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Part of the Supply Chain Logistics Certificate Distinguish Yourself by keithmurray


                                                              of the
                                                           Supply Chain
                                                            & Logistics

Distinguish Yourself by Earning a Supply Chain & Logistics
              Certificate from Georgia Tech

                            Georgia Institute of Technology
                            Supply Chain & Logistics Institute
                            A Unit of the University System of Georgia
Program Director
                                 Edward H. Frazelle, Ph.D., Georgia Tech’s
                                 director of Supply Chain & Logistics Institute’s Supply Chain
                                 Management Series, and president and CEO of Logistics
                                 Resources International, has trained more than 20,000
                                 professionals in the principles of world-class logistics and
                                 has assisted more than 100 corporations and governmental
                                 agencies in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and
                                 Africa in their pursuit of world-class logistics. He has written,
                                 co-written, and contributed to seven books, now translated in
                                 five languages. He is a popular speaker at logistics
                                 conferences and symposiums in the United States and

The Logistics Performance, Cost, & Value Measures™ program has been conducted around
the world for more than a decade, and is based on more than 20 years of Dr. Frazelle’s
consulting and research work in supply chain performance measurement. His research is the
foundation of RightScores™ and Supply Chain Scoreboard™ programs, developed by Dr.
Frazelle and Logistics Resources International, which have been implemented in nearly every
major industry worldwide.

Supply chain logistics is looked upon as a key corporate leverage point for simultaneously
increasing shareholder and customer value. Unfortunately, the links among logistics
performance, cost, and value are rarely made. Learn how to make those critical connecting

Discover how improving logistics performance in customer service, fill rate, response time,
inventory turns, receivables, transportation efficiencies, and warehousing productivity
translate into operating and capital cost reductions and increased shareholder value.

Learn the link between logistics performance, cost, and shareholder value; define a full and
complementary set of logistics performance benchmarks; and see how to use logistics
performance gap analysis to justify new logistics initiatives.

  Participating Companies
  Abbott Labs                       Federal Express                     Office Depot
  AMGEN                             Focus on the Family                 Payless ShoeSource
  America Online                    Gap                                 Pratt & Whitney
  Avon Products                     Honda                               Proctor & Gamble
  BP                                Kraft Foods                         Ryder
  Cargill                           Johnson & Johnson                   Siemens
  Caterpillar                       Lego                                Tiffany
  Coca-Cola Co.                     Lexmark                             UPS
  Dell Computer                     L.L. Bean                           U.S. Army
  DHL                               Motorola                            UTC
  Eastman Kodak                     NASA                                Wal-Mart
  Emerson Electric                  Ocean-Spray                         W.W. Grainger

 4 WAYS TO REGISTER:                             1 ONLINE:
   Edward H. Frazelle conducts a short course at the state-of-the-art Georgia Tech
   Global Learning Center.

  Who Should Attend
  The course is for professionals who need to better understand how to measure and improve
  their financial, productivity, quality, and cycle time performance.

  How You Will Benefit
  n Learn the Characteristics of Effective Performance Measurement Systems
  n Define Metrics
  n Set Effective Targets
  n Setup a Logistics Performance Measurement Program
  n Design Supply Chain Scoreboards™
  n Define a Metrics Implementation Plan
  n Define Data Requirements for Performance Measurement
  n Implement Logistics Performance Measures
  n Benchmark Logistics Performance
  n Tie Logistics Performance to Compensation Plans
  n Develop Balanced and Comprehensive Logistics Performance Measures
  n Use Logistics Performance Measures for Project Justification
  n Measure the financial, productivity, quality, and cycle time performance
     for supply chains, logistics operations, customer service, inventory management,
     procurement, transportation, and warehousing.

                                       Every effort is made to present the course as advertised herein; however, c

2 PHONE: 404.894.2362                     3 FAX: 404.894.6527                          4 MAIL: Georgi
        What You Will Cover

           Introduction to Supply Chain Logistics Performance Measurement
              n Motivations to Measure
              n Ways to Measure
              n How to Sell a Metrics Program
              n Characteristics of Successful Measurement Systems
              n Defining Metrics, Setting Targets, and the Process of Measurement
              n The Ins and Outs of Benchmarking

           Logistics & Supply Chain Performance Models
             n Total Corporate Performance Models
             n Logistics and Supply Chain Scoreboards™
             n Logistics Activity Based Costing
             n Linking Individual Performance to Total Logistics Performance

           Total Logistics Performance Metrics & Benchmarks
                 - Finance Metrics & Benchmarks
           	 n Logistics Value Added, Total Logistics Cost, Total Logistics Cost Ratios,
                 Total Landed Cost
                 - Productivity Metrics & Benchmarks
           	 n Logistics Hours per Order
                 - Quality Metrics & Benchmarks
           	 n Perfect Order Percentage
                 - Cycle Time Metrics & Benchmarks
           	 n Total Logistics Response Time

           Customer Response Metrics & Benchmarks
             n Finance
                - Total Cost to Serve, Total Response Cost, SKU Profitability, Customer
                Profitability, Customer Lifetime Value
             n Productivity
                - Customer Service Transactions per Hour
             n Quality
                - Order Entry Accuracy, Order Communication Accuracy
             n Cycle Time
                - Order Entry Time, Order Processing Time

           Inventory Management Metrics & Benchmarks
             n Finance
                - Inventory Valuation Techniques, Inventory Carrying Cost, Inventory to
                  Sales Ratios, Gross Margin Return on Inventory
             n Productivity
                - Inventory Turn Ratios, Inventory Planner Productivity
             n Quality
                - Forecast Accuracy, Inventory Accuracy, Fill Rates, Inventory Performance
                  Index (IPI), Inventory Quality Ratio (IQR), Order Communication Accuracy

r, circumstances may make it necessary to alter the schedule and/or presenters. For more information on SCL and a compl

gia Institute of Technology, Professional Education, P.O. Box 93686, Atla
           Supply Management Metrics & Benchmarks
             n Finance
               - Total Cost to Receive, Vendor Total Logistics Cost
             n Productivity
               - Purchase Orders per Hour, Buyer Effectiveness Index
             n Quality
               - Vendor Fill Rates, Perfect Purchase Order Percentage
             n Cycle Time
               - Purchase Order Cycle Time

           Transportation Management Metrics & Benchmarks
             n Finance
                - Total Transportation Cost and Cost Ratios, Transportation Activity-Based Costing
             n Productivity
                - Vehicle and Container Utilization, Driver Productivity, Carrier Management
             n Quality
                - On-Time Arrival Percentage, On-Time Departure Percentage, Perfect Delivery
             n Cycle Time
                - In-Transit Times, In-Transit Time Variability

           Warehouse Metrics & Benchmarks
            n Finance
               - Total Warehousing Cost, Warehousing Cost Ratios, Warehouse Activity Based
            n Productivity
               - Storage Density, Operator Productivity Measures, Material Handling Equipment
                 Utilization, Dock Utilization
            n Quality
               - Putaway Accuracy, Inventory Accuracy, Picking Accuracy, Shipping Accuracy
            n Cycle Time
               - Dock-to-Stock Times, Warehouse Order Cycle Time

           Logistics & Supply Chain Project Justification Techniques
             n Logistics Performance Gap Analysis
             n Logistics Impact Analysis

           Logistics & Supply Chain Activity Profiling & Data Mining Supply Chain
           Scoreboard™ Design

         “Dr. Frazelle’s teaching has raised the standard of logistics and
         supply chain performance throughout our organization.”
         —Jeanne Taylor, Director,
         Global Business Operations, Motorola

mplete course listing, contact (404) 894-2343 or visit

tlanta, GA 30377-0686
General Information
Program Fee
The program fee of $2,700 includes continental breakfasts, lunches, breaks, and all class room
materials. Checks made payable to Georgia Tech are accepted for payment, as well as VISA,
MasterCard, American Express, or Discover cards. Note: Your credit card will be charged as soon as
your registration is received.

You should make payment arrangements prior to the start of the program. Advance payment
arrangements are required to guarantee your place in the program. Because of limited enrollment,
early registration is encouraged.

If you must cancel, a substitution or transfer to another program can be made. If the Supply Chain &
Logistics Institute must cancel a program, registrants will receive a full refund. Georgia Tech, however,
cannot assume the responsibility for other costs incurred.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation letter with detail instructions from Professional

If you have attended a SCL program before or are a CSCMP member, you are eligible for a discount.
See the registration form for more details.

Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel your registration and it is 10 or more business days prior to the course start date,
you may choose to: substitute a person; transfer to another course; or receive a full refund.

If you must cancel your registration and it is less than 10 business days prior to the course start date,
you may choose to substitute a person. (You cannot request a refund or course transfer within the
10-day window before the course start date.)

If you register for a course during the 10-day window prior to the start date, you may not request a
refund or transfer to another course if you need to cancel.

Cancellation, transfer or substitution requests must be made using the Cancellation *Substitution*
Transfer Request Form and submitted by via:
Fax:       404-894-8925
Mail:      Georgia Tech Professional Education
           P.O. Box 93686
           Atlanta, GA 30377-0686

Continuing Education Units
This program meets criteria for the nationally accepted Continuing Education Unit. Each participant
completing the program earns 2.4 CEUs and a program certificate. A certificate of completion,
showing the accumulated CEUs earned, can be requested by e-mailing

Program Location and Accommodations
This program will be held at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center located at 84 Fifth St. NW,
Atlanta (intersection of Fifth and Spring streets). Visit the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center at www. Attached to the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center is the Georgia Tech Hotel
(800 Spring St. NW, Atlanta). Participants should call the hotel at 1-800-706-2899 or 404-347-9440
to request the Georgia Tech rate of $139, dependent on room availability. If you book online, the room
rate is $159. Reservations made through a travel agency will not be discounted. For additional lodging
options, visit and click on Visitor Information.

Supply Chain & Logistics Certificate
This course provides two units towards the Supply Chain & Logistics certificate. Participants who
complete multiple SCL courses can qualify for the Supply Chain & Logistics Certificate. Requirements
for the Supply Chain & Logistics Certificate include:
• Completion of at least two courses from the Supply Chain Innovation Series (SCIS), or Supply
   Chain Management Series (SCMS).
• Completion of a minimum of eight units

Typical certificate programs might include:
• Completion of the four-course SCMS (8 units)
• Completion of the three-course SCIS (6 units) and two courses from the Supply Chain Expert
   Series (2 units)

It should also be noted that participants qualify for the Supply Chain & Logistics Certificate by
successfully completing the four SCMS on-line courses or by a combination of on-campus and online
SCL courses meeting the above requirements.

If you are working toward a Logistics Professional Series or Logistics Management Series certificate
and have questions about how this change affects you and your course of study, contact the Supply
Chain & Logistics Institute at 404-894-2343.
 2007-08 Registration Form
Supply Chain & Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech
Please check which course(s) you plan to attend

Supply Chain Management Series (SCMS)                       Course        SCL Alumni/        Education                    Date
(2 credits for each course)                                  Fee             CSCMP           Partners

❏ World-Class Logistics and Supply Chain StrategySM         $3900            $3575             $3150        May 13-16, 2008
❏ World-Class Warehousing and Material Handling SM
                                                            $3900            $3575            $3150         July 8-11, 2008
❏ World-Class Inventory Planning and Mgmt.SM                $3900            $3575            $3150       Aug. 19-22, 2008
❏ World-Class Transportation and DistributionSM             $3900            $3575            $3150        Nov. 18-21, 2008

Supply Chain Innovation Series (SCIS)                       Course        SCL Alumni/        Education                    Date
(2 credits for each course)                                   Fee            CSCMP           Partners

❏ Global Supply Chain Management Program                    $3500            $3150            $2800        March 3-7, 2008
❏ Logistics Short Course                                    $3500            $3150            $2800         June 2-6, 2008
❏ Warehousing Short Course                                  $3500            $3150            $2800       Sept. 8-12, 2008

Supply Chain Expertise Series (SCES)                        Course         SCL Alumni/       Education                    Date
(1 credit for each course)                                   Fee             CSCMP            Partners

❏ Material Handling Short Course                            $2300            $2050             $1850          Feb. 5-8, 2008
❏ Logistics Performance, Cost, & Value Measures             $2700            $2450            $2150        Feb. 19-22, 2008
❏ Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization                   $2700            $2450            $2150 Mar. 31 - Apr. 2, 2008
❏	Third-Party Logistics                                     $2700            $2450            $2150 Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, 2008
❏ FinListics®                                               $2150            $1950            $1750       Oct. 27-28, 2008
❏ Warehouse/Distribution Center Layout                      $2300            $2050            $1850          Nov. 5-7, 2008

                                                                                         Members receive SCL Alumni discount

Leaders in Logistics
Avio-Diepen                           RubberNetwork, LLC                    Education Partners
BMW Manufacturing Corp., LLC          SABRE Holdings                        Praxair*
CARE                                  Saia, Inc.                            Schneider Logistics*
Dayjet                                The Progress Group                    United Parcel Service*
General Motors                        YRC Worldwide
                                     *Receives education partner rate. All dates and prices are subject to change.

Legal Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Preferred Name: ________________________________________________________________
Birth Date: __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __
Last Four Digits of Social Security Number (for identification purposes only): __ __ __ __
Position: _____________________________________ Organization: _____________________
Address: _________________________________ City: ____________________ State:_______
ZIP: _________________________ Country: _______________________
Business/Home Phone Number: ___________________________________________________
Fax Number: ___________________________________________________________________
E-mail: ________________________________________________________________________
❏ Prepaid Logistics Professional Certificate Program Fee: $14,000
❏ Payment Enclosed $ _______________________ ❏ Individual Courses (priced separately)
❏ Check enclosed (make check or money order payable to Georgia Tech)
❏ Purchase Order enclosed
Charge: ❏ American Express         ❏ VISA        ❏ MasterCard        ❏ Discover
Card Number: __________________________________________________________________
Expiration Date: _____________________________________
Cardholder’s Name:______________________________________________________________

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