Welcome Letter to Parents from Food Services by ygs12945


									   Welcome Letter to Parents from Food Services
          Information about the Byron Union School District Food Service Dept.
Lee Evatt, Coordinator                                                                            (925) 634-2128

Breakfast Program:
      •    Reduced: $.30                 Student Pay Meals: $1.50              Adult Pay Meals: $2.25
      •    Offered at all schools in the cafeteria.
      •    Served a half hour before the start of school.
      •    Choice of daily entrée item or cereal, fruit or juice, 1% Low fat milk or Non-fat chocolate milk.
Lunch Program:
      -Elementary Schools:
      • Reduced Meals: $.40              Student Pay Meals: $3.00                Adult Pay Meals: $4.00
      • Lunch includes choice of hot entrees, yogurt or PB & J sandwich, also a fresh fruit, veggie and 1% low fat
          milk or non fat chocolate milk.
      • Any additional milk may be purchased for $ .50
      • Students are allowed to charge one meal.
      • Crackers, milk and fruit is offered after the first charge to tied students over until they get home from school.
      • Parents are responsible for all charged meals unless Food Service Office has been notified that a parent
          requested that the student be not allowed to charge meals.
      -Middle Schools:
      • Reduced Meal: $.40             Student Pay Meal: $3.00                Adult Pay Meals: $4.00
      • Lunch includes choice of hot entrees, pre-packed salads, yogurt, PB & J along with fresh fruit &
         veggies, assorted crackers, 1% low fat milk or non fat Chocolate Milk.
      • Alacarte items include: water, 100% Juice Snapple and Gatorade.

Returned Check Policy:
      •    There will be a $20.00 NSF charge for the returned check.
      •    After one NSF Check has been received payment will only be accepted in cash, money order or
           Online payment.

Prepayment of Meals-Online Credit Card/Viewing Child’s meal account:
                                                                                                           oo l
      •    Meals may be pre paid in cash, check or credit card.
                                                                                                   G reat T
      •    To open an online account to view students balance or pay by credit/Debit card:
               • Log onto www.mymealtime.com
               • Follow the online directions for opening an account.
               • Access your child’s account by using your child’s student school ID number.

Applications for Free/Reduced Meals:

      -The prior year’s eligibility is good for the first 30 days of school.
      -A new application must be completed and processed every year

Welcome Letter to Parents cont...

School Meal Charges
Did you know Food and Nutrition Services is a special revenue fund that does not receive General Fund
Support? As a result, we must balance our budget through meal sales, snack sales and state/federal
The school district has a charge system which has been adopted at the Elementary school and Middle School.
If charges go unpaid, our ability to purchase food, pay employee salaries and other expenses, is reduced.
District meal charge system goals are:
   •   To treat all students with dignity and respect
   •   To maintain a positive experience for your child during meal service
   •   To establish practices that are age appropriate and
   •   To promote parents responsibility for meal payments and self-responsibility of the student.
Payment in advance for meals enables the district to achieve these goals.
Here are all the notification steps we take so you and your child know when money is needed:
1. On the first day that your child arrives without money, the cashier will allow him/her to charge the regular
   meal to your account. Elementary students will get a reminder stamp. We only allow one charge on an
2. On the 2nd day your child arrives without money, we will feed him/her a complimentary meal consisting
   of crackers, milk and fruit. At the elementary level the cashier will again give your child a stamp as a
    reminder to bring money.

3. On the 3rd day your child arrives without money they will be sent to the school office to call home. Please
   avoid this by ensuring your account does not go negative.

For your convenience, credit card charges can be made by online, simply log on to www.mymealtime.com and
open up an account. You can make payments and view your child’s account balance anytime.
If your child owes money at the start of the school year, this was a debt from the prior year. Please pay this bill
promptly. You may also designate that your child can never charge and we will record that request on the
Remember that you may have applied for free or reduced price meals and have a pending application but you
must pay for all school meals until your receive an approval letter. If you are approved for reduced price
meals, breakfast is $ .30 and lunch is $ .40.
Please assist us in making the meal experience pleasant every day by ensuring your child has adequate funds
available. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

-BUSD Food Services-


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