Matricula Cards, New Market Opportunities and Changing Immigration Law by ygs12945


									      Matricula Cards,
  New Market Opportunities
and Changing Immigration Law
   MCIC’s Community Development,
   Government and Banking Forum

           February 10, 2004

      Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
         230 South LaSalle Street
              Chicago, Illinois

             Co-Sponsored by
        The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and MCIC wish to thank today’s
          guest speakers for sharing their time, expertise and perspectives.

This event would not be possible without the kind assistance from many talented people
 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Consumer and Community Affairs Division.
              MCIC is extremely grateful for their continued generosity.
                  Matricula Cards, New Market Opportunities
                        and Changing Immigration Law
           MCIC’s Community Development, Government and Banking Forum

                                  Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Breakfast and Networking                                                     8:00 to 8:30 AM

Introduction and Welcome                                                     8:30 to 8:45 AM
Harry Pestine, Community Affairs Program Director
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Presentations                                                                8:45 to 9:15 AM
Michael Berry, Manager of the Emerging Consumer and Compliance Issues Unit
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Mari Gallagher, Senior Researcher and Consultant

Panel Discussion                                                            9:15 to 10:45 AM

Panelists include:
? Michael Frias                                ?   Fred Tsao
  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation            IL Coalition for Immigrants & Refugee Rights

?   Patricia Kirk                              ?   Marva Williams
    Internal Revenue Service                       Woodstock Institute

?   Erika Pardo Rodríguez                      ?   Victor Alvarez
    Mexican Consulate of Chicago                   Latinos United

?   Mark Doyle                                 ?   Alheli Herrera
    Second Federal Savings Bank                    Undocumented college student

?   John Thomason
    Freddie Mac

Question and Answer Session                                               10:45 to 11:30 AM

Closing                                                                             11:30 AM
Alicia Williams, Vice President and Community Affairs Officer
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
                                       SPEAKER BIOS

Victor Alvarez, Housing Program Manager
Latinos United

Victor Alvarez is the Housing Program Manager at Latinos United. Mr. Alvarez implements and
oversees the organization’s fair housing program where he conducts educational workshops
and training on housing discrimination. Mr. Alvarez has been trained by the National Fair
Housing Alliance (NFHA), qualifying him as a tester coordinator for rental, sales, mortgage
lending and insurance testing. He also oversees Latino United’s statewide housing advocacy
efforts, and serves on the Boards of Instituto del Progreso Latino (Institute of Latino Progress)
and the Metropolitan Tenants Organization.

Previous to joining Latinos United, Mr. Alvarez managed other significantly complex projects in
the Latino community. He served as Business Development Manager and the Workforce
Development Director for The Resurrection Project (TRP). His business development work
involved managing a small business incubator, a loan fund and conducting workshops and one-
on-one technical assistance for minority – mostly Hispanic immigrant – entrepreneurs in the
construction trades. He also launched TRP’s workforce development initiative, providing
underemployed and unemployed Mexican immigrants with employment services. Mr. Alvarez
also served as the Midwest Economic Development Specialist for the National Council of La
Raza, a non-profit organization established in 1968 to reduce poverty and discrimination and
improve life opportunities for Hispanics in the United States.

Mr. Alvarez earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Latin American Studies and a
Master of Urban Planning and Policy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Michael Berry, Manager of the Emerging Consumer and Compliance Issues Unit
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Michael Berry joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Consumer and Community Affairs
Division in December 1995 as a researcher and program manager. He now manages the
Division’s Emerging Issues Unit, and serves as managing editor of the Division’s publication
Profitwise News and Views . From 1988 to 1995, Mr. Berry worked for The RESCORP
Companies, a real estate development and consulting organization specializing in community
revitalization, heading its market research group. From 1983 to 1987, Mr. Berry served various
roles in trust and investment banking with an American Express real estate investment
subsidiary and earlier with a large New Jersey bank. Mr. Berry is a director and co-founder of
the Regional Redevelopment Corporation, a nonprofit housing rehabilitation and community
development organization formed in 1992. Mr. Berry holds a BA degree in Political Science
from Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania and an MBA degree from DePaul
Mark Doyle, CEO and Chairman
Second Federal Savings Bank

Mark Doyle is President and CEO of Second Federal Savings, a community bank in Chicago,
which worked in partnership with the Mexican Consulate office and the regulatory community.
In 2001, Second Federal developed the Amigo account for anyone with a taxpayer ID number
and the Matricula card. For this particular program, account holders keep one automated teller
machine (ATM) card and send another to their family in Mexico who use it to withdraw money at
a fraction of the cost of a wire transfer or money order.

Mr. Doyle is experienced in every aspect of operations. He has over 27 years experience
serving the Latino community and is well known in Little Village for his civic contributions and his
pioneering banking initiatives. He has served on many boards, such as the Boys and Girls
Club, the Immigration and Naturalization Service Outreach Program, and the Savings and
Community Bankers of America.

Michael Frias, Community Affairs Officer
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Michael Frias is the Community Affairs Officer with the FDIC’s Division of Compliance and
Consumer Affairs in the Chicago Region. His responsibilities include directing and managing
the program’s outreach efforts within the region, as well as providing training and education to
consumer and community groups and financial institutions to foster understanding of the
agency’s commitment to compliance with CRA and fair lending laws. Prior to that, Mr. Frias was
the Fair Lending Specialist with the FDIC in the Kansas City Region, where he specialized in
CRA and fair lending. From 1992 to 1996, Mr. Frias was a compliance examiner in San
Francisco, California and was responsible for conducting examinations, investigations and other
activities related to consumer protection, civil rights and related enforcement responsibilities.

Mr. Frias holds a BS in Accounting from the University of San Francisco.

Mari Gallagher, Senior Researcher and Consultant
Metro Chicago Information Center

Mari Gallagher is Senior Consultant with MCIC. She is responsible for the development and
management of a diverse research and consulting portfolio in MCIC’s Community Development,
Government and Banking (CDGB) sector. CDGB provides information, research and consulting
services to for-profit and non-profit lenders, CDFIs, government agencies, CDCs, regional
planning departments as well as non-profit and for-profit commercial, industrial and residential
developers. Projects include community needs assessment, program evaluation, customer
profiling and modeling, market studies, impact analysis, project feasibility, website development,
GIS analysis, strategic planning, facilitation and community building forums. Ms. Gallagher has
a Master of Arts in Urban Planning and Policy and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Prior to joining MCIC, Ms. Gallagher directed the Emerging Neighborhood Markets Initiative, a
two-year Chicago pilot project spearheaded by Social Compact, a national coalition of industry
leaders committed to developing new data sources and investment measures for traditionally
undervalued markets. Ms. Gallagher was also the executive director of a community
development corporation that serves five distinct business districts and one of the most
economically, racially and culturally diverse residential populations in the City of Chicago. She
is also the former president of a minority-owned technology company. Ms. Gallagher is
president of Women in Planning and Development.

Alheli Herrera, undocumented college student

Alheli Herrera came into this country when she was nine years old with her parents and younger
brother. Her two younger brothers were born here in the United States. She is a student at a
community college and will soon finish her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. She grew up in
the United States and considers it home. Although she has lived here for 11 years now, she is
undocumented. However, that has not been a factor for her grades, conduct or participation in
her community. She currently holds a 4.0 GPA in college.

Ms. Herrera has been a leader with the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) for a year and
has also worked with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Although she is
not eligible for grants, scholarships or loans due to her immigration status, she is determined to
find a way to finish her education and also stay active in her community so that she can help
herself and also help others like her. She wants to become a teacher.

Patricia Kirk, Illinois Territory Manager
Internal Revenue Service

Patricia Kirk is the Stakeholder Partners, Education and Communication Illinois Territory
Manager for the Internal Revenue Service. Her office is part of the Wage and Investment
Division. Ms. Kirk has served in this position since June 2001. From October 2000 to May
2001 she was the Compliance Territory Manager in the Small Business/Self Employed Division
in Indianapolis, Indiana. Prior to the IRS re-organization, Ms. Kirk was Chief, Collection Division
in Indiana. She has served in various management roles including Chief, Special Procedures
Branch and Chief, Field Branch in Sacramento and Detroit Districts. She began her IRS career
in the Denver District where she served as a revenue officer and group manager.

Ms. Kirk holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business from Central Missouri State
University. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of
Northern Colorado.

Erika Pardo Rodríguez, Education Affairs Coordinator
Mexican Consulate of Chicago

Erika Pardo Rodríguez is the Education Affairs Coordinator for the Mexican Consulate of
Chicago. The Mexican Consulate has worked closely with the New Alliance Task Force, bank
representatives, regulators and community groups to advance opportunities for Mexican
immigrants. These partnerships have received acclaim in Chicago, across the U.S., and even
in Mexico, where President Vincent Fox recently recognized the importance of U.S. bank
branches that accept Matricula cards in a national radio address. Because of the great success
of the Matricula program, other consulates are now exploring how their nationals might benefit
from a similar identification process.
Ms. Pardo is a native of Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. She has a BA from the National
University of Mexico in International Relations, and an MA in Public Administrations from
Barcelona University. Prior to accepting a position in Chicago, she held a post at the Foreign
Affairs Ministry in Mexico City from 1996-2002.

Harry Pestine, Community Affairs Program Director
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Harry Pestine is the Community Affairs Program Director for the State of Illinois. He is also the
Economic Development Editor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s newsletter Profitwise
News & Views . He is the Economic Development Specialist at the Federal Reserve Bank of
Chicago as well as a subject matter expert on various banking regulations. Mr. Pestine works
closely with financial institutions and community organizations to help them meet the financial
needs of their communities. He is often called upon to address various questions on public
welfare investments, community and economic development issues, community development
financial institutions, New Markets Tax Credits and pushing the envelope.

Prior to joining the Federal Reserve Bank, Mr. Pestine was involved with community and
economic development for well over a decade. He was with the Governor’s office of economic
development in Illinois for twelve years. Mr. Pestine has coordinated financial and technical
assistance programs for small businesses throughout the State of Illinois. He has managed or
co-managed small and major retention, expansion, re-industrialization and re-commercialization
projects. Mr. Pestine has been an instructor at the Neighborhood Reinvestment Institute and
the National Small Stores Institute. He was also an alternate-voting member on the Board of
the Illinois Development Finance Authority.

John Thomason, Community Development Lending Manager
Freddie Mac

John Thomason is the Manager of Community Development Lending for the North Central
Region of Freddie Mac. He is responsible for Freddie Mac’s community development lending
efforts in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa as well as South and North Dakota. In this
capacity, Mr. Thomason works closely with banks, nonprofits, state and local governments,
foundations, and others to increase homeownership opportunities for underserved families and

Prior to joining Freddie Mac, Mr. Thomason served as a senior underwriter and program
manager at the Illinois Housing Development Authority where he underwrote commercial
property transactions, including housing for families, seniors, supportive housing for the
homeless and assisted living facilities. In this position, he also managed IHDA’s single-family
homebuyer assistance program. Mr. Thomason began his career in affordable housing at the
Chicago Housing Authority in the Construction Management Division. He went on to work as a
corporate banker at the First National Bank of Chicago, underwriting warehouse loans and lines
of credit to mortgage banks.

Mr. Thomason serves on numerous boards, advisory boards, and committees in the City of
Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota that deal with a broad range of issues, including
predatory lending, homebuyer education and credit counseling, financial literacy and job
development. He holds an undergraduate degree in history from the University of California,
Santa Cruz and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

Fred Tsao, Immigration Policy Director
Illinois Coalition for Immigrants and Refugee Rights

Fred Tsao is the Policy Director at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. In
this position he provides technical support, training and presentations on immigration-related
topics to service providers, immigrant community organizations and others who work with
immigrants. He also provides updates and analysis of changes in immigration policies and
procedures to ICIRR members and allies and assists with the coalition's legislative advocacy
efforts. A “recovering attorney,” Mr. Tsao practiced law at the Rockford office of Prairie State
Legal Services, where he worked after receiving his law degree from the University of Michigan.
He has also worked with the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, the Chicago Anti-Hunger
Federation and the Missouri Public Interest Research Group. A native of Chicago, Mr. Tsao is
the son of immigrants from China, and has had a lifelong concern with immigration issues.

Alicia Williams, Vice President and Community Affairs Officer
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Alicia Williams is Vice President in charge of the Consumer and Community Affairs Division of
the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. She is also the Bank’s Community Affairs Officer. She
has oversight responsibility for the Bank’s community affairs program, emerging consumer
issues, and consumer and community development research. She has many years of
experience in the bank regulatory and examination field. During her tenure at the Fed, she has
led many bank examinations and bank holding company inspections. She also served as the
officer in charge of the compliance examination division for 12 years. She holds a BB in finance
from Western Illinois University and is a 1997 graduate of Northwestern University’s Executive
Master of Business Administration Program.

Marva Williams, Senior Vice President
Woodstock Institute

Marva Williams is Senior Vice President of the Woodstock Institute. Her program areas include
community development finance institutions (CDFI), micro-enterprise development and
community reinvestment coalition-building. Ms. Williams has recently completed an analysis of
asset building programs, payday lending, CDFI investment programs and the development of
bank accounts and financial literacy training for lower-income unbanked consumers. Ms.
Williams is also the coordinator of the Chicago CRA Coalition.

Ms. Williams has extensive experience in community economic development practice and
research. She established an industrial retention and attraction and financing program in a
small town in northeast Ohio. Subsequently, Ms. Williams spent eight years with a community
development corporation in Pittsburgh where served as manager of business development.
She also directed the organization’s for-profit real estate development company, overseeing the
development of commercial and affordable housing projects.
Ms. Williams is involved in several community development efforts in Chicago. She is an
adjunct lecturer at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Urban Planning and Policy
Analysis and teaches in the Urban Developer’s Program, a professional training program. Ms.
Williams is also a board director of the Center for Labor and Community Research and
Deborah’s Place and volunteers with the North Side Community Federal Credit Union.

Ms. Williams holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Pittsburgh
and a Ph.D. in urban planning and public policy from Rutgers University’s Bloustein School of
Planning and Public Policy.
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