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Perrine-Peters United Methodist Church                                                 Sunday School 9:15 am
18301 S. Dixie Highway, Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157                             Contemporary Worship 8:30 am
Telephone: 305-235-2309—Fax: 305-235-3602                                         Traditional Worship 10:30 am
The Caring Place Preschool: 305-235-6700

Office e-mail:                                                      Rev. Brian A. Carr
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On the Web:                                                       February 28, 2010

 My Dear Sisters and Brothers,

 Good Morning. I hope and pray all is well with you, your families and all GOD has entrusted to you. I have a
 question to ask before I ask several more questions: what happened to February? For that matter, what
 happened to January and February?

 For those of you old enough, do you remember Friday, February 22, 1980? Do you remember where you were
 that evening? Do you remember what you did that evening? Do these names mean anything to you: Brooks,
 Patrick, Johnson, Eruzione, Schneider, O’Callahan, McClanahan, Craig? I was a student at West Virginia
 University. I ate dinner at the cafeteria and attended a meeting of the Navigators, a mission-centered Christian
 organization that changed my life as a college student that continues till this day. I remember making it back
 to my dorm room. As the key went in the doorknob I heard screams and shouts from throughout the dorm
 floor. Then it hit me, the U.S. and the Soviet Union are playing each other in hockey tonight! I rushed in to an
 empty room and turned on the television to hear Al Michaels say these unforgettable words: “Do you believe
 in miracles? YES!!!!” The clock ticked down to zero and bedlam broke loose beginning in the small town of
 Lake Placid, New York, and sweeping across our country from shore to shore to the entire world. The lowly
 U.S. team made up of amateur, college athletes defeated the mighty Soviet team that had won gold medals in
 the previous four Olympics, had not lost a game in more than forty warm-up games preceding the Olympics,
 had beaten an NHL all-star team a few months before and had actually stomped the U.S. team 10 to 3 three
 days before the games began. It was a massive upset! Some call it the greatest upset ever in sports! I would
 probably agree with that except for David’s even greater upset of Goliath!

 “Miracle”, the Disney movie from several years ago that retells this classic tale of hard-earned, unbelievable
 victory, is one of my favorite movies and for complete disclosure, I just watched it in case you think my
 memory supernatural! This is one movie that the more I watch it, the more I like it. It inspires me. It reminds
 me of what my life was like thirty years ago. I clearly remember those days. I remember riding home with my
 friends for a long weekend the week before when we heard that the U.S. had tied Sweden in the first game
 and I distinctly remember the commentator saying it was a great feat just to tie the Swedes but that the U.S.
 really didn’t have a chance to win a medal. I remember thinking how much things had not changed from one
 Olympics to the other and that once again we would get killed by the Russians. I don’t even remember paying
 much attention to the hockey team until the game with the Soviet Union. What a great shot in the arm that
 victory was to our nation. My favorite scene in the movie is a scene when the U.S. tied the Norwegian
 National Team in a warm-up game several months before the Olympics. Coach Herb Brooks, who had been
 trying for weeks to mold this group of distinctive young men with different personalities from so many varied
 backgrounds, became incensed at the lack of effort of his team. He kept them on the ice after the game ended
 and began to make them skate back and forth on the ice while lecturing them on the importance of working
 hard and always giving their best. He told them that they were just a group of common men and common men
 never went anywhere but uncommon men bonded as a team would accomplish great things. The team was
worn out and desperate to stop and breathe. For weeks Coach Brooks had been making the team-mates
introduce themselves to each other by asking their names, where they were from and what team they played
on. Without fail, each player would identify themselves, tell where they were from and the college team they
played for. As Brooks threatened to work them even more, Mike Eruzione, in desperate fatigue shouted out
his name, his birthplace and when Coach Brooks asked him who he played for, Eruzione responded, “the
United States of America”!! A team was born. History was made.

It took perseverance, hard work, self-sacrifice and teamwork for the United States to defeat a superior Soviet
team. Does it take anything less for us as Christians today confronting overwhelming odds in the world in
which we live? The key word from James today is perseverance. May God richly bless you as you richly
bless all those around you while you persevere!

                                                     Pastor Brian

  College Students from all colleges are invited to join the FIU/MDC Wesley Foundation as they gather together here
  this Sunday from 6 to 9 pm for dinner followed by a great time of worship and fellowship.

  Jesus from Mexico will be 8 on March 22nd! We will take up a collection to provide a birthday & Easter gift for
  him. This is the last Sunday to put your donation in the collection box out on the table in the Narthex.

  The Senior Lunch Bunch will meet this Wednesday, March 3rd at 11:30 am. Lunch will be at Ruby Tuesday’s on
  S.W. 152nd Street.

  Help Needed with MYF Campout… Liz Warriner is looking for help the weekend of March 5 to 7 in transporting
  the youth to and from Flamingo, chaperoning canoeing and/or kayaking, and staying overnight. If you would like to
  lend your expertise in fishing, there is also that possibility. Chaperones can come for all or part of the weekend. Liz
  will need the most chaperones during the water activities. She could also use coolers. A signup sheet is in the
  narthex where you can indicate what areas you can help with.

  There will be a FREE Skin Cancer Screening on Sunday, March 7th from 2 to 5 pm at City Church, 47 N.W. 16
  Street in Homestead. Everyone is welcome to attend. See Joan Kanet for more information.

  Help for Haiti… Vernice Hewell is collecting canned meat, canned fish, crackers, black beans, rice, cooking
  oil, sugar, evaporated milk and bottled water for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Cans must be “pop-top”

  A Call for Contact Information! Do you hold a leadership position in our church? Do you want to be informed of
  important District and Conference news and events? If so, the South East District (of which our church is a part)
  needs your updated contact information. Please take a few minutes to do the following: *Go to *Click “Contact Us” on the bottom of the Home Page *Fill out the ‘form’ on the
  bottom of the page with the subject line “contact info”. In the ‘Question’ box please put your mailing address and
  phone number(s), as well as any committees on which you serve. *Any information you provide will be held in the
  strictest of confidences!!! THANK YOU

  Looking for College Scholarship Funds? If so, please pick up a flyer in the Narthex about the Sinclair
  Scholarship of the Florida United Methodist Church. Applications are due by March 12th.

  A St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner will be held on Wednesday, March 17th from 6 to 8 pm.
  Please plan to join us as we enjoy a delicious dinner together while helping kids go to camp! Flyers will be
  available next Sunday. PLEASE RSVP next Sunday for this dinner so we have enough food! Adults are $8 and
  Children are $4.

  We will host a Habitat Collegiate Challenge Dinner on Thursday, March 18th . Please see the bulletin insert and
  let Donna McGinnis know where you can help out.
  We will have an Easter Carnival here on Saturday, April 3rd. If you are interested in helping out in any of the
  following areas, please see Lorena Carr: Food, Games, Bounce Houses, etc., Easter Egg Hunt, Church Activities,
  Crafts, Parking Lot Attendants and Greeters, Publicity, Follow-Up Ideas. Thanks for your help!

  Save the Date! The South Florida Urban Ministries will host the annual Black Tie & Blue Jeans Benefit Dinner &
  Auction on Friday, April 30 at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa. For more information call 305-442-8306 or e-mail
  them at

In our Thoughts & Prayers

Members: Beula & Javier Amador, Catheline Annakie, Angelia Beckford, Lurline Beckford, Betty Berbrick, Gerzel
Bernard, the Bogle Family, Everton Burke, Sadie Caban, Helen Chandler, Joan Christie, Rosemary Coleman, Una
Cunningham, Cathleen Dammann, Paul Dammann, Margie DiDomenico, Don Evans, Michael Feathers, Monica Finch,
Fred & Twylla Fishel, Mercedes Gomez, Carolyn Greenwood, Veronica Grier, Elijah Haddad, Dorothy Hendricks, Diana
Hennion, Joan Jorgensen, Pam Korbecki, Amy Lamneck, Joyce Lee, David Lieux, Sydney Lopez, Helen Martin, Al
Meyer, Thelma Nerren, Mona Ousley, Grace & Lacey Packer, Peter Parkinson, Vinnie Peters, Ivy Pinnock, Dinah
Rabsatt, Chuck Reisinger, Lola Small, John Still, Naylis Trimino, Marjorie Tull, Frattini Uribe, Theresa Vermont, Reese
Walker, Arlene Weyrick

Friends: Chantal Adair, Britney Aker and family, Gisela Albrecht, Fidji Alfred, Dr. Kenneth Baer, Letta Baumann,
Robert Blattner, David Boeshore, Leah Brewer, Charlie Brier, Harvey E. Brown MD, Frederick Burton, Ashley
Campbell, Tom Cheeseboro, Mr. Chin, Shirley Clark, Henry Clifford, Duke Coward, Martha Kay Criswall, Paul G.
Dammann, Nevin Dellinger, Pete Douglas, Reni Druschat, Laverne Ellis, Gerri Emky, Nestor Enrique, Ismael Ferniza,
Millie Gardner, Sandra Glinn, Nick & Esther Gonzales, Chris & Betsy Grimsley, Paula Grimsley, Annie Gunn, Abraham
Haddad, Robert & Elaine Hadnot, Colleen Hamilton, Trish Hamrick, Pat Harrison, Sarah Hathaway, Tim Heath, Andrew
Heermance, Brianna Hendon, Tony Hill, Michael Hotchkin, Mark Houck, Leroy Hurd, George Ibertson, Neil Jacobs,
Didette Jean-Louis, Annette Jones, David Jones, Theron Kibbe, Kaitlin Leon, Clayton Lindsey, Gail Lombardi, Barbara
MacLeod, Norah Martin, Carol Manning, Annie Maxwell, David Menasche, Mike Miller, Glenny Montague, Steven
Newberry, Misty Nutter, Judith Pagani, Janice Palmer, Beth Peckman, Steve Polonus, Jewell Pounds, Gary Prestwood,
Tia Rabsatt, Susan Ramag, Debbie Ray, The Family of Scott Raymond, Steve & Pam Rehner, Pet Rem, Carmen Rogers,
Daniel Ross, Betty Ryan, Sam Samek, Cherish Sands, Alice Seiger, Bob Sims, Tom Skomba, Clairese Smith, Teri
Sontag, Eugenia Torres, Rick Triana, Roboam Trimino, Germaine Turk, Luis Valdes, Reese Walker, Ide Wilson, Lisa Yu,
Aaron, Alan, Angie, Anne, Annette, Barbara, Bob & Debi, Brad, Brenda, Carol, Cecilia, Charlie, Elina, Geraldine,
Jacklyn, Joanne, Julie, Justin, Karla, Kendra, Kim, Loretta, Maria-Elena, Nelson, Noel, Rita, Roboam & Betty, Ryan S.,
Shania, Stan, Timothy, Tucker, Yaremi, Zion

Please contact the office when a person can be removed from the prayer list. Thanks!

                                                                                            Attendance Last Week
                                                                                       Worship: 179 Sunday School: 31
  Celebrating their Birthday…
                                                                                                 Financial Status
                                                                                  Needed last week to meet the
  28     Miranda Jedlinski                                                           Operating budget                $46,575.25
  3/1    Ann Feathers                                                             Amount given                       $37,083.71
         Joan Jorgensen                                                             Budget Shortfall                  $9,494.54
         Carol Vilberg
  3      Sarah Roberts                                                            Building Loan Balance:            $218,497.30
  5      Sarah Boger
  6      Kelley Howard
  7      Gertrude Sands                                                  Next week’s readings: Isaiah 55:1-9; Psalm 63:1-8;
  8      Katherine Hassell                                               1 Corinthians 10:1-13; Luke 13:1-9
Today, Sunday, February 28th
                                      Thursday, March 4th
  8:30 am Contemporary Service
                                       10:30 am Bible Study
  9:15 am Sunday School
                                        4:30 pm PALS
 10:30 am Traditional Service
                                        6:30 pm Girl Scouts (FH Kitchen End)
  6:00 pm FIU/MDC Wesley Foundation
                                        7:00 pm Daniel Bible Study (FH Stage End)
OFFICE HOURS: M-F—9 am to 2 pm
                                        7:45 pm Chancel Choir
Monday, March 1st
                                      Friday, March 5th
  9:15 am Prayers
                                                 MYF go camping!
  7:00 pm Rising Ringers
                                        6:00 pm FH Rental (Brown)
  7:30 pm Women’s Bible Study
                                      Next Sunday, March 7th
Tuesday, March 2nd
                                        8:30 am Contemporary Service
  6:30 pm Cub Scouts
                                        9:15 am Sunday School
Wednesday, March 3rd
                                       10:30 am Traditional Service
 11:30 am Senior Lunch Bunch
  6:00 pm MYF
  7:00 pm Cherub Choir
  8:00 pm Power Pealers

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