Masterton Heights Tenants _ Residents Assoc by keara


									Masterton Heights Tenants & Residents Assoc
Meeting 21 August 2005

Present: G. Baxter (chair); H. Cleave (secretary); C. Cowper; I. & M. Rodger, M. Brown;
J. Jimenez; D. & G. Hamilton
Cllr. M. Rumney; P. Grant (H&P); A. Paterson (Kingdom Housing); Community Services Rep

1. Apologies: M. Fraser; W. Alexander

2. Minutes from A.G.M.
Accepted by I.R. & seconded by M.R.

3. Matters Arising
Pond at Greenshank Drive
Cllr R was asked what progress had been made concerning the pond.
He replied that it was the council’s responsibility and he has found out that it is designated as a ‘dry pond’. The
outlet pipe runs under the roundabout at Aberdour Rd and will be very costly to fix. He will continue to press for
fencing to be erected round the pond.
H.C. asked him if it would help if the assoc. wrote a letter voicing our concerns. Cllr R. said that Stewart Knowles
– Area Transport Manager was the person to contact.
C.C. asked if a petition from the residents would be helpful but it was decided that a letter would be the first step.

Dog Fouling
GH brought up the matter of dog fouling on the walk-way near the playpark. The place is in a mess because there
are no bins. It was suggested that a dog warden should patrol the area and bins should be erected. Martin agreed
to look into this.

There were no other matters arising

4. Correspondence
Letter to residents from H&P asking for fees to be paid by the end of August.

HC said that every household had been leafleted asking them to pay their outstanding fees now that Redrow had
undertaken the maintenance work required.

5& 7. Hacking & Paterson/Landscaping/Fees/Walkabout etc.
PG said that there had been a significant increase in numbers of people paying their bills.

He was asked about the inclusion of the new parts of the development in the current contract. He replied that he
would be attending a meeting with Redrow’s solicitors this week to discuss this matter.
He also said, that as the development expands, there should be no significant increase in the costs because more
owners will be contributing.
He also has no idea how much of the new development will be handed over because Redrow has not responded to
their request for this information.

HC asked if the maintenance is not up to an acceptable standard can the owners protest.
In reply PG said that there will be the safeguard for owners because Redrow can’t hand over until planners give
their approval. The walkabout should ensure that work is up to standard.

Walkabout – Dover Heights:
The work carried out on the large area at Dover Heights has been completed to an acceptable standard. Work at
Dover Drive and Alexander Way still to be done. Kevin Wilson to be asked when work will be completed.
PG confirmed that there is a specification for the maintenance but not for initial landscaping.
It was proposed that as well as the walkabout for Dover Heights area, there should be one for the new
development. Dates for this will have to be set with Redrow who are responsible for maintenance until hand-over to
Landscape Design criticised for planting during very hot, dry weather and failure to water in the plants.

Upgrading of Street Signs:
HC said that the request for the street signs to be upgraded had not been carried out and asked Cllr R who is
responsible for doing this. Cllr Rumney replied that it is the developer’s responsibility and Mark Barrett had
contacted Redrow but nothing done.
Astro Turf
HC asked if the committee could have a set of keys for the Portakabin.
In reply Cllr R said that additional cabins and electricity should be on site in the near future and Council Service
staff would be in place which will mean that a small fee will be charged for use of facilities. The committee agreed
that this would be acceptable but need to know when the place will be up and running.
A community police worker will use one of the portakabins but when asked if a Youth Worker would be in place,
CllrR replied that there was no chance of this happening although the facilities will need constant supervision.
HC gave an example of good practice carried out in Kelty where there is a drop-in-centre for youngsters and asked
why the same sort of thing couldn’t be adopted for this area. It was accepted that supervision of this would be

Although Pitcorthie Community Centre is within walking distance, there are no specific things going on for
teenagers because of classes etc. HC also pointed out that some parents would prefer that their kids stayed within
their own area.
HC also said that she had asked teenagers to come forward and say what they would like but had met with no
success in this regard.
Cllr R suggested a young peoples’ forum be set up as has happened in Abbeyview where the kids were consulted
about the facilities they wanted in the new park. The youngsters have taken ownership of the recreation area and
no vandalism has occurred.
There are no plans for recreational facilities in Masterton Heights area but new schools will be for community use.
Work on new schools anticipated to start in January 2006 with completion in Spring 2007.

6. & 7 Police Report/ASBO/Vandalism/Kingdom Housing
AP introduced herself with a brief summary of what Kingdom Housing does and said she was aware of the
complaints made about a certain family who are tenants of Kingdom. Youths had been targeting a resident on the
estate and causing her and her family a lot of distress.
AP said that the trouble with some disputes is that there is only one persons word against another. HC said in reply
that the police had been contacted, names given to them and yet nothing had been done.
AP said that to enable things to move on specific complaints should be sent to Kingdom Housing, as well as the
police. A Joint operation with other services involved would then be able to build up a picture of the ASB and get
something done about it. She gave HC copies of a Neighbour Incident Diary which should be completed by people
being targeted.

9. A.O.C.B.
D.E.X. Meeting
HC asked for a volunteer from the committee to accompany her to the this meeting in the City Chambers on 7
September. MR agreed to go. It was pointed out that this would be a good opportunity to put forward questions to
the developers and others.
Other residents groups will also be represented.

Planning – Redrow’s application for changes
Cllr R said that this hadn’t been to committee yet.

Neighbourhood Watch
JJ said the next meeting would be Tuesday 30 August

Points from Cllr R:-
 Latest news on Lapwing Drive/Spine Road and environs – Scottish water will not adopt this until changes have
    been implemented
 Community Police – P.C. Laird has left. Area now being covered by P.C.’s Liz O’Brien & PC Neil Harris [who
    has currently broke an arm playing rugby]
 Planning Applications: –
         o East of Tesco permission sought to build 140? new homes
         o Between Tesco & Aberdour Rd – Millar homes want to build 117 detached houses and a block of flats
     Health Care facility – area earmarked on vacant land on Linburn Road. Scottish Ex do not need to be
         approached regarding this but it may be 18 months before work is started.

HC asked about a National Health Dentist coming to the area. Cllr R replied that he had heard that a surgery may
be opened at Lynebank hospital but that it is a private practice.

GB asked when road at Dover Park would be re-surfaced and when kerb stones at roundabout would be sorted.
HC replied that she would raise this with Mark Barrett at meeting and pointed out that this work ahs been
outstanding since December. HC will write again to chase this up.
A question about the amount of weeds at kerbsides was also raised. Redrow responsible for this because roads
have not been adopted by the Council.
HC said that she had a Tombola Stall at Pitcorthie Gala on 20 Aug and had made a profit of £50 for assoc. funds
She also wants committee members to help sell quiz sheets to raise funds for children’s Christmas party.
10. Date of next meeting – Monday 31 October 7pm

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