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									T E C H BYTES
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL                          Rogue Valley International-Medford           SECURITY                                     is designed primarily for use by First
                                             Airport (MFR) announces the start                                                         Responders who find a suspect device
     • Video Solutions. Searidge             of ProDIGIQ’s Airport Television                  • Surveillance. Infinova announces      and want to neutralize the threat while
Technologies, video solutions provid-        Network. ProDIGIQ’s technology               that, as part of a $63.1 million construc-   they wait for the Bomb Squad to arrive;
er to air navigation service providers       shows relevant TV programming and            tion project, Uzbekistan’s Navoi Airport     all normal communications in the
and airports, announced its intelligent      real-time flight information to passen-      is installing Infinova PTZ and Day/          near vicinity remain unaffected by the
video platform IntelliDAR is being           gers using MFR. It is the first airport      Night high-resolution cameras to watch       jammer.
utilized by NAV CANADA to develop            in the state of Oregon to deploy the         over one of Central Asia’s newest Free
innovative video technology applica-         technology. MFR chose ProDIGIQ to            Industrial Economic Zones (FIEZ). The
tions for airport surface surveillance       enhance the passenger experience and         FIEZ is located 1.8 km from the cargo
and remote monitoring. IntelliDAR is         to offer an added level of customer ser-     terminal of Navoi Airport, where the                               Compiled by
a Non-Cooperative Surveillance System        vice; www.prodigiq.com.                      cameras are located, and connected                                 assistant editor
(NCSS) that detects and tracks all tar-                                                   to international railway routes feeding                            Brad McAllister;
gets on an airport surface. The system       DETECTION SOLUTIONS                          Europe (via Russia), South Asia (via                               reach him at
processes video from a series of video                                                    China), the Middle East, and the Gulf                              Brad.McAllister@
camera sensors networked together                  • Radiation Detection. ICx             (via Iran).                                                        cygnuspub.com.
to provide a real-time geospatial posi-      Technologies, Inc announces that                  • Jammer System. Kirintec’s
tioning of all targets in a given area,      it has completed the initial portion         REBUS counter-IED inhibition system
delivered to controllers via a situational   of the radiation detection testing as
display; www. searidgetech.com.              part of the Department of Homeland
                                             Security’s (DHS) Domestic Nuclear
COMMON-USE                                   Detection Office (DNDO) International
                                             Commercial Aviation Passenger and
     • CREWS System. CREWS, devel-           Baggage (Pax/Bag) Pilot program. As
oped by RESA, is a CUTE syst
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