; Every Job is an Opportunity
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Every Job is an Opportunity


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     Every Job is an Opportunity
     Continual learning and constant communication
     keep Tennessee remodeler on track
     By K e n ne t h W. B e t z

             ach remodeling job is dif-                          Because every job is differ-      and he’s recently started using a

      E      ferent than the last and
             presents new challenges
                                                             ent, Mahoney is a steadfast sup-
                                                             porter of learning new techniques
                                                                                                   computer program that allows
                                                                                                   him to share online construc-
     and opportunities. Patrick J.                           and ideas on a continuing basis,      tion documents and schedules            Patrick J. Mahoney, CGR, CAPS
     Mahoney, CGR, CAPS, likes it                            whether it is through industry        with clients and trade contractors
     that way.                                               publications, trade events or local   alike. “It’s everything I’ve always
         The May NAHB Remodeler                              remodelers’ council events. He        done on paper, but now it’s on            Staying involved with the
     of the Month is owner of                                sees keeping up with the latest       the computer,” he says.               industry also is important.
     Remodeling Consultants, Inc.,                           methods and techniques as a way           After clients receive a price     “Many people have asked me
     in Germantown, Tenn., not far                           of maintaining a competitive edge.    for the job, the second ques-         how I can afford to stay so
     from Memphis. He started out as                             Product knowledge is another      tion is always “when can you          involved with the association. I
     a home builder but switched to                          area in which Mahoney says            start and how long will it take,”     just tell them I can’t afford not
     remodeling and found he enjoyed                         remodelers must keep informed.        Mahoney says, and the program         to stay involved. Clients can tell
     it. He’s been at it ever since.                         Potential clients today know a lot    helps answer that question with       how committed you are by your
         Potential clients are calling                       about products and what’s avail-      a detailed schedule. “They don’t      involvement in the industry. It
     because they want a change or                           able, he says. “If they know more     think you’re hiding anything          helps me stay updated on legisla-
     they have a dilemma that needs                          than you do, it’s not going to        from them. They know every-           tion, best practices, green, new
     to be solved, Mahoney relates.                          take them too long to figure out      thing you’re doing, and you’re        products and lead-safe methods,”
     “Most people in the [remodel-                           that they don’t really need you.      building trust,” he explains.         Mahoney says.
     ing] industry are used to that,”                            “Clients know what they’re            Mahoney’s business practices          Currently serving as chair-
     he says. “They don’t look at it as                      looking for, but they’re also look-   are reflected in this advice to       man of the association’s remodel-
     a problem. It’s a challenge or an                       ing for a professional to do the      contractors who may be just get-      ers council, Mahoney has been
     opportunity to do something.                            work because they recognize their     ting started in the remodeling        a member of the Memphis Area
         “I alway
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