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									                           Template of Principal Letter to Parents
                 (All information in yellow needs to be customized by you)

September __ 2008

Dear [School Name Here] Parent:

I hope you and your family are excited about the opportunities that this new school year
will bring us. The staff at [School Name Here] and I look forward to our partnership this

CMS has revised Regulation IKF-R, approved on October 25, 2007, to reflect the August
2007 changes in the NC State Board of Education Policy HSP-M-001, which allows for
high school graduation credit to be awarded for world language courses taken during
grades 6-8. Although a student may earn high school credit, the grade will not be
calculated into his/her high school GPA and no quality points will be awarded. However,
the final grade will be visible on the student’s transcript.

Effective with the 2007-2008 school year, students will be awarded graduation credit for
high school courses in a foreign language taken in grades 6-8 if the following
requirements are satisfied:
   1. Courses must consist of 135 instructional hours on a block schedule or 150 hours
      on a traditional schedule. The 150 instructional hours must be met if the course is
      offered during the 5th or 9th block.
   2. Courses must be aligned with the North Carolina High School Course of Study
   3. Courses must be graded using the high school grading formula
   4. Courses must include a comprehensive final exam that constitutes 25% of the
      final course grade.

   Middle school students who pass a World Language course with a passing grade of
   70% or higher and earn a full credit may repeat the course in high school but will not
   receive any course credit for the repeated course. If a student does repeat the course in
   high school, although there is no additional credit awarded, the grade for the repeated
   course will be factored into his or her GPA.

6-8th Grade Course Options
     Exploratory – NO credit is awarded for semester or year-long Exploratory
     Middle School French/Spanish - NO credit is awarded for semester or year-
       long Middle School Courses. These courses do not count as a prerequisite for any
       other world language course.
     French/Spanish/Spanish For Native Speakers/German/Latin I Part I and
       Part II – Students must pass the Part I course and exam in order to continue into
       Part II. If they successfully complete both Parts I and II during school middle
       school, as part of a two year sequence, then they will earn a whole credit for Level
       I on their high school transcript.
      Level 1 or Level 2 as a full, year-long course –Students will earn a full course
       credit only if their instructor submits a syllabus that is aligned with the NC High
       School Standard Course of Study and is approved by the World Languages
       Department, the course meets the seat hour requirement and students’ final exams
       count 25% of the final grade, in accordance with the CMS policy. To reiterate,
       the one-year middle school course must meet the same rigor and teach the same
       content as outlined by the NCSCOS for a high school course.

Your child is currently enrolled in ___________________ and is/is not eligible to earn
high school credit for this year’s course.

Once again, we are happy to work with you and your child to prepare him or her for
success in high school. Please feel free to call me at ____________ if you have
additional questions about [School Name Here] or the middle school credit policy. You
may also contact Glenn Byrum in the World Languages Department at 980-343-2702 or
ronald.byrum@cms.k12.nc.us for any additional questions about the policy and


[Principal Name Here]

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