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                         Vol. 1 Issue 2                                  April 9, 2008

                             CAChEToBErFEST 2008 CominG
                                  To myrTLE BEACh!
                          This year, the South Carolina Geocaching Association
                          (SCGA) has chosen Huntington Beach State Park as the
                          official spot for CacheToberFest 2008! To be held the
                          second weekend of October, CacheToberFest will draw
                          geocachers from all over the state to the Grand Strand.

                          Located in Murrells Inlet, Huntington Beach State Park
                          is a 2,500 acre state park that offers camping, fishing,
in ThiS iSSUE:            coastal hiking, and three miles of beach access. It is also
                          the home of the Spanish style castle Atalaya, former
►	 Upcoming
                          winter home of renowned American sculptor Anna Hyatt
   GSG Events
                          Huntington and her husband
►	 Cacher Profile:        Archer Huntington.
   Cache & Dash SC
                          There is plenty to see and do
►	 Steering
                          around Huntington. The park
   Committee Letter
                          itself houses 7 caches and
►	 Technically            bike trail access to 8 caches.
   Speaking               Over 30 caches are available
                          with in 5 miles of the park,
►	 Letter from            and located adjacent to the
   Liz & Bob              park is Brookgreen Gardens,
►	 Kids Caching           the world renowned sculpture
   Corner                 garden and wildlife preserve.
                          Stay tuned to the SCGA
►	 FTFs & New Hides       website,, and
►	 Classified Ads         look for the event cache on
                 for upcoming
                          details and information.
                                                                           Atalaya Castle

Upcoming Grand Strand Geocaching Events:

►	 Join us on Saturday, April 12th, 2 p.m. at the Liberty Steakhouse
   & Brewery at Broadway at the Beach for our monthly Grand Strand
   Geocachers meeting. Everyone is invited to join us for good eats off the
   menu, games and prizes. Mr. Mackey will be giving a short presentation
   on GeoChatting. Hope to see you there!
  CAChEr ProFiLE: Cache and Dash SC (Sean Torrens)

1. Name, Handle & Date Started Geocaching?
   Sean, Meg and Caitlin Torrens known as ‘Cache and Dash SC.’ We first cached in 2004, but started as
   Cache and Dash on March 10, 2007.

2. How did you start geocaching?
   Back in March of 2004 my parents came down to visit from NY and took us on a new sport they had gotten
   involved in called geocaching. They told us of all the scavenger hunts hidden around the world and that
   there would even be some in our area.

   My dad pulled up the website and showed us all the places that held these caches. I picked out a few that
   didn’t look too difficult to find since I knew the local area. The Hidden Boardwalk Cache was the first one
   we did. Their log can be found on March 17, 2004, under the name Geode49. My daughter was 2 at the
   time and nonplussed with the experience, my wife also was not enthusiastic.

   I thanked them and pretty much forgot about it until March of 2007, when my daughter expressed interest
   in treasure hunting like a pirate. I remembered geocaching and looked up the website. I was amazed at the
   quantity in our area since 2004 and I went and bought a GPS.

   Though I do the lion’s share of caching solo, it has started our family on a consistently fun activity and
   spurred us to even hide 8 caches to date of our own.

3. Most interesting tale/scenario/story you have encountered through geocaching?
   Let’s see… the cops have never stopped me for geocaching. I’ve never gotten a ticket for parking in a bad
   area. I guess I lead a pretty uneventful caching existence. I’d say that the most nerve-wracking was when
   I was trying for From Sand to Rivers to Mountains in my work car and took it down the long fingerlike ridge.
   After I found the cache I had to turn it around and thought for sure I was going to roll and tumble straight off
   the ridge. I wasn’t as worried as much about my safety as I was the butt-chewing I’d get from crashing a
   state vehicle! I don’t take it those types of place anymore…

4. Coolest thing you have seen geocaching?
   This would have to be the ‘hide method’ for Misty Passage. I’ve lived here for 19 years and never knew
   this was here! If you’ve done it, you know what I mean; if you haven’t- get out there and see for yourself!

5. Hardest geocache you have done?
   Hardest cache I’ve done, or tried to do? Every cache I *didn’t find* would be the hardest, but of the ones
   I *did* find, I’d have to say Trolling for Smileys. I tried four or five times, in the summer heat, trying to
   stay innocuous to the muggles before I finally got it. I went through a 12-Step program to get over the
   nightmares from that one!

6. Favorite alternative geocaching website or reference (reference, puzzle, numbers whatever)
   That’d have to be for sure. This site is totally about the numbers. As a
   Premium member of, you have the opportunity to generate a “My Finds” query. You then
   upload that to this free site and it’ll show you cool stats like largest and smallest log, percent breakdown of
   terrain or difficulty as well as maps of where you’ve been, even down to county by county cache counts!
   Too cool!!

7. Would you rather go caching in the woods, snow, water/underwater or desert? Why?
   Underwater would be the best! As a SCUBA diver, it’d give me another reason to get wet! I read about one
   down in Charleston that is all about the local pirates and the final cache is either underwater, or you have to
   wait for the tide to go out. That’s too darn sweet.

  May Profile: Queezy                                      The Grand Strand Geocachers Post - Page 2
  CAChEr ProFiLE (cont.)

8. Your personal theme song for geocaching?
   I’d have to say Spiritwalker by The Cult. I went to North Carolina for a weekend caching road trip last
   summer and was really getting into listening to The Cult so I associate that band most with caching as it
   their CD was playing over and over.

9. Favorite book about outdoors?
   Oddly enough, Deliverance by James Dickey. I read that book back in high school and then saw the movie
   a few years later and was amazed at how perfect the scenery was to the vision I had in my mind. When I
   came to Coastal for college, I had to opportunity to raft the Nantahalla River where it was filmed and it was
   even MORE perfect!

10. Where would you like to see geocaching go next?(Bigger, smaller, tougher, harder simpler, off-shots, games etc)
    I’d like to see more games for sure. I’m a huge game collector/player myself so any more of that would be
    a great way to incorporate my two favorite pastimes!

  From ThE STEErinG CommiTTEE

Greetings from the South Carolina Geocachers Association! 2007 was a very busy year for us and 2008 looks
to be no different. We had several contests going on throughout the state last year, particularly in the area of
CITO events. Awards were presented to the individual/group that hosted the most CITOs from May 1st – Dec.
31st, with the winner being the Lowcountry Geocachers with a total of 16 CITOs held. There was also a contest
for the individual who attended the most CITO events in 2007 (instate and out) and GeorgiaTreasureQuester
blew everyone out of the water by attending 25 events. Throughout the year, 49 CITO events were held in
South Carolina by various individuals and organizations. Let’s break that number this year!

CacheToberFest 2007 was a blast with nearly 75 people attended the weekend event. This year it will be
moved to Myrtle Beach in hopes of drawing a larger crowd. Make plans to attend this fantastic event this
October at Huntington Beach State Park!

The SCGA Best Of Awards were held recently and the awards passed out on March 29th at Harbison State
Forest in Columbia. Great caches from all over the state were nominated for these awards, so in your travels,
stop by and try to grab a few of these. Put some thought into your next cache instead of the ol’ Park & Grab
and you may see your name nominated for next year’s awards!

The next SCGA event will be the Thomson Treasure Hunt CITO held on Saturday, April 19th in Thomson,
Georgia. Come out and support the CSRA (Central Savannah River Area) Geocachers for this fun filled
weekend event. And on May 17th, make the trip down to the Lowcountry to participate in the CITO with
FRED (Friends of the Edisto) early in the morning with the Lowcountry Geocachers, and join the SCGA in
the afternoon for our monthly meeting held in the Charleston area. The Lowcountry Geocachers may also be
hosting a Poker Run and Geocoin Poker Tournament that day, so come and enjoy the fun!

To keep up to date on everything going on in the state, visit/join our website at You’ll find
everything from contacts for placing caches in your area to which PDA to use for paperless caching. You’ll also
find the list of nominees/winners for all the awards and a list of the meetings for 2008. Hope to see you out on
the trails or at an event soon!
                                                                              SCGA Steering Committee Member
                                                                                       Lowcountry Representative

                                                           The Grand Strand Geocachers Post - Page 3

My name is MrMackey, aka Mackey’s Bunch, and I would like
to introduce you to an extension of your current great caching
experience. I have been involved in voice and video chat sites for
more than 10 years. I have met people from the East coast to the
West coast online and they are the closest friends I have because
we see and talk with each other every day.

Most people think of chat sites as a place to find a date or only for adults. Although you
can find anything you’re looking for, many chat sites can be an avenue to communicate
with people that have the same interests. In this instance, I am referring to having
a place where geocachers have a place to go to not only type, but be able to take
advantage of today’s technology using voice, video, and text in a geocaching community.

When I first found out about geocaching a couple years ago the first thing I did was
“Google” it and find a geocaching chat group. The only thing that I found was a place
that only offered text, and to be frank with you the regular users of this site were
extremely rude to newcomers. Shortly after this experience, I started really enjoying
geocaching and set forth a goal to put together a place that anyone would be welcome
to chat with others. Most importantly, this goal was so that if a person new to the hobby
of geocaching wanted to ask someone with experience questions, they would not receive
the same rude treatment my friends and I had received.

I purchased the domain for so that it would be easy for
people to remember. Joining is easy and FREE OF CHARGE!
You are not required to download any software, nor reveal any personal information.
When joining we only ask that you use your geocaching handle, but ultimately, it is your
decision. You can access the site two different ways- visit or
you can log on directly at, and click the geocaching lobby.
The owners of this site have granted us space to be able to meet other geocachers and
speak to them with microphones and view their travel bugs on camera. You do not have
to own a mic or camera to join in on the fun. Please note that anyone can open a room
and moderate, meaning that the moderator is in charge of ejecting anyone from the
room that is not being geo-friendly. The geocaching lobby and all of its rooms are PG
and family oriented. If you wish to have an adult conversation with another geocacher,
we ask that you open a room and lock it so that children cannot wander in.

There are many uses for the website. For example, when you come home from a day of
caching and you want to tell someone how it took you an hour to find a certain cache,

                                              The Grand Strand Geocachers Post - Page 4
 TEChniCALLy SPEAKinG (cont.)

but you were glad you kept looking because the find was completely worth it. Then log
on and share your story with fellow geocachers.

Another perfect example would be that you have been planning to go geocaching on
Saturday but when you wake up, only stormy weather greets you. Instead log on and
have a great geo-chat with friends or folks you haven’t met yet. I, personally, look
forward to sharing cache hiding ideas with people from all over the world. There are
numerous local geocachers who have cached in a variety of states and will share their
experiences with different type of containers and hide methods. Roger, aka Preacherspal,
and I are currently working on a way that we can hold a mega-virtual event inviting
thousands from all over the world to log in at the same time. We will keep you posted on
the upcoming progress of this idea in the making.

Even the SCGA has utilized the site for there monthly meetings. They have found it a
useful tool for communicating without being in the same physical location.

Once you have logged into the site there are several features such as emoticons and
flash animation. Rather than try to explain the numerous capabilities and functions, I
invite you to log on for a direct tutorial by
myself. I will be available Wednesday, April
9th through Sunday, April 13th starting                 Chat with Mr. Mackey!
at 7:00 p.m. EST. Please try to have your
login name set before 7:00 p.m., and if
you have any problems you can feel free
                                                     Log on to
to contact me at I
                                                       April 9 - 13 @ 7:00pm for live
could say a lot more about the fun we can               geochatting demonstrations.
have on, so meet
me online and start a chat! Also please
note, in the lobby, only text chat is available, so if I am not present open your own room
and have fun. When you enter the lobby at the top left you will see a link to “create
room”, click there and name your room. It is a very user friendly program and easy to

In closing, I would like to personally thank the owners Albert and Lilly for allowing us
to utilize their free service as an avenue for geocachers all around the world to have a
place online to call “HOME”!
                                                             MrMackey aka Mackey’s Bunch

                                              The Grand Strand Geocachers Post - Page 5
 A LETTEr From LiZ AnD BoB

Hello everyone,

We want to thank all of the geocachers in the area for the wonderful times we had with them over the
past four months. Unfortunately, we had to leave your beautiful state to return home to Canada, and
as I am writing this, it is snowing - something we really need, with the ten foot snow banks we already
have on each side of the driveway. Why couldn’t we have delayed our trip back for just another few
weeks? Hopefully, spring will soon arrive here.

Our trip home was good, with no snow in sight until we crossed over the bridge and headed to
Ottawa, Ontario.

We enjoyed meeting up with all the geocachers that we met last year, and to get to know so many
new people who are contributing so much to this great hobby, especially all the young people who
have so many new ideas and imagination to pass on. We note that as of today there are over 530
caches in the Myrtle Beach area. Interestingly, this is a couple of hundred more than there were just
one year ago!

For any of you cachers who may have itchy feet, as of today there are 1800 caches in the Ottawa,
Ontario area. We would welcome visitors, and our summers and autumns are usually quite nice.

Once again, thanks to all of you for your hospitality and friendship. We enjoyed the beautiful places
and smiling faces. We can’t wait to get back there again and meet up with all of you!

                                                                                    All our best wishes,


By: Canden Green

       Hi, my name is Canden Green, also known as Braveboy, and I’m here to tell you
about geocaching. Geocaching is a great sport for the family. It is pretty much high-tech
treasure hunting. All you need is a GPSr and an account on, which
is free. I like geocaching because it takes me and my family to places we’ve never been
to or heard of before. Plus, we get to spend time together. The only thing I don’t like
about geocaching is that when you go into the woods you can sometimes get ticks or
poison ivy. You should get a GPSr if you don’t already have one, and create an account
to get started!

                                                     The Grand Strand Geocachers Post - Page 6
 FirST To FinD - mArCh

22 New Caches Hidden              Digindirt, 3 FTFs                   Cache and Dash SC, 1 FTF
By 12 Cachers                     Saddle Up and Ride                  Gnome Home by: Redline 13
Most Hides:                       by: Sleepy RN
                                  Lets Go Shopping by: Sleepy RN
AhhYea 777: 3.5
                                  I wonder If Jr. Started This Way
                                                                      Preacherspal, 1 FTF
Redline 13: 3.5                                                       Hammocks Secret Garden
                                  by: Sleepy RN
                                                                      by: Canontreker
22 FTFs by 13 Cachers
                                  Bob and Liz, 2 FTF
Canontreker, 4 FTFs               Hurl Rock by: Viking 43
                                                                      Ahhyea777, 1FTF
Imagine’s 9-5 by: Imagine320                                          Between the Lakes
                                  Penny For Your Thoughts
Baruch Cache by: Agraham2                                             by: Redline 13
                                  by: Fire Eater 599
In Honor of Byrdnyd Cache
by: Agraham2
                                  Sleepy RN, 1 FTF                    Contagion 426, 1 FTF
Marys Cache by: Agraham2                                              Mutiny of Capt. CoCo
                                  A Long Time In MB
                                                                      by: Redline 13 and AhhYea777
                                  by: Cache and Dash SC
Shamanstorm, 4 FTFs
Dollar Movie by: AhhYea777
                                  Viking 43 1 FTF                     Redline 13, 1 FTF
Come on You Can Do It                                                 Just What the Doctor Ordered
by: Redline 13                    Childhood Roots by: MarvinJ320
                                                                      by: Ahhyea777
Game Set Match by: Viking 43
The Path to Nowhere by: Docman    Queezy, 1FTF
                                  99 Problems by: Ahhyea777
                                                                      Oznkellie, 1 FTF
                                                                      The Pretentious E Dunes Point
                                                                      by: Digindirt


               Garmin eTrex Legend                            Garmin eTrex Legend Cx
               Topo Software and all                          Color display, basemap with automatic
               cables only used about                         routing capability, includes 64 MB microSD
               four hours. $125.                              memory card, includes MapSource Trip &
                                                              Waypoint Manager, WAAS-enabled, USB
               Contact Preacherspal                           port interface, and is waterproof. Carrying
               for more information at                        case included. This item is new in the box
                              (never been opened). $150.
               or call 421-4331.                              Contact the Green Family at
                                                     or call 424-3038.

        Do you have something you would like to buy or sell? List it in our classifieds!
                       Contact Zephyr715 at

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