Santa Clarita Valley Branch Recital Letter to Parents

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					          Santa Clarita Valley Branch
           Recital Letter to Parents
___________, 200__

Dear Parents:

The Santa Clarita Valley Branch of the California Music Teachers’ Association has established new
recital guidelines for the upcoming school year. We want each family to be aware of the rules so
recitals run smoothly and students feel successful.

1.     MTAC recitals are for students of SCV MTAC teachers only.

2.     There is a $7 fee per student for all general recitals and a $25 fee per student for
       the Theme Festival.

3.     Students are required to sit with the other participants during the recital.

4.     All keyboard pieces must be performed by memory. Other instruments and
       ensembles may use their music as stated in the Certificate of Merit State Guidelines.

5.     Beginners must have taken at least 6 months of lessons with their present teacher.
       There is a limit of no more than 2 beginner entries per teacher.

6.     Students are to bow before and after playing.

7.     If a student needs any equipment for their performance, excluding a piano, they
       must bring it themselves (i.e.; music stands, etc.)

8.     All students are required to wear semi-formal attire for the recitals. Boys must wear
       ties, dress shirts (short or long sleeves), dress pants, and dress-casual shoes (no
       athletic shoes). Girls must wear dressy dresses or skirts and blouses. Skirts and
       dresses should be no more than two inches above the knee. Dresses and blouse
       tops should have at least a three-inch shoulder strap. Tops must cover the midriff
       area. Pant outfits should be semi-formal---not jeans.

9.     A student may play only one piece per recital.

10.    All students should arrive at the recital location 15 minutes before the performance.

We appreciate your help with these guidelines and hope that they make our future recitals a
rewarding and professional experience for all our students.

Santa Clarita Valley Branch
Music Teachers Association of California