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									No 10 of 2002/03
                                     DEBENHAM PARISH COUNCIL
                   Minutes of the Meeting held at Dove Cottage, Thursday 20 March 2003

Present:      Cllrs M Fox                            Mrs H Huish
                    E Alcock                         A Moreton
                    P Barker                         E Read
                    G Baxter                         R Walters
                    Mrs M Bloom                      Mrs F Winrow-Giffin

                     District Cllr D Sadler-Bridge
                     Mr T Hutt (Debenham Village Association)
                     Four Members of the Public
   1.      Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Mrs A Dixon, Mrs L Hammond, M Morley and
           County Cllr Mrs H Whitworth.
   2.      Parish Councillors Declarations of Interest relating to this Agenda – None
   3.      Minutes of Meeting held 20 February 2003
           Item 21 Freedom of Information Act: MTI expenditure Cllr Mrs Huish had requested that
           submission of expenditure was given half yearly as part of the audit requirements rather than
           quarterly to the Council. Subject to inclusion of the above Cllr Read proposed the Minutes were
           signed as a true record, seconded Cllr Barker and agreed.
   4.      Matters Arising
           Probert Awards Cllr Alcock circulated nomination forms to each Councillor for use should they
           wish to make a nomination.
           Street Cleaning The Employment Committee agreed to meet before the April meeting to review the
           contract with Mr Sillett.                                                              Employ Comm
           Copse – Allotment Lane The Clerk reported details of ownership of the land at the rear of
           Coopersfield had been obtained from the District Land Registry. The land is owned by a company
           named Tregunter Investments of London. The Council agreed a letter is sent to that Company
           reporting the rabbit infestation problem and also enquiring whether the Company would consider
           donating the land to the village for use as an amenity/remembrance area.                        Clerk
           Pine Trees, Cemetery Lane (next Coopersfield) Cllr Baxter reported Mr Matthew Hammond, tree
           surgeon, would lop the trees on 27 March. The wood will be logged and left for parishioners.
           Rabbit Infestation Approval for clearance had been given by local Police Officers and Cllr Barker
           reported a number of rabbits had disappeared already.
           Dog Fouling Cllr Moreton reported he was in the process of putting up the new dog fouling signs
           obtained from MSDC.                                                                                AM
           Sackvylle Street Development : Provision of higher fencing at rear of properties – Gardeners Road
           Cllr Moreton reported this matter had now been sorted to the satisfaction of the Gardeners Road
           Play Areas : The Committee will meet before the April meeting to prepare a report on proposals for
           future development at Recreation Ground play area.                                   Play Area Comm
           Affordable Housing : Low Road Letter to go to MSDC requesting confirmation the land at rear of
           properties in Low Road is allocated for shared equity affordable homes.                           Clerk
           Grass Cutting : Bee Orchids, Gardeners Road Cllr Moreton has clarified areas to be left uncut at
           the beginning of the grass cutting season with Mr Willington, MSDC.
           Leisure Centre Car Park Cllr Alcock was pleased to report this should be complete by 27 March.
           DVH & PFT Minutes 28.1.03 – accounting error Cllr Alcock reported the £2800 not accounted for
           and commented upon by some Council Members was partly an error by the bank which has
           resulted in a repayment by them of approximately £800. The Trust accountants have confirmed the
           remaining difference of £2000 relates to an accounting error probably at the time the loan was
           originally set up where liability to the bank was understated, and it does not represent any real
           monetary loss to the Trust.
           DVH & PFT Company Restructuring A letter had been received from the Management Committee
           confirming that, upon their accountants advice, the formation of a new company limited by
           guarantee will go ahead. When formed the new company will have transferred to it the assets of
           the existing company. The main advantages are the Trustees of the current charity will be released
           from the rather stringent regulations that govern the present charity structure. This has always
           proved a stumbling block in the Trust’s efforts to attract new members to the management
           committee. This also means the Parish Council will no longer be expected to act as custodial

     trustee. The Trustees are grateful to the Council for fulfilling that role in the past and they officially
     confirm, due to the restructuring, the DVH & PFT will become a company limited by guarantee and
     the Parish Council are released from any responsibility it has towards the old charity.
     Cllr Alcock stated this was the modern way forward and would make the whole structure of the
     Trust much tidier.
5.   Meeting Open to the Public for 10 Minutes
     Stowmarket Road Mrs Dallison reported debris, including a large glass fish tank, in the ditch. This
     might cause a blockage in event of heavy rain. Report to Suffolk CC.                                Clerk
6.   Correspondence
     1. Suffolk CC : Directional signing to Kenton off A1120. County Environment & Transport ask for
          Parish Council’s comments to request from Ashfield cum Thorpe PC that additional HGV
          signing for Kenton should be placed at the A1120 t-junction at Pettaugh. This request is due to
          a general increase in HGV traffic through Ashfield since the traffic diversion via Ashfield last
          year whilst road improvements were carried out at Kenton. Council Members agreed with the
          provision of additional signing at this junction.
         Whilst considering HGV signing, it was suggested an ‘Unsuitable for Heavy Vehicles’ sign
         should be provided at the A1120/B1077 junction to Winston and Fenn Street, this narrow road
         was becoming a regular through road to the Kenton Road from the A1120. Members agreed to
         request signing at this junction.                                                               Clerk
     2. Suffolk CC LEA : Sir Robert Hitcham Primary School extension. In response to the Council’s
          concern that the extension did not appear adequate for the additional pupils that would
          generate from the new Sackvylle Street development and whether it formed part of the Section
          106 agreement. The LEA Department reply that developer contributions will be used to fund
          building works at the primary school and having taken into account the projected pupil numbers
          up to 2007 the LEA consider the current extension adequate to that date, ie. current capacity:
          209, current pupils (2003): 202, projected pupils 2007: 186.
     3. Suffolk CC : A140 Route Management Strategy. The County Council has approved the Route
          Management Strategy for adoption. It will be published March/April. An Executive Summary
          will be available setting out details of improvement schemes planned for 2003/04 financial year.
          In the meantime new Speed Limit Orders will be advertised.
     4. Suffolk CC : Local Transport Plan summarising the County’s annual progress report on the
          implementation of its Local Transport Plan submitted to the Government July 2002. Parish
          Councils are being given the opportunity to comment on progress so far and to comment on
          any individual transport schemes implemented. Document circulated for comment.
     5. MSDC : Housing Strategy Consultation. Document circulated – comments to MSDC by
          30.5.03. In meantime MSDC are hosting Housing Strategy seminar. Representative from the
          Council unable to attend. Cllr Mrs Huish suggested the MTI Co-Ordinator, Roger Turkington,
          might be able to attend. Agreed.
     6. Debenham Village Association : Clematis Cottage, Aspall Road. Copy of the Association’s
          letter to MSDC Planning objecting to application to demolish the dwelling on the grounds that it
          can be repaired, it is practical and economic to do so. Circulated for information.
     7. MSDC : Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Suffolk : Strategy circulated –
          comments by 7.4.03
     8. NPS Property Consultants : Car Parking proposals. Mr Keith King of NPS confirms, as a result
          of the report to Mr D Benham at MSDC, four of the eight proposed locations are being
          considered further and in greater detail :
          Water Lane
          Extension of Recreation Ground car parking area
          URC Burial Ground
          Cross Green
         Costings have been prepared. MSDC’s response now awaited.
     9. CPRE : Newsletter February 2003. Circulated.
     10. Suffolk CC : Suffolk’s Environment……towards sustainable development. 5 year review –
     11. Mr B James : DEFRA Countryside Stewardship Scheme. Mr James informs the PC he is in the
          process of applying to join this scheme which involves planting grass strips around perimeters
          of certain fields on his farm, mostly near hedges, to increase the habitat for various species of
          flora and fauna. Some tracks will be accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders for the
          duration of the scheme which is ten years. Support from the local parish council would greatly

                help with the success of the application and Mr James asks the Council if it would be good
                enough to offer its support.
               Council Members welcomed the scheme and expressed an interest in hearing further details.
               Mr James to be asked if he would attend a PC meeting to give further details. In the meantime
               letter of support to Mr James.                                                              Clerk
           12. Debenham PCC : St Mary’s Church Floodlighting. Insurance cover of the Church floodlighting
                had been raised by the Internal Auditor. The PCC policy covers any floodlighting and external
                lighting up to a limit of £1,000 per claim when owned by the PCC and residing in the
                churchyard. To ensure the floodlighting is properly covered the Parish Council may need to
                consider formally transferring ownership to the PCC or alternatively providing its own cover.
                Quotation for cover under PC policy to be obtained for consideration.                      Clerk
7.    Planning Applications
      1. 216/03         : Poplar Hall Barn, Low Road – change of use of Poplar Hall Barn to residential
                          holiday accommodation. PC approved subject to clarification and detailed plans re.
                          drainage/sewage disposal.
      2. 238/03         : Rose Cottage, Kenton Road – Single storey sunroom on front of building. PC
                          recommend approval.
8.    Planning Permissions/Refusals
      1. A/2/03         : Co-Op Store, 1 Chancery Lane – Projecting sign (non-illuminated), ATM
                           surround (illuminated). Consent granted.
      2. 76/03          : Co-Op Store, 1 Chancery Lane – ATM installation, satellite dish and ancillary
                          works. PP Granted.
      3. MS/40/02 : Sir Robert Hitcham CE Primary School – Classrm exten and refurbishment of
                         external play areas. PP Granted.
      4. 59/03         : 21 Gracechurch St – two storey pitched roof exten and porch to east elevation,
                         conservatory to south elevation – PP granted.
      5. 105/03         : 37 Gardeners Road – extension of existing first floor dormer windows to front
                         & rear elevations. PP Granted.
      6. 110/03        : 4 Wardlaw Court – Installation of satellite dish. PP Granted.
      7. 152/03         : South View, Kenton Road – Erect det garage and car port. PP granted.
      8. 1517/02 : Oak House, 9 High St – Rear extension (plans amended). PP and LBC
      9. 191/03         : 72 Gardeners Road – Mount BT Openworld satellite dish to front of dwelling.
                          PP Refused.
9.    Accounts for Payment
      1. TXU Energi – street light supply                                            148.28
      2. Alfred McAlpine – street light maintenance                                    53.06
      3. Clerk                                                                       664.50
      4. Use of equipment                                                              11.66
      5. Employers NI contribution                                                     34.27
      6. Petty Cash                                                                    35.00
      7. Glasdon UK Ltd : Two Dog Waste bins                                         235.72
      8. Telephone/e-mail 27.11.02 – 24.2.03/service charge 1.2. – 30.4.03             64.56
      9. Debenham PCC : Hire of Dove Cott – March qtr 2003                             65.00
      10. Phillip Mason : clock winding 1.10.02 – 30.3.03                            150.00
      11. Mark Sillett : street cleaning 12.2. – 14.3.03                             412.50
      12. Suffolk CC : Parish Notice Board – preparation of base                       72.50
      13. Suffolk Acre : PC storage shed - annual insurance premium                    41.55
      Cllr Baxter proposed payment of the above accounts, seconded Cllr Barker and agreed.
10.   Parish Council Notice Board
      Three letters (Mrs Cissie Clover, Mr David Ball and Ms Jane Coomber) had been received objecting to
      the siting of the new notice board on the village green, their general view being it was completely out of
      keeping with the medieval centre of the village, a conservation area, and the close surrounding listed
      buildings. A petition objecting to its location containing some 75 signatures had also been submitted to
      the Council.
      The petition forms had been attached to the outside of the Notice Board. Cllr Mrs Bloom was
      concerned the petition could be in a dangerous position in that people, particularly the elderly, were
      leaning over the orange netting to sign it.
      The Council reiterated, a larger and more prominent board had been obtained in response to the
      village appraisal. Planning Permission was not required. It is vital the notice board remains at the

      centre of the village. The Council had decided upon a heritage design giving ample display panels.
      The design had been displayed at the public meeting held April 2002 and all PC discussions since
      have been Minuted and displayed on the current Notice Board giving parishioners ample time to object
      rather than at this late stage. Council Members regretted the objections. The base and surround had
      yet to be made good, the drop from the telephone box is to be sloped and turfed and the pavement will
      be made up to a good standard. It was agreed a statement to this effect should be placed in the
      notice board for information of the village.                                                       Clerk/HH
11.   MSDC : Twin Bin Waste Collection
      Wheelie bins have been delivered to those households transferring to the new system on 1 April 2003.
      Gt Back Lane and Little Back Lane will remain on the present system for the time being, both roads
      being unsuitable for the 8-wheel vehicle used to collect the wheelie bins. Their collection will remain as
      usual on a Monday by the smaller vehicle. Those households with no rear access will also remain on
      the present system. The 6-wheel vehicle will collect from litterbins, dog bins and street cleaning waste
      as at present on a Wednesday.
12.   Parish Clerk Gratuity/Pension Scheme
      Employment Sub-Committee will meet before next meeting to discuss and
      report.                                                                                      Employ Comm
13.   Dog Fouling : to locate two new dog bins
      It was agreed the new bins should be located at the Gracechurch Street/Henniker Road junction
      (grassed area) and at the Ipswich Road/Kenton Road junction. Community Service to be asked to
      carry out work.                                                                                        Clerk
14.   URC Burial Ground
      No further developments on transfer of land. If the proposed car park did not proceed for any reason
      the area would need to be maintained as a memorial garden.
15.   Affordable Housing
      There is growing concern at the delay of the MSDC housing needs survey. As things are progressing it
      may be too late for inclusion of the results in the Local Plan Review process. MSDC are to be asked
      for precise dates and timing of the housing survey and submission of comments to Local Plan Reivew.
16.   Debenham MTI
      Minutes of 11 March 2003 and Co-Ordinators report March 2003 circulated to each Councillor.
      Additional comments : Youth – two projects are being considered connected with a possible small
      extension of the Community Education Centre, a semi-supervised drop-in centre and a youth bus
      visiting outlying villages on a regular basis.
      Broadband – the initial application is being submitted and flyers will be delivered to households to
      increase the publicity and number of registrations.
      Delivery Plan – the Committee debated allocation of the balance of funding from the PC, approx
      £7000, and agreed £5,000 towards town centre car parking, £1000 to the woodland, £1000 to tourism
      and £100 affordable housing.
17.   Proposed extension of Debenham Wood
      Cllr Baxter and MTI Co-Ordinator have had discussions with Suffolk CC Officers. As a result County
      have agreed to increase the term of the lease from 99 to 999 years and a reduction in the sum for the
      lease from £52,000 to £41,475. The land included amounts to an area of 25.43 acres or thereabouts
      and the lease will be subject to a clause restricting the use of land to agriculture, forestry and public
      open space. The land currently used as allotment land is included within the 25.43 acres and will
      continue to be used as allotment land. The final terms of the lease are being negotiated and will be put
      to the Parish Council for final approval. Funders for the project are being considered and a meeting
      with the Greenlight Trust (supporters of Hoggs Kiss Wood) has been arranged for Thursday 3 April at
      3pm at Dove Cottage in the hope they will offer further support. Councillors/parishioners willing to help
      in a hands-on capacity are willing to attend the meeting. The project is encompassed within the
      national curriculum and it is hoped the local schools will become involved.
      The Council thanked Cllr Baxter for his report and supported the continued progress of the project. GB
18.   Safety to School restrictions : School Lane
      School Lane falls within the bus route to W etheringsett and bus drivers have complained they are
      unable to access London Hill when cars are parked the full length of the road outside the school, at one
      point the road is too narrow for access. This involves the bus driver having to reverse his vehicle out
      onto Aspall Road. Access to be taken up with Mrs Sandra Gage, Suffolk CC.                              Clerk
19.   Street Light Maintenance
      Include on next agenda for consideration.                                                              Clerk
20.   Freedom of Information Act 2000
      The outstanding procedures to be dealt with are listed in the February 2003 Minutes.

      Cllr Morley had produced a Terms of Reference schedule for PC sub-committees. These should be
      completed by committees and returned to the Clerk for filing (copies had been circulated to Council
      Members prior to the meeting). The standard form may need to be adapted to suit each individual sub-
      committee.                                                                           Sub-Committees
21.   Parish Council Risk Assessment
      Individual members of the sub-committee have been allocated areas of risk to be reviewed. When
      completed Committee will provide report for full Council.                                MM/RW/HH/LH
22.   Debenham Flood Plan
      Cllr Moreton reported the plan for householders was almost complete.                              AM/MB
23.   Sackvylle Street development – see matters arising
24.   Debenham Community Award Scheme
      The nomination put forward from Debenham for the MSDC Community Award had been refused on the
      basis of too many nominations this year. Paperwork for the Debenham Award is now complete.
      Nominations should be returned to the Clerk by the beginning of June for consideration and a
      presentation at the July meeting.
25.   Community Service report
      Recreation Ground/Cemetery railings: Chairman and Vice Chair will arrange repairs to fencing to
      enable repainting to take place during the Spring.                                                 MF/PB
      Other current projects include installing new dog bins and completion of Notice Board.
26.   Childrens’ Play Areas report
      The Committee are due to meet and will prepare a report for the April meeting. Weed infestation of the
      safety surface has become a problem. Cllr Baxter will discuss this with the contractor, Mr Ram. It has
      been suggested the old Parish Notice Board could be usefully relocated at the Recreation Ground Play
      area.                                                                                   Play Area Comm
27.   Debenham Library/Resource Centre
      Mr Hutt was pleased to report refurbishment is progressing well and the Centre Manager has been
28.   Debenham Village Association report
      The Association were pleased to welcome the new Youth Leader, Mr Dave Thomas, to their last
      meeting. Other matters discussed included energy schemes, objections to demolition of Clematis
      Cottage, Aspall Road and developers contribution to schools under the Section 106 agreement is being
      investigated. The AGM will be held on 8 May at Dove Cottage.
29.   Council Representatives on Other Bodies
      Footpaths Cllr Mrs Winrow-Giffin requested a letter of thanks from the Parish Council to Miss Kirsty
      McLoughlin, Rights of Way Officer at Suffolk CC for her instrumental work in recruiting volunteers to
      clear footpaths and ensuring relevant signs have been put up. Agreed.
30.   County Councillor’s Report
      A written report from Cllr Mrs Whitworth covered the County Council budget, an 18.5% increase on
      council tax, £2.08 per week for the majority of people in the county. Such a huge rise is recognised as
      high but an increase of 13.2% would have been needed for a standstill budget. New spending on
      service improvements will include: £1m to provide home care for an extra 400 elderly enabling them to
      stay in their own homes; £100,000 to provide a new unit for extra respite care for disabled children;
      £200,000 will be spent on the first phase of high support housing for young people leaving care;
      £14,000 on renewing thermal imaging cameras used by the fire service. A poster campaign
      encouraging people to use their neighbourhood shops and services has been launched in Suffolk. The
      ‘Use it or Lose it’ campaign is being led by the Ipswich and Suffolk Coastal branches of the Federation
      of Small Businesses.
31.   District Councillor’s Report
      URC Car parking Cllr Sadler-Bridge understood there had been a cemetery at Knights Close many
      years ago, that land has since been developed with no requirement for exhumation orders. A separate
      company could be set up to own and manage that piece of land.
      Local Plan Review At a recent MSDC meeting, the PC view that existing housing commitments were
      more than adequate was reported. The recommendation from that being the land bids should be
      declined but additional affordable housing should be explored. This is slightly positive but applicants
      do have a right of appeal and the PC should continue to monitor.
      Council tax increases More and more concerns have been expressed over the discrepancies of
      expenditure in urban and rural areas, so much more is going into urban areas.
      HGV restrictions Suffolk CC have still not provided a report on the restriction imposed through
      Thorndon. The PC may wish to obtain information on this. Ashfield PC is seeking discussions with
      Suffolk CC on weight restrictions through their village.

      Finally Cllr Sadler-Bridge was pleased to report Cllr Eddy Alcock had been awarded a MSDC
      Community Award in recognition of his efforts in the community. The Council congratulated Cllr Alcock
      on the award.
32.   Police Report
      Cllr Mrs Huish understood the Police were duty bound to provide a written report in the absence of
      local officers attending parish council meetings. Obtain clarification from Police Authority.        Clerk
33.   Meeting Open to the Public for 10 Minutes
      Parish Notice Board As District Councillor, Cllr Sadler-Bridge stated he had received requests for help
      from residents over their objections to the siting of the new notice board. Before it is concreted down,
      Cllr Sadler-Bridge suggested the Council consider a site more in keeping with its design, the current
      site being close to listed buildings and a Grade II property. The Cross Green car park or Co-Op car
      park have been mentioned as more suitable locations.
      Council Members stated it had originally been intended to site it on the south side of the telephone box
      and as a concession to residents it had been moved to the northern side. To try to appease the
      situation and to set it apart from the telephone box, Cllr Mrs Huish proposed the notice board was
      moved approximately 3 feet north to the tip of the original green, seconded Cllr Baxter.
      The Chairman put the proposal to a vote: Six in favour, Two against. Motion carried.
      Mr Hutt reported he was obtaining pictures of the Notice Board from Leander Architectural for the
      Debenham Website.
      Twinbin meeting Members of the public took the view this should have received more publicity.
      Primary School Extension Mr Hutt reported the Government had made changes to the amount of area
      required per pupil at foundation stage and the current extension was not connected to providing
      accommodation for additional pupils.
34.   Any Other Business
      Suffolk Table Company There had been some complaints over obstruction of the pavement outside
      this shop due to excess furniture displayed on the pavement and using equipment to work on furniture
      on the pavement. Cllr Mrs Winrow-Giffin will speak to the owner to request the display furniture is
      contained to a smaller area.                                                                        FW-G
      MSDC Grass Cutting The agreements under the new scheme with MSDC had just been received for
      approval and signature. Council Members went through the Agreements A and B, approved the
      content and signature by the Chairman.

      Meeting closed 10 pm.

      Signed:                               Chairman              Date:


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