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Achieve that Brilliant Shine


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									       POLISHING                                                                                      www. frost.co.uk


                             D205 Heavy Duty Polishing and                                D400 Plastic Headlight
                             Abrasive Kit £49.50 (Illustrated)                            Polish Kit £22.50
                             Using our combination kit, you can start with                Remove hazing and scratches from
                             a rough casting and end with a mirror finish.                headlights, plastic lenses, boat
                             Everything needed is included, except you and                windows, acrylic skylights, motorcycle
                             the drill. Kit contains 24 pieces and instructions.          windshields and fish tanks. Use mop
                             D204 Abrasive Kit (8 pieces) £19.50                          and Autosol to remove scratches and
                                                                                          finish with Plastic Polish. Kit contains
If you are starting from a rough casting or pitted corroded surface, our kit              Mop, Arbour, Autosol, Microfibre
will give a smooth bright finish Kit contains 8 pieces and instructions.
                                                                                          cloth and Plastic Polish. All you need
                                                                                          is a drill.
D145 6" Polishing Kit £39.50
D140 6" Wire Wheel £9.00
For faster, easier polishing use our 3-stage,                                             L300 Custom Metal
6" polishing kit on your bench grinder.                                                   Polishing £13.00
3 mops, 3 compounds, LH and RH noses,
                                                                                          Detailed guide to
lime, mask and gloves. (11pieces).
                                                                                          all the ins and outs
                                                                                          of metal polishing.
D202 Polishing Kit (10 pieces) £22.00                                                     It covers wheels,
The standard 3-stage polishing kit contains all that is needed to bring dull              compounds,
steel, copper, brass or aluminium parts to a brilliant shine, prior to lacquering         equipment,
or plating. (10 pieces, 4" dia. mops).                                                    preparation and
                                                                                          tips on polishing
                                                                                          brass, steel,
                                                                                          aluminium, cast iron
                                                                                          and stainless steel. 71 photos explain
                                                                                          tools and techniques clearly.
                                                                                          More Books page 4.

                                                                                          L730 Metal Polishing
                                                                                          and Buffing DVD £24.00
                                                                                          David A Waldoch’s DVD shows you
                                                                                          the tricks of custom metal polishing
                                                                                          with sections on how to: choose
                                                                                          your equipment, buffing wheels,
                                                                                          compounds, abrasives, basic polishing
D126 Wheel Polishing Kit £16.00                 D125 Plastic Polishing Kit                of aluminium, copper, steel, stainless,
                                                £16.50                                                      polishing prior to
Restore corroded or tarnished alloy
                                                                                                            plating, techniques
wheels to their original condition.             Clean and restore fibreglass car                            and finally buffing
Just remove any old lacquer using               bodies, motorcycle fairings, plastic                        those hard to reach
paint remover, be careful not to                bumpers, and perspex windscreens                            areas for a quality
scratch the alloy. A 1" wide mop is             with this kit. The roughening and                            job, you'll be proud
used for the wheel face, 1/2" wide              finishing polish bars are also suitable                      to show. Colour 52
mop for rim detail and a cone mop               for tufnol, epoxy resins, bakelite and                        minutes.
for inside recesses. Enough polish is           celluloid. Contents include drill
       supplied for two sets of wheels.         arbour, dust mask, roughening and                         More DVDs page 5.
                                                finishing mops and instructions.
Order tel: 01706 658 619                                                             POLISHING

  Polishes in Minutes
   What Otherwise
  Would Take Hours!!!

                                                                                    Spares and Separates

                                                                                  Mops (4”x1”)
                                                                                  D211   White Stitched     £5.50
D260 Flitz Polishing                     D206 Felt Bob Kit £16.00                 D212   Sizal              £4.00
Ball £15.00                              An add-on kit of taper and cylindrical   D213   G Finishing        £5.00
D265 Flitz Paste Polish                  bobs for polishing into difficult        D214   B Finishing        £6.50
(150g) £14.50                            corners and shapes, ideal for alloy      D215   Coloured           £5.00
D270 Flitz Liquid Polish (250ml)         wheels. 11 pieces, sizes from 1" down
                                                                                  Sisal is fast cutting and aggressive
£12.50                                   to 1/2 " diameter, to fit on a mini
                                                                                  for ferrous metals. Stitched mops
D275 Flitz Wax Clear Protector           mandrel (included).
                                                                                  are for coarse buffing, whilst the
(250ml) £12.50                                                                    “B” cotton mop is for general
Cut your wheel cleaning time in half                                              finishing and use the “G” mop for
with the Flitz Polishing ball tool.                                               fine finishing and on soft metals
Buffs hard to reach areas in seconds.                                             and plastics. Keep a separate mop
G Works with all drills
                                                                                  for each compound.
   up to 2000 RPM                                                                 D228 6” Sisal   £6.50
G Buff out scuffs, Oxidation, Tarnish,                                            D230 6” White £6.50
   Brake Dust, Pitting, and Corrosion                                             D231 6” Callico £6.50
   on all Metals, Paints, Fibreglass,
   Plastics, and Wood.                                                            Satene Abrasives
                                                                                  (450g approx)
                                                                                  D225 Satene 80 (coarse) £3.50
                                         D207 Mini-Bob Kit £16.50                 D226 Satene 150 (med) £3.50
                                                                                  D227 Satene 300 (fine) £3.50
                                         This add-on kit of mounted polishing
                                         bobs lets you get into intricate
                                         pieces such as mascots
                                         or difficult corners.
                                         10 pieces ranging from
                                         1/2" to 1/4" diameter.

                                                                                  Arbors      (left to right)
13127 Expander Wheel Kit                                                          D238 Mini Arbors              £2.50
£48.00                                                                            D236 Long Arbors              £3.00
(c/w 5 assorted belts) Additional                                                 D210 Chuck Arbors             £3.50
belts (pack of 5)                                                                 D208L 1/2” LH Pigtail         £7.50
13073 80 grit £10.00                                                              D208R 1/2” RH Pigtail         £7.50
13078 120 grit £10.00                    D240 Dolly Mop Kit £16.50
13083 220 grit £10.00                    A 7-piece mini Dolly Mop Kit             D232 Vienna Lime (125g) £2.50
13081 320 grit £10.00                    containing 1", 1-1/2", 2" Sisal and      Use to wipe finger marks from
13082 400 grit £10.00                    Calico Mops with a long type arbour      the finished item.
                                         for polishing into all those awkward
This soft natural rubber Expander                                                 Compounds
                                         nooks and crannies. Designed to
Wheel conforms to slightly contoured                                              Vonax, Rigid plastics, Visors
                                         be used in conjunction with any
pieces and leaves a bright smooth,
                                         polishing kit.                           D219 Plastic Headlights £3.00
uniform finish. The abrasive bands
stay firmly in place because                                                      D220 Grey (coarse)          £3.00
centrifugal force expands the rubber                                              D221 Green (medium)         £3.00
                                          Also Available:                         D222 Blue £3.00
wheel. Designed to run at 1,800 rpm
so excessive cutting does not occur.                                              Fine Finishing (mirror finishes)
                                         D300 Wood Polishing Kit £13.50
Has push out adaptors for 1/2”, 5/8”,                                             D223 Yellow (Tripoli) £3.00
                                         D115 Bob Polishing Kit £19.50
3/4” and 1” shaft sizes. Comes with                                               Buffing aluminium, brass and copper
5-1.5” x 18-15/16” belts – one of        D280 Detailing Kit £18.00                D224 White £3.00
each grit size.                          D285 Cleanup Kit £18.00                  Finishing for all metals
        POLISHING                                                                                       www. frost.co.uk

                                                      Satinising Mops

                                                D288 4” Satinising Set
                                               £17.00                             2.50          Much Tougher than
D130 Aluminium Grinding Point
                                               D289 4” dia Coarse £8.00                           Wire Brushes
                                               D290 4” dia Medium £6.50
These 20mm long and 13mm                       D291 4” dia Fine £5.00                       Abrasive Cup Wheel £8.00
diameter mounted points are                                                                 C180   Coarse (75mm)
specially formulated to grind                   D295 6” Satinising Set
                                               £26.50                             4.50      C181   Coarse (50mm)
aluminium without the clogging that
normally occurs with ordinary                                                               C182   Fine (75mm)
                                               D294 6” dia Coarse £12.50                    C183   Fine (50mm)
grinding stones. Particularly useful for
re-working aluminium cylinder heads,           D292 6” dia Medium £11.00
                                               D293 6” dia Fine £7.50
                                                                                            End Brush £8.00
these points can easily be dressed to
                                                                                            C184 Coarse (25mm)
shapes to reach into corners,                  Get a smart, brushed satin finish with
around valve guides, etc.                      these 4 section abrasive nylon lap wheels.   C185 Fine (25mm)
                                                                                            Superb for putting a soft virtually
Composite Wheels                                                                            grain free sheen on abraded or
                                                                                            machined surfaces, doing fine
D134 Coarse £8.00                                                                           deburring of intricate items, removing
D135 Medium £8.00                                                                           fine rust or material out of rust pits.
D136 Fine £8.00                                                                             The bristles are more flexible than
                                                                                            those of wire brushes, and can curl
D137 Set of 3 £20.50               3.50                                                     round bosses and obstructions.
                                                                                            Much tougher than wire brushes,
Perfect finish every time with these                                                        probably outlasting them ten times.
excellent finishing wheels. Coarse and                                                      Use the fine brushes for non-ferrous
medium have abrasive fabric flaps in                                                        material and the coarse for ferrous.
between nylon pads so two jobs are                                                          They remain free cutting to the end.
being done at once. Available in three
grades, just insert in the drill and you are
ready to start producing a professional
finish at home. Use at 2-5000 rpm

                   Ideal for Porting or Polishing

D235 Flexible Drive £39.50

This 52" long flexible shaft lets
you work in tight areas gives more
control and allows better access
to nooks and crannies. Ideal for
porting or polishing. Fitted with a
6mm chuck to take mops and
brushes. Its ball bearing mounted
drive allows speeds up to 3,500
rpm. Use only with 4" diameter or
smaller buffs. Avoid tight radius                                                           D138 Engine Turning Kit
bends to maximize shaft life.                                                               £26.50
D305 Universal Drill Clamp
                                                                                            Give the finish to dash boards,
                                                                                            firewalls, rocker boxes or any other
£11.00                                                                                      metal surface. Set up the 1"
Hold your drill in safety while using                                                       abrasive cylinder in the drill and
two hands the flexible drive or use                                                         start the pattern, overlapping each
the clamp to secure the drill, whilst                                                       previous swirl. Run at approx
       using 2 hands for polishing.                                                         900rpm. Contains 2 -1" diameter
                                                                                            rolls and mandrel.

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