Trademark Prison by njw73786


									Trademark Prison

  Meighen Lowe and
    Morgan London
General Characteristics

• Adult
• Male
• Maximum Security
• Located in Rural Kentucky
• Prison holds 100-175 inmates
• Prison surrounded by high electrical
  fences and barbwire
• Single person cells laid out in blocks
  in the shape of a pentagon
Characteristics of Offenders

• Housing only the most violent
• Ages range from 21-65 years old
• There are no facilities to house
  mentally retarded offenders.
Prison Philosophy

• Primary focus is punishment
• Inmates are to remain silent at
  all times, unless necessary
• Inmates are locked down 23 of
  24 hours a day
• There is no interaction between
  inmates at any time
• Inmates are         • A Minister is
  allowed to have       available for
  books, anything       weekly
  that is available     consultation
  to them             • There will be no
• Health care is        sexual activity
  available once a      tolerated and no
  week or in            visitation is
  emergencies           allowed
• There is one prison   • Every shift of
  warden                  guards has a
• The prison is           captain
  equipped at all
  times with one        • The captain of
  guard per every 10-     each shift deals
  12 inmates              with any
• Guards are rotated      problems and
  to a new group the      reports to the
  1st of each month       warden
  Privilege System

• Inmates who have displayed good
  behavior receive
  – A 10 minute phone call once a week for a
  – 2 days a week outside exercise or
    leisure activity
  – They also will receive a deck of cards as
    long as the behavior remains good
  – This is based on a month to month
     Privilege System
• If inmates misbehave and or
  become unruly
 – Inmates will be placed in solitary
   confinement for a period of a least
   24 hours
 Organizational Style

• The prison has a grievance system in
  place that follows the organization
  structure of the administration

• The prison organization is designed
  in a pyramid
  –   The warden/Administrator
  –   Head guards of shifts
  –   Guard of each group of inmates
  –   Then inmates
Problem Areas
• In the event of a riot the prison will
  shut down fully and sleeping gas will
  be released through the heat and air
• All prison mail will be screen and
  read to avoid contraband
• There will be no homosexual activity
  or any violence will be tolerated
  – Inmates are never in contact so it should
    not be a problem
Rules and Regulations
• Silence at all times,   • All meals will be
  unless necessary          eaten in cells
• Wake up at 5am          • When out side of
  and lights out at         cells inmates will
  9pm                       be handcuffed and
• All complaints must       legs shackled
  be filed by captain     • Allowed to meet
  of shift in a timely      with prison
  fashion                   minister once a
• Allowed to shower         week
  every other day         • Will receive pen
• Mail is distributed       and paper upon
  once a week               request only
                          • Allowed one book

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