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					                    Gardening Club Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Just a few lines to let you know what is going down in and around school.

Firstly I am sure everyone is glad to see those green shoots and first
Spring flowers heralding the start of the season with longer daylight hours
and a warmer feel to the sun. I hope you managed to see the lovely display
of snowdrops around by the Anderson Shelters. If not, make a note next

Slowly but surely some of our efforts are coming to fruition; colourful
borders and new raised vegetable beds which are nearly completed and
ready for the children to plant out. A big Thank you to Mrs Karen Picken
who thought of us when the materials became available and other
members of the family on delivering them to us (thanks also to Siemens
for letting us have the wooden crating).

It may have caught your eye that a number of trees and hedging have
been removed, this was due partly to diseased timber and a need to allow
more light into certain areas. Let me reassure you that more hedging is to
be planted along with more trees not only to replace but to increase their
numbers but in other areas around school.

I hope that the children have been telling you about the very interesting
‘omposting’assembly delivered by Mrs Paula ManClark from Cheshire
County Council. We at school already have a composting scheme in place
which feeds three composting bins and shortly another two. The children
were given an insight not only into the suitable materials to compost but
the best mix and how it all works inside the compost bins, courtesy of
Laim Worm (Liam Timmis) and his other special friends.

If you would like to join the Gardening Club you will be more than
welcome. We mainly are working around school on a Tuesday or Thursday
morning or, in Amanda Kirk’s case, everyday. Any help would be very
much appreciated.

PS Strikes Gardening Centres (Astbury Garden Centre) are running a
‘voucher for schools’ scheme. Only 250 vouchers collected will generate
£100 to spend for school. Every £10 spent is one voucher. Please ask for
your vouchers when spending and spread the word amongst your family
and friends. We already have 8 vouchers! Thanks

Happy Easter

John Hough