Exploring the Unexplored Natures’ Wonders at Palawan

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					          Exploring the Unexplored Natures’ Wonders at Palawan


There is really no better way to enjoy the scorching heat of the sun that summer offers
other than to bare some skin, hit the beaches and enjoy the wonders and beauty that the
nature can offer.
And one of the best water adventure and spectacle could be found in the Philippines!
Vacations and travels in the Philippines are very much sought after and famous during
summer time. The pristine white sand that glistens with the sun’s powerful rays is all
tempting and very enticing to look at in videos and promotional pictures. This is why
Philippine tours are all selling like hotcakes once the summer heat strikes!
                                      And speaking of wonderful beaches and other
                                      natures’ wonders, there is really no better place to
                                      visit in the Philippines other than the virginal island
                                      of Palawan! Endowed with an overflowing beauty
                                      and splendor of its flora and fauna, Palawan is truly
                                      the place to be for travelers who seek a fusion of
                                      adventure and relaxation, of extreme and serene
If you are seeking for an adventure that you won’t forget, then Puerto Princesa Palawan
is the place to be. It houses the Hunda Bay island hopping and snorkeling adventure
tours as well as the most coveted Underground River experience. This is the very
underground river that is now nominated to be included in the Seven Wonders of the
Forget about the beaches that we normally go to during summer for Palawan would
redefine the way we see and appreciate these refreshing and wonderful waterforms! It
would give us a hundred and more reasons to stay, enjoy and relish our Palawan
adventure! And next to the nature’s wonders, the city of Puerto Princesa also has its own
story to tell. The crocodile farm boasts not only the country’s enormous crocodiles but
also a whole new jungle adventure wherein you could actually see and encounter
squirrels and other animals in the wild running right past you! You can also witness the
convicts turned good guys in the Iwahig Penal Colony as they usher you to a memorable
firefly adventure in their penitentiary turned home.
After a whole day of sight-seeing and adventure, bet you are just hungry and tired, this is
why it is really best if you can stop by the famous Palawan Baker’s Hill where baked
delicacies and other specialties are up for grabs for our adventurers and when you are

Exploring the Unexplored Natures’ Wonders at Palawan           www.AsiaClassicTours.com
just tired and would just want to rest your heads and call it a day, Palawan offers many
hotels and pension houses where you could spend the night but if you really want to
have it in a place that could already be considered as paradise then you might want to go
all the way to the North of Palawan for a one relaxing and blissful experience that you
won’t forget!
North Palawan has Busuanga, Coron,
Dimakya and the very famous Amanpulo
Island! It has pristine white beaches,
wonderful and breathtaking scenery and a
very cool breeze that is, ironically, best
enjoyed during the summer season! This part
of Palawan is almost unexplored as most
tourist who would visit this place would only
be looking for a time for a peaceful rest so
that they could recharge themselves for a
busy day that awaits them in the city! North
Palawan also offers bountiful resources, abundant wildlife and extraordinary natural
splendor that one could witness whether above or under the sea. It has wonderful rock
formation and reefs in the underwater where many inscribed it as rare and superlative
phenomena as well as formations, features and areas of exceptional beauty!
So, what are you waiting for, look now for perfect Philippine tours that could give you a
Palawan adventure that you won’t forget!

Exploring the Unexplored Natures’ Wonders at Palawan         www.AsiaClassicTours.com

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