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					                         e-safety Acceptable Use Rules Letter to Parents/Carer

Dear Parent/carer

At Lees Primary School we recognise the use of ICT and communications facilities as an important
resource for teaching and learning. However, at all times users will encounter risks, posed more by
behaviours and values online than the technology itself. Consequently during ICT and other lessons
during which ICT is used, as your child accesses the Internet, E-mail and Learning Platform we will
ensure that they are taught and made aware of appropriate safe and responsible online behaviours to
safeguard themselves and get the most of the technology itself.

In order to support the school in educating your child about e-Safety (safe use of the internet), please read
the rules over the page with your child and then sign and return the slip by 30th November.

In the event of a breach of Rules by any child, the parent will be informed and the pupils may have the
privilege withdrawn.

These Rules provide an opportunity for further conversations between you and your child about safe and
appropriate use of the Internet and other on-line tools (eg mobile phone), both within and beyond school.

Should you wish to discuss the matter further please contact myself or Mrs Broadbent our ICT Co-

Yours sincerely

Mrs G Holland

                        e-Safety Acceptable Use Rules Return Slip – 2009-2010

Child Agreement:
    I understand the Rules for using the Internet, email and on-line tools, safely and responsibly.
    I know that the adults working with me at school will help me to stay safe and check that I am
      using the computers to help me with my work.

Child signature ____________________________________________ Date _______

Parent/carer agreement:
    I have read and discussed the Rules with my child and confirm that he/she has understood what the
      Rules mean.
    I understand that the school will use appropriate filtering and ensure appropriate supervision when
      using the Internet, e-mail and on-line tools. I understand that occasionally, inappropriate materials
      may be accessed and accept that the school will endeavour to deal with any incident that may arise,
      according to policy.
    I understand that whilst my child is using the Internet and other on-line tools outside of school, that
      it is my responsibility to ensure safe and responsible use with the support of the school.

Parent/carer signature _______________________________________ Date _______
Key Stage 2

These are our Rules for using the internet safely and responsibly.

      We will use the internet to help us learn and we will learn how to use the internet safely and
      We will ask permission from a member of staff before using a computer and accessing the internet.
      We send emails and message that are polite and friendly.
      We only use our school email address in school during lessons, with permission from a member of
      We only e-mail people an adult has approved.
      Adults are aware when we use on-line tools and have given permission.
      We only access systems with our own user name (p number).
      We do not access other people’s files
      We never give out or share passwords or personal information (like our surname, address or phone
      We do not bring in data storage devices eg memory sticks from outside school unless we have
       permission from a teacher.
      We never post photographs or video clips without permission and never include surnames with
      If we need help we ask a teacher or adult.
      If we see anything on the internet or in an email that makes us uncomfortable, we will immediately
       inform a teacher or parent/carer.
      If we receive a message sent by someone we don’t know we know we will not reply and alert the
       teacher or parent/carer immediately.
      We do not bring mobile phones into school.*
      We will report any mobile phones seen in school to a member of staff.
      We know that we should follow the rules as part of the agreement with our parent/carer.
      We are able to look after each other by using our safe internet in a responsible way.
      We know that we can go to www.thinkuknow.co.uk for help.

* Where an exceptional circumstance occurs and the parents have identified that their child needs a
mobile to communicate with their parent for safety reasons after school hours (i.e. where a child travels
home independently), then consent should be sought from the Headteacher. Where consent has been
given the phone should be handed to either the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher for safe storage
during the school day.

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