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					                                                            TNT letter to Parents

Howdy Parents,

We are very excited that you and your child are interested in partnering with us this summer. We have always counted it a blessing to
have so many students who choose to volunteer four weeks of their summer to serve at River Valley Ranch. We could not accomplish
our mission without their hard work and positive attitudes. We would also like to say thank you so much for trusting us with your children
and we hope that their experience with us is everything you expected and much more.

The volunteer program has grown in leaps and bounds each year it’s existed and this year is no different. The program started several
years ago with 35 students working all eight weeks and currently includes over 120 students a summer. Not only has the number of
students participating in the program increased but our commitment level to them has increased as well. We have developed a program
that emphasizes service and discipleship. Whether students are working hard, playing hard or finding some time to relax our first priority
is to make sure they grow in their walk with the Lord.

Some important things to know about the Program are: 1) The program is called “Teens in Training” ( TNT) and that is our plan. We
hope that by serving at RVR for 4 weeks your child could receive training they couldn’t receive other places. They would learn how to
serve Christ by serving others, they would learn how to work hard and to do it joyfully, and they would learn how to have a deeper
relationship with Jesus Christ. 2) The schedule is created so all students will have the same day off. This allows for better camaraderie
among the crews as they will have more time together and have more shared experiences. It also provides RVR with the necessary
time to continue to make positive changes throughout the summer. 3) Finally we will give a handful of students (approx. 20) the
opportunity to participate in a mission’s trip to Mexico. We are simply following the instructions of Jesus Christ to his disciples in Acts
1:4-9 where he tells them to be “…my witnesses…to the ends of the earth.” We hope this program will continue to challenge your child
physically, emotionally and most importantly spiritually.

One of the most significant changes we are making this summer – is we are asking each TnT student to help with the financial cost of
the experience. The TnT program houses and feeds the staff for the entire session and let’s face it – teenagers can eat a lot of food.
Part of the cost will be to cover the overhead of running a quality program and the rest will go to develop the program to make it more
meaningful for the students involved. Of course they are going to work hard while they are here but we also want the program to be fun
and exciting – to have the opportunity to challenge themselves on the high ropes course, to fellowship with their friends on the paintball
fields, and to receive spiritual encouragement from quality counselors. The cost of the experience is $200/session and each session is
four weeks long. That works out to $50/week for an incredible experience of service, fun, excitement and spiritual challenges.

The steps for applying for the new Student Service Program are as follows:

    1.   Fill out and send in an application
    2.   Download and complete the References and the “Statement of Responsibilities” forms
    3.   If your student is accepted, they will receive an email with an attached contract.
    4.   Send your contract River Valley Ranch.
    5.   Download all forms from our “Forms” page: Directions, What to Bring List, and all health forms, etc. from our website

If your student is not accepted this year, they will be notified by email. Be sure the email address on this application is one that is
frequently checked.

Most of your questions can be answered through our website,, but if you do have a concern or question that
is not mentioned on the website feel free to let us know.

We look forward to having your student take part in this program and know it will be a summer they won’t soon forget. If you have any
questions concerning the TNT Program, please direct them to Dan Steele or John Zeigenfuse at 443-712-1010.


John Zeigenfuse
Director of Programming
River Valley Ranch Questions? Email us at: work@rivervalleyranch