MINUTES by keara


                           Yankton Park Advisory Board
                                 February 4, 2008
                            Technical Education Center
                               1200 West 21st Street

Rick Althoff called the meeting of the Park Advisory Board (PAB) to order at 5:30 p.m.

Routine Business

1. Roll Call:
    Present: Rick Althoff, Warren Erickson, Angela Hejl, Tom Nelson and City
              Commissioner Charles Murphy
    Late:     Doug Gurney and Larry Jones

Also present were Director of Parks and Recreation, Todd Larson, Recreation
Coordinator, Nancy Teachout, Healthy Yankton Committee Members and Members of
the Dogs-R-Us 4-H Group.

2. Minutes:
    Hejl motioned to approve the minutes Erickson seconded. Motion passed 5-0.

Old Business
A. Dog Park Update – Mike Gillis from the Dogs-R-Us 4-H Group gave their concept
   for a dog park they would like to see developed on city land on West City Limits
   Road. After discussion regarding the park Erickson motioned to move on the dog
   park concept with the culvert to the City Commission. Hejl second. Motion carried
New Business
A. Community Garden Update – Nancy Teachout discussed the Healthy Yankton
   Committees request to develop a community garden adjacent to the dog park. The
   Healthy Yankton Committee received a grant of $10,000.00 which they are required
   to use some of the grant money for a lasting project. They have set aside $2,000.00
   for the project. After much discussion on the community garden Hejl motioned to
   move the concept of the community garden to the City Commission. Erickson
   second. Motion carried 6-0.
B. Department of Parks and Recreation Mission Statement (Vision, Values, Goals) –
   Larson presented the Parks and Recreation Mission Statement and asked the PAB for
   their input before taking the statement to the City Commission for approval. The
   PAB members will give their input at the next PAB meeting
C. Next Meeting – The next PAB will be Monday, March 3, 2008.

Jones motioned and Hejl seconded. Carried 7-0.

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