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     Profile Smart from Caroma
     Qualified Remodeler readers have chosen the Profile Smart as the ‘Remodelers’ Choice’ product for May.
     This product generated the highest amount of requests in the January issue.

                                                                                                      ater conservation is       water on the continent. Caroma

                                                                                           W          becoming a bigger issue
                                                                                                      all over the world. To
                                                                                                                                 started with the focus of water
                                                                                                                                 use, primarily in the bathroom.
                                                                                           help this cause the Australian-       It was the first company to com-
                                                                                           based Caroma International is         mercialize dual flush technology
                                                                                           bringing its smart technologies       and centers on technologies that
                                                                                           from the world’s driest continent     use less water, but act as if there is
                                                                                           to the North American market.         more water being used.
                                                                                           Its latest unique offering to U.S.        “The technology we have here
                                                                                           homeowners is the Profile Smart       today was launched in Australia
                                                                                           toilet.                               in 2000, so we have a techno-
                                                                                                The Profile Smart from           logical window of products that
                                                                                           Caroma features an integrated         we are looking to bring over to
                                                                                           faucet in the tank lid. This high-    the North American market,”
                                                                                           efficiency dual flush toilet aver-    says Derek Kirkpatrick, North
                                                                                           ages just 0.9 gal. per flush. Fresh   American general manager of
                                                                                           water is directed through the         Caroma. “We’re bringing them
                                                                                           faucet for hand-washing and then      here after much testing and when
                                                                                           drains into the tank to be used       the market calls for the types of
                                                                                           for the next flush. This doesn’t      products we’re already making
                                                                                           replace a standard bathroom           overseas. We evaluate a product’s
                                                                                           sink, but adds a rin
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