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					   Bullmastiff and Neapolitan Rescue UK

                     Adoption Application

Please complete each question in full, then email this
application to: for
Bullmastiff and Neapolitan adoptions.

Completing this application to register for adoption does
not in any way obligate you to adopt a dog from us.

Please complete each question indicated by the shaded
areas, and provide any further information you require
regarding home visits at the bottom of the form.


We do not favour prospective adoptive homes where two or more dogs of the
opposite sex are residing already. In our experience, this can make it very
incompatible for many mastiffs, possibly leading to serious friction within the
pack. We strongly recommend only one female mastiff per household, having
found it easier on the whole to socialise neutered male mastiffs together.
Date of Application:
If you are married or in a partnership both applicant’s full names must be
given and both signatures must be typed in at the bottom of this form.

Applicant’s Full Name(s):





Home Telephone No:
(We must have a main Landline telephone number on file.)

Mobile No:

Email address:

How long have you lived at this address?

If less than 3 years please provide previous full address including

Marital Status: Please Select

Your Occupation:

Hours worked per day:

Work telephone number:

Spouse/Partner's Occupation:

Hours worked per day:

Work telephone number:
About Your Home
What kind of Dwelling do you live in Please Select

If you selected 'other' from the above list please give more details here:

How many bedrooms does your home have? Please Select

Property Type: Please Select and Please Select

If rented, are there clauses in your lease or agreement regarding
keeping animals on the property? Yes              No

If 'Yes' please give full details:

Does the property have a garden? Yes                   No

Type of garden: Please Select

Does the garden contain any deep water ie fish pond, swimming
pool etc?                         Yes          No

If 'Yes' please give more details here:

Is the garden secure?                     Yes          No

If 'No' please give more details here:

About Your Family
We do not favour homes with young children under 11 years of age when
considering any adoption through ourselves. However, consideration will be
given to families with young children who have previous experience and
knowledge of the breed.

Have you, your partner or anyone in your household ever been
banned from keeping, or convicted by a court for cruelty or neglect
to animals?                        Yes         No

Is everyone agreeable in your family to adopting this breed of dog?
                                          Yes          No

How many adults (18yrs or over) in your home?

How many under 18s in your home?

Please provide age(s)
About Other Pets in Your Home

Do you have any other dogs presently living in the home?

                                         Yes           No

If 'Yes', how many?

Please state breed(s) and age(s) and sex

Are these dogs neutered?                 Yes           No

Do you have any cats?                    Yes           No

If 'Yes' how many?

Do you have any other animals?           Yes           No

If 'Yes' please give more details

Where would your adopted dog live? Please Select

How long is your home empty for during the day? Please Select

Where would your dog be when you are out? Please Select

Please give more information on this if you are working full time

About Previous Experience with this Breed
If you have no prior knowledge or experience of this breed, we strongly
advise that you read and research before deciding if a Mastiff is the right
breed for you, and will be suitable for your home and family.

What breeds of dog have you owned previously?

Have you ever owned or had experience with this breed previously?

                                         Yes           No

If 'Yes' please give further details:

If 'No' please state why you wish to own this breed of dog:

How well do you know the temperament of the Mastiff breed?

Are you aware that you should use a raised feeding table for this
breed?                             Yes         No

Are you familiar with the knowledge and term of bloat?

                                         Yes           No
About References
We reserve the right to take up a verbal reference from your vet before
adoption takes place.

Please provide the Practice Name, Address and Telephone number
(and email if known) of your current vet

If you have not had a dog for some time or you have moved address,
please give your previous vet details with telephone number

We require two further references from people who know you and
which are not related to you.

Please state names, addresses, telephone numbers and email
addresses (if known).

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

About Your Preference

Which type of Mastiff you are interested in? Please Select

If there is a dog on our website that you have seen that interests
you, please give the name of the dog here:

(We will match this dog against your application details to see if a suitable
match is possible).

Do you have a preference for a dog or bitch? Please Select

What age would you prefer? Please Select

Would you consider a dog with health issues? Please Select

Would you consider a dog with training or behaviour problems?
Please Select

Would you consider a boisterous dog? Yes                No

Do you want a dog that is fully housetrained?

                                   Yes           No            Partly
Would you consider a destructive dog that requires training?
Please Select

Would you consider two dogs together that could not be split up?

                                  Yes          No            Possibly

How soon are you looking to adopt a dog? Please Select

Do you have any disabilities that would prevent you caring for a
dog?                           Yes        No

Are you or your spouse/partner a car owner? Yes              No

The dogs available on our form are spread throughout the UK in
homes for viewing. Are you willing to travel to view your chosen or
most suitable dog?           Yes          No

If 'Yes' Please Select

If you have any further information you wish to add to your application,
please email: quoting your name and
further information in the subject line.

Otherwise you can add further notes below to support your application

Home Visit Information:
With our vetting procedure, home visits are conducted by one of our members
by appointment, if you reside near to an authorised member. The cost for this
service will be £20 to cover fuel expenses.
If we do not have an authorised member close to your location, we will advise
you should consult with your local RSPCA or similar reputable rescue
organisation to have a home check carried out. You will need to provide us
with a copy (email or by post), to confirm your home visit completion.
We are unable to proceed with an adoption until a home visit has been
successfully completed.

I/We confirm that all questions have been answered accurately and truthfully.
I/We are permanently resident within mainland UK. I/We are over the age of
18, and have never been reported, convicted or banned by a court of law at
any time for cruelty, or from keeping animals in unhealthy conditions.
I fully accept that I will be UNABLE to breed, sell, or give away any rescue
dog that is placed with me, and I /We agree to abide by the terms of Adoption
and to pay an adoption fee if required.
Please note that being registered on our waiting list does not guarantee that
your dog will be available to you. Each prospective adoptive home is vetted,
and each dog is matched for suitability as per the details you set before us in
this application form.
No information is sold, marketed or shared with any other business or persons
concerning your personal application to adopt, as laid down in the data
protection act.

If not signed and dated below this application is void.

Signed:                                                   Date:
Signed:                                                   Date:
Typed signature(s) acceptable

Once we have received your application you will receive an acknowledgement
email to confirm receipt. Your application will be processed as soon as

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