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									Underground                  I    Equipment
                                                                                                                              Laser-guided Sewer
    Precision Specs Call                                                                                                            Installation
  for a Custom Rock System                                                                                           When the city of Kitchener, Ontario, decided to decommission and
                                                                                                                     remove its aging sanitary pump station and install a gravity flow sanitary
Mid South Utility Contractor, Baxter, TN, was contracted to relocate                                                 sewer line, the installation design plan called for the new sewer to be
all of the water, sewer and gas lines along a six-mile stretch of US                                                 installed in two sections.
Highway 64 that passed through Fayetteville. The majority of the                                                        At roughly 755 ft., the first section involved a residential subdivision
lines were open cut, but the contractor also had to complete 20                                                      with an environmentally sensitive area and a creek crossing. This called for
bores — ranging from 12 to 30 in. in diameter and from 60 to 120                                                     installation using horizontal directional drilling. The 105-ft. second section
ft. in length — under the highway.                                                                                   included a slight deflection from a proposed manhole at the downstream
   Mike Herren, president of Mid South Utility Contractor, has                                                       end to tie into the existing sanitary sewer in a neighboring residential
worked in rock conditions for a long time, but not at the precision                                                  subdivision. It was to be
required on the gravity sewer lines. So he contacted McLaughlin to                                                   installed using open-cut
customize its rock system to the project.                                                                            methods.
   A pilot head with three roller cones is set up to cut 6 1/2 in. on                                                   However, when Jason
the outside diameter (OD). Behind the pilot head are two 5-ft.-long                                                  Kottelenberg, contract
stabilizers with ribbing to bring them up to OD. When the system                                                     manager for Orangeville,
starts to drill forward, the stabilizers fill the void created by the pilot                                          Ontario-based AVERTEX
head and steady it for an accurate shot.                                                                             Utility Solutions Inc.,
                                                                The boring                                           considered the soil con-
                                                             machine was                                             ditions in the second
                                                             placed in a                                             section, he felt there
                                                             20-ft.-deep by                                          would be challenges
                                                             32-ft.-long pit                                         with excavating.
                                                             set 10 ft. back                                            “The soil profile con-
                                                             from the new                                            sisted of loose fill, sand
                                                             road. When                                              and peat soils on top of hard clay till, and the water table was perched
                                                             the pilot head                                          well above the proposed sewer line,” he explains. “[It] would have been
                                                             reached the                                             difficult to complete using open cut. We viewed this as an opportunity to
                                                             receiving pit at                                        give the new AXIS boring system a try.”
                                                             the other side,                                            With the AXIS guided boring system, only the cutter bit and center
                                                             the crew con-                                           drive shaft rotate as the drill head and casing advance thr
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