  Ice Princess G              Ice Princess G            Ice Princess G            Fever Pitch                Fever Pitch            Fever Pitch
                          Worlds PG-13                                                                                                       PG-13                   PG-13                  PG-13

                          XXX: State of               XXX: State of                XXX: State of             Are We There             Are We There               Are We There             Fat Albert
                           the Union R                 the Union R                  the Union R                 Yet? PG                  Yet? PG                    Yet? PG                  PG
                                                                                                                                                                  July 15, 2005
The Morning Calm Weekly                                                                                                         15
We must choose between committing and contributing
By Chaplain (Maj.) David M. Lockhart               his disciples sit by the treasury, they watched                  out of the surplus of their incomes. The loss of
501st CSG Brigade                                  people put in their offerings. Many wealthy                      money was probably not even noticed by them.

           farmer decided to have ham and eggs     people came by and put in large sums of money.                   They made a contribution to God.
          for breakfast one morning. He went to    These gifts would attract attention, as others                      In the midst of these people came a poor
          the barn and found his best hen and      could hear the coins clanging as they hit the                    widow who had two coins. She put both coins
his best hog, and said, “I have got a taste for    sides of the coin box. They wanted everyone to                   into the collection box. It was not something she
ham and eggs, how about it?” The hen responded     notice.                                                          had to do. The law only required her to put in
immediately by delivering two fine eggs. But the      What we can say for certain about these                       one coin. This woman’s gift tells us a remarkable
hog hesitated. The hen turned to the hog and       people who put in large sums of money is that it                 thing about her. She had made a commitment
asked, “What is the hold up? This farmer takes     was really no commitment for them. They gave                     while others had made a contribution.
care of us, the least we can do is give him some
ham and eggs for breakfast.” “That is easy for                                    Area I Worship Services
you to say,” replied the hog. “All he wants from
                                                    Catholic   Daily        11:45 a.m.   Stanley Chapel, Stone      Protestant Gospel
you is a contribution, but from me he wants a
                                                                                         Chapel                                 Sunday      1 p.m.                  Stanley Chapel
real commitment.”
                                                               Sat.urday 6 p.m.          Stanley Chapel
   Commitment is one of those “difficult” words
we don’t like to discuss very much. Commitment
                                                               Sunday 9 a.m.             Warrior Chapel
has a way of making us feel uncomfortable.                               9:30 a.m.       Hovey Chapel
Perhaps it is because it asks too much of us.                            11 a.m.         Essayons Chapel
                                                                         noon            Crusader Chapel, Stone               Area II Chaplains
Commitment asks us to put our life on the line
for something.                                                                           Chapel                     Chaplain (Maj.) James Hartz
                                                    COGIC        Sunday     12:30 p.m.   Warrior Chapel   
   In our world today, very few people like to
make commitments. When we look at the number        Eucharistic Episcopal                                           Chaplain (Majt.) David M. Lockhart
of divorces, we see little commitment to                         Sunday     5:30 p.m.    Stanley Chapel   
marriage. When we look at the rising number of      Latter Day Saints                                               Chaplain (Capt.) Samuel Paul
cases of child abuse, we see little commitment                   Sunday     1 p.m.       Crusader Chapel  
to family. When we look at people starving in       Protestant Sunday       9:30 a.m.    Essayons Chapel
the world, and no one wanting to get involved                               10:30 a.m.   Kyle Chapel
because of fear of entanglements, we see little                             11 a.m.      DISCOM Chapel, Hovey
commitment to humanity.                                                                  Theater, Stanley Chapel,      Editor’s Note: To submit activities for use in The Morning Calm
   There is a big difference between a                                                   Crusader Chapel            Weekly’s religious calendar, to announce changes in service times, the
contribution and a commitment. To make his                                  noon         Castle Chapel              addition or cancellation of services, call 738-3355. Each area’s religious
point more clear, Jesus shared with us the story                            1 p.m.       Jackson Chapel             schedule is printed in conjunction with articles submitted by military
of the poor widow at the temple. As Jesus and                               4 p.m.       Happy Mtn. Chapel          chaplains serving in those areas.

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                July 15, 2005
16                                                                                             The Morning Calm Weekly

Jeju Art Park: Art and nature in harmony
Outdoor museum
offers 100 acres of
stunning sculptures
By Galen Putnam
Area IV Public Affairs
   Jeju Island is renown for its natural
splendor and teeming tourists but one
destination has found a way to achieve
“harmony among nature, art and man,”
combining the island’s natural beauty
with artistic creations to provide a
relaxing place to ponder art and nature.
   Covering more than 100 acres near
scenic Mt. Sanbang, the Jeju Art Park
sculpture garden features more than 150
outdoor sculptures by prominent artists.
Other attractions include gardens,
ponds, three rest areas, a children’s
playground and an observation tower.
The park also features indoor galleries,
a gift shop, Korean and western-style
restaurants, a café, and a pub. Parking
is plentiful and free.
   The Jeju Art Park is on the southwest
corner of the island near Seogwipo city,                                                                                                                                            PHOTOS   BY   GALEN PUTNAM
a popular resort community along the             A family strolls through the expansive Jeju Art Park Sculpture Garden featuring more than 150 works of art by prominent sculptors. Mt. Sanbang
coast road and 25 miles from Jeju City.          looms in the background.
   Jeju Island is located off the Korean
peninsula’s southern coast and is about
a one-hour flight from Daegu. Current
round trip airfare from Daegu starts at
$131. Airfare for the 65-minute flight
from Seoul begins at $153. The short
jaunt from Busan starts at $119.
   The park, also known as the Jeju
Sculpture Park, is open every day of
the year. Summer hours (July and
August) are 8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. Winter
hours (December – February) are 8:30
a.m. – 5:30 p.m. The rest of the year,
the park is open 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
   Individual admission is 4,500 won for
adults, 3,500 won for students and
2,500 won for children.
   For up-to-date information call the
park at (064) 794-9680, or check out
their     Web       site    at:    http:/                                                          (At Left) Rusty rebar serves as the medium for this artwork. The sculptures at the Jeju Art Park                                                                                  come in a wide range of styles, sizes and media.
                                                                                                   Above) The bronze “81-11 beach” by Kim Chang-hee celebrates the human form in its simplicity.

“Fishing family” by Yang Hwa-sun emotes everyday family life by capturing a universal experience in a work of art that interacts in harmony with its environment.
          July 15, 2005
18                                                                                The Morning Calm Weekly

                                                 Warriors challenge curves at RC track
                                                 Soojin Atwater
                                                 Area I MWR Marketing
                                                    CAMP RED CLOUD - The 90-
                                                 degree heat and sticky humidity did
                                                 not matter to Pfc. Thomas Webster
                                                 as he completed the final checks on
         Warrior Boxing                          his personally built remote control car
            Competition                          for the 1 o’clock race at the BOSS
 The Warrior Boxing competition will be          Park, Camp Red Cloud, on the Fourth
 at Camp Casey’s Hanson Field House              of July training holiday.
 today. Weigh-ins and medical exams                 “I just love racing. I like the speed
 begin at 12:30 p.m. Competition begins          about it and it is so much fun,”
 at 7 p.m. For information, call 730-2322.       Webster said, who has been building
                                                 remote control cars for the last 3
   Company-Level Softball                        months. “It can get expensive,
           Championship                          depending on what you would like to
 The 2005 Warrior Division Company-              build in your own car with, but I think
 Level Softball Championship will be at
                                                 it is better than wasting money and
 Camp Red Could Field Wednesday thru                                                                                                                                      COURTESY PHOTOS
                                                 time on drinking.”
 July 22. The event is open to all qualified
                                                    As many Soldiers sought off-post                                                     Above: Pfc. Thomas Webster, Co. A, 2/9
 teams from camps Casey and Red Cloud
                                                 activities during the Independence                                                      Infantry, Camp Casey, Sgt. Ruben Cruz II,
 garrison championships. The top two
                                                 Day training holiday, five Soldiers                                                     2/9 Inf., and Sgt. Kelly Murphy,
 teams from this championship will                                                                                                       Headquarters and Headquarters Company,
 advance to the 2005 Eighth U.S. Army            from camps Casey and Essayons
                                                 traveled to Camp Red Cloud to                                                           Special Troops Battalion, Camp Essayons,
 company-level championship.
                                                 compete on the BOSS Park track for                                                      get ready for the competition at Camp Red
 Preliminary games will be Wedneday
                                                 the grand prize, an RC engine boat.                                                     Cloud’s BOSS Park.
 and Thursday, beginning at 4 p.m. The
                                                    “This is a healthy hobby compared                                                    At Left: Pfc. Yuri Barilo, 102nd Military
 final will begin at 5:30 p.m. July 22. For
 information, call 732-6927.                     to others,” said Pfc. Yuri Barilo, 102nd                                                Intelligence, Camp Essyaons, controls his
                                                 Military Intelligence, Camp Essayons.                                                   remote control car around the track on his
        Eighth U.S. Army                         “I like going to a Korean race track,                                                   way to a first place finish.
               Triathlon                         the Kilina RC Car Circuit in Pocheon.                                                   inclement weather conditions,” said
 The 2005 Eighth U.S. Army Triathlon             I get to meet local nationals and to                                                    Mr. Kim Yong Hun, recreation
 Inidividual Championship will be at             compete against Koreans’ remote                                                         specialist at Camp Red Cloud’s
 Camp Casey’s Hanson Field House July            control cars. I enjoy it.”                                                              Community Activity Center.
 23. The event is open to active military,          After the completion of five rounds,                                                    Camp Red Cloud Community
 Department of Defense civilians and             Barilo went home with the grand prize.                                                  Activity Center hosts remote control
 their adult family members stationed on              “If my budget allowed, I would                                                     car racing at the BOSS Park starting
 8th U.S. Army installations in Korea.           like to provide Soldiers a compressor                                                   at 1 p.m. every Sunday. A free lunch
 Race day registration will begin at 7 a.m.,
                                                 to clean their equipment, as well as a      compressor. Also a rooftop [over the        and beverages are also provided. For
 with the competition following at 9 a.m.
                                                 power outlet access to plug in the          track] would be nice during a               information, call 732- 6246.
 The triathlon will include a 400-meter
 swim, 20K bike course and 5K run.

     Friday Framing Class
                                                 Camp Humphreys readies Humphreys match
 The Camp Red Cloud Creative Cuts
                                                 for snow, Santa July 23 seeks grapplers
 Frame Shop is offering a free framing
 class every Saturday. Bring your own                                    Mike Mooney
 prints to mat and frame or let Creative         Mike Mooney                              trimmings and is priced at just     Area III MWR Marketing
 Cuts do it for you, using the shop’s            Area III MWR Marketing
                                                                                          $9.95.                                 CAMP HUMPHREYS – Wrestlers from
 computerized mat cutting system. Visit             CAMP HUMPHREYS –                         “We’re so sure it’s going to     throughout Korea who want to test their moves
 Creative Cuts Frame Shop at Camp Red            Soldiers, airmen, civilian               snow that we will be giving the     will get the chance at a Camp Humphreys
 Cloud, Bldg. T-25 or call 732-7355 for          employees and family members             Christmas Buffet to everyone        Wrestling Meet, July 23.
                                                 at Camp Humphreys are digging            free of charge if it doesn’t,”         The Area III Wrestling Meet is open to all
                                                 out their winter mittens, ear            Ross said. “That’s right — no       U.S. and Korean military personnel – to include
   Bowling Center Specials
                                                 muffs and parkas.                        snow and the buffet will be free.   people with or without wrestling experience.
 The Camp Casey Bowling Center offers
 many special events during the month               There’s snow in the forecast          Our buddies at the 607th Weather    Civilian employees and family members are not
 of July, including:                             for Camp Humphreys July 23.              Squadron tell us we can expect      allowed to participate by Army regulation.
 Purchase a Mean Gean’s Burger combo                “Camp Humphreys rests in a            the snow to arrive between 11          “Wrestlers are matched based on their sex,
 meal or 14” pizza and get one free game         rare tropical depression –               a.m. and 1 p.m. Camp                level of experience and weight,” explained Area
 as part of the free bowling program, 11         something like the El Nino in the        Humphreys time.”                    III Sports Director Jim Howell. “This is a
 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday thru Friday;             Pacific Ocean,” explained Area              Santa Claus is also sure it is   freestyle tournament, although we might hold
 A 9-Pin No Tap Tournament is held at 2          III MWR Business Operations              going to snow, and will be at the   some Greco Roman matches if there’s an
 p.m. each Saturday, July 16-30;                 Division Chief Mike Ross. “This          club from 11 a.m.-1 pm., taking     interest and if [we have] any wrestlers who
 The Camp Hovey Bowling Center offers            depression means we can expect           early Christmas orders from all     are qualified to serve as referees.”
 Dollar Bowling Sunday thru Thursday.            snow at Camp Humphreys July              the children of the community,           Howell pointed out that the Camp
 For information, call 730-5168.                 23, while the remainder of Korea         handing out early Christmas gifts   Humphreys’ competition is for both men and
                                                 is basking in 90-degree                  and posing for pictures.            women from across the peninsula.
    Submitting to TMCW                           temperatures.                               “Pull out the mittens, the          “Women’s wrestling is growing in the United
 To have an event or activity highlighted           Ross is so sure that a snow           snowshoes and hook your             States, and there are even women wrestling in
 in The Morning Calm Weekly, send event          storm is coming that he has              poodles to a sleigh,” Ross said.    both high school and college,” he said.
 information and a point of contact name         planned a traditional Christmas          “The snow is on the way, and so        “I would especially like to invite those
 and     telephone       number,        to       buffet for the Nitewatch at              is Christmas. Oh, by the way:       wrestlers from Areas I and IV, where there are
                                                 Tommy D’s from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.            anyone with a Dec. 25 or July       active wrestling clubs.”
 All submissions are subject to editing to
                                                 o n t h e s n o w d a y. T h e m e n u   23 birthday gets the buffet for        Interested individuals may call the Camp
 ensure they meet publication standards
                                                 includes turkey, ham and all the         free whether it snows or not.”      Humphreys Gymnasium at 753-8810/11.
 and Associated Press guidelines.
July 15, 2005                                                                                                                                                               Page 21

Weatherspoon named 35th ADA Brigade CSM
By Staff Sgt. Dave Enders                   to the brigade and who has contributed for Task Force Iron Fist during the senior officers at one time or another
35th ADA Brigade PAO
                                            to the success of the brigade over a Operation Enduring Freedom and throughout my military career.
   OSAN          AIR       BASE         –   period of almost five years,” said Cox. Operation Iraqi Freedom before serving       “I feel comfortable that we’ll
Responsibility for almost 1,400             “It is no accident that he will now serve as the 2-1 ADA Battalion command accomplish all our missions,” he
Soldiers passed from one 35th Air           at the brigade level, and Command Sgt. sergeant major. “We [2-1 ADA Bn.] continued. “I will approach being the
Defense Artillery Brigade icon to           Maj. Weatherspoon, it will be an honor started Operation Clear Skies before brigade command sergeant major as I
another       in     a    change       of   to serve with you.”                       going to OEF,” said Weatherspoon.        have been approaching things since I’ve
responsibility ceremony at the                  “He [Weatherspoon] has been here         Weatherspoon said he believes he been a noncommissioned officer, by
Challenger Club, Osan Air Base,             with me from start to finish,” said will be able to draw upon his experience taking care of Soldiers and getting to
May 25.                                     Rodgers. “He’s the right sergeant major in Air Defense Artillery to serve the 35th know Soldiers, being out in the front
   Command Sgt. Maj. Sidney                 for the job.”                             ADA Bde. mission well. “I worked and leading from the front, getting
Weatherspoon succeeded Command                  Of his 27 years in the Army, together with all the brigade’s senior around and checking the training:
Sgt. Maj. Steve Rodgers, who accepted       Weatherspoon served seven with the noncommissioned officers and most of knowing what’s going on.”
a nominative command sergeant major         35th ADA Bde., personally
position with the 94th Army Air and         contributing to the
Missile Defense Command that will           brigade’s history at three
stand up in Hawaii this summer.             separate duty stations and
   Rodgers served as the senior enlisted    various operations ranging
advisor to two brigade commanders           from operations Desert
from January 2001 to May 2005.              Shield and Desert Storm to
“Command Sgt. Maj. Rodgers is               operations Enduring
competent, loyal, fit, disciplined,         Freedom and Iraqi
tactically and technically competent,       Freedom. “I spent two
calm in the most adverse circumstances      years [with the brigade] at
and most importantly, respected by all      Fort Lewis as an
who know him,” said 35th ADA Bde.           operations sergeant,” said
Commander Col. Kenneth J. Cox. “He          Weatherspoon. “The other
has always been fully committed to the      five      [years]     were
mission and our Soldiers, always            consecutive.” Over the
balanced in his approach and always         last five years, he served
selfless in giving his time in support of   as the operations sergeant
both. He has epitomized the phrase,         major for both 2nd
‘mission first; Soldiers always.’           Battalion, 1st ADA
   “Today the responsibility for the        Battalion and the 35th
brigade has changed to Command Sgt.         ADA Bde., and as the                                                                                              S S .D E    TAFF   GT   AVE   NDERS

Maj. Sidney Weatherspoon, no stranger       command sergeant major Command Sgt. Maj. Sidney Weatherspoon addresses the Soldiers and other attendees at the ceremony.

MWR loses valued friend and worker

Korean employee Won Tae-yon retires with 40 years of service
By Roger Edwards                            business operations, impact card                been late once since I’ve known him.               When asked what he plans on doing
Area III Public Affairs                     requests, petty cash, and key control.             “He has always been outstanding,”            as a retiree, Won replies that “I’ll get a
   CAMP HUMPHREYS – Won Tae-                “He’s never missed a day of work or             said Cox, “and we will miss him.”               job and keep working.”
yon retired June 30 after 40 years of
service to the Soldiers, civilians and
family members assigned to Camp
   Won, a 66-year-old Pyeongtaek
native, began his career with the U.S.
Army in 1965 with Morale, Welfare and
Recreation. “While he spent his entire
career with us,” said Larry Cox, MWR
Financial Management Division manager
and Won’s supervisor, “he’s spent the
last 23 years at the same desk, as our
accounting technician.”
   While taking care of America’s
Soldiers, Won has also raised two boys
of his own. “My older son is in Germany
studying music,” he said with pride,
“while my younger son is also studying
music, but has stayed here in Korea.”
   “He’s taken care of us over the
years,” Cox continued. “He’s been
responsible for both the $10 million non-
appropriated fund budget and $4 million                                                                                                                                           ROGER EDWARDS
appropriated fund budget, club and          Won Tae-yon, Camp Humphreys’ Morale, Welfare and Recreation, retires after 40 years of service to the military community.
22 July 15, 2005     Area III                                                                                        The Morning Calm Weekly

                                             Camp visit bowls over students
                                             By Susan Barkley                                      and getting acquainted. Following a                      High School, encouraged the visit and
    Town Hall Meeting
                                             Area III Public Affairs                               barbeque lunch, the students visited B                   observed that, “Students can understand
 Soldiers, civilians employees and
 family members are urged to attend             CAMP HUMPHREYS – Thirty-four                       Troop, 3rd Squadron, 2nd Multifunctional                 what the U.S. Soldiers are doing in Korea
 the next scheduled Town Hall                students from ShinHan High School in                  Aviation Brigade, to view a static display               and they begin to understand the Republic
 Meeting in the Community                    Pyeongtaek saw Camp Humphreys up                      of an AH-64D Apache Longbow.                             of Korea and U.S. relationship.”
 Activites Center at 6 p.m. Tuesday.         close and personal Saturday. The students                Park Yung-wook, an 11th-grade                            Park Jeong Jun, ShinHan High School
                                             are members of the only high school                   student said, “It’s different than I                     director of external affairs and PTP
     ACS 40th Birthday                       chapter of People to People International             expected. I thought it [Camp Humphreys]                  chapter advisor, wanted to “show the
            Celebration                      in Korea.                                             would be smaller.”                                       students another world,” during the visit.
 Army Community Serivces’ 40th                  They met 20 Soldiers from B                           “I knew they had helicopters, but                        Yu Joo-young, president of the ShinHan
 birthday will be celebrated from            Detachment, 176th Finance Battalion, at               didn’t know they had special helicopters,”               PTP chapter, expressed thanks on behalf
 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. July 26 and         the Camp Humphreys Strike Zone bowling                he added, referring to the Longbow.                      of the other members of the club. She
 28, at the Army Community Service           center for a couple of hours of bowling                  Pilots, 1st Lt. Joseph Clark and Chief                said she is looking for other ways for
 building, Bldg. 311. Call                                                                         Warrant Officer 2 Brian McUmber,                         Camp Humphreys and the chapter to work
 753-8804/8401 for information. The                                                                explained the Longbow’s features and let                 toward PTP goals.
 event is open to the community and                                                                the students try on their helmets and sit in                The purpose of People to People
 everyone is welcome.
                                                                                                   the pilot’s seat.                                        International is to enhance international
                                                                                                      Clark saw the students’ visit as an                   understanding and friendship through
       Area III College
                                                                                                   opportunity to “preserve friendship,”                    educational, cultural and humanitarian
 Central Texas College and the                                                                     while McUmber thought it was “good                       activities involving the exchange of ideas
 University of Maryland begin Term           Chief Warrant Officer 2 Brian McUmber                 diplomacy” and perhaps a way to recruit                  and experiences directly among peoples
 1 registration Aug. 1 at all Area III       explains the Longbow helicopter.                      future pilots.                                           of different countries and diverse
 education and learning centers.                                                                      Hwang Chan-kyu, principal, ShinHan                    cultures.
 Take the opportunity to enhance
 your professional qualifications and
 personal potential. For information
 call your education and learning
 center. Call 753-8901 at Camp

 Humphreys and Suwon Air Base, or
 721-3425 at camps Eagle and Long.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ROGER EDWARDS
  Womens’ Equality Day
 Area III and Camp Humphreys will            ShinHan High School students have a                   Throwing strikes and gutter balls, the students of ShinHan High School and Humphreys
 celebrate Womens’ Equality Day, 11          barbeque lunch while visiting Humphreys.              Soldiers got to know each other a little better Saturday.
 a.m. to 1 p.m., July 29 at the 2nd

 MFAB Dining Facility. Come for
 lunch (regular prices apply) or just
 come to hear the guest speakers –                 Shaggy (right) and band member Rik Roc
 three successful military women.                 sing to more than 200 Humphreys Soldiers
 Everyone is welcome. Call Area III                  and civilians who can now tell their own
 EOA at 753-3317 for information.
                                                      “Shaggy” stories following the June 30
                                                          Shaggy concert in the 52nd Aviation
                                                    Regiment’s hangar. The concert got off to
     Area III Wrestling
 An Area III Wrestling Tournament                 an 8:30 p.m. start, but grew from there with
 is scheduled for 1 p.m. July 23 in                  Shaggy providing the best of reggae and
 the Camp Humphreys Gym.                               rap to the appreciative audience. The
 Participants must register at the                 weather was hot and so was the band, with
 gym by July 22. For information, call                   the crowd bringing them back for an
 753-8807.                                        encore. After three hours of entertainment,
                                                 fans got to meet Shaggy and members of the
 Korean Language Class                             band for pictures, handshakes and signed
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ERIC GRIESS

 Classes are offered from noon to 1                                        posters and T-shirts.
 p.m., every Wednesday at the Army
 Community Service Building, Bldg.
 311. Call 753-8782/8401 for

  Korean Cultural Class
                                                                                                                                                Sign of Respect
 Korean Cultural classes are offered                                                                                                            Area III’s top NCO, Command Sgt. Maj. Robert
 5:30-6:30 p.m., every Wednesday at                                                                                                             Frace, explains why the road next to the newly
 the Army Community Service                                                                                                                     dedicated 52nd Aviation Regiment building
 Building, Bldg. 311. Call 753-8782/                                                                                                            (Building 581) is being named for the 1946 Bell
 8401 for information.                                                                                                                          H-13 Sioux helicopter during the June 29
                                                                                                                                                ceremony. The Sioux was used during the
      Stress and Anger                                                                                                                          Korean War for observation, reconnaissance and
         Management                                                                                                                             medical evacuation of wounded Soldiers. During
 Stress and Anger Management
                                                                                                                                                the war, the H-13, known as the “Angel of
 classes are offered from 2-3 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                Mercy,” was the machine used to evacuate more
 every Wednesday at Army
                                                                                                                                                than 18,000 United Nations casualties. It was one
 Community Service, Bldg. 311. Call
 753-8782/8401 for information.                                                                                                                 of the first helicopters used in this role and
                                                                                                                                                helped prove that rapid evacuation of the
                                                                                                                                                wounded from the battlefield to field hospitals
                                                                                                                                ROGER EDWARDS

                                                                                                                                                would save lives.
The Morning Calm Weekly                                                        Area III                                                                                     July 15, 2005
Summer Vocation
                          Students earn as they learn through seasonal hire program
By Eric Griess                                                                                                                               “My children used to be in summer hire,” he
Area III Public Affairs                                                                                                                   said. “If it’s done right, summer hire can be a
   CAMP HUMPHREYS – More than 20 high                                                                                                     great program.”
school students joined the Camp Humphreys                                                                                                    David Johnson, supervisor for Directorate of
workforce June 27, when they signed up for the                                                                                            Public Works, thinks the summer hire is a good
annual summer hire program.                                                                                                               program also. Attitude is the most important thing
   The young people, all students at Osan American                                                                                        for succeeding in the program in his opinion.
High School, Osan Air Base, assembled at Camp                                                                                             “Summer hire students should think of work at
Humphreys Civilian Personnel Office at 8:30 a.m.                                                                                          work, not playing,” he advised.
to find out where they would be spending their                                                                                               This summer isn’t the first time that Edwin and
summer. Although the students did not know where                                                                                          Sarah Rodriguez have been in summer hire. Edwin,
they would be working, each expected to achieve                                                                                           with three years of experience, enjoys his job and
goals ranging from job experience to extra pocket                                                                                         expects money and experience from the summer
money to having something interesting to do during                                                                                        program. He does summer hire to “put something
the summer.                                                                                                                               on my resume.”
   Earning five dollars-an-hour may not seem like                                                                                            Sarah, with four years of experience, likes her
much to an adult, but to a high school student it                                                                                         job because “it’s a fun, learning experience and you
can be the best money they have ever made. For                                                                                            get paid for it.” Even after four years of summer
those who don’t want to work the whole summer,                                                                                            hire, Sarah says she wouldn’t mind joining summer
there is an option for students to work for one or                                                                                        hire again next year.
both sessions. Each session is four weeks long.                                                                                              Sybil Turner works in the Safety Department, and
   By the time school starts, a summer hire can                                                                             ERIC GRIESS   says that summer hire is “just something to do.”
earn anywhere from $800 to $1,600 more than they                 Cleaning up around the shop are two of the Camp Humphreys                   By the end of the summer all the students hope
had at the beginning of the summer.                              summer hire students, Sarah Elkins (left) and Heather Grayson,           to have learned something valuable that will
   Most students recognize the benefits of summer                who are working for Moral, Welfare and Recreation. Elkins enters         benefit them later on in life – a work ethic and
hire. That includes Sarah Elkins who will enter her              her sophomore year in the fall, and Grayson is ready for college.        self-discipline.
sophomore year this fall.                                        Their job at MWR is to assist at headquarters, and to design,               Mooney misses the summer hire students when
   “You get to see how people work,” she said.                   produce and post flyers for special events. They are partly              they’re gone. His advice to future participants is
   Elkins joined summer hire because she needed                  responsible for the success of the recent Camp Humphreys                 that “Work ethic is the most important thing in the
some extra money and working at MWR has proved                   "Freedom Fest."                                                          job.” To Mooney, summer hire students should end
to be an enjoyable experience for her. Also, she                 “cool” supervisor. Mooney has personal experience                        the summer with a workman like attitude as well as
said Michael Mooney, her supervisor, is a very                   in the summer hire program.                                              cash in their pockets.

Contestants take Camp Humphreys to Thursday night fights
                                                                                                              Area III Public Affairs                           #15. Gabrialla Aikan, 43rd ADA,
                                                                                                                 CAMP HUMPHREYS – Area III                   over Zenaida Cruz, 249th MP Det.
                                                                                                              hosted a Boxing Smoker June 30,                   #16. Destin Perdue, 1/2 Avn., over
                                                                                                              attracting the largest number of               Bosung Seo, 35th ADA.
                                                                                                              fighters yet, with contestants from               #17. Dan Sheninger, 2nd MFAB,
                                                                                                              camps Humphreys, Eagle, Casey and              over Gerald Henderson, 1st ADA.
                                                                                                              Carroll; and from Osan, Suwon and                 #18. Steve Olive, 43rd ADA, over
                                                                                                              Kwangju air bases. With 26 scheduled           Perry Molden, 1st ADA.
                                                                                                              bouts the results are:                            #19. Matthew Okolski, 602nd
                                                                                                                 #1. Luciean Reid, 43rd ADA, over            ASB, over Christepher Clay, 178th
                                                                                                              Brad Harris, 560th Med.                        Maint. Co.
                                                                                                                 #2. Anthony Marcano, 602nd ASB,                #20. Alan Quartey, 178th Maint.
                                                                                                              over Dan Abe, 1st ADA.                         Co., over Jonsi Earle, 1st ADA.
                                                                                                                 #3. Justin DeBrosse, 1st ADA,                  #21. Brandon Sledge, 178th
                                                                                                              over Axel Marin, 602nd ASB.                    Maint., Co. over James DeGroat,
                                                                                                                 #4. Lonathan Ruiz, 602nd ASB,               52nd Avn.
                                                                                                              over Ricardo Hernandez, 1/2 Avn.                  #22. Andre Tate, 1st ADA, over
                                                                                                                 #5. Allen Bazzy, 43rd ADA, over             Andrew Yang, 6th Cav.
                                                                                                              Vernon James, 43rd ADA.                           #23. Jermaine Jones, 178th Maint. Co.,
                                                                                                                 #6. George Bunton, 23rd Spt. Gp.,           over William Palmer, 3rd Maint. Co.
                                                                                                              over Eric Bryant, 43rd ADA.                       #24. Cody Smith, 194th Maint.
                                                                                                                 #7. Pedro Gonzalez, 602nd ASB,              Co., overRory Fitzgerald, 304th Sig.
                                                                                                              over Joseph Boring, 43rd ADA.                     #25. James Sutton, 602nd ASB,
                                                                                                                 #8. Saul Pelayo, 72nd AR, over              over Chad Bates, 43rd ADA.
                                                                                                              Tomas Maysonef, 602nd ASB.                        #26. Larrick Johnson, 52nd Avn.,
                                                                                                                 #9. Angelo Alarcon, 3rd Maint. Co.,         over Darrell Evans, 168th Med.
                                                                                                              over Ray Dapat, 607th WS.                         Uncontested winners are: Nieasha
                                                                                                                 #10. Josh Kidwell, 43rd ADA, over           Wingster, Justin Deuel, Dexter Phillips
                                                                                                              Brandon Young, 52nd Avn.                       and John Martin.
                                                                                                                 #11. Charles Mason, 43rd ADA,                  Area III Sports Director, James
                                                                                                              over Anthony Lawrence, 527th MI Bn.            Howell said, “ We appreciate the
                                                                                                                 #12. Amoni Suttice, 1st ADA, over           support of the 35th Air Defense
                                                                                                              Agnes Chu, 23rd Spt. Gp.                       Artillery, who helped in getting all the
                                                                                                                 #13. Elizabeth Rooney, 178th                registered boxers to Camp Humphreys
                                                                                                              Maint. Co., over Maria Martinez,               for the smoker. We also appreciate the
                                                                                             F. NEIL NEELEY
                                                                                                              23rd Spt. Gp.                                  excellent crowd support.”
Vernon James of the 43rd Air Defense Artillery unit at Suwon Air Base, gets a pep talk from his                  #14. Nichole Gibson, 3rd MI, over              The next smoker will be held in
handler between rounds at the Boxing Smoker at the Camp Humphreys Gym June 30.                                Christina Lewis, 1st ADA.                      late September or early October.
      July 15, 2005
24   The Morning Calm Weekly

                       Ad goes here
July 15, 2005                                                                                                                                                                                       Page 25

Camp Carroll’s MSC-K welcomes new commander
By Pvt. Park Kwang-mo                                                                                                                                           College and the Industrial College of
Area IV Public Affairs                                                                                                                                          the Armed Forces.
   CAMP HENRY – The U.S. Army                                                                                                                                      His military awards and decorations
Material Support Center-Korea                                                                                                                                   include the Bronze Star, the
welcomed a new leader as Col.                                                                                                                                   Meritorious Service Medal (with six
Campbell D. Allison assumed                                                                                                                                     oak leaf clusters), the Army
command from Col. Charles J.                                                                                                                                    Commendation Medal (with two oak
Toomey in a change of command                                                                                                                                   leaf clusters), the Army Achievement
ceremony at the Camp Carroll Crown                                                                                                                              Medal (with two oak leaf clusters),
Jewel Fitness Center July 8.                                                                                                                                    the Southwest Asia Service Medal, the
   Allison’s most recent assignment                                                                                                                             Humanitarian Service Medal, the
was as a student at the Industrial                                                                                                                              Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi
College of the Armed Forces, Fort                                                                                                                               Arabia) and the Kuwait Liberation
McNair, Washington D.C. Prior to                                                                                                                                Medal Kuwait.
that, he was assigned as an action                                                                                                                                 U n i t e d St a t e s A r m y M a t e r i e l
officer and division chief in the                                                                                                                               Support Center-Korea’s primary
Strategic Mobility Directorate at                                                                                                                               missions include providing direct
Headquarters, Department of the                                                                                                                                 support and general support
Army, August 2002 – August 2004.                                                                                                                                maintenance and supply support to
   Toomey will become deputy                                                                                                                                    the Eightth United States Army and
executive director for distribution and                                                                                                                         other services, as well as
disposal operations, Headquarters,                                                                                                        SGT. HWANG KYOO-WON   maintenance and supply support on
Defense Logistics Agency, Fort                  Col. Campbell D. Allison, incoming U.S. Army Material Support Center-Korea commander, receives the              select Army Pre-positioned Stocks
Belvoir, Va.                                                                          .
                                                unit’s colors from Brig. Gen. Timothy PMcHale, commander, 19th Theater Support Command, during                  - 4 stocks from the Busan Storage
    Allison was commissioned in the             the change of command ceremony at the Camp Carroll Crown Jewel Fitness Center July 8.                           Facility to the Forward Area Support
Ordnance Corps in 1982 as a                     Automotive Command in Warren, commander, Combat Equipment                                                       Team at Camp Casey.
distinguished military graduate from            Mich.; maintenance officer, support Battalion-Luxembourg.                                                          Other noteworthy missions are the
Bemidji State University, Minn. He              operations officer, and operations staff                Allison holds a masters degree in                       theater’s single Army Oil Analysis
enlisted and served in the United States        officer in the 16th Corps Support administration from Central Michigan                                          Lab and Theater Forward Logistics
Navy 1976- 1979.                                Group, Hanau, Germany; deputy chief University and a masters degree in                                          Division        located         at   Camp
   He has served in a variety of                of Combat Service Support Division, national resources strategy from the                                        Humphreys. The United States Army
command and staff positions                     Readiness Group Harrison, and Industrial College of the Armed                                                   Materiel Support Center-Korea
including company commander and                 logistics staff officer for the 205th Forces.                                                                   stands committed to providing
instructor at the Ordnance Center and           Infantry Brigade, Fort Benjamin                         He has completed the Ordnance                           premiere combat service support to
School, Aberdeen Proving Ground,                Harrison, Ind.; support operations Officer Basic and Advanced Courses,                                          the warfighter.
Md.; project manager, Medium                    officer, 593rd Corps Support Group, the Support Operations Course, the                                             MSC-K’s motto is “Two Nations -
Tactical Vehicle, U.S. Army Tank and            Fort Lewis, Wash.; battalion Army Command and General Staff                                                     One Team.”

Soldier shares English skills with local officials, residents
By Pvt. Park Kwang-mo                                                                                                                     Sergi and his students joined to mark the occasion.
Area IV Public Affairs                                                                                                                        “This is a good way to establish and maintain a
   CAMP HENRY – As part of a major metropolitan                                                                                           friendly relationship between the U.S. Army and the
area, it is inevitable that the Soldiers, civilian employees,                                                                             local Korean local community,” Hendrix said during
family members -- and in particular senior leaders --                                                                                     the class completion ceremony.
of the U.S. Army enclave in Daegu will interact with                                                                                          The Area IV Support Activity started the Korean
Koreans. To make those interactions more fruitful,                                                                                        and American Friendship Conversational English Class
the Area IV Support Activity just completed a 12-week                                                                                     in September 2004 to support the United States Forces
conversational English Class for local officials and                                                                                      Korea Good Neighbor Program. The Area IV Support
residents here.                                                                                                                           activity conducts a wide variety of community relations
   The Korean and American Friendship Conversational                                                                                      projects to foster positive Korean and American
English Class taught by Sgt. 1st Class Eugene R. Sergi,                                                                                   relations and goodwill. Activities include installation
Area IV Support Activity Directorate of Plans,                                                                                            tours, tree plantings, sporting events and much more.
Training, Mobilization and Security operations and                                                                                            Besides teaching English language skills, the class
logistics non-commissioned officer, was held each                                                                                         offers students the opportunity to learn about American
Thursday from April 9 to June 30 with six Nam-gu                                                                                          culture – first hand.
                                                                                                                     PVT. PARK KWANG-MO
officials and nine residents.                                                                                                                 “Different means just different. You can see a lot
                                                                Kim Dae-yup, a 46-year-old business women and student in
   The class was part of an ongoing effort to provide           the Korean and American Friendship English Class taught at                of things better once you get involved in Korean culture.
English lessons to local residents, while strengthening         the Nam-gu Office, presents instructor Sgt. 1st Class Eugene              The same goes for the Koreans once they get to know
Korean and American relations. In the past, students            R. Sergi a gift during the class completion ceremony June 30.             us better,” said Sergi, who has spent 10 years in Korea.
were typically the benefactors. This time around,                                                                                             Sergi starts each class asking students questions
however, at the request of Nam-gu (Daegu City) Mayor            appreciate that Mr. Sergi knew exactly each individual’s                  like, “What did you do last weekend?” or, “How are
Lee Shin-hak, the class targeted several municipal              English level and tried to improve his or her ability                     you feeling today?”
officials and local residents.                                  through one-to-one teaching.”                                                 “I ask those questions to get something new and
   “This is the most diversified class I have ever taken.           The Korean and American Friendship Conversational                     valuable from each person and share it with other
You can see from a 19-year-old girl to a 70-year-old            English Class graduation ceremony was held June 30                        people,” he said. “It is a good way to understand
man. The gap between English abilities is big too,”             at the Nam-gu District office. Col. Donald J. Hendrix,                    different people.”
said Nam-gu resident Kim Hee-jin, a housewife. “I               Area IV Support Activity commander, and Mayor Lee,                                                      English,
                                                                                                                                                                    See English Page 26
         July 15, 2005
26        Area IV                                                                  The Morning Calm Weekly

                                              Area IV students receive scholarships
          AAFES/DeCA                          Defense Commissary Agency                   help these young                              now it did.”
    Community Advisory                        Corporate Communications Office             students         get                             Scholarship       Managers,        a
              Council                            FORT LEE, Va. – Four Area IV             through college.”                             professional scholarship firm, selects
    The quarterly Army and Air Force          Department of Defense School                    Senior DeCA                               the winners based on academic merit,
 Exchange          Service/Defense            System students are among 500               officials agreed.                             participation in extracurricular and
 Commissary Agency Community                  students worldwide selected to                  “We’re excited                            volunteer activities, and the quality
 Advisory Council will be held 3 p.m.                                                     to report that the                            of their essays. Recipients are
                                              receive $1,500 scholarships to
 Thursday at the Main Chapel, Annex,                                                      scholarship
                                              apply toward college tuition as part                                                      notified by letter. The full list of
 Bldg. S-260 at Camp Walker. For
                                              of the Scholarships for Military            p r o g r a m Mary E. Edwards                 scholarship       recipients       and
 information contact AAFES at 768-
                                              Children program sponsored by the           continues to be a                             sponsoring business partners is
 7355 or DeCA at 764-5310.
                                              Defense Commissary Agency.                  success in helping military families          posted      online     at:     http://
       Carroll Bank Hours                        One winner was selected from each        defray the costs of education,” said
     Effective Tuesday the Camp Carroll       commissary in Area IV.                      Defense Commissary Agency Chief                  The Scholarships for Military
 Community Bank’s new hours 9:30 a.m.            The winners, announced by Alan           Executive Officer Patrick Nixon.              Children program is funded by the
 - 1 p.m. and 2 - 5 p.m. Tuesday- Friday,     Esperas, Taegu Commissary store             “We’re proud to be associated with a          manufacturers and suppliers that
 and 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Saturday. For      director, are Angela Cho, Daegu, Robert     program that has awarded nearly $4            provide support for commissaries
 information, call Benson Wilbur at 765-      E. Smith, Chinhae, Mary E. Edwards,         million to over 3,000 students since          worldwide and administered by Fisher
 4997.                                        Busan, and Marquis D. Newby, Camp           its inception in 2001.”                       House Foundation, a nonprofit
                                              Carroll.                                        Winners were grateful for the             organization responsible for building
      YS Summer Activities                       “This program has been ongoing           financial boost.                              comfort homes near military medical
    Four middle school camps will be          for many years, and it’s a great                “I wasn’t expecting to win this           centers. The foundation bears all costs
 offered to 6th- thru 8th-grade students      opportunity for DeCA to give back to        scholarship because a lot of people           of the program so that every dollar
 this summer. Camps are one week long         the community and be supportive of          applied for it, but now that I won, I’m       donated goes for scholarships. The
 and each costs $25 including morning         military members and their families,”       happy that I applied for it,” said            general public has the opportunity to
 snacks and field trip fees. Camps            said Esperas. I look forward to it          Edwards. “My dad always told me               donate to the program through the
 include: Soccer Camp, Monday - July          every year because it feels good to         hard work would pay off and I guess           militaryscholar Web site.
 22; Basketball Camp, August 15-19;

                                              AAFES implements ‘Code Adam’alert system
 Golf Camp, August 22- 26. For
 information, call Victor Taitano at 764-
                                              Army & Air Force Exchange Service              When an AAFES shopper realizes                 “This is something we hope we never
        Women’s Summer                            DALLAS – The Army & Air Force           their child is missing, they should           have to put into use but it is important to
                                              Exchange Service has embarked on an         immediately go to any associate on the        have such a system in place in order to
     The Protestant Women of the
                                              ambitious national program called “Code     sales floor for assistance. The first thing   ensure the safety of our children,” said
 Chapel will hold a Women’s Summer
                                              Adam” to help ensure the safety of its      the associate will do is ask for a            Chester Hires, exchange business
 Workshop 10 a.m.- noon July 22 and
 Aug. 5 and 19 at Soldier Memorial
                                              youngest customers. As part of this         description, including:                       manager, Southern Exchange. “Even in
 Chapel on Camp Walker. No registration       program, all Main Store Retail Managers     ! Age, height and weight                      a safe environment like we have here in
 is required. For information, call Cheri     and store associates have been trained in   ! Hair and eye color                          Area IV, we must be prepared for any
 Fochs at 010-8671-6061.                      Code Adam procedures to help locate         ! Clothing – including coat and shoes         contingency.”
                                              missing children.                              After getting the description, the             AAFES is a joint command of the
    Customer Service Point                        “Each week thousands of customers       associate will announce over the PX/BX        U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, and is
    The Customer Service Point at Camp        pass through our doors – many of them       public address system that there is a         directed by a Board of Directors who
 Carroll will be closed Tuesday - July        with children,” said Paul Stenseth          “Code Adam in Progress” and will recite       is responsible to the Secretaries of the
 22. It will reopen July 25. For              general manager, Korea Capital and          the child’s description. At this time, all    Army and the Air Force through the
 information, call David O. Arnold at 765-    Southern Exchanges. “Nothing is more        associates, except cashiers, will begin       Service Chiefs of Staff. AAFES has
 7153.                                        important to us than the safety of our      searching the store for the child.            the dual mission of providing
                                              customers, so AAFES has joined with            Some associates have special               authorized patrons with articles of
         Head Start Class                     the National Center for Missing and         assignments, like watching the front and      merchandise and services and of
    The 19th Theater Support Command          Exploited Children to implement the         rear doors and checking the rest rooms.       generating non-appropriated fund
 is sponsoring a Head Start class             Code Adam program in its stores.”           This ensures that these critical areas are    earnings as a supplemental source of
 Wednesday – July 22 for all area IV              Code Adam was named after six-year-     monitored and avoids having a number of       funding for military Morale, Welfare
 Soldiers and spouses. The program            old Adam Walsh, who, in 1981, was           associates duplicating the work of others.    and Recreation programs. To find out
 includes two days of classroom
                                              kidnapped from a Florida shopping mall         If the child is not found in ten minutes   more about AAFES’ history and
 instruction on Korean culture and
                                              and murdered. The program gives Area        – or less if judged by the situation – the    mission or to view recent press
 language and one-day tour.
                                              IV PX/BX associates procedures to follow    military police will be called. Even after    releases please visit our Web site at
 Registration deadline is today. For
 information, call Stephanie Hendrix at
                                              in the event a child is reported missing.   the police have been called, however, the     h t t p : / / w w w. a a f e s . c o m / p a /
 768-8596.                                        How Code Adam Works:                    search will continue.                         default.asp.

      Vacation Bible School                   English                                                                                                                     from Page 25
    The Serengeti Trek Vacation Bible            With the high rotation rate in Korea,       The feedback from students was             proud that the U.S. Army stays in
 School will be 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. July 25   it can be difficult finding instructors.    equally positive.                             Daegu and participates in our
 - 29 at the Soldier Memorial Chapel on       After this successful iteration, however,      “It was an unforgettable memory            community activities.”
 Camp Walker. Registration deadline is
                                              Sergi is eager to return after the summer   to have such a good class,” said                 The Area IV Support Activity
 July 25, but no registration fee is
                                              break to teach another class in             retired 70 year-old Yu Byung-gon. “We         Good Neighbor Program received
 required. To register or volunteer,
                                              September. He plans to introduce            appreciate having this opportunity to         top honors in the 2004 Department
 contact the Camp Walker Chapel at 764-
 4498/4673.                                   improved textbooks and continue the         learn English language and meet with          of the Army Community Relations
                                              popular cultural activities such as trips   American Soldiers.”                           Award of Excellence competition for
           ACS Birthday                       to locations such as the Andong Folk           Others agreed.                             ongoing programs.
            Celebration                       Village and installation visits to Camps       “I know Americans cherish their               The USFK Good Neighbor
    Army Community Service will               Henry, Walker or George.                    personal time. In this sense, I was           Program was unveiled in January
 celebrate its 40th birthday 11:30 a.m.-         Sergi encourages American soldiers       really impressed that Mr. Sergi               2003 to strengthen the ROK-US
 1:30 p.m. July 25 at the Camp Henry          to volunteer in the community activities    spared his time to teach after work           alliance     through     positive
 ACS, Bldg. 1103. For information, call       saying, “Just do it. It is a wonderful      without compensation,” said Kim               engagement with neighboring
 Kiya D. Reed at 768-7610.                    opportunity to learn about a different      Dae-yup, a 46 year-old business               Korean communities through a
                                              culture.”                                   woman and Nam-gu resident. “I am              variety of programs and events.
 The Morning Calm Weekly                                             Area IV                                                                                       July 15, 2005
728th Military Police Battalion welcomes new top Watchdog
By Pvt. Park Kwang-mo                                                                                                       Officer Advanced Course, the Combined Arms
Area IV Public Affairs                                                                                                      Service Staff School, the Army Command and
   CAMP HENRY – The 728th Military Police                                                                                   General Staff College, the U.S. Army Ranger
“Watchdog” Battalion welcomed a new top dog                                                                                 Course, Airborne School, the Pathfinder Course,
June 24, as Lt. Col. Douglas L. Ingros assumed                                                                              the 82nd Airborne Division Jumpmaster Course
command from Lt. Col. Steven L. Crowe during                                                                                and Air Assault School.
a change of command ceremony at Camp                                                                                           His awards and decorations include the Bronze
Walker’s Kelly Field.                                                                                                       Star, the Meritorious Service Medal (with three
   Ingros arrives from Fort Hood, Texas, where                                                                              oak leaf clusters), the Army Commendation Medal
he was the chief of long-range plans for the 89th                                                                           (with two oak leaf clusters), the Army
Military Police Brigade.                                                                                                    Achievement Medal, the Army Reserve
   Crowe, retiring after 21 years of service, plans                                                                         Achievement Medal, the National Defense
to teach junior ROTC in Hickory, N.C.                                                                                       Service Medal (with one star), the Armed Forces
   Ingros received his commission and bachelor of                                                                           Expeditionary Medal (Haiti), the Iraq Campaign
science degree in administrative justice-law                                                                                Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service
enforcement from the University of Pittsburgh in 1988                                                                       M e d a l , t h e G l o b a l Wa r o n Te r r o r i s m
and a master of science degree in administration from                                                                       Expeditionary Medal (Iraq), the Korea Defense
Central Michigan University in 2000.                                                                                        Service Medal, the Armed Forces Service Medal,
   Ingros was commissioned in the regular Army                                                                              the Humanitarian Service Medal, the Army
as an infantry officer and was branch detailed                                                                              Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon,
                                                                                                        SEBASTIAN SCIOTTI
to the Military Police Corps four years later.                                                                              the United Nations Medal (Haiti).
                                                        Lt. Col. Douglas L. Ingros, incoming 728th Military Police
   He has served in a variety of command and                                                                                   He has earned the Expert Infantry Badge, the
                                                        Battalion commander, receives the unit colors from 8th
staff positions including: rifle platoon leader and                                                                         Ranger Tab, the Master Parachutist Badge, the
                                                        Military Police Brigade commander Col. Falkner Heard III
company executive officer of Company B, 3-                                                                                  Pathfinder Badge and the Air Assault Badge.
                                                        during the unit’s change of command ceremony at Camp
22nd Infantry Battalion, logistics staff officer at                                                                            First deployed to Korea in 1950, the 728th
                                                        Walker’s Kelly Field June 24.
3-22nd Inf. Bn., 25th Infantry Division,                                                                                    Military Police Battalion has provided law and
Schoefield Barracks, Hawaii (1989- 1992);               Headquarters and operations staff officer at the                    order support, security of critical installations,
assistant operations staff officer of the 16th          701st Military Police Group, Fort Belvoir, Va.                      and supplies within Eighth U.S. Army, and has
Military Police Brigade, commander of the 118th         (1997-1999); operations staff officer and                           prepared for a variety of contingency missions.
Military Police Company and commander of the            executive officer of the 720th Military Police                         In October 2004, the battalion sent 68
122nd Military Police Detachment, Fort Bragg,           Battalion and provost marshal of the 4th Infantry                   S o l d i e r s t o I r a q f o r 11 0 d a y s i n s u p p o r t
N.C. (1993-1997); plans officer and chief of            Division, Fort Hood, Texas (2000- 2005).                            Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Soldiers
criminal intelligence branch at the United States          Ingros’ military education includes the                          preformed a variety of duties at the Camp Bucca
Army Criminal Investigations Command                    Infantry Officer Basic Course, the Military Police                  internment facility in southern Iraq.

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                July 15, 2005
28                            Area IV                                             The Morning Calm Weekly

Pentagon Channel adds new markets                                                                                              NEWS & NOTES
By Army Sgt. 1st Class Doug Sample                              Other popular programs featured include: “Freedom                          Master Sergeant
American Forces Press Service                                Journal Iraq,” which highlights military operations by        Promotion Board Announcement
    WASHINGTON – The Pentagon Channel, a                     U.S. forces there; “America Supports You,” a                     A Department of the Army master sergeant
Defense Department news and information service,             campaign highlighting corporate and volunteer support        selection board is scheduled to convene Oct. 4.
has added three new television markets to its audience.                                                                   Eligible noncommissioned officers must log on to
                                                             for servicemembers and their families; and “Why I
                                                                                                                          the Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center Web
    Cox Communications affiliate stations in Gulf Coast,     Serve,” a program in which servicemembers share
                                                                                                                          site at in advance. To make
Fla., and Oklahoma City have added the Pentagon              stories of why they joined the military.
                                                                                                                          any data corrections, visit Charlie Detachment,
Channel’s programming to their line-up.                         The Pentagon Channel is a public-domain broadcast         516th Personnel Support Battalion, Camp Henry,
    “The Department of Defense is appreciative to Cox        accessible 24 hours-a-day to all cable and satellite         Bldg. #1685 or Camp Carroll, Bldg. T-125. For
for their commitment to our men and women in the             providers in the United States. There is no fee for cable    information call Chief Warrant Officer NaAngela
military,” said Allison Barber, deputy assistant secretary   companies to broadcast the channel.                          O’Neal at 768-6957.
of defense for internal communications and public               The Pentagon Channel hopes to reach even more
liaison. “Carrying the Pentagon Channel provides vital       military audiences.                                                              Fall Bazaar
information and communication to our military                   “The ultimate goal is to let servicemembers watch            The annual Taegu Spouses Association Fall
audience living in these local communities.”                 the Pentagon Channel whenever and regardless of              Bazaar will be Oct. 1-2 at Kelly Fitness Center on
    The city of Peoria, Ariz., is also broadcasting the      wherever they are,” said Maxine Teller, director of          Camp Walker. Several new vendors will be
Pentagon Channel over the public airwaves. John              commercial distribution for the channel. Teller is           participating this year. For information, call Christie
Keegan, mayor of Peoria, is spearheading the efforts         responsible for getting the station on cable and satellite   Holmes at 210-6129 or Sherry Page at 210-6005.
to broadcast the Pentagon Channel statewide on cable         systems throughout the country.
TV. Keegan said he feels the Pentagon Channel would             Teller said that much of her efforts are focused on                            Sure Start
be beneficial to the state because there are so many         getting the channel placed on networks outside military          The Taegu American School Sure Start program
military communities in Arizona. The Pentagon Channel                                                                     is accepting applications for fall 2005. Children must
would also benefit the civilian community, he said,                                                                       be four years of age or older by Oct. 31. Applicants
                                                                “There are more people that have basic cable, so if
because not as many families today have members in                                                                        must be military command sponsored and have ranks
                                                             we can get on that basic tier we are much happier,”
the military, and therefore have less of an appreciation                                                                  between E-1 and E-4. Class size is limited.
                                                             she said. “The problem is they won’t give us the whole       Applications are due by Aug. 5. For information, call
for what servicemembers go through.                          channel – only a piece. So if we only get four hours of      the school at 768-9501.
    The Pentagon Channel’s programming includes              Pentagon Channel programming, that’s great, but it’s
“Around the Services,” a daily half-hour program             not phenomenal. But if it’s the only way to reach an                 Camp Carroll Pool Hours
featuring news from top Defense officials and                audience, then I’ll take it.”                                   Hours for the Camp Carroll indoor pool are 5:30
military services around the world; “Pentagon                   Still, Teller has had great success with getting the      a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Channel Reports,” which airs Defense Department              station on cable networks around the country. She            Friday. Outdoor pool hours are 11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
news updates; and “Studio Five,” weekly                      said most cable providers see the Pentagon Channel           daily. For information, call Mark Juliano 765-8118.
interviews with Defense Department leaders on top            as a “huge value to their customers” and are “very
issues.                                                      interested” in its programming.

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          July 15, 2005
30   Korean Language                              The Morning Calm Weekly

                                                         Learn Korean Easily

                                                            Language Instructor
                                                           Minsook Kwon

                                                         Word of the week

                                                          The phrase of the week
                                                          “There are many car accidents.”

                                                         Chah sah-goh mah-nee nah-yo.
                                                            car                   accidents          many   There are

                                                         Conversation of the week

                                                         Bee-gah mah-nee wah-yo.

                                                         Hong-soo nah-geh-soe-yo.