Valentine Party Letter to parents by ygs12945

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                       WHAT’S THIS WE HEAR ABOUT

                            NO VALENTINE PARTY?

If you’ve heard there is no Valentine Party at Parkwood Hill this year, you heard
correctly. I knew when the decision was made that it would cause mixed feelings
among our students and parents – but mostly parents.

Earlier in the year, it was determined that each elementary and intermediate
campus would have two parties a year – no more. I was not at that meeting, and I
received the information late. The intermediate campuses decided that they would
not have Valentine Parties, and PHIS needs to follow that practice. We will have
end of year parties!

I apologize for the late notice, but since the announcement was made to Room
Parents two weeks in advance, I do feel that is plenty of time to make changes. I
discussed the decision with the teachers and with our PTA president. They were all
very supportive of NOT having Valentine Parties. Parties take up a large portion of
our instructional time – even before the party starts.


   •   It will be a regular school day with regular FMNV Rules.
   •   Students may bring Valentines for their classmates if they bring one for
       every student in the classroom.
   •   Students may bring a decorated box or bag from home for the valentines.
       (These will not be made in class.)
   •   PE is selling Candy Grams, and these will be delivered at the end of the day.
       Students may not eat them during the school day. They may take them home.
   •   Refreshments will not be served in the classroom. That would constitute a
       party, and it is not a day designated as FMNV –free.
   •   At 2:15 that day, teachers may allow their students to open their Valentine
       boxes or bags, and they can open their Valentines.

Please do not send refreshments; they will not be served.

Our FMNV-free days are: December 18th (Holiday Party), May
28th (Field Day), and June 4th (End of School Party).

Thank you for your cooperation.                       Kathy Knowles, Principal

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