Summary of State Immigration Law and Public Schools by ygs12945


									                                      Summary of
                       State Immigration Law and Public Schools

House Bill 1804 becomes effective November 1, 2007.

•      Public schools are exempt for inquiring about or verifying students’ legal status
       based upon the 1984 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Plyer v. Doe.

•      Public schools are not exempt from the provision in the law which applies to I.D.
       cards or badges. The law says that school districts which issue I.D.’ s must
       indicated on the I.D. that it was issued by the school district and is valid for use
       only on the campus or at a facility.

•      Transportation: If someone has reason to believe a person they are transporting is
       not legally in the U.S., the new law makes the transporting a misdemeanor.

HOWEVER, since schools will not have reason to inquire about students’ legal status,
they would not have a reason to know when it comes to transporting students.

•      Beginning in 2008, public and private employers including school districts are
       required to use a verification system to determine if anyone they hire or contract
       with is legally in this country.

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