; alternative dispute resolutoin letter to client
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alternative dispute resolutoin letter to client

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sample letter to send to client about settlement, mediation, compromise, etc.

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									                        Tombers and Associates, PC
                        300 South Capitol Avenue
                        Lansing, Michigan 48933

                                August 30, 2002

Ms. Sandra Cowling
1000 Water’s Edge
Lansing, MI 48910

Dear Sandra:

      The Circuit Court Judge has ordered the mediation of your case.
Mediation is a process where a disinterested third party examines both sides of
the case and recommends a settlement amount. This recommended settlement
amount is called a Mediation Award. The award may be accepted or rejected
by either party to the case.

      The advantage of mediation is that we would not go through the lengthy
and costly process of trial if the award were accepted. Trials are risky because
you never know how a jury will decide any case. The mediation process allows
parties to settle their disputes efficiently outside the courtroom.

       If we reject a Mediation Award and proceed to trial, we must recover at
least 10% above the recommended settlement amount or else face possible
court sanctions for our improper rejection of the award. Sanctions may
include paying for the defendant’s legal fees from the time of mediation through
the end of trial. This sanction, if imposed, would drastically reduce any
recovery we might get at trial.

      Please consider this while we wait for the decision from the mediation
process. Feel free to contact me any time if you have questions about the
process. I will let you know the outcome of mediation as soon as possible.

                                                  Sincerely yours,

                                                  Evelyn C. Tombers

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