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					                              Mt. View Weimaraners
                                    Michelle Laurence Owner

                       5034 FAITH LANE YUCCA VALLEY, CA 92284

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The following agreement is between “Mt View Weimaraners” hereafter referred to as “Breeder”
and_________________ for the sale and purchase of one purebred dog of the Weimaraner breed.

{In consideration of a purchase price of______ $700.00 (Seven hundred dollars) with limited
registration which the puppy must be spayed or neutered at 6 months of age. Purchase price of
______ $1200.00 (twelve hundred dollars) with full registration. Two hundred dollars is a non-
refundable deposit, the breeder transfers in fee simple all rights, privileged and responsibilities
associated with the ownership of puppy dog of the Weimaraner breed to Purchaser as of the date and
time specified below. }

It is agreed between breeder and purchase that this dog is being acquired as a family companion dog
or as a working dog to be used for tasks appropriate to its breed such as show, hunting, search and
rescue, therapy dog or for conformation, obedience, or agility competition.

We agree that the dog is not purchased for resale to a research center, puppy farm, or pet
shop, and that the breeder in no way connected with the same. Nor will it be used or trained
for activities which are illegal or for which it is not suited by reason of temperament or
conformation. Specifically it will not be used as an attack dog or to fight other animals.


The breeder warrants the puppies to be in good health and free from parasites at the time that they
are ready to be adopted. While we do not make any specific guarantee for the on-going health
condition of the puppy, we would like to be informed of any difficulties the new owners encounter and
will inform the purchasers if any of the litter mates become ill. It is important for the new owners to
know that veterinarians often perform add-on tests that are not necessary, but these may give the
owners peace of mind.

Hips: Mt. View Weimaraner’s does everything it can to prevent the spread of hip dysphasia, a very
debilitating disease. However, it is understood that a very slight percentage of pups may still develop
this malady. Therefore, we guarantee our pups against Hip Dysphasia for the first 2 years. We will
exchange the pup for another pup from a current or the next available litter. No cash refunds!

Genetics: Mt. View Weimaraner’s tries to breed only very-good quality animals for its puppies. We
wish to be informed, therefore, of any genetic defects found to exist in our breeding lines. We will
guarantee, for 2 years, all our pups against any terminal, genetic defects. If these are formally
determined (by a certified veterinarian) to exist in the pup before the pup is more than 2 years old,
Mt. View Weimaraner’s will replace the dog at the breeder’s choice of current stock, or expected
litters. No cash refunds! The original pup must be surrendered to the breeder at the time of the


The breeder certifies that the dog is eligible for registration under the Regulations of the American
Kennel Club and/or the Universal Kennel Club International as a purebred Weimaraner and will provide
the proper forms for such a registration.


Our dogs are all very well cared for: they interact with our family and are allowed into our home. Our
dogs are family oriented and interact with our children and other pets. Our dogs are not trained to be
aggressive so that they may fit into any family circle.

Please be aware that puppies need a lot of training and that they will be fussy the first couple of days
to get used to their new home.

Ownership Responsibilities:

The purchaser agrees to maintain the dog in a humane environment and to properly train, socialize and
care for it. The dog will also be properly licensed and inoculated against communicable diseases and
parasites as recommended by a qualified veterinarian.

Health is guaranteed for three days from the date of purchased. If a current, licensed
veterinarian finds genetic problems within three days, Mt View Weimaraner’s must be notified with
the conclusion on the vet’s findings and must be sent by certified letter with in 24 hrs of the
diagnosis. The breeder reserves the right to a second opinion. Replacement of the dog will be the
breeder’s choice of current stock, or expected litters. NO CASH REFUNDS! Veterinary or other
expenses incurred in connection with the care of the animal will not be refunded. In order to maintain
the limited guarantees outlined herein, the buyer must have all updated immunizations by a licensed
veterinarian. Please note the following: Puppy is not fully inoculated until the completion of its
immunization series. Limited exposure to outside environment and people/dog contact is suggested
until full inoculation series is completed. The seller will not accept any returns of the pet due to the
following problems: Allergies, Landlord/Tenant Refusal, marital Problems, and Adjustment problems.

Puppies being returned could be a health issue, bringing disease to our home. We have no way of
knowing where the puppies have been or what they may have contracted. We will furnish you with the
necessary procedures for returning your puppy.

Guarantee is not transferable. Contract is not valid outside the United States.

We hope that you will enjoy your new puppy and will be able to mix well with your family members and
any other pets you might have. Please let us know how you are doing.

I, Michelle Laurence the breeder/owner of the said puppy (described below), hereafter “Breeder”, do
enter into an agreement with _____________________
Hereafter, “Buyer”, for the purpose of transferring ownership on the said puppy.

The said puppy is a purebred Weimaraner male, sired by Mt View Weims Tucker’s Bad Boy # 185-
9793, Out of MVW Midday Siesta’s Sunny Delite # 184-0092 The puppy is_____ Silver Grey,
______ Silver, ____ Blue in color, with no markings. The said puppies birthdate is June 28, 2008

The seller will transfer ownership of the said puppy for ________ Seven hundred dollars (700.00)
__________Twelve hundred dollars ($1200.00) to be paid in full. If shipping a puppy the said
puppy must be paid in full along with the shipping cost of $350.00 before shipping. We ship in
the United States only!

If for some reason you find that this puppy is too much work, and not what your family expected or
you just don’t have time for him or her you may return the puppy to me. But no refunds will be made in
connection with the return. No replacement puppy will be given. And all paper work (registration
papers, shot records and contracts) must be returned with the puppy. Please DO NOT drop the puppy
off at a shelter. I will find this puppy a suitable home with another family.

This completes the purchase agreement and guarantee.

I have read and fully understand this agreement:

Buyer Signature: ___________________________________Date:_________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City: _______________________State:_______________Zip: ______________

Phone: (____) _______________________

E- Mail Address: _________________________________________________

Breeder’s Signature: ____________________________Date: ____________
Michelle Laurence Owner

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