1st XC Race Letter to parents 2009

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					                                MESNE LEA SCHOOL
                                  "Working together for individual excellence."
                                            Head Teacher Mr T Barnes
                                             Walkden Road, Worsley
                                              Manchester M28 7FG
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                                 (E-mail: mesnelea.primaryschool@salford.gov.uk)

10th November 2009

Dear Parents,

Races at Cleavley’s Track
Many thanks to all of you and congratulations to all our cross country runners who have done so well so far in the
first races of the season at Cleavley’s Track. I have been extremely pleased with the performances and attitude
of all children who have run in these races & appreciate the support from parents.

Overall our Girls’ team finished in 2nd Place and the Boys’ in 2nd Place.

John McAtee was 2nd place individual.

Salford Primary Schools Cross Country Races
Your child has been chosen to represent the school in the first of these cross-country races. The details:
    •       Race on Saturday 14th November
    •       On Birch Road Playing Fields, Walkden ( behind school )
    •       Report to Mrs Lowe ( Teaching assistant and parent of Amber ) on the field by 9.15 a.m.
    •       Races begin at 9.30 a.m. All races will have finished by 10.15 a.m.

Parents are, as always, very welcome to watch and support. You will need your wellies; the field is wet and
muddy. Arrangements need to be made for children to make their way home after the races.

For the races at Mesne Lea, you can park on our playground, or on the playground of Inscape House, next door.
Directions and parking for the Bolton Road Races will accompany the letter prior to those races.

I should be most grateful, therefore, if you would allow your child to attend this and future meetings. Be aware
that by the end of the season, if the team is successful, each child must run in at least 4 out of these
5 races to qualify for a medal.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. T. Barnes

                         Salford Primary Schools’ Cross Country Races 2009 - 2010

                                          Saturday 14th November 2009

My child can run in this race             Tick     or cross X

If NO for this race - He/she cannot run in this race but can in the others            Tick    or cross X

I will be responsible for and their supervision and for organising transport for my child to and from the race

Pupil(s) name(s) ___________________________________ Signed ________________________________
                              MESNE LEA SCHOOL
                                   "Working together for individual excellence."
                                             Head Teacher Mr T Barnes
                                              Walkden Road, Worsley
                                               Manchester M28 7FG
                                      Tel: 0161 790 4234 Fax: 0161 921 1566
                                  (E-mail: mesnelea.primaryschool@salford.gov.uk)

                                    Cross Country Running - Kit requirements

All children who run in the race should have a school vest.
                                                              Other information
To run in the race they need:                                         •        There are no proper toilet facilities at
        •       White shorts                                                   either venue
        •       Plain white T-shirt                                   •        Please wash & keep the school vest
        •       School vest                                           •        Children can keep vests for the rest of
        •       White socks                                                    the season as long as they continue to
        •       Trainers or running shoes                                      run for the team.
                                                                      •        Some children may be given school
                                                                               running spikes. If your child has a
                                                                               pair please keep them in good
                                                              Important to remember
                                                                 • Get a decent nights sleep the night before
                                                                 • Make sure that you arrive in good time
                                                                 • Keep warm and dry before your race,
                                                                      particularly your feet ( if they get wet they get
                                                                      cold )
                                                                 • Tie your spikes or trainers tight, they can
                                                                      easily come off in the muddy conditions
                                                                 • Wait sensibly for your race, don’t run around
                                                                      and tire yourself out, warm up before your
                                                                      race is called.
                                                                 • Listen for the call ( from Mr Barnes on the loud
                                                                      speaker ) for your race, Year 2 children run
                                                                      with the Year 3 and 4 runners
                                                                 • Make a good start and stay on your feet
                                                                 • Finish strongly and race to the finish line
                                                                 • Collect your ticket and take it to Mrs Lowe
                                                                 • Remember to take everything home

                                                              Race Dates and Venues

                                                              The first of these races will be held at Mesne Lea, but
                                                              future races scheduled for Mesne Lea may have to
                                                              move, because work is due to start on the field for the
                                                              new build of Walkden High School.

                                                              I will let you all know closer to the time about the other
                                                              uncertain venues/dates.
John McAtee - Y6 Boys’ 2nd place individual
                                                              14th November             Mesne Lea Primary
It is important to run in the race in this kit, not
                                                              28th November             Bolton Road, Salford
in tracksuit bottoms or sweatshirts. Although
                                                              12th December             To be confirmed
children may feel cold before the race starts,
                                                              23rd January              Bolton Road
they soon warm up.
                                                              6th February              To be confirmed
Also bring
                                                              Mr Barnes and Cross Country at Mesne Lea
        •        Tracksuit ( or long trousers and
                 jumper )
                                                              As you are aware I shall be leaving Mesne Lea at
        •        Top coat or waterproof
                                                              Christmas, to start my new job in January. However I
        •        Spare trainers and socks
                                                              shall still be organising the races on 23rd Jan and 6th
        •        Sports bag
                                                              Feb and staff at school will continue with practice and
        •        Hat and gloves if required
                                                              appropriate preparation for the races this season.