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					                        Eagertrieve Labradors
    10 Sandveld Street, Sunsetpark, Secunda, 2302 Phone: (017) 620-8824 Cell:

                       OUR CONTRACT AND GUARANTEE

                               Companion Puppy
                          Purchase Agreement/ Terms

Please be advised that puppies require a lot of time and work. Adopting a puppy is a
huge commitment and should be thought out completely. I feel it is important to tell
you we want our puppies to go to homes were they will live for life (approximately
15+ years). We expect their new owners to take the puppy to puppy socializing and
spend the time reinforcing it at home. We want our puppies to work out for you and
feel that training will help ensure this. This little guy/girl will be a loving member of
your family and bring you amazing joy for years to come. I take pride in my dogs
and want the best for them and their new families.

Please note that I don't allow breeding of my puppies.

Following is a list of what is standard with all of our puppies:
• Current on all vaccinations and wormings up to 8 weeks of age.
• Socialized with adults, kids and other dogs and held often.
• Sample of food they are being fed.
• Copies of vaccination records.
• Copies of parents' health tests.
• 5 generation pedigree for puppies

 Please call me for availability and pricing. To be placed on the list, I require a R2000
deposit which is applied toward the price of the puppy. Getting on the List: Once I
have received your deposit, your name will be added to the list. Please keep in mind
that most litters consist of between 6 and 9 puppies. Since I have no control over the
number of puppies in a litter or the timing of the litters, I ask you to be patient. I will
contact you as your name nears the top of the list and you can feel free to check in
with me at any time.
Visiting Eagertrieve. Visits are permitted based on prior notice and for those who are
near the top of the list for a puppy. Diseases such as the Canine Flu and Parvo have
forced me to limit visitors as to protect the dogs and litters. It can wipe out entire
litters. This devastating disease can be spread by unsuspecting people who visit
multiple breeders or kennels in one day. I feel in this case it is better to be safe than
sorry. If References are required it will be provided. I have many happy Eagertrieve
owners and other Labrador breeders who can provide references for me.

I am a committed breeder who likes to keep track of my puppies. It is important for
me to know how their temperament and training is going. This will help me with
future breeding of the lines that I choose. A good percentage of my dogs are field
trained dogs, therefore temperament and health are of utmost concern for me as a

Although no breeder can truly “guarantee” that a dog will be free from heredity
disorders, we DO guarantee that we have researched pedigrees and health
clearances to the best of our abilities. Eagertrieve Labs, uses only sound breeding
stock to lessen the occurrence of defects considered to be hereditary. While we
cannot “guarantee” that your dog will be free of genetic defects, we do guarantee
that both parents were reported to be free of hip or elbow dysplasia and hereditary
eye diseases at the time of the breeding. Copies of those reports will be provided.
Here are some hints to help you understand and avoid some of these problems.

Dysplasia: both hip and elbow dysplasia are influenced by hereditary factors. Note
that nutritional and environmental factors also play a role in joint health. Poor
nutrition and excess weight can contribute to these disorders, as can injury.
Therefore, the new owner assumes part of the responsibility for the orthopedic
health of their dog.

As a condition of sale and guarantee, you agree to feed a good quality dog food /
canine diet, and you agree to keep the pup in good physical condition by allowing
him or her to exercise at will. You further agree to monitor the pup/ growing dog’s
weight to ensure that s/he does not become overweight. We recommend that you
only feed your puppy the brands of dog food available at your local veterinarian (eg.

 Monitor your puppy to make sure it receives proper exercise but does not get
injured. Do not allow jumping on and off furniture or stairs. Also, keep the puppy off
slippery flooring. Your puppy will benefit from regular walks and from play sessions
in your yard. Avoid strenuous exercise and do not jog your dog until he is at least 18
months old. Although “agility” is a fun sport to be involved with and offers an
opportunity for team work with your dog, it is well documented that jumping can do
major damage to growing joints. Do not allow your puppy to roughhouse with larger
or older dogs to avoid injury.

Eye problems can be hereditary, congenital or an acquired condition resulting from a
virus or accident. Some eye abnormalities have little or no effect on the dog’s vision
while others can cause blindness.

Incorrect bites include undershot, overshot or wry mouthed malocclusions. Most
incorrect bites cause little or no problem for the dog. Do not play “tug of war” with
your puppy as there is a possibility of damaging their teeth or jaw alignment.
Eagertrieve Labrador Retrievers are registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa.
Our companion puppies are sold with a Breeders Restriction (non-breeding). All
puppies registered names will start with EAGERTRIEVE ZA.

When the puppies go to their new homes their vaccinations (6 and 8 weeks) and
worming (2,4,6,8 weeks) schedules are up to date ticks and fleas are controlled
using Frontline spray and they have been microchipped for identification (paid for
one year). A last trip will be made to my vet at 8 weeks for health checks,
vaccinations and wormings. Once the puppy leaves my care and the healthy
environment of my kennel at 8 weeks, I will not take responsibility for any illness or
vetenary expenses. I have done my part in keeping them healthy and free of any
illness. Now its your turn.

 A registration certificate will be provided. It is however your responsibility to
transfer the puppy onto your name.
A non-refundable deposit of R2000 is required to hold a specific dog/puppy. If the
dog/puppy is not available (due to health, gender, color, etc.) 100% of the deposit
will be refunded. If the Buyer changes his mind after the Seller receives the deposit,
it will be retained for care and advertising of dog/puppy until suitable placement can
be arranged. Seller has the option to terminate sale and return 100% of deposit fee
prior to placement of dog/puppy. The balance is due on or before delivery of the
puppy. Additional charges shall include, but are not limited to: shipping charges,
crate, and travel. Additional charges IF SHIPPED. The buyer is responsible for all
transportation costs to and from seller’s residence

By signing below you are acknowledging that you have read this document in it’s
entirety and agree to the terms of this contract, including agreeing to spay or neuter
the pup prior to him/ her being bred/ producing puppies.

Thank you for taking the time to read my policies. Any questions? Please call me at

Signature /Date


This application form helps me to reserve the best puppy suited for your family. We
want to place our puppies in committed and loving homes where they will become
part of the family. Reservations are accepted in order of receipt of this form, and a
non-refundable deposit of R2000.00 will be required when your application is
approved. Your deposit will be applied to the total purchase price of the puppy.
Thank you.

Physical and postal
Home Phone # _____________________ Work Phone#______________________
Cell Phone# ______________________ Email_____________________________
Do you own or rent?_________________ Do you have a fenced in
Does anyone in the home have
Do you have children? Yes / No How Many___________
Do you have other pets? Yes / No How Many_________
How did you hear about us?_________________

PUPPY PREFERENCES: Color preference?(1)________________(2)_____________
Male or female?_____________
Do you intend to breed the pup? ___________________________________
Do you now have or have you had dogs?_______________________________
Do you have a veterinarian?_________________________________
Who / Where?_____________________________________________
Will the dog be obedience trained?__________________________________
Were will puppy be during the day_____________________________ At night
How many hours a day will the puppy be
Are you aware of the time, energy and expense a puppy
If for any reason you are unable to keep your dog, do you agree to notify
Eagertrieve Labradors immediately?
Signature /Date


Office use only
APPLICATION Date Received____________
Approved Yes / No
Deposit Received Yes / No.
Date Received____________

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