FDK Letter to Parents by ygs12945


									Elementary School
  20050 53rd Avenue Langley, B.C. V3A 3T9
  Tel: (604) 533-1468 Fax: (604) 533-1469
Principal: Sharon Douglas                                 Secretary: Cindy Frost
Associate Principal: Deb Page

Full Day Kindergarten to be offered next year

British Columbia will be phasing in universal access to Full Day
Kindergarten (FDK) over two years, beginning next September.
In 2010-2011 Langley School District has been allotted funding for up to
535 FDK spaces, inclusive of current obligations. In 2011-2012 Full Day
Kindergarten will be available for all children in the district and in the
Our school is one of the sites that has been chosen for implementation in
Year One, which means as of Sept. 2010 our Kindergarten classes will
operate on the same full-day schedule as Grades 1-5.
It is important to note that Kindergarten will still be Kindergarten after FDK
is implemented. The Prescribed Learning Outcomes will be the same. The
expanded Kindergarten program will be play-based and designed to address
all areas of child development: physical, social, emotional and cognitive.
The longer instructional day will give teachers more time to deliver the
Kindergarten Curriculum and to spend with individual students at an
important time in their development.
A QuickLink has been posted on the Langley School District web site at
www.sd35.bc.ca for parents who want to know more about FDK and the
implementation plan. It includes a link to the Ministry of Education Full Day
Kindergarten page and an FAQ about implementation in Langley School
If you want to find out more about implementation at our school, please
don’t hesitate to call the school (604-533-1468).

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