Tax Exempt Certificate – CERT 134 Instruction

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					                    Tax Exempt Certificate – CERT 134 Instructions

The Trustee Accounts are exempt from paying sales and use tax on personal tangible property.
In order for the purchase to be exempt, the vendor must be paid by Trustee Account’s own funds
(check from the Student Organization’s Fund). Purchases made by individual employees who
will be reimbursed by the Trustee Account do not qualify for exemption under any
circumstances, even if the purchases are made in the employee’s official capacity.

The CFO should have on file a “Master”copy of the Cert-134 with the University’s tax exempt
number as assigned by the Dept. of Revenue Services to be copied and completed as needed as
well as the Sales Tax Authority letter. When making a purchase, submit both of these documents
to the vendor. In most cases the two documents will suffice. Please let the Business Office know
if a vendor requests a copy of the actual certificate. Although not required, the form should be
typed. This will give them a more professional/official appearance. Cert -134 is a fillable PDF
file. You should keep copies of certificates issued in a separate file.

Please see “Sample” highlighted sections that will need to be completed prior to submitting the

Please make sure to keep the blank/Master forms in a secure place.