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                                                                                                                                                     March 4, 2004

                 Experience USA                                                          TODAY
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News to Use                         D e v e l o p i n g                                     E v e n t
          • Exclusive interview
          with John Kerry; •
                                    Today’s Debate: Military weapons, 13A
 Snow: Economy revs up for                                                       Why did building new generation helicopters make sense
 takeoff; • Snapshot: Logging on                                                 20 years ago? How have international relations and
 to search engines                                                               global issues changed in the two decades since then?

 Activity: President joins cam -                                                 According to “our view,” what steps does the U.S. need to
 paign ad fray (politics, analy-
                                                                                 take to modernize its military and defense systems? Why
 sis, marketing, cooperative
 learning) page 2                                                                is this a difficult assignment? What “non-essential”
                                       National Affairs                          weapons does the U.S. government still invest in? Why
          • Dueling press confer-                                                do you think it does this?
          ences mark Disney
 showdown; • Foreman to hawk                                                     In his “opposing view,” what dilemma does Daniel Goure
 clothing line; • Snapshot: CEOs
                                                                                 contend the U.S. Army faces? Why does he believe the
 split on business climate
                                                                                 technologies of the Comanche should be salvaged? Do
 Activity: McDonald’s cutting                                                    you agree? What circumstances have placed a financial
 supersize portions (social                                                      strain of the Department of Defense? In your opinion,
 studies, health, application,                                                   should the U.S. downsize its weapons program? Explain
 self-evaluation) page 2                                                         why or why not.

        • Tour de France teams      C a r e e r                       C o r n e r
        selected;    • Keeping
                                                                                                                   USA TODAY Snapshots

 Score: MLB drug-testing; •                              Business path has most
 Snapshot: Speeding toward                               appeal for Asian teens
 consecutive wins                        23%                                                                                              Connections
 Activity: Rift over, Torre feels                                                                                                         Find two 2-digit num-
 wanted (character education,                                                                                                             bers in the paper.
 conflict resolution, family)                                12%                 11%                                                      Subtract the smaller
 page 3
                                                                                                      9%                                  from the larger. What is
         • Say goodbye to                                                                                                                 the difference? Find two
         bypass?; • Movies                                                                                                                2-digit numbers with a
 serve up big helpings of TV                                                                                                              difference between 30
 comfort food; • Snapshot: Cars
 changing to fit bigger buyers          Asian              Hispanic             White                Black                                and 50. Find two 3-digit
                                      Source: JA Interprise Poll conducted in January of 897 respondents
                                      ages 13 to 18. Margin of error ±3 percentage points.                                                numbers with a differ-
 Activity: You’re the editor                                      By Darryl Haralson and Julie Snider, USA TODAY                          ence that is less than 75.
 (cooperative learning, careers,    Why might Asian teens be more interested in                                                           Find two 4-digit num-
 role playing) page 3               pursuing a job in business than their peers in
                                                                                                                                          bers with a difference
                                    other ethnic groups? What career paths interest
                                    you? How do you plan to achieve your goals?                                                           between 800 and 1500.


                                                                                                                                  March 4, 2004
                                    continues                                                                                            Page 2

                                  President joins
                                  campaig n ad fr
              APPL ICAT IONS
                                                  ay, 7A
                            : politics, mar   keting, cooperat
                DISCUSSION: W                                  ive learning, an
                                  hy do you think Pr                             alysis
                launch his re-ele                      esident Bush has
                                  ction ad campaig                          decided to
               his ads emphasiz                       n today? What qu
                                  e? In your opinion,                       alities will
               the World Trade                          should Bush use
                                 Center in his com                          images of
              does Bush have ov                       mercials? What ad
                                   er Democratic co                          vantages
              influence do you                         ntender John Kerr
                                 think political ad                          y? What
                                                     s have on voters?
             AC TIVI TY: In sm
                                  all groups, design                                                     MoveOn.Org Voter Fund/handout
             one of the remain                         a thirty-second TV
                                   ing presidential                             ad for                 Political speech: Voter
             Nader, Sharpton                           contenders (Bus                                 Fund began running the above ad in
                               or Kucinich). Befo                           h, Kerr y,
            didate’s Web site                       re beginning, visit                                October to protest the number of
                                to find out where                          your can-                   American jobs that have been lost
            that are importan                         he stands on thre
                                 t to young peop                             e issues                  during President Bush’s term. The
            script that you th                       le. Then, collabo                                 Bush camp will begin running its
                               ink would appeal                           rate on a
                                                    to the young adul                                  political ads today.
           community. (The                                                ts in your
                                 commercial can
           flashy or subtle,                         be humorous or
                              etc.) If possible,                            serious,
           peers. If not, desc                   film your ad and
                               ribe the ad in a de                     show it to
                                                    tailed screenplay

                                            T EST
      W                  R D               CENTER                                          McDonald’s cutting
       I      President joins                                                              super-size portions, 3B
              campaign ad fray,                                                                                               evaluation
                                                                                                         th, application, self-
                                                                       APPLICATIONS: social studies, heal
       S      News, 7A
                                                                       DISCUSSION: Why is fast-food gian
                                                                                                           t McDonald’s getting rid of
                                                                                                           will the company trim its
                                                                       its super-size portions? How else
              Define the following words                                                                    spokesperson, what was
       E      as used in the article:                                  menu? According to a McDonald’s
                                                                       the driving force behind the mo
                                                                                                         ve? What larger initiative is
                                                                                                              u items are becoming
                                                                        the change a part of? What men
                                                                                                             ers? Why is this? What
                                                                        increasingly popular among consum
                              6. resembles; matches
      1. salvo
                                                                                                              d for its menu offerings?
                                    exists; item
                                                                        kind of criticism has McDonald’s face
      2. initially                  5. something that
                                                                                                               ing a healthy, balanced life
                                                                        ACTIVI TY: One of the keys to lead
                                                                                                              moderation. This is applies
                               4. refuting; contesting
      3. niche                                                          is to avoid excess and to embrace
                                                                                                             , exercising, sleeping and all
                                                                        not only to eating, but to drinking
                                                                                                                week measuring and eval-
                                                                        sorts of other activities. Spend one
                                for a person or thing;
      4. rebutting
                                                                                                                of your daily routine: diet,
                                3. a place suitable
                                                                         uating one of the following aspects
                                                                                                                you do and how often you
                                                                         exercise, sleep. Keep track of what
                                        the beginning
      5. entity                                                                                                   ng, exercising or sleeping
                                                                         do it during that week. Are you eati
                                        2. at first; in
                                                                                                                t amount? Explain.
      6. parallels
                              nition; round of fire                      too much, too little or just the righ
                              1. discharge of ammu-


                                                                                                                        March 4, 2004
                                  continues                                                                                    Page 3

                                                                                        This Day In History
                        Rift over, Tor re
                        fe els wanted, 1
                                                             tion, family
                                      io   n, conflict resolu
                    : character educat                             d about
      APPL ICAT IONS                          e change his min
      DISCUSSION:         Why did Joe Torr                           has he
                                                  What adversity
                            nkees’ manager?                                                             March 4
      retiring as the Ya                                   the best way to
                                      opinion, what is
      faced in    his life? In your                            coach? What
                                          , boss, teacher or                        q In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated
      settle a disp   ute with a parent                dation?
                                Safe at Home Foun                                   president, pledging to lead the country out of the
       is the goal of Torre’s                                                       Great Depression. (The start of President
                                                           n Web site says
                                      Home Foundatio                                Roosevelt’s first administration brought with it
        AC TIVI   TY: The Safe at                agedy that remai
                                                                     ns most-
                             ce is a national tr                    of all cul-
                                                                                    the first woman to serve in the Cabinet: Labor
        “Domestic violen                       It affects families                  Secretary Frances Perkins.)
        ly hidden behi    nd closed doors.                               social
                                                    lly ever y serious
                               ic means. Virtua
        tures and econom                                     has been raised
                                        visit a child who                           q In 1987, President Reagan addressed the nation
         problem    is more likely to                             to visit your
                                             school counselor                       on the Iran-Contra affair, acknowledging his over-
         in an abusiv   e home.” Ask your                           , consider
                                              tic violence. Then                    tures to Iran had "deteriorated" into an arms-for-
          classroom an    d discuss domes                              lps stu-
                                                   identifies and he
                              m that informs,                   me. For more
                                                                                    hostages deal.
          star ting a progra              are suffering at ho
          dents at   your school who                  
                                           olence, visit www                        q In 1994, in New York, four extremists were con-
           informatio  n on domestic vi
                                                                                    victed of the World Trade Center bombing that
                                                                                    killed six people and injured more than 1,000.

                                                                                    q In 2003, the Army’s oldest armored division,
                              You’re the edito                                      "Old Ironsides," got orders to head for the Persian
                                               r,                                   Gulf as the total number of U.S. forces arrayed
                              L ife sec tion                                        against Iraq or preparing to go neared 300,000.
           APPL ICAT IONS:
                                cooperative learn
                                                 ing, careers, role                 In his first inaugural address, President
            AC TI V IT Y: Ask                                                       Franklin Roosevelt confronted the country’s
                               students to com
           stor y ideas (relat                     e up with five di                anxiety about the depression, stating, “… let
                               ed to health, educ                       fferent
           personalities, et                        ation, science, th              me assert my firm belief that the only thing
                             c.) for a future Li                         e ar ts,
           the class into sm                      fe section. Then                  we have to fear is fear itself.” Identify two
                              all groups, and as                     , divide
          an “editor” (lead                       k each group to                   problems that Americans currently face.
                               er). Each indivi                       choose
          stor y ideas, and                      dual should pitc                   Then, adopt the role of the U.S.’s next presi-
                              the group shou                         h their
          ab out which fiv                      ld come to a co                     dent, and write the opening paragraph of
                             e stories will ac                      nsensus
         paper. (The edito                       tually make it in                  your inaugural speech. Use several pithy
                               r can break tie                        to the
         decisions.) After                       s, and over turn                   statements to explain how you will address
                            selecting the fiv                         group
         rank them in orde                     e stories, direct gr                 citizens’ concerns.
                              r of overall appe                     oups to
        top-ranked stor                         al and importan
                            y will appear                          ce. (The
        Finally, ask grou                     on the section’s                      4 Get an Acrobat PDF version of “Experience Today”
                           ps to share their                        cover.)
        cuss the benefit                      final stor y ideas,                   at our Web site: —
                           s and fr ustrations                    and dis-
                                                of the editor’s ro                  click on “Daily Lesson Plan.”
                                                                                    4 Experience TODAY, developed by USA TODAY
                                                                                    Education, is written and edited by Mary Barnes
                                                                                    and Maria Dubuc. To send your feedback, e-mail
                                                                           or call 1-800-USA-3415,
                                                                                    ext. 5949.


                                                                                                                                          March 4, 2004
                                     continues                                                                                                   Page 4

          EXTRA CREDIT !                                    Student Challenge on . . .
      Community & Family                                                              Communication
        House nixes plan to                             USA TODAY Snapshots®
        curb college tuition, 6D                                                E-mailed mistakes                                ing, forgetfulness, etc.)?

            What was the purpose of                                             The most typical errors                                The advent of e-mail and
                                                                                Americans say they commit
        Representative Howard McKean’s col-                                     when sending messages:                           instant messaging has made it
        lege tuition proposal? If the plan were                                         Forgetting attachments
                                                                                                                                 possible to send and receive
        currently in place, how many schools                                                                         40.5%       text messages instantaneous-
        would it affect? Why have House                                                 Misspelling words                        ly. It has also changed the way
        Republicans decided to dismiss the                                                                       34.3%           people communicate with co-
        proposal for now? Do you agree with                                             Sending out before finishing             workers, friends, teachers and
        this decision?                                                                                          32.1%            parents. E-mail and the
            Why is it in the best interest of the                                       Replying to all recipients
                                                                                                                                 Internet have revolutionized
        nation to have an educated populace?                                            instead of sender only
        How would businesses and the econ-                                                                24.5%                  the way people do business —
        omy be affected if low- and middle-
                                                                                        Intending to say                         from shopping for cars online
                                                                                        something different
        income students could no longer                                                                   23.8%                  to searching for jobs.
                                                          Source: Microsoft
        afford to go to college? In 2003, the                               By Cristiane Nascimento and Keith Simmons, USA TODAY
                                                                                                                                       However, e-mail isn’t
        average cost of attending a public col-         APPLICATIONS: technology, cause &                                        always the best way to com-
        lege was $4,694. (Private school                effect, social studies                                              municate a message or idea to
        tuition averaged $19,710.)* Do you                  How could some of the most someone. Under what circum-
        think most families can easily pay              common e-mail errors be avoid- stances is it more appropriate to
        these amounts?        *Source: College Board    ed? Why do you think many of call, write or speak directly with
                                                        these mistakes occur (multi-task- someone about an issue? Explain.

                                                       Quick Quiz
      1. Who is secretary of the Treasury? (News, 13A)
      a.) Paul O’Neill    b.) John Snow       c.) Elaine Chao               d.) Rod Paige                e.) Robert Rubin

      2. On Tuesday, Britney Spears kicked off her nationwide tour, dubbed the ________________ Tour. (Life, 3D)
      a.) Onyx Hotel                            b.) Blonde Ambition                    c.) Me Against the Music
      d.) Brave New Girl                        e.) Showdown

      3. Joe Torre is the manager of the ___________________. (Sports, 1-2C)
      a.) Atlanta Braves                        b.) New York Mets                                        c.) New York Yankees
      d.) Boston Red Sox                        e.) Florida Marlins

      4. The Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest ______________ group. (News, 3A)
      a.) political action                        b.) lobbying                                           c.) environmental
      d.) animal’s rights                         e.) conservation

      5. How many calories are there in an order of McDonald’s super-size french fries? (Money, 3B)
      a.) 290            b.) 450              c.) 540             d.) 610                e.) 990

                                                                                                                  Answers: 1.) b 2.) a 3.) c 4.) c 5.) d

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