Spotlight: Concrete Attachments by ProQuest


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                                                  Expand the use of your work site
Concrete Attachments                              equipment by adding concrete attachments.

                               Mixer Attachment
                               • Hydraulic spiral mixer designed for plaster, mortar,
                                 shotcrete and aggregate concrete mixtures
                               • High speed blending, side discharge and universal
                                 with any skid steer with 12 gpm
                               • Universal mounting plate, 4-ft. chute and manual
                                 hydraulic controls
                               • 9-cu.-ft. capacity

                               Blastcrete Equipment
                               Indicate 16 on card

                                                                                        Skid Steer Compacting Leveler
                                                                                        • Available in 6-, 7- and 8-ft. widths
                                                                                        • Designed to work with laser (single or
                                                                                          dual mast) or GPS equipment
                                                                                        • Dual hydraulic cylinders control the
                                                                                          smooth drum roller
                                                                                        • Rear smooth drum roller delivers optimal
                                                                                          flotation for precision grading with faster
                                                                                        • Can be tilted back to allow operator to
                                                                                          utilize just the smooth roller for firming
                                                                                          graded areas
                                                                                        Double D Mfg., LLC
                                                                                        Indicate 17 on card

                                                                                        Model 210 Twin Vertical Drill
                                                                                        • Pneumatic concrete drill attachment
                                                                                          compatible with most skid steers and
                                                                                          compact loaders
                                                                                        • Contains two adjustable vertical drills
                                                                                          capable of drilling holes between 3⁄4 and
                                                                                          21⁄2 in. in diameter to a maximum drilling
                                                                                          depth of 17 in.
                                                                                        • Drill spacing adjusts from 5 to 10 ft. on
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