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									  Case study: –
  The Immigration Law Portal
  So how does Greg Siskind’s web site bear up under close scrutiny?
In the 2003 Internet Marketing Awards            would be hard-pressed to find anyone on
(‘IMA’), www.internetmarketingattorney.          the planet involved in either the practice of
com, five law firm web sites were given a        immigration law or law firm web sites that
platinum rating. Out of a potential score        have not been to this site at some point in
of 50 each web site scored 45; as near to        time. This is where immigration lawyers go
perfection as one can get in these awards.       to learn what immigration lawyers should
                                                 know. This is the site that people point to
Micah Buchdahl, President of HTMLawyers
                                                 as the best example of how a small firm          amount of time and energy (more than
and the founder of the IMA’s, rates Siskind,
                                                 used the Internet to become a “player”.          money), but they do not buy content from
Susser, Haas & Devine’s Immigration Law
                                                 And this year, Visalaw finally succumbed to      others or spend money getting the web
Portal,, as one of the
                                                 retiring the weakest component—a really          site promoted - they succeed using their
world’s top five law firm web sites. Here is
                                                 drab design—and now has a site with look         own credentials and person-power - a
Buchdahl’s analysis.
                                                 and functionality to compliment some of          lesson for firms of all sizes and practices.
“For many involved in law firm web site          the most content-rich information available      Visalaw does not pay sites to post articles.
development, this is where it all started;       in a field of practice. This level of success    People come here as the destination for
with Greg Siskind and You           does not come without a tremendous               information.”

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You know that a technology term has              your competitors. More importantly,              So you have to ask - what will clients find
become part of the common parlance               your clients and prospective clients are         when they Google you? Let’s analyse this
when it appears in a headline in                 Googling you to confirm their decision to        step by step.
The New York Times. “The verb ‘to                retain you. They will certainly Google you
Google’ is now a familiar neologism,”            before they call or ask for your brochure.
                                                                                                  Google yourself
wrote columnist Randy Cohen in the               Google is the No. 1 search engine on the
Sunday Magazine (a ‘neologism’ is                                                                 Type your own name in the search box at
                                                 Web, according to Search Engine Watch.
a new word or phrase).                                                                            Google Australia –
                                                 In Australia 50% of searches are done
                                                                                                  The worst thing that can happen is that
                                                 on Google. Yahoo! and Ninemsn account
In an ethics column entitled Is Googling O.K.?                                                    you turn up nothing. This means you are
                                                 for most of the other 50% (according to
he described a woman who went on a date                                                           invisible on the Web. Nowadays, many
                                                 research presented to the Search Engine
with a professional, and then looked him up                                                       people use the Web to look up phone
                                                 Strategies 2003 Conference). More
on the Internet search engine                                                         numbers and addresses instead of the
                                                 clients are going online to find law firms.
She discovered that he had been the target                                                        phone book, so to be missing on the Web
                                                 According to FindLaw research in the
of many professional negligence actions                                                           is a truly notable absence.
                                                 United States (and we have no reason to
and it lowered her opinion of this man.
                                                 believe it is any different in Australia):       The best thing you can hope for is that
“Her Googling, however, was akin to
                                                 • over 50% of in-house lawyers visit             Google turns up substantive articles
asking her friends about this fellow
                                                   Internet portals at least once a day;          you’ve written for other Web sites. With
– offhand, sociable and benign,” the Times
                                                                                                  good luck there will be a link leading to
article said. So Googling is okay.               • over 35% of in-house lawyers use free          one of your public appearances or an
But here’s the point: if people are                Internet sites as their first legal research   announcement of a seminar where you
Googling their dates, they are Googling            destinations; and                              are a panellist. Ideally the top link will lead
their lawyers too. You are being Googled         • in-house counsel spend over half their time    to your biography, listing your extensive
by your colleagues, employees and                  during the week working at a computer.         legal experience, examples of matters                                                                                         7

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