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									Goldfish- The Ultimate Coldwater Species
The goldfish is maybe the most common fish all over the globe. They can be found in Asia, Central Asia and China. In many countries people set up a
fish tank just for this amazing species. There are many fancy variants including the veiltail, the Red oranda Goldfish, ryukin, Lionhead, Black Moor and
much more. They also come in many shapes and forms.

The Pearlscale Goldfish for example is one of the most popular goldfish species in japan and china. Pearlscale Goldfish has an egg-shaped body. The
main characteristic of the pearlscale is its thick arched scales which look like tiny pearls. It also found in many colors, blue, black, gold, red, calico and
even white red combinations. It can reach to a size of 8 inches (20cm) and like all goldfish he is an omnivore. It will accept flake and pellet foods, also
include some vegetable matter such as nori or spirulina and live or frozen foods. It is highly recommended to feed them with high quality goldfish
flakes and goldfish pellets.

The Pearlscale Goldfish is very hardy species that tolerates a wide range of water conditions. Like the entire goldfish group this species will thrive in
coldwater fish tanks and tolerate a wide range of temperatures from 2c to 30c. Goldfish have the same diseases as tropical fish, the most common
diseases are: ich, bladder disease and external parasites including flukes so pay attention to your fish and look for this diseases .To prevent these
diseases from happening keep the temp steady especially when performing water changes and make sure to have suitable filtration system.
Pearlscale Goldfish are not so hard to breed, this species breed in the early morning. The female will scatter her eggs on the plants, rocks or the
substrate; afterwards the male will fertilize these eggs. The fry hatch after 3-5 days and need to be feed with small foods such as cyclops or liquid fry
foods. It is essential to remove parents once the eggs are layed, or the eggs will be eaten.

Another common species is the Black Moor. The Black Moor Goldfish is a beautiful member of the goldfish family and maybe the most common
species in europe, the Black Moor is the black variety of the famous Telescope Goldfish. The main difference between the black moor and the
telescope goldfish are the eyes. The black moor eyes are less protruding than the Telescope goldfish. Like its entire group the black moor is a
member of the carp group and is generally a quite hardy species. Black Moor Goldfish are suitable for indoor fish tanks, and not to all kinds of outdoor
goldfish ponds. Like all goldfish they can tolerate very cold water temperatures so they are suitable for ponds that dont freeze in winter.

The Black Moor Goldfish will prosper in a 25 gallon or larger tanks with a fine gravel or sand bottom and hardy plants, it is known as plant eater so it is
recommended to use only hardy plants such as Echinodorus species, Microsorium and Anubias species. When we decorate its tank we should think of
its sensitive and delicate eyes and protect them from sharp decoration. The Black Moor gets along with other fish in a coldwater community fish tank
and if kept with other goldfish it will school with them. It is also easy to breed. Males are usually thinner then females. They may exhibit breeding spots
on their heads and flanks during the spawning season. Gradually increase the temperature to 72 degrees F. Provide soft vegetation or a spawning
mops, and excellent water quality. Recommended to remove parents once the eggs are layed, otherwise they will eat their own eggs. A mature pair
may produce over 1,000 eggs which will hatch after 3-5 days. The fry are easy to feed on small live foods or on liquid fry foods available in any pet

The Ranchu goldfish is maybe the most expensive goldfish species. It is known as the "Caesar" of the goldfish. The Ranchu Goldfish is very alike to
the Lionhead Goldfish but unlike the Lionhead it has a magnificent short, round body and short fins with no dorsal fin. It also has an amazing pinched
tail fin which is at 45 degrees, to its body. The Ranchu was created in china during the Meiji Period but it was the Japanese whom created the
Ranchu's we know today. Ranchus known to be very friendly species and some fish keepers are able to pet their Ranchus,feed them directly and even
to train them to do some tricks. The Ranchu Goldfish come in a variety of colors, gold/white, orange/red, orange/white, white/red and a calico. Ranchu
is a highly prized and wanted goldfish especially in Asia but also in America and Europe.

The Ranchu Goldfish is suitable for ponds more then to fish tanks but if you provide him enough space it can be kept in aquarium. The Ranchu is best
kept with other goldfish or large coldwater species due to the fact that it is coldwater fish so do not mix it with tropical fish as it requires a less
temperature than tropical fish. Ranchu Goldfish are notoriously filthy, producing much waste, frequent water changes and good filtration system is
essential. Unfortunately little is known about its breeding is known as plant eater so it is recommended to use only hardy plants such as
Echinodorus species, Microsorium and Anubias species

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