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                            ATTENDANCE AND EXCUSES

                      Notice of Excused Absence Letter to Parents

The following is a suggested format for notifying parents/guardians when students have
been absent from school for 5 days:

Dear _________________,

According to Wisconsin Statutes 118.16 and Greendale Board of Education Policy 431,
students must attend school daily unless excused for legitimate reasons. Regular school
attendance promotes continuity of the instructional/learning process and academic
success of every student. Consequently, frequent absences deny students the benefit of
planned classroom instruction, participation, hands-on or active learning, and study
benefits, and can never be regained despite extra instruction or support.

The Greendale Board of Education Policy requires that I inform a parent/guardian
whenever his/her child has been absent 5 days during the course of a school year,
whether or not all or part of those 5 days have been excused. To date,
___________________ has been absent ______ days. Please accept this letter as a
reminder of the importance of regular school attendance for all children.

During those times that extended absences are necessary due to health issues, we will
require medical documentation by a physician.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.



cc: Teacher

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