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									                                                            A seasonal publication distributed four times a year to our alumni community.

When longtime HFHS football                                 Reflections on a Friend and Colleague
coach Tim McDougal passed                                   by Richard Haber
away this fall, we asked his fel-
                                                            I met Mary Elizabeth Smith on a hot
low coaches and players to share
                                                            summer day in August 1969 when I
with us their friendship and ex-
                                                            was just beginning my teaching ca-
periences about the coach. Fol-
                                                            reer as a senior at Regis College.
lowing are those tributes:
                                                            Sister Aline Dalton had hired me to
Mike G. Gabriel, ‘70: Holy                                  teach Theology at Holy Family High
Family High School lost a great                             School. I was certainly comfortable
friend and coach this fall when                             with the two freshman classes I had
Tim McDougal passed away after                              but was totally intimidated by the juniors and seniors.
a hard fought battle with cancer. Coach McDougal
Whenever any of us get together with his son TJ             This remarkable lady immediately took me under her
and reminisce about Tiger foot-                             wing and would offer suggestions, advice, techniques
ball it’s hard not to talk about Coach McDougal. He         and most of all, a sympathetic ear. The assurances she
was the heart of many stories. His half time speeches       gave me helped solidify my determination that I could
always included his false teeth flying out at some un-      face the daily challenges of high school juniors and sen-
knowing freshman, who sat in utter disbelief as he held     iors. Mary and her constant comrade-in-arms, Sr.
Tim’s teeth in his hand, not knowing what to do as          Aquin, offered daily doses of kind words and encour-
Coach McDougal just kept on yelling his words of en-        agement that would convince me that there was no bet-
couragement. I think I’ll miss, most of all, the hardy      ter profession than high school teaching.
hand shake and the twinkling look in the eye as he          After a few years away from HFHS, I returned in 1984
greeted you every time he saw you. Tim never met a          as the principal, with Mary as the senior faculty mem-
stranger. Holy Family High School and especially Tiger      ber. Her infectious charisma extended to all those with
football will miss Coach Tim McDougal.                      whom she had contact: students, parents, faculty, and
Jeff Fanning, ‘99: Coach McDougal will always be            staff. She was never shy about telling you what she
one of my favorite people. He exuded goodwill, love,        thought and she continued to be very influential in the
compassion, competitiveness, intensity and passion. He      day-to-day operation of Holy Family High School. She
taught me that when it’s time to focus and get down to      offered advice, support and often her home so that the
business, that’s what you do; while making sure I knew      faculty and staff could enjoy holiday cheer as well as
life was just too much fun to not enjoy it. He was such a   some Friday afternoon support. I know how much she
great man to have as a role model, leader and               enjoyed her honors and Advanced Placement classes as
teacher. As I grow older, I am more and more able to        well as her special elective “Understanding the Elderly”

The Lamp Post                                                                                                                 Page 1
     Patty (Langfield) Gabriel ‘70                         Christmas time is nigh upon us. Soon we shall be opening pre-
             School Office                                 sents around a tree or gazing at the loveliness of Christmas
  Office of Development and Alumni:
                                                           lights and listening to the wondrous yuletide music. It is a time
    Sylvia Doolos, Department Chair                        to give thanks and to give back, to share with those as we have
    sylvia.doolos@holyfamilyhs.com                         received.
                  Ext 1117
      Marianne (Amato) Alonzi ‘63                          At Holy Family we greet the Yuletide with a deep appreciation
  marianne.alonzi@holyfamilyhs.com                         of the long history we have inherited. The years of athletic ban-
                 Ext. 1129                                 ners recall the glories of long ago when the world was a differ-
      Patty (Langfield) Gabriel ‘70       ent place. Yet in our students we see the same spirit that propelled their forefa-
                  Ext 1131                thers, the same youthful expectation, and the same hopeful anticipation.
              Tammy Medlin                Christmas morning we will greet the new born Savior. Two thousand years have
                  Ext 1102
                                          passed yet it is still the Blessed Babe we adore. The things that count are en-
    This Issue’s Contributing Writers:    riched with each passing generation as it hands on what it treasures to the next.
        Timothy Gallic—Principal          Here at Holy Family High School we have received a rich heritage of faith,
    Mike Gabriel—Assistant Principal      family and education and we strive each day to preserve that tradition so we too
 Mike D Gabriel—Dean of Students, ‘94     can pass it on.
             Jeff Fanning, ‘99
      Rich Haber– former Principal        We are blessed to be surrounded by staff and students who adhere to the tenets
               Sylvia Doolos              of Holy Family and who are a wondrous gift to all. I hope and pray that all that
      Marianne Amato-Alonzi ‘63
      Patty (Langfield) Gabriel ‘70       know and support Holy Family, and their friends and family are richly and won-
              Tammy Medllin               derfully blessed this Christmas season and throughout the year.
           HFHS Administration
              Timothy Gallic
            Mike G. Gabriel ‘70
            Assistant Principal
               Dolores Dean
  Curriculum and Staff Development
            Mike D. Gabriel ‘94
             Dean of Students
               Gloria Olson
          Business Administrator
            Stephanie Brown
       Library and Media Services
             Ben Peterson ‘01
             Athletic Director
                 John Vess
            Activities Director
               Sylvia Doolos
          Development Director
       Gwen (Gabriel) Berens ‘96
         Director of Recruitment
                  Jim Gerk
       Director of Transportation
             Sam Roskopf ‘77
        Director of Maintenance

          Mission Statement
Based on the teachings of Jesus Christ,
  Holy Family High School seeks to
     provide a Catholic learning
 environment that stresses academic
  excellence; fosters mutual respect;
     demands responsibility; and
       encourages self-growth                       Holy Family’s Chapel of Mary, Queen of the Angels artwork by
                                             Toni Verretta, HFHS art teacher and Sam Roskopf, ‘77 Director of Maintenance

The Lamp Post                                                                                                       Page 2
 recognize that he was always teaching us more than just      which created a bridge between HFHS students and
 football. Thank you to the McDougal family for sharing       the residents of Holy Family Plaza.
 Coach with us. And thank you, Coach, for everything
                                                              She was a gifted journalist in her own right so the job
 you ever did for me and every lesson you ever taught
                                                              of moderator of the Lamp Post was also part of her
 me; the numbers are too many to count. You will be
                                                              resume. Mary was a tough teacher – strict, admired,
 missed, and will continue to be loved.
                                                              and often described as “the best English teacher.”
 Mike D. Gabriel, ’94: I had known Coach McDougal             Upon hearing of Mary’s death, Anne Long of Texas
 for a few years prior to playing football for Holy Family    wrote, “One of my happiest memories from Holy
 and he was always a warm and fun man that welcomed           Family High School was working on the Lamp Post
 anyone. Coach McDougal's welcoming heart went be-            during my senior year. Mrs. Smith was my favorite
 yond meeting new people.                                     teacher. I know she is now in heaven because she had
                                                              to be a saint!”
 My best memory of the man came at one of my athletic
 career's most difficult moments. Six games into my sen-      Mary Smith brought class, elegance and sophistication
 ior football season, I blew the ACL in my right knee,        to the classroom, the faculty lounge or as the hostess
 effectively ending my football career. I will never for-     of many parties at her home. Her intelligence and wit,
 get the way I felt that day. I was the last one out of the   passion for knowledge and reading, expertise in His-
 locker room that day and Coach McDougal came in and          tory or English – and love of life was reflected in all
 found me. He and I both knew the severity of what had        of her daily actions. She was also a formidable bridge
 occurred. He didn't try to make me feel better but he sat    player, and a great cook. She also belonged to a book
 with me and we both cried. I needed that more than           club, bridge clubs and a gourmet club up until the very
 he could ever know and it helped me to deal with the         end.
                                                              Mary Smith was part of an era of grand teaching be-
 He was a great man and I am proud that I have had the        cause she recognized the importance of honor and
 opportunity to play for him and to know all of his fam-      character, academic and social commitment and
 ily. Coach Mac is missed everyday and I am thankful          treated all her students and peers with love and re-
 that I knew such a great man.                                spect. I will miss her gracious charm and warm ac-
                                                              ceptance. It meant so much to me as a first year
 Coach McDougal is survived by his wife, Peggy
                                                              teacher and still remains with me in my retirement.
 (Morley) McDougal, ‘70, Maggie, ‘92, Kelli, ‘94, TJ,
                                                              An era has passed! Thank you Mary for all the hun-
 ‘97 , Katie, ‘01 and John along with numerous grand-
                                                              dreds and hundreds of lives you touched.
                                                              Mary is survived by her daughters Lynn, Eileen, ’76
                                                              and Maureen, ’76 and her son, Murray.

 Former HFHS football coach, John Gotto pictured
 here with Virginia and Fred Gabriel at the September
 11 Holy Family vs Brush football game this fall.
 Gotto coached at HFHS during the 70s. He left HF to
 coach in his home town
 of Brush, Colorado. He
 then filled the position
 of Brush High School
 Athletic       Director.                                        Paul Schietinger, Andy Maul, Kurt Borecky,
 Coach Gotto is now                                              Alex Maul, Matt Locricchio, Mark Gabriel
 enjoying his retirement.                                        visit the sidelines at Holy Family vs Erie foot-
                                                                 ball game on September 25, 2009

The Lamp Post                                                                                                 Page 3
By Marianne Alonzi                                           By Marianne Alonzi

Tradition runs deep within the walls and on the football     “La Bella Notte”
field at Holy Family High School. This year, Anna            – a beautiful night is
Marie Piccone Coffey returned to HFHS for her Golden         indeed in store for all
Diploma in August, and came back with her classmates         who attend this most
and family to crown our 2009 Homecoming Queen dur-           important fundraising
ing the halftime of the Homecoming game with Jefferson       event to benefit Holy
Academy on Friday, Oct. 16th. We served the traditional      Family High School
chili and cinnamon roll supper to over 250 people - a new    students.   Plans are
record for the most alumni and HF community mem-             underway for our 19th
bers!!                                                       Annual Tiger Gala.
Classes celebrating reunions at this year’s homecoming
festivities included ’49, ’59, ’69 and ’89, with Velma       The event will be held
Rohr Pfeifer, ’49 Homecoming Queen, and Eileen Wall          on Saturday, April
Gray, ’89 Homecoming Queen, in attendance with Anna          17th, 2010 at the Omni
Marie Piccone Coffey ’59.                                    Interlocken Hotel in
                                                             Broomfield. The Gala Team is working hard to make
Thanks to Mark and Dawn McCarthy of McBeef..net for          this year’s event a memorable evening for all, including
donating the beef for the chili, to Patty Gabriel for mak-   cocktails, appetizers, a four-course meal, silent and live
ing the delicious chili, and to all the parent volunteers    auction, fund-a-need, tuition raffle drawing and dancing.
who helped decorate, set up, check in, serve and clean up.   This year’s fund-a-need will be for a new electronic sign
If you are involved in the planning and organization of an   for the school. Tuition raffle tickets will be sold leading
upcoming reunion for Holy Family High School, let the        up to and during the evening. The winner will be an-
Development Office do the legwork for you. Consider          nounced following the fund-a-need and one lucky regis-
adding the alumni driven events to your options. We          tered HF student will win tuition for the 2010-1l school
kick off the year in September with the traditional home-    year.
coming festivities, including homecoming chili supper
and football game and bocce ball tournament. In April,       Invitations will be mailed out mid-January. Consider
we have the Gala, which offers a great evening of fun,       being a table captain for this year’s event by organizing
dinner, dancing and socializing and great overnight pack-    10 or more of your classmates, friends, relatives, etc., at
ages at the Omni Hotel. In June, we host the Tiger Golf      the event. Classes will be recognized during the event.
Classic with a shotgun start at Broadland’s Golf Course,
lunch and awards banquet. The dollars raised from these      There are many ways to get involved in the Gala. If you
events help all the students at Holy Family High School      are interested in sponsoring the event and promoting your
enjoy a quality education, continuing the Holy Family        business to a captive audience of nearly 600, contact
legacy.                                                      Marianne Alonzi in the Development Office at
                                                             marianne.alonzi@holyfamilyhs.com If you are interested
                                                             in sponsor and/or donor information click HF website at:

                                                             Our goal for this year’s event is $200,000+. With the
                                                             continued support and generosity of alumni, parents, our
                                                             community and friends of HFHS, this goal will be attain-
                                                             able. Please join us!!

      Homecoming Queen Anna Marie Piccone
               Coffey ’59 crowns
                  HF’S 2009
       Homecoming Queen Taylor Balthazor

The Lamp Post                                                                                                    Page 4
Christie Talkington, ‘07 has made the Dean's List         rado State University majoring in sports Medicine.
for the college of Natural Sciences at Colorado           Matthew (Midshipman) at the United States Naval
State University for the last school year. She is on      Academy at Annapolis, Maryland majoring in Aero-
track to graduate in the spring of 2011 with a B.S.       space Engineering.
in Psychology.
                                                          Holy Family Alumnus, Dan Pabon,
Tony Saulino, ‘03 married                                 ’96 has set his sights on the House
Ashley Kaufmann in Vail,                                  District 4 seat in North Denver. Dan
July 5, 2009. Ashley has a                                served for two months on President
BA in Communications                                      Obama’s transition team in Wash-
from CSU and MA in HR                                     ington, D.C.
Management from Webster
                                                                           Andrea Chavez, '99 married
University; she works for
                                                                           Ronnie Blea Jr. at Saint Catherine
Baxa Corp. in the Tech Cen-
                                                                           of Siena Church on June 20, 2009.
ter. Tony has a BA in Human Performance and
                                                                           Andrea works for Arapahoe
Sport/Physical Education from Metro State College.
                                                                           County in the Department of
He is currently subbing in various school districts
                                                                           Human Services and they
and here at HF. Tony is the new Head Varsity Boys
                                                                           both reside in Brighton, CO with
Basketball Coach at Nederland High School. Go
                                                                           their son.
Panthers…..but in his heart he will always be a
TIGER! The couple resides in Aurora.                      Steven Thatcher, ‘08 began a four
                                                          month tour of the Western Pacific
                        Laura Schmalhorst, ‘06
                                                          aboard the US Navy 1st Lt. Harry
                        and Matthew Roberts, ‘06
                                                          L. Martin in November. As part of
                        became engaged Christmas
                                                          his maritime engineering curricu-
                        Eve, December 24, 2008.
                                                          lum with the United States Mer-
                        The couple was honored at
                                                          chant Marine Academy. Steven
                        a family party Valentine’s
                                                          will spend a full year at sea prior
                        Day, February 14, 2009.
                                                          to his commission as an ensign in
                        Laura is a senior at Colo-
                                                          the US Navy.

                                             Tell Us Your Tiger Tales!
  Please send your news and we’ll print your information in an upcoming issue of the Lamp Post. Attach your
         pictures, too! If you have moved or if you have news about yourself or your classmates, please
                            notify the Development Department to update our records.
                          Please send information to: patty.gabriel@holyfamilyhs.com or
                      Holy Family High School, Mrs. Patty Gabriel, Development Department
                                5195 West 144th Avenue • Broomfield, CO 80023
                                               Fax: 303-466-1935
 Name:                                                                       Class of:      _________
 Address:                                              City, State, Zip:                    ________
 Phone:                                                E-Mail:                              ________
 Share your story:

The Lamp Post                                                                                           Page 5
The season of giving and of celebration has arrived!

      We urge our Holy Family High School community of alumni and
     friends to contribute to the continuing celebration of the legacy we
    have established over the past 87 years in providing a quality Catholic
     high school education to past, present, and future HFHS students.

T   eam up with the community and fellow alumni to support our current Tigers! HFHS
    has provided over $750,000 in tuition assistance for this academic year continuing our
         rich history of supporting those families who value of a Catholic education.

I nvest in the future of Holy Family students by making a contribution to the Frank
           Evans Memorial Fund or to the Karen Koster Scholarship Fund.

G     ive your donation to the academic, athletic, or activities department of your choice.

E    stablish your legacy with a memorial contribution in the name of a loved one.

R    emember Holy Family High School in your planned giving.

S   olicit your company to secure a matching gift to Holy Family High School.

The Lamp Post                                                                       Page 6
                   Did you know?
                      A contribution to HFHS from every family in our
                        community would enable us to reach our goal of providing
                        a quality Catholic education to all those who desire one.
                      We provide financial assistance to over 40% of our families
                        who understand the values instilled by Holy Family.
                      Due to the generosity of our community members, the cost
                        of a Holy Family education remains one of the lowest in the

    Did you know that you can make the
     difference in our students’ future?
  Select the giving option that best suits your area of interest!

                              Faith formation
                                   Apostolic and Campus Ministry
                              Remember someone who has enriched your life
                                   One Brick at a Time
                              Promote your business
                                   Community Alliance for Tiger Support (CATS)
                                   Sponsor an event
                              Entertain friends or colleagues
                                 Tiger Gala table for ten
                                 Tiger Golf foursome
                                 Homecoming Bocce team
                              Direct support of student needs and goals
                                 Annual Appeal, Tiger Wish List,
                                 Athletics, Activities, Clubs and Teams
                              Support as you shop
                                   Purchase King Soopers and Safeway gift cards in $100
                                   Check the HFHS website for further options

            Please use the form on page 8 to send your contribution

The Lamp Post                                                                             Page 7
                                                   Holy Family High School
                                                   5195 W. 144th Ave.
                                                   Broomfield, CO 80023

           I would like to direct my gift to Holy Family High School for:
         Annual Appeal– Unrestricted                                Karen Koster Scholarship Fund

         Athletics and Extracurricular                              Frank Evans Memorial

         Technology                                                 Tuition Assistance Fund

         Where there is the greatest need                           Other _______________________

$5       $10          $25            $50        $100          $1000          $__________ (Total)

Please provide the following information:              Method of Payment:
                                                             (secure online gift pay is now available)
Alumnus/Alumna, Class of__________
                                                       Check Enclosed                         Bill Me
Friend               Faculty/Staff
                                                            Visa                      MasterCard
Parent of_________________________

Name ____________________________________________
                                                       Credit Card #____________________________________
Address __________________________________________
                                                       Cardholder’s Name_______________________________
City ____________________ State _____ Zip __________
Phone ___________________________________________

Email ____________________________________________

The Lamp Post                                                                                      Page 8
Our deepest sympathy to those who have lost the following family members
             Edna (Schulhoff) Fleming, ’65                      Herbert M. Edmonds, father of Paul Edmonds, '59
              Patricia Mounsey, mother of                                   and Mary Edmonds, '64
             Barbara (Mounsey) Cabot, ‘61                            Glenda Dupuis, wife of Dave Dupuis, ‘77
  Ruth (Mohesky) Nielsen, ‘49, mother of Valerie Niel-                      Anthony Capraro, father of
   sen, ‘90 and sister of Bob Mohesky, ‘49 (deceased)                      Karen (Capraro) Peeters, '63
  Twila Lee Crest, mother of Cherri (Crest) Junge, ‘62,       Glorianne Myers, sister of Rosemarie (Black) Steffen,
   Randy (deceased),‘64, Terry, ‘68, Tony , ‘71, Vicki                                 '52
  (Crest) Meter, ‘73 and Susan (Crest) Wooldridge, ‘77       Robert Blue, husband of Margaret (Woertman) Blue '59
 Tim McDougal, former HFHS coach, husband of Peg                                 Jerry Rumley, '49
(Morley) McDougal, ‘70, father of Maggie (McDougal)
                                                                        Mark L. Harvey, Sr., grandfather of
 Pacino, ‘92, Kelli (McDougal) Folks, ‘94, TJ McDou-
                                                                              Mark Harvey, III, '09
  gal, ‘97, Katie McDougal, ‘01, and John McDougal
                                                                      Peggy (Caulfield) Dodge. '46, sister of
       Sharon Valdez, mother of Dario Valdez, ‘99
                                                                      Constance (Caulfield) Yost, '52 and of
                 and Kelly Valdez, ‘99
                                                                          Patricia (Caulfield) Blod, '49
   Mary Smith, HFHS teacher of 27 years, mother of
                                                                 Marie Biggers, grandmother of Sarah Shuel, '08
        Lynn, ‘69, Eileen (Smith) House, ‘76,
          and Maureen (Smith) Little, ‘76                     Mary Truelove, grandmother of Cassandra Stanton, '04
        Allen Kinard, father of Alana Kinard, ‘99                Deacon Edward Lujan, Sr., grandfather of Autumn
                                                                (Lujan) McGoff, '95, Damian McGoff, '95, Nathan
       Glendean Disberger, great-grandmother of
                                                                      Gonzales '01 and great-grandfather of
      Stuart Disberger, ‘09, Josh, ‘10 and Zach, ‘12
                                                                             Vanessa McGoff, '13
  Louise Kulp, mother of Rosemary, ‘70, Bill, ‘71, Joe,
                                                             Meghan N. Azuero, 11 year old niece of Maria (Azuero)
       ‘73, Ed, ‘79 and Gerrie (Kulp) Jones, ‘81
                                                                 Yates, '79, and Elizabeth (Azuero) Ayala, '80
 Gerald Starke, ‘50, brother of Penny (Starke) Wichel,
                                                             Marian Troilo , mother of Connie (Troilo) Milligan ‘63,
        ‘58, Kathy (Starke) Ravenel, ‘64, and
                                                             and Brian Troilo ‘68, sister-in-law of Eugene and Rose
             Karen (Starke) Neunez, ‘73
                                                             (Sliemers) Troilo ‘58, and aunt of Marianne Alonzi ’63
 Ella Mae Salley, mother of Karen (Salley) Wagner, ‘61
                                                                           Mary Jane (Quinn)Tezak, '38
           and Susan (Salley) Bonsiero, ‘65
                                                                   Michael Patrick Doyle, infant grandson of
  John Lill, grandfather of Laura Wilcomb, ‘01, Emily
                                                                  Karen (Bullard) Doyle, '65, great-grandson of
   (Wilcomb) Sanders, ‘04, and Sophie Wilcomb, ‘12
                                                                         Bernie (Secord) Langfield, '39
  Francis Kirchof, son of Sheila (Fitzpatrick) Kirchof,
  ‘49, nephew of Sharon Fitzpatrick, ‘50, (deceased)          Paula (Ranieri) Sterner, '64 sister Frank Ranieri, who
                                                                       also attended HFHS (Class of 1969)
 John Piercall, 9 year old grandson of Joseph and Joan        Patricia Brada, mother of Mary (Brada) St. Clair, ‘68
                   (Engers) Burns, ‘52
                                                                 Frank Wright, ‘54, brother of Ron Wright, ‘56
    Virginia Switzer, mother of Michael Switzer, ‘72
                                                                      Richard Hall, father of Molly Hall, ‘06
Eleanor Galterio, mother of Linda (Galterio) Windholz ,
         '64, and Sandra (Galterio) Port, '73                 Mary (Kirk) McGrath, ‘43, sister of John Kirk, ‘42,
                                                              Anna May Martelon, ‘47, Sister Marguerite Kirk, ‘50
  Kathleen Troilo, sister-in-law of Eugene Troilo, ‘58,
        aunt of Connie Troilo Milligan, ‘63 and              Teresita Enrile Buen, mother of Christian Buen, '97 and
                    Brian Troilo, ‘68                                         Brandon J. Buen, '99
                     Joe Sloan, ‘49
                                                                        Tim Topczewski, father of Jacob, ‘09
               Mary (Westover) Piro, ‘52
         Prayers are always appreciated for the special intentions of our fellow alumni and for those of our
 community members. If you would like to add a name to our prayer list, please send your intentions to Patty Gabriel at
                    HFHS. We are happy to share those intentions with the HFHS community.
                                  We post our prayer list weekly on our web site.

The Lamp Post                                                                                                    Page 9
                        Meet Jackson Ryan Prew, son      los Santos, Michael Glenn, Robert Kinkel, Peter
                        of Holy Family English and       Quang Nguyen and Bernard Schmitz!
                        journalism teacher Jill Prew
                        and husband Ryan. Jackson        Theresa Hallinan, ’43 died at
                        was born on July 16, 2009.       Nazareth Home in St.
                                                         Louis. She was known as Sister
 Matt Carmody, ‘70 has resigned as Holy Family’s         Inez Denise Hallinan who en-
 “Candy Man.” Matt has moved to Aiea, Hawaii to live     tered the Sisters of St. Joseph
 with his youngest son. During the 2008-2009 school      order in 1944.
 year Matt often arrived at HFHS with a case or two of   While a student at Holy Family
 candy for the students. Obviously, they miss him and    High School, she won the
 ask about him often.                                    Archbishop Vehr Essay Contest
                                                         in 1943. Sister Inez taught at St.
 On October 13, the conferral of                         Francis de Sales in Denver and
 papal honors on eight priests in                        St. Mary’s in Littleton. She spent most of her teaching
 the Archdiocese took place at a                         career in St. Louis.
 prayer liturgy at the Basilica of                       One of six girls and four boys in the Hallinan family,
 the Immaculate Conception in                            she graduated from Holy Family High School in 1943.
 Denver. Long time HFHS sup-                             Her brother, Dan, ’51, lives in the same house where he
 ported Monsignor Ken Leone,                             and his siblings were raised in north Denver. Dan has
 pictured here with his cousins,                         honored his family members who have passed away by
 Mike and Patty Gabriel, ’70,                            planting a rose garden in his backyard. The eight rose
 was among the eight. Congratu-                          bushes, which represent his eight siblings who have
 lations to Monsignor Leone along with his fellow mon-   died, surround a statue of the Blessed Virgin which he
 signors: Robert Amundsen, David Croak, Jorge De         placed in his garden fourteen years ago.

 The new Holy Family High School Alumni Association’s first meeting was held on Wednesday, Novem-
 ber 18 at the Holy Family Parish Hall on 43rd and Utica. Alumni of all ages were there to support and
 organize the new Association. All Alumni of Holy Family are cordially invited to the next meeting and
 alumni social to be held on February 11. More details to come! Contact Patty Gabriel
 patty.gabriel@holyfamilyhs.com for further information.

We are excited to announce that Holy Family has contracted with a publishing company to create a new
Alumni Directory coming your way in the fall of 2010. To produce the most accurate and informative
alumni directory possible, we have once again partnered with the alumni publication experts at Harris Con-
nect, LLC. In the next few weeks you will be receiving a postcard or email from Harris Connect with a toll-
free number to call to allow you to make any changes to your current information on file with Holy Fam-
ily. We would appreciate your participation. If you have any questions regarding the directory please feel
free to contact Tammy Medlin in the Development Department at Holy Family at 303-410-1411 x1102 or
tammy.medlin@holyfamilyhs.com. Thank you in advance for your participation in this effort as we know
you will benefit from this directory in the future. Thank You!

The Lamp Post                                                                                           Page 10
Bocce ball is a game for all - evidenced at our 4th An-
nual Bocce Ball Tournament. We had HF Tigers from
the past, present and future that came together on a gor-
geous fall day in pursuit of the coveted 1st place travel-
ling trophy. At the end of the day, the multi-
generational Elliott team (Bada Bing #1) claimed the 1st
place honors, for the second year. The team consisted of
Nico (present student), his dad Brett, his uncle Bill and
his grandfather Buddy. Second place honors went to El
Tigre Loco, Flip Sandoval ’86, Tom Joaquin ’86,
Tammy Medlin and Vera Sandoval. Congratulations to Above: 1st Place
all the winners. For a complete listing of winners go to
                                                           Elliott Team
                                                            Right: Current HF
Special thanks to this year’s court sponsors - B&M Student Team
Roofing, Front Range Auto, Pinnacol Assurance and
Rocky Mtn. Waste Systems, as well as our team spon-
sors Bonacquisti Wine, Kathleen Sullivan and John and
Pat McEahern.
The following companies donated prizes to our 2009
event:    3 Magaritas, 3 Sons Italian Restaurant,
Abrusci’s, Bagali’s, Big City Burrito, Bonacquisti
Wines, Das Bog, Deli Zone, Parisi’s, Spero Winery,
Renaissance Hotel and Subway. We appreciate the fol-
lowing food vendors who filled our courtyard with a         The class of 1961 plans to start working on organizing
great assortment of food and beverages: Bagel Bakery,       their Golden Diploma celebration in 2011, under the
Boulder Sausage, Caribou Coffee, Chick fil A/               leadership of Larry Burke. Tentatively, the class of
Larkridge, Chipotle, Ciancio’s Hyland Hills Restaurant,     1961 would like to coordinate a multi-class reunion for
Clyde’s Sausage, Espo Gelato, Jus Burritos, Mamma           the 10 year period of 1957 through 1964. If you are
Mia Trattoria, Northwest United Credit Union, Smiling       interested, please contact Larry Burke at 719.481.3136
Moose, and Which Wich. Please support everyone who          or email him at katburke505@msn.com., or contact
supports Holy Family High School.                           Marianne Alonzi in the Development Office at 303
                                                            410.1411, x1128 or marianne.alonzi@holyfamilyhs.com
Lastly, thanks to all the teams and players, to Rod Fiore
and his team of scorekeepers                                We are awaiting information on reunion plans for the
and referees, to our parent vol-                            classes of: 1940, 1945, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970,
unteers and to everyone who                                 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005. We are
helped to make our 4th Annual                               happy to help with suggestions for reunion venues. We
Bocce Ball event successful.                                are also able to provide contact information for your
If your class is planning a re-                             classmates. Please contact us as soon as you have
union in 2010, this is a great                              started your plans. We look forward to hearing from
event and a wonderful way to                                these classes and to working with you to plan a success-
reconnect with HF classmates.                               ful and fun event.

HELP! We need your time and talents! If you are interested in helping the Development Office copy and organize
yearbook graduating class pictures from the last 87 years, contact Marianne                            Alonzi    at
marianne.alonzi@holyfamilyhs.com and/or Patty Gabriel at patty.gabriel@holyfamilyhs.com

The Lamp Post                                                                                              Page 11
 Fine, Practical & Performing Arts Department           Weight room improvement, three wide han-
  Work bench complete with corner vises for             dle bars for training. Approximate cost of
    art room.                                             $100.00 plus depending on style.
  Tascam recording bundle equipment for re-
    cording concerts, shows and rehearsals.          Science Department
    Approximate cost of $300.                         FlexCam iCam Digital Camera to be used for
  High definition Camcorder (Canon HV20 or            viewing microscopic images. Approximate
    HV40, or the Sony HDR-HC9)                          cost of $450.
  Large display cabinet with front closing glass    3M 1700 series overhead projector.
    door to safely display ceramic and sculpture        Approximate cost of $175.
    artwork in hallway.                               CD/DVD player. Approximate cost of $100

 Development Department                              Social Science & Theology Departments
  Digital camera for publications.                  Two TVs with ports for DVD and VCR 25”-
    Approximate cost of $200 plus.                      32” with HD capability.

 English Department                                  Theology Department
  A video recorder for Speech classes.              Mere Christianity One set (30) by CS Lewis
  One set of thirty-one Thesauruses for English     “Render Unto Caesar” One set (30) by
    Dept.                                               Archbishop Chaput
  Two carts for English Department                  “Letters to a Young Catholic” One set (30) by
    Thesauruses. Approximate cost of $302.00            George Weigel
  TV with DVD and VCR ports for English             “Twelve Tough Issues” One set (30) By
    Department                                          Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk
  2 to 3 bulletin boards for English Depart-
    ment. Approximate cost of $70.00                 World Languages
  TV wide body cart for English Department.         Large laminating machine for laminating
    Approximate cost of $303.00                         charts and posters for classrooms
                                                      Four large artist portfolio bags with zipper,
 Math Department                                        for students to transport projects to and from
  Epson S6 Projector for Math Dept.                   Junior Classical League competitions.
    Approximate cost of $487.                           Approximate cost of $175

 Physical Education Department                    All Departments
  Two three foot fans to ventilate the weight    Small CD and tape player to be used for
    room and to be used to cool and ventilate the     taped lectures.
    gymnasium. Approximate cost of $175 each.         Approximate cost of $30-$100.

       Thank you to our Tiger Community for your

                continued support and generosity.

The Lamp Post                                                                                   Page 12
                Holy Family High school
                5195 West 144th Avenue                                                 Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                Broomfield, CO 80023                                                        PAID
                                                                                         Denver, CO
                                                                                       Permit No. 5090
The elementary and secondary Catholic
Schools of 7 the Archdiocese of Denver,
one of which is Holy Family High school,
under the jurisdiction of Archbishop
Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., and at the
direction of the Superintendent for Catho-
lic Education, state that all of their
schools admit students of any race, color,
national or ethnic origin to all the rights,
privileges, programs, and activities gen-
erally accorded or made available to stu-
dents at the schools. Furthermore, Arch-
diocesan schools admit handicapped stu-
dents in accord with Archdiocesan Policy
No. 2000, which addresses student ad-
mission. These schools do not discrimi-
nate on the basis of race, age, handicap,
color, national or ethnic origin in the ad-
ministration of their educational policies,
employment practices, scholarship and
loan programs, and athletic and other
school administered programs.
       our web site to you!
We’ll send the Lamp Post link on               21st ANNUAL TIGER GOLF CLASSIC!!     June 12              
patty.gabriel@holyfamilyhs.com                 Graduation 7:00pm                    May 19               
            today to:                          Baccalaureate Mass 7:00pm            May 18               
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                                               second annual May Crowning           April 30             
          community.                           TIGER GALA!!!                        April 17             
    alumni, parents and the                    Spring Musical 7:00pm                April 8 through 10   
  have at HFHS for students,                   Easter                               April 4              
          programs we                          Spring Concert 7:00pm                March 9              
put money toward all the great
help, we can cut those costs and
                                                     ALUMNI SOCIAL
    information. With your                     ALUMNI ASSOCIATION MEETING AND     February 11            
     invitations and school                    Catholic School Week               February 1 through 5   
  person mailing newsletters,
     approximately $25 per
   Any given year, we spend
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