Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training with by ygs12945


									                                        Tropical Basic Offshore Safety
                                     Induction & Emergency Training with
                                       Emergency Breathing System and
                                        Travel Safely by Boat (OPITO)
                                                 ( ER2PE(B) )

      Target Group
        This OPITO approved course is designed for personnel working on offshore installations in tropical
        regions, flying in helicopters equipped with EBS and are required to transfer to and from the
        installation by boat.

      Course Objectives
        During the course participants will gain a basic level of understanding and awareness of safety and
        emergency response procedures on offshore installations and the safety procedures associated
        with traveling by boat and safely transferring to or from an offshore installation.

      Course Outline
        Offshore Overview (specific for Asian region)
        Offshore Hazards
        Safe Working Procedures
        Helicopter Safety Procedures
        Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
        Emergency Breathing System Exercises
        Sea Survival
        Liferaft Training
        Lifeboat Training as a Passenger
        First Aid / Hypothermia
        Fire Fighting & Self Rescue
        Boat Boarding procedure, transfer methods, and practical boat transfer exercises

      Course Duration
        3 days

        4 years

      Pre Course Requirement

        All participants must be in possession of a valid medical certificate.

Emergency Response

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