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									                                                                       E X T ER IOR CON T R AC TOR

Metal Roofing

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1. Follansbee                                                      4
KlassicKolors, a pre-
painted terne-coated
stainless steel featuring
Energy Star-certified
Valspar high-perfor-
mance solar coatings,
meets the minimum
initial and aged solar
reflectance values
required for Energy Star roofing products and
meets energy tax credit requirements as well. In
addition to serving as an energy-efficient roof-          3. Vail Titan Select metal shingles by Custom-
ing option, KlassicKolors functions as a ver-             Bilt Metals are designed to combine style with
satile, economical and corrosion-resistant cool           durability. Heavy-gauge metal construction and an
metal roof, lending a classic look to any home.           interlocking design make it nearly impossible for
Follansbee Steel. Circle 18                               moisture to penetrate. They stay in place even in
                                                          extreme wind conditions. These energy-efficient
2.    TAMKO’s MetalWorks Shingles in “cool
                                                          shingles feature PPG Ultra-Cool and Kynar 500
                                                          reflective pigmentation technology that reflects
colors” were recently named Energy Star-
                                                          up to 70 percent of the sun’s energy and reduces
qualified products, making them eligible for
                                                          cooling costs. Custom-Bilt Metals. Circle 20
application for the 
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